Beyonce Performs “Halo” On The Late Show

Beyonce The promotional blitz for “Obsessed”, the new movie starring Beyonce, Ali Larter and Idris Elba, is in full swing. The singer stopped by the Late Show with David Letterman last night to talk about her new film and to perform her hit single “Halo”. Always a fan favorite, Halo has performed spectacularly overseas but like “Diva” stalled on the charts in this country. However, thanks to a boost in radio and digital sales, the song has been flying up the charts over the last few weeks and is expected to enter the Top 10 when this week’s Billboard charts become available.

Check out Beyonce singing Halo here and pics of her leaving Letterman after her performance can be seen below.


  1. sorry but the dress does no justice for me, its kind of something for church. I like the shoes w/o the fuzzy on the back though.

  2. Where is Sasha? I can’t even tell them apart anymore. That dress is super cute for a red carpet. It’s a little too formal for what I’m used to. Her hair and make up are cute. Halo is an okay song.

  3. That’s Beyonce above. Sasha is more outlandish.

    Btw, doesn’t Bey look like a pretty school teacher πŸ˜†

  4. She cant stay a kid all her life, she is a grown respected woman with talent. And everything she does is not based on her looks; like some we know. Everything with her is about her talent and the product, not the product with no talent!

    She looks great!!!!!

  5. The usual haters doing what they do best :lol2:

    BEY looks fab…and thanks to the haters for all the promotion :brownsista:

  6. only number 12 but most probably will be in the top 10 next week.

  7. She looks beautiful as always and I really enjoyed her performance.

  8. The blue dress is nothing special but the white one is fabulous..not really feeling the fuzz on the shoes.

    If her intent was to prove to everyone she could sing..the jury might still be out cause that was a so-so performance..of all the songs why did she sing this dry ass one? Now if she sang If I were a Boy…..

  9. Go Bey!! She looks so classy, and those shoes are the bizznazz!!! She is definitely in tour mode, her body is slim and trim. Gorgeous!

  10. :stop: i dont see anyone hating as of yet…stop instigating….

    she looks pretty…the dress, maybe for a different occasion but she still looks pretty and im not even a fan of hers…

  11. @Hollywood BS I promised myself that I would not stoop to your level but…………… stfu!

  12. She is such a mediocre singer. Her voice has no soul or power to it. I just don’t get all of the hype with this woman. I guess when you are light skin and pretty, you get a free pass and praised for everything. Then her Daddy comes to her rescue anytime there is any kind of negative publicity about her. She is human and not perfect at all.

  13. The white dress is gorgeous , she looks her age and don’ t wanna listen to her performance

    :hifive: Bronze_Beauty
    hey Stephanie :brownsista:

  14. She looks tired.

    The dress is uber-pretty. Classy and simple. Jury’s out on the shoes, but her shoe game is always killin’.

    I banish the word HATERS from this post. Yeah Hollywood BS, that means you.


    Seriously, folk jump IN with the “Hater” calling before “haters” have a chance to respond! Insecure much?


  15. the blue dress looks fab on her, that is a nice color for her, she looks grown and sexy in the white and i love the hair and make up, she looked beautiful last night i think she sounded a little off when she sang halo though but she did a better job this morning when she performed on the today show

    on another note im so happy im gonna see bey AT LEAST three times when she comes to USA!!! got my tickets for NYC, Greensboro NC, and ATL!!! im SOOO EXCITED!

  16. If you want to hear a real singer with a God given talent, go to YOUTUBE and type in Susan Boyle. Talk about a breath of fresh air.

  17. @ jazi Halo is a great song she was a little off but she still sounded good, she wont sing if i were a boy because she has new singles to perform now

    @bri im getting tired of people using god to discredit beyonce, i guess she doesnt have god given talent? before you use gods name in what you write you should think about what you are saying

  18. She looks amazing and in the interview, she looked EVERY HOTTER…that blue dress she wore on the interview was hot and she was really down to earth and funny and very relatable…and that performance was amzing as usual…u can always depend on Beyonce to deliver an amazing performance every time.

