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  1. Beyonce’s If I Were A Boy video is very cute. I like it and I understand what she is trying to say and do.I also understand though why she is releasing Single Ladies at the same time. Youngins won’t get this song or the video. It is too thought provoking for their brains. They need bounce music.

  2. I love it, its a great video that has great meaning it made me love the song even more!!!
    I a Youngins [19] and I love it!!! Stop trying to put us in a box by our age please. We do not all think alike so PLEASE STOP putting us in 1 catorgory.
    thank u

    @ Stephenie
    What do u think of the video?

  3. too bas us “youngins” compose 80% of her fan base i aint feeling this :thumbsdown: , i like single ladies better

  4. I thought the video wasn’t due out until Monday. I guess Yahoo got the scoop. Gotta to love the internet. I still want to see it on television to get the full effect. Nice video, nice song, nice concept. :thumbsup:

  5. Awww! Really cute video!

    I guess that “comb back” is her “new” look??


    Naw, Bey looks good.

    I can dig it… :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  6. n her screaming feat songs like get me bodied and single ladies they should have gave that song to someone with a lighter tone i hope the rest of the album don’ t sound like that

  7. man, that’s the video right there. i LOVE this. i can’t stop watching it.

    whoever said her fans are mostly youngins, you must have never been to a beyonce concert. you’d be surprised to see the range of fans she has!

  8. She’s really into the pulled back hair thing this time around it seems.

  9. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: i sat der and absoultyl hated beyonce’s new songS, but dem songs in printed on my forhead, cause im coming home from work and thats all i her, da cars were bumping dem songz. i come home and my husband is making dinner sanging”IF I WERE A GURL” LOL


    I LOVE THE NEW BEYONCE, GOOD LUCK AND IM HAPPY FOR U :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  10. I thought that beyonce;s new album was going to suck booty but after this video im going to buy my neices this album to understand wat wemon go thru. people dont realize da bullshit dat be on da radio and i dont think this will beyonce #1 cause its to true for the young people. im 27 years old i still wanna party but u k now i could listen to this and totally reminese on my relationships. just give credit were credit is due, the video is hot

    if it wont show

  11. i love the vid.. makes me really like the song.. shes on that mature shit.. lol love it the black and white is hott too

  12. Interesting that Ciara’s Like A Boy was also in black & white. Coincidence? :noway:

    Anyway, I like the song – one of her better ones , but the video is too slow moving and lethargic for me.

  13. :stop: :stop: :stop:

    stop with the ciara stuff Afrochic the video is hot, i hate beyonce but u know wat da gurl is passionate in the video, and he acting was’nt half bad, be happy for her everyone please

  14. This Video was a pleasent surprise this morning. I wasn’t expecting it until Monday, but I glad I got to see it earlier :thumbsup: . The video is very neat. B and her love interest look gorgeous. I love the concept. He did an interview where he talks about meeting Beyonce and working with her, it was very cute. I wish him all the best, and I hope he gets his big break soon. I love the single even more.

  15. “Youngins won’t get this song or the video”

    Stella, I’m young and I Love it just fine LOL. I see both singles for what they are. Now I excited to see Single Ladies. Since SL and If I were A Boy are 1st singles, does this mean we should expect two more videos from this reccord [The 2nd & the 3rd single]?

  16. This video was so hot, you can tell that they put in the time and work for this video. to me it’s the best shes done and i’m just ready to see the single ladies video!

  17. I agree the video is one of her better ones :thumbsup: Originally, I didn’t like the song, but after hearing it every hour on the hour on the radio, coupled with this vid, it’s growing on me, but I knew it would. I guess I need to hear Single Ladies some more

  18. Somehow i think she should have written a whole other lyrics
    for this song instead of taking bc jean’s song like the video is perfect! and its coming from someone that can’ t stand beyonce the video is perfect the instrumental is perfect i just wish that the lyrics went in an other direction like “do you know how it feels to feel unapreciated …” u know? But over all its good yet bad If I like it that means they are a lot of stans that don’ t!

