Beyonce Kicks Off Her “I Am” Tour

Beyonce Pop diva Beyonce and her alter ego Sasha Fierce kicked off their “I Am” Tour last night in Edmonton, Canada. The singer played to a modest crowd on 8,000 fans in a venue that had the capacity to hold 13,000. Never the less, early reviews have the Queen B flying through the air on wires, wearing a wedding dress, and making multiple costume changes, all while backed up by a crew of 13 musicians and backup dancers. The “I Am” tour continues it’s trek across Canada before hitting the United States later on this Spring. In the meantime, if you can’t wait until then to get your Sasha Fierce fix on, just click over to the next page to see the first pics and video from the show sent to me by the fans.


Video Removed By Request


  1. In the first pic… it looks like she may have been performing “Get Me Bodied”.

    I’m debating whether or not I’ll be attending her concert this time around. I enjoyed her immensely two years ago. The wedding dress is interesting. WE SEE YA’ MRS. CARTER!!!
    Yet and still, something funny about it 😆 . I need to go to sleep… I like hearing her sing other ppl’s songs. Wonder what Sarah would think of Bey’s rendition(?). I wouldn’t have done the stairs this year ::lol2:: . Yeah, I’m sleepy!

  2. Go head Mrs. Shawn Carter! I guess this will be the only view that comes close to a wedding gown! Sistah gurl can sing! Can’t wait for my show! No media was allowed because this was like a rehearsal. She’s doing these 5 dates in Canada and takes a month off (anniversary- who knows) before going to Europe. I’m thinking these Canada dates are just to work out all the kinks and to get Europeans ready!

  3. I like the wedding dress get up. Reminds me of a young Madonna from the 1980’s. I like the Bey always raises the bar and try to do something more entertaining than the last time. I cannot attend the concerts, but will definitely keep up to date on this blog. Thanks Stephanie.

  4. Looks like her same show different songs. I’ll pass. I am sure its all a repeat of her videos and performances we have already seen. :noway:

  5. Why shud the Canadians get a warm-up tour not the real deal are they low class world citizens?

  6. lizz the tour has to start somewhere… right or wrong? its still the tour but just like anyone people improve with more practice

  7. Hmm Hmm Someone miscounted Because beyonce is this generation’ s Biggest star,
    People fight to get in her already packed concert, So someone must have miscalculate.
    I have No opinion on the costume, But her PR needs to find our what happens because there is no way in hell only 8.000 people show up to watch beyonce

  8. YOU BETTER SANG IT BEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ITS THE QUEEN :bowdown:




  10. no they meant 800.000 people beyonce asked them to tone it down so people won’ t say she is a diva

  11. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

    Yall need to stop,

    BoreYawnSay is not all that her PR and stans hype her up to be. The proof is in her low concert sales, cd sales are event taken a hit. She sold what 2 million, that’s meager considering all the hype behind her image.

    Her music is sub par, her stage antics are so predictable and repetitive. Seen one seen the all, why would people take their money and pay for recycled garbage?

    She entertains, she’s not the greatest. Everything she does, she’s done hundreds of times. IT’S TIME TO EVOLVE BOREYAWNSAY, IT’S TIME TO GET YOUR GAME UP because there are definitely new voices on the airwaves and the music trumps your cds.

    8000 people, including the press that paid for their tickets – 😆 I guess that’s the only way they were gonna get sold. How embarrassing. :lol2: watch Matthew Knowles blames the economy.

    Keep hyping her up, she needs it. Look at her face in the pictures, she is not excited for her first show. She is just like a big blob in those hideous costumes.

    Her ego is in her way, she better move and soon!

  12. BoreYawnSay you have issues you really need to think about the facts i guess selling 2 million in 4 months isnt great? oh okay…. stay in here a whine about how terrible beyonce is its not going to do any good people love her and will pay to see her its that simple nothing you say or do is going to change it now thats a fact and even beyonce haters can agree with that, thank you and good bye because you are a minority on the subject of beyonce

  13. BoreYawnSay

    “you’ re just jealous because beyonce makes more money than you she made 180 millions since the begining of 2009 she is the most beautiful women one earth, she is a size 6 with a 19 inch waist and big booty, she has naturally long hair and you’ re made because light skinned women are prettier than dark, you’ re probably fat anyway, and so what is only 8.000 people showed up it was a rehearsal, a paid rehearsal so stop hating, beyonce is a legend she outsold celine dion, alicia keys cher janet jackson withney houston, she outsold all of them you’ re just mad because she married jay-z stop hating :hater: “

  14. Reminds me of Madonna’s , “like a virgin” but she is singing about being and angel but is half dress in a bridal dress.

