Beyonce Heats Things Up

Beyonce is looking to add some sizzle to your nearest perfume counter, with the launch of her debut fragrance, Heat. The singer told WWD the bottle was inspired her performances which tend to involve fire and that her favorite color also just happens to be red. The scent has hints of vanilla orchid, magnolia, and blush peach. Beyonce added that when they tested the scent with fans they were like ‘I love that, I’m getting that, why isn’t it out right now? I need it!'” Heat will be available starting in February at cosmetic counters nationwide.

Beyonce Heat FragranceBeyonce Fragrance Heat


  1. I don’t wear perfume but I’ve been thinking about finding a scent to wear. I might check it out.

  2. yaay.. i have all her other frangrances… i was wondering when she would come out with her own scent.

  3. This is her FIRST fragrance what others are you talking about?

    So here comes another celebrity scent. Whatever!

  4. nobody will buy it but her lame stupid fans beyonce is so overexposed shes just so fake and money hungry her parents are getting a divorce wonder if tina is mad enough to spill the beans about how her husband is so scadalous in the music bussiness lol

  5. why would she call this heat when that’s the last thing this planet needs more of. why is beyonce contributing to global warming? her art is so dumb.

  6. @DARYL



  7. The concept is cool and the design of the bottle is nice, but the real question is does it smell good?

  8. Well this is her 1st perfume, but she was the spokeswoman for True Star, True Star Gold and Diamonds. I hope this smells good as well. Like the bottle and the commercial for it.

  9. people are crazy as hell to keep making these people rich when the vast majority of there finances are shot!!!

  10. I will be at Macys on Feb 3rd for her to sign my bottle of Heat! Love me some Beyonce, I will support any and everything she does.

  11. the stans will buy anything this woman sells i give beyonce props for taking her stans money she does that very well im so over beyonce shes soo yesterday keri hilson is the new it girl shes prettier she can dance and write beyonce is boring

  12. Her fans will enjoy it.

    I don’t work fragrance. I’m allergic.

    No really, I am.

  13. I will stick to my GORGIO ARMANI DIAMONDS FOR women perfume

  14. i’m sure she will sell 500 millions in the first week of the perfume release

  15. Why is it called HEAT when it is made out of sweet fruity and floral scents,if it was woody and spicy i’d understand…. confusing consumers

  16. Its so sad that certain brain challenged people will buy even shite with this over exposed womans name on it! I yearn for when real talent will come my way. This womans claim to fame was shaking her poor kebabs ragged! Ha ha.

  17. Beyonce keeps making moves! Can’t wait to pick this up if it smells good! Love the campaign!

  18. I hope it smells nice. So is it going to be a Macy’s type of fragrance, or shall it be in Wal-Mart, JC Penney, etc? Also, I’m surprised a fragrance wasn’t developed for the House of Dereon line–but perhaps that’s in progress and shall be sold at the lower-end. Anyways, I wish Beyonce nothing but luck: fragrances are an easy way to make money.

  19. How obvious.

    Other names considered:

    Leotard Sweat
    Elevator Clogga

    Cut out your proof of purchase coupon from the upcoming I Am…Yours Deluxe Edition (with bonus concert footage!)for a special gift while supplies last, at all available Walgreens.

  20. Can I just ask one thing?….how the heck can Beyonce endorse perfume when she is severely ALLERGIC?!Which is pretty common knowledge. I mean, Be is always endorsing different perfumes–calvin Klein Diamonds, and now this new Fever, etc.–but it’s weird ’cause she can’t even smell them or wear them herself. Wouldn’t it be nice to know your selling something you believe in? Idk, guess it’s all about a paycheck….

  21. yeah are just hating on her. beyonce like rihanna i can not believe that rihanna is a copycat.

  22. Cheap singer, cheap smell. Nah, I will stick with Bulgari, the real quality.

  23. Beyonce looks washed up and possessed in the photo-shoot! oh well the fragrance will arrive at Target next year right next to Brittany Spears! $19.99 or less

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