  19. @Mario hello baby how u doing fine i hope. @Voice and Bri i love that woman too. She shock the mess out of everyone. :bowdown: Bee look ok.

  20. she was on the view this morning and i loved the dress she had on.

  21. i love beyonce and have bought some of her cds.. i also like the song halo and feel it should have reached number one a long time ago.. i dont think she looks nice in the blue dress with that jacket.. that is just not nice.. the white dress is nice and more elegent and wish she had picked another pair of shoes.. having said that, i am tired of seeing all over and just wish she would have a family..she has the money and success and just wish she would stop working so hard..she has done it all and wish she would stop being a money making machine coz that is how i see her now..still like her though.. :bag:

  22. hey lady how you been! :hifive:

    dont tell beyonce she needs to go have a family, people do those things when they are ready if she wants to wait till shes 40 then thats her business

  23. Hey, that’s a pretty white dress. I like it. :thumbsup:

  24. I like her style because sometimes she looks dressed up for church, stylish like on the red carpet and relaxed when she is out shopping or eating out. I think Halo is the best song off of her album, but Hello is good to.

  25. Usually I don’t like Beyonce’s style but she looks great in these pics. I wish her luck with her movie.

  26. she looks very beautiful and elegant,dnt care for any her projects.

  27. Beyonce looks FLAWLESS! She ripped the Letterman show! Go Bey! :bowdown:

  28. DO U ALL HEAR!?!?!

  29. I love Halo!!! I’m glad she’s finally performing it! Halo or Diva didn’t receive any promotion or performances, so I’m not surprised they stalled. Halo is waaaaay better than Diva, and it deserves recognition!

  30. I wish I a could see Beyonce in concert. I live in Jmaica. I guese she doesnt come to these countreis.

  31. @Mario i been good baby just came back from the westside. Driving in bentley and all. Had a wonderful time out there. Going to the city next weekend. Just enjoying life.

  32. Love the dress, it’s very angelic and sex. Fit for the song “Halo”.

    I’m surprised that “Diva” didn’t do well here b/c people get hyped when it plays in the club.

  33. GO BEYONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2009 IS YOURS! :bowdown: :bowdown:

  34. Beyonce looks really pretty πŸ™‚

    Now, lets get to business……
    Letterman called her album “Sarah Fierce”, I was o the floor :lol2:
    I really like Halo but I didnt like the performance, it was too much of Tyra Banks going on and the wind blowing was over the top. I loved how Letterman said “Boy its windy in here”.
    I dont know I really want 2001 Beyonce back, cause Im not liking this direction.

  35. Kenny “I really want 2001 Beyonce back” we all do crazy psycho stans included we all do πŸ™‚
    i just went on san-dra R and clicked on the video my ears almost bled there is something extremely terrible about someone that can sing but sound off on their own songs , but she looks beautiful she lost a lot of weight one thing no one can take away from bey is her entire devotion to hollywood :bowdown:

  36. Bey looks ok…..I think we’ve all seen her do much better…. also the lace front is looking very lace fronty….lol :lol2:

  37. I love her in the blue dress, the white, not so much.
    I love Beyonce, but she did sound off last night.
    She was messing with her earpiece a lot, too.
    Maybe that’s what happened.

  38. When David Letterman said “SARAH FIERCE” he was being funny. Anywho Im loving that blue dress and those FIERCE FIERCE pumps… she looked FLAWLESS lastnite! :bowdown:

  39. @ Mario I agree she do need 2 go get a family… butt I love her song !Halo!

  40. @ mario I thought you wanted her to get a family (read ur comment)
    Why should she wait till she older???

  41. letterman was so funny. “hey did someone leave the door open?” lol she doesnt go anywhere without her wind machines πŸ™‚

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