  19. @ voice….i really appreciate that comment :hifive:

    i think the video is very nice…not even talking from a beyonce fan point of you…just over all judgment her best video and most meaning full song and video…the end touched me ALOT and i was proud of her…ive always been proud but this time she really showed us something…i couldnt believe it and i think she will get alot of respect from this one

  20. mario and voice i agree

    this is the first time since dangerously in love i got goosbumps when she sang, well listen was great.

    single ladies i cant stand and when i first heard it i almost GAGED……………………………..but now i love the song

  21. @Don’t start you need to stop. :stop:

    I’m entitled to my opinion as much as you are. Are we sheep that everyone must think the same thing πŸ™„

  22. Cute video. Like the concept. Song is still slow and sappy. Still don’t really like the song but good luck Mrs. Carter.

  23. I always say i give propos where props is due i was never a hater but you people wanna scream when people say stuff about beyonce you don’ t agree with!

  24. It’s her 2nd best video she has ever done behind Deja Vu. I love the concept. For Bey do what some men do all the time and take for granted as “Boys will always be Boys” so that visual message can across is great. Especially since men are possessive and territory(not to say women aren’t either). Basically it is saying, before guys treat us(women) like dirt, think about it from our point of view and “man-up”.

  25. can’t see the video. but i listened to the song on her website. i love it! i’m glad Bey stepped out of the box on this one. the lyrics are really cool.

  26. Awww Gisele :brownsista: You look so good and its a great song !

  27. :lol2: no need to be upset. It’s just a hot video with a song that’s obviously growing on those that didn’t want to give it a chance. :thumbsup: Get It Bey! :bowdown:

  28. I love it but i don’t know it’s missing that stuff it’s good but boring until the end where they say what and which roles




  30. :brownsista: I love it, I love it, B is back>>>>> can’t wait to buy to CD

    Go Beyonce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

    Beautiful video, concept, and vocals! Love it! This will be another hit for her!

  32. It always amazes me how sincere and realistic Beyonce can be when acting in her videos…yet she is an absolute block of wood in movies. That said, I love the concept of the video, and the lyrics, but the actual melody is rather lackluster.

  33. Very nicely done. The concept is not new, but I still have to give her credit for this one. It is a bit more mature than her old work and I like that, that’s what I was hoping for. Single ladies may be a step back, but this one is a step forward.

  34. :stop: I was just on another web site where they showed a young teen age girl singing the same song. She sang this song way before beyonce. Nothing has been changed, same melody, same arrangement, same everything. this is so not original. BTW! the girls’ name is BC jean, and I think she did a better job!!!!

  35. I believe BC Jean still wrote this song, she is a songwriter and singer. When the album comes out, I hope she gets her full credit because this is her song. There’s nothing wrong with Beyonce singing it, but let’s give the writer her credit. She did a great job singing it, too.

  36. How the hell can beyonce have a song of hers demoed by someone? explain that shit to me why would bc jean a nobody demo a song for beyonce? can’ t beyonce make her own demo? she bought that song from that lil girl that’ s it deal with it! :loser:

  37. The girl also wrote “BOYS dont cry” sung by Fergie
    whats the differents from NE-YO and BC JEAN they are song writers thats their job to write music. WHATS UR POINT!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ne-yo makes demos all the time
    chris brown just did a demo for the pussycat dolls and britney

  38. Can’t be a Beyonce post without VOICE camped out in it! Just confess! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  39. Anyway, back to the subject at hand! Wonderful video and wonderful vocals! This should definitely be a huge hit for Beyonce! Go head my :brownsista:

  40. When I first heard the song. My feeling towards it were lukewarm. Seeing the video made me fall in love with the song. The video is beautifully together.

