Beyonce Has Deja Vu On TRL

Today Beyonce stopped by MTV’s TRL to debut the video to her new hit single “Deja Vu”.What can we here at Brown Sista say? The lovely Beyonce looks absolutely stunning in these pics and seems to have a natural glow about her.I guess being “The hottest chick in the game” will do that for ya.

Be sure to also check out Bey’s new video which can be seen in it’s entirety on MTV’s Overdrive.



  1. Hate the video love the pics.Beyonce looks prettier here than she has ever looked before.

  2. Beyonce looks beautiful in these photos. Great find.

  3. We are all getting a different vibe cause I’m seeing a Bridgitte Bardot kind of thing going on here with a touch of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

  4. I think Beyonce is pretty young lady, but her new video is pathetic reminds me of crazy in love, I was expecting a little more creativity from Beyonce.

  5. She looks crazy in these pics. The outfit and hair is a mess and she’s trying to hard to be different. Not feeling this at all. Where is her body? And why hasn’t she gained any weight back? Not feeling the pics!

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