  15. She has not made 180 million dollars since January. If that’s the case Oprah wouldn’t be the number one entertainer. Why does it upset people like you so much whenever someone says anything about Beyonce. And why do you all brag about someone else’s money? Why I don’t understand that. That’s is the craziest thing I have ever heard of in my life. This is not even about Beyonce this is about the people who will probably defend her to the death. Do you defend Jesus like that when people go against him. Do you begin to tell people about all that Jesus has and all of his accomplishments. Do you even begin to tell people how great Jesus is. Because if you don’t then you are partaking in idiolatry. This is really getting crazy concerning this young lady. She is just a singer and a dancer. She is not an icon you and her are calling her an icon. An icon is someone who just decided to go on tour and is giving his this is it tour and all the tickets everywhere sell out in five minutes. The who orginally started wearing the glove. I am a huge Michale Jackson and Whitney Houston fan,but, don’t feel the need to defend them nor list their accomplishments or state the amount of their fortunes everytime someone comes at them in a negative way. Because that would be crazy.

  16. HEY marie :hifive: Ca va?

    Bee you know i’ m being ironic :lol2:

  17. voice did you really have make a comment about the skin tones…i was with you till then girl….disappointed

  18. I would be upset to purchase concert tickets, then after the show find out it was a rehearsal (if thats “really”the case). Im sorry no paid performances are rehearsals, thats an insult to people who are fans. Beyonce has stated this is her most mature album and image but I dont see it…I honestly think BDay’s tour costumes were better.

  19. Voice has no life and if your a female you should live an lonely life because women just don’t talk like that unless your gay man! Beyonce does not know you loser get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. @ Voice and BeYawnSay

    Beyonce is selling on par with B’day this time around. Last time it took over a year (which has 52 weeks incase you didn’t know BeYawnSay cuz you sound a little ignorant), so, what that leaves her a good 36 weeks to sell less than a million. I think that’s easily gonna be the case. She’s also doing well outside the U.S. with nearly 4 million in total sales, in 4 months. So again, it is ridiculous for you to be bashing her the way you are BeYawnSay. Also, Halo is on the upturn and Ego is everyone’s favorite song so it is sure to be a hit. Now, Voice. Don’t be dumb, she has NOT outsold Celine, or Whitney, or any of those people. Beyonce has only been solo since 2003, now those starting since then, Rihanna, etc. she has done well in comparison (though Alicia Keys is the best selling female african american artist of the decade, behind usher who is overall best selling african american, and beyonce is third). so, don’t hate ya’ll it looks ugly on you!.

  21. :iagree: bee with your comment. It is ok to support someone and give your opinion, but some people just go too far with what they have to say about someone. It is sad, but like you said, if it came to someone who really made a difference in life like Jesus, then they would shut their mouths and act like all church people are evil. Jesus is who is he is and just because people claim to be a believer jesus gets bad mouth if they act ugly. I read your other comments as well and like to read what you have to say.

  22. hey guys!
    i am going to her concert in Hungary!!
    could you just write me the track list of the concert???
    thank u very much

  23. “Alicia Keys is the best selling female African American artist of the decade”

    That’ s Undeniable and unarguable

  24. @mariam
    (Sorry Stephanie) Perez Hilton has the track list on his site, but you have to read the comments because people have posted corrections.

  25. Sadia and flowerchild: I was being Ironic, and i’ m frankly scared when people don’ t catch on it, This is 2009 please open your books

    Someone Who Actually Knows Music:
    You obviously don’ t know anything, if you did you would not attack me, again open your books and stop falling into the trap i set, Or follow me around in every post like Miss Jones then you’ ll know every time i overly praise beyonce I’ m so being Ironic

  26. Test tour? I would be insulted if i spent alot of money to find out I was just a test.. :thumbsdown:

  27. @Voice said: You are really funny you should really consider going into comedy. I am very serious. Your comments are always so witty if you don’t do stand up you should think about writing for some comedians. Because I saw one the other weekend and honey he could have used you. Oh and by the way everyone Ledisi the singer is getting ready to come out with a new cd. I don’t know if you know her or not but she is bad. And her first cd was awesome.

  28. bee :lol2: i am not that funny my sister slapped me last time told me i need to stop saying the first thing that comes to my mind when i’ m arguing lol 🙁 that hurt too, but i youtubed ledisi and woow in the morning is the ish

  29. @Voice girl you have got to get that whole cd it is bad from start to finish. No overly produced stages music just plain old good songs.

  30. i’ ll check at barnes and noble i’ m going to pick up keisha ervin new book

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