  41. melissa just drop dead if ur stupid -ss payed atention you’ ll know that i complimented beyonce on the song stfu and grow up already if you dont like voice stop coming here aint nobody changing nothing for you πŸ™‚

    Wpc: My point is beyonce said she wrote and produce EVERY SONG IN HER NEW ALBUM check the preview video, her fan site, the letter she adressed to yall i never accuse the chick of nothing unless i got something to back me up , and how many money you wanna bet that when her cd comes out Bc jean will not be listed as a writer but as a co-writer?just like des’ ree song, I know its her job but the chick demo-ed it and put in on her blog looooong time ago ,i knew if i were a boy before bey sung it same lyrics same melodie same way to sing it and accentuate on the “better man” at the second chorus! so maybe bey brought the right and its fine can’ t anybody write like r.kelly, neyo, shanti or even licia, but all i’ m saying is a lot of people are saying oh i knew this song before and it wasn’ t sung by beyonce she is a copycat and blah i’m old enough to understand that artist buy song rights but a lot of people don’ t and that can be bad for her , youngings are calling the song boring and single ladies garbage.

  42. u know i dont understand how all da haterz on bossip. all da beyonce stans and obsessed beyonce haters on concrete loop

    this da only one that make an sence

    the song had meaning and passion
    the video has emotional and buetiful dialouge

  43. ilike the video bey can sing but this song is just not for her voice :noway: you know i went oh bcjean myspace page an a lot of her fans are mad because of bey singing that song an the song is on her page but good job on the video :thumbsup:

  44. @ voice:
    :iagree: That’s all im saying. give the girl the credit she deserves. If you did not right all the songs on the album, just say that. Fans are still gonna support you.

  45. @ VIOCE
    UR WRONG AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!
    She said she CO-WROTE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!
    The first verse in ” if i were a boy” has been Changed alot. She changed some of the lyrics to fit her!
    SO she did co-write this SONG THANK U VERY MUCH!

  46. :thumbsup: :brownsista: :iagree: :bowdown: Bee you’ve done a fine job with this song and video….love it!!!

  47. Since when adding two or three sentence in a 3: some minutes make you a virtuoso Its time to start admiting things and telling the truth I never like beyonce the artist or sasha the wh-re but when this video came out i was one of the first to compliment her, clap on it and stand up for her when her own people turned against her because for once she makes meaningful music,come across as real and sing from the heart.

    But you and I know that beyonce is not a writer and even if she did, forgive me for doubting after the irreplaceable tale and still in love fraud i’ m always septic when she tries to own a song,Give bc jean her props for writing beyonce’ s [god willingly]biggest hit to date, It won’ t take anything away from her, just like me complimenting here didn’t take anything away from me

    Come on people Man up πŸ™‚


  49. First of all: Love the site Stephanie!! Absolutely love it!

    You know I just like to read the comments, but I have to comment on how the music industry defines a “co-writer”. No one should get credit on a song, just because they may change or add a few basic words (i.e. in Beyonce’s song she changes “she” to “they”, added “just”, and changed “make out” to kicking it”). The music industry really needs to rethink the definition of what co-writing means. A demo was delivered to a singer who added a few words here and there. There should be only one writer and that is the songwriter. I would be pissed if I was a songwriter and the singer decided to keep my melody and use 98% of my words, but because they added a few basic words, they get equal credit, if not more. (If I’m wrong on that, please let me know.) If the music industry correctly defines what the word, “co-writer”, then half of these artists wouldn’t even get credit.

    Back to topic: The video is a welcome change from the videos Beyonce normally puts out. The pop world is going to eat this song up. I don’t like Single Ladies. I’m actually a little offended. This song is alot “deeper” (and I use this term loosely) than “Single Ladies”. Why do we have to have booty shaking music (SL was released for the urban market), while the pop world gets something with a little meaning? Maybe I’m over thinking this. I’m sure someone will tell me I am. πŸ™‚

    Have a good evening ladies!

  50. lady b is back to show these girls how to do it!! i love the video, cant wait for the album. go bey show them why your made 70 mill last year…
    @ voice chill out

  51. Renae :iagree: with everyon point you made

  52. Yet to her defense [what is wrong with me standing up for beyonce since that song came out looool]
    She has to live and make money out of what she does look at the reviews while people in general love iiwab look how her own are complaining about it? calling it boring? look at how much percent of her fan base are a bunch of kids hyping single ladies?,and the other percent just follow her wherever she goes! [which is good] asking her to come strong, her stand hyped her up in the badest way ever as if her new singles was going to personally atack everyone and put us down, and to see her having a soft song is kinda like a slap in the face so we can’t be mad at her she has to have single ladies to back her up just in case, i would be nervous to release a song like that too if my career was based on how good i look how much i can shake it drop it and how much sexuality i can display the truth it people like sasha better because that is who we all know hate love dislike or don’ t care about it’ s sasha and its like a lil too late for bey to introduce herself !
    But lets not get mad at her for the meaningless urban song, everyone need a back up

  53. The menfolk in this vid are DELICIOUS! Role-reversal. This is a mini-movie. I am loving this video!!! The song? Not so much, but damn, Beyonce really knocked it out of the park. A VIDEO WITH A STORYLINE. I love it. :bowdown: But the acting….ooooohhhhhh πŸ˜† Oh, Beyonce! Make me believe you!!! I love your lacefront! You look awesome!!! But the acting… πŸ˜† :bag: The video over all gets a :thumbsup: from me; maybe I’ll grow to love the song from it. :brownsista:

  54. @ Renae,

    Why do we have to have booty shaking music (SL was released for the urban market), while the pop world gets something with a little meaning?

    AMEN! Why is that? The pop folks get meaning and we get the typical ’empty’ with a good beat. GREAT POINT.

  55. Dark Sista, you make some very valid points. Ok, I’m no longer offended. πŸ˜† I just needed someone to kinda explain why I felt we were getting the short end of the stick. If this is what our kids and young adults are looking for in SL, then so be it. This is what they like and I have to admit Beyonce knows what she is doing. Smart girl. Me, on the other hand, I need a singer who progresses, which is why I love MJB. Over 17 years in the business and you can see she grew up with her audience.

    Is it too late for Beyonce to reintroduce herself though? I’m between agreeing with you and not agreeing with you. You’re right in that “Sasha” is who our people know and understanding how we humans work, once we get used to something, some of us hate change. So Beyonce plays it safe and continues with this formula for us. On the other hand, I believe that people can always reinvent theirself. That’s my own personal belief. If you want to make a change, then you can do it and it’s not up to anyone but you. Beyonce does have time to reintroduce herself, but its solely up to her to say, “I don’t care what people say and I don’t care how many records I sell. This is who I am”. If someone is in a position to do this, it is Beyonce. She has the success and money already, so why not? If she is taking risks on this album as she says she is and people don’t accept “her” and she blows it off (even if her record sales may be down), then I will truly applaud her. But if I see that she’s going back to her regular formula (songs about her not working out, so she releases the dance music as singles more) to keep everyone happy and to stay on top, that says alot about her and not in a good way.

  56. Love Bee, Like the concept…but for me I don’t care for it. IT’s not something I would rock everyday. But she looks amazing in the video.

  57. Clear, Clear, Clear πŸ˜†

    You still camped out in a Beyonce thread! SMH!

  58. Song already has over 15 million in audience! This is the making of another smash! It is being received so well worldwide!

  59. Love the song and the video and I know somebody said Bee can’t write but if she can’t she wouldnt have been the first black woman to win a ASCAP for song writer of the year I mean she won it twice anyway, this is so good for Bee two different songs and both come on the same station I hear them on pop and urban radio so thats ridiculous why pop get positive and urban get SL. And I’m not a big Bee fan but I do know the girl can write, sing, and dance and that If I Were A Boy made me a bigger fan of her’s!

  60. Oh and Single Ladies is on u tube its simple just her and two ladies dancing with white in the back ground!

  61. Do you people come here via search engines and never bother to look around or check out any other pages? The Single Ladies video is the first post on the front page of this blog.

  62. Man I love this video and I think this is one of her best singles yet. I am really feeling it because I’ve been there and am still there. Beyonce, I love this song, you did the damn thang! This video will make men think about what they are doing to the women they love and how they are treating them. Hopefully it will make them change for the better and love that woman and only that woman.

  63. beyonce is a theif . i knew it was’nt her song . i never liked any song she ever wrote and then she comes out with this song . how pathetic .

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