Beyonce in NYC

Pop diva, Beyonce Giselle Knowles, looked fashionably fabulous Thursday afternoon as she exited her specially customized Mercedes van.

The mommy to be was once again photographed visiting her offices in midtown Manhattan, accompanied by several assistants and longtime bodyguard, Julius.

As always, the singer’s fashion choices were under the microscope and the ‘Queen B’ did not disappoint.

Reportedly five months pregnant, Beyonce is carrying quite well and easily pulls off many of the looks she wore before she became pregnant.

The singer’s latest look, comprised of black leggings, flowing white shirt, tribal necklace and fur tongue black leather booties, was paired with an emerald blue Tory Birch crocodile purse that reportedly costs a modest (by Beyonce standards) $625.00.



  1. I like her look 🙂 And that purse is giving me so much LIFE. I love the color and the pattern/fabric.

  2. She looks SO pretty, fresh faced you can CLEARLY see that bump. There are better pics of this outting on her website. I’m just wondering what she’s cooking up in that building seeing as though she makes “frequent” trips there a few times a week. Patiently waiting……..:)

  3. I saw inside pics and few weeks ago and Beyonce is stuntin’ large as she should be. If I had to be driven around in something that would be it.

    She looks great. Such a simple enemble made fabulous with great accessories, especially the boots. Don’t really like the bag in that color.

  4. i find it funny the before she got pregnant “allegedly” you almost never saw her out and about on the streets.

    but now that she is pregnant “allegedly” she just HAS TO visit her office EVERY DAYUM DAY for a photo opp.

    and its cold outside! lol


  5. This woman looks gorgeous..Damn Jay’s a lucky man.

    ^^^She’s always been spotted out on the streets of New York mainly…alot (look in the archives on various websites)

    SN: She looks like she has the most perfect softest skin.

  6. That thing looks like the inside of a train! Like she’s hopping off of a very luxe subway…

  7. she looks so pretty and is GLOWING! I think it’s a boy she’s having.

  8. To be honest, I’m surprised she’s wearing baggy clothes that hide her belly throughout this pregnany. We all know Beyonce loves some attention, so I’d think she’d wear form fitting clothes to show off the bump.

  9. @Liverpool

    Maybe because she was hiding her pregnancy for all those months. Everyday she’s going into the studio and acting classes for A Star Is Born. That’s what she is doing.

  10. It was reported that Kelly was talking about the baby and accidently said “her” giving the sex away.

  11. So I’m still confused are you or are you not supposed to wear heels during pregnancy and what does it do? Good q I might have to look that one up myself.

  12. @Breezey

    A lot of doctors say No, but a lot of these fashionable wemon say Yes. My co-worker is 7 months pregnant and she was rocking 5 inch heels on Thursday, strutting down the isles like she on a runway. I wouldn’t do it, but hey,it’s their feet and fetus.

  13. She is a beautiful pregnant woman. I will be glad when she delivers her baby so the nay-sayers can stop with their speculation. I mean this is a mega-super star. I dont think she would put herself or her husband in a position to deal with explaining why they lied about being pregnant.
    But I guess people just have to talk about something.
    She is dressing very well for this stage in her preganancy. I’m looking forward to her last trimester, so we can see what she will ware. I think high heels for any woman in the last 3 months is dangerous. Wearing high heels in the second and third trimester is not a good idea for any woman. But she always has her huge body guard with her, so I know he will be on high alert at all times as she progresses with her pregnancy.

  14. these last week i realized something, i really do not care about her anymore, there was a time where i loved her, there was a time where she really bothered me, and now all i feel is emptiness… funny. anyway i wish her the best.

  15. Only someone under 12 would believe that she isn’t pregnant and has a surrogate because MTO said so. Some of you are so damn gullible. FYI, she only has one assistant who is constantly photographed with her and she doesn’t look pregnant either. Beyonce has been around enough random and famous people, hugged countless of people for them to know/notice if she wasn’t pregnant.

    Ya’ll were so pressed for this woman to be pregnant and have a baby. Now that she is, ya’ll are trying so damn hard to prove that she isn’t pregnant. Not to mention, I’ve seen her pregnant in a bikini, but gullible people think she was probably bloated then too because it supports their baseless theories.

    The problem is that she is proving everyone wrong. She hasn’t gained 100lbs and doesn’t look a mess like they thought she would look.

    Congrats to Bey on her bundle of joy and I hope she has a healthy baby.

  16. Her middle name is Giselle?? Never knew that. She looks great,Idk why people don’t think she’s pregnant.Smh

  17. She looks adorable. As an avid Beyonce concert attendee I’m still upset about the timing, lol, but I’m really happy for her. And why do ppl use Beyonce supposedly having the fat gene as proof that she’s not pregnant? She’s gained weight. She was super skinny in the beginning of 4

  18. I agree Wohoo, Rihanaholic, and Shanice. Also people fail to think she has a very good regimen of what she eats. Goodness. People are never satisfied. First it was she needs to take a year off. She does you complain. She needs to have a have a baby. She’s pregnant and now its she isn’t pregnant. What’s next?? Also people do you fail to remember she is no longer under her dads management. Do you not believe that it was her dad that made sure she was received a certain way and not her? So calm down and relax and wait until February to see her child.

  19. you all sound psychotic, we have not seen anything to 100% prove or disprove that beyonce knowles is pregnant, so it is up in the air for people to forge an opinion, i don’t know why anyone would fake a pregnancy, but then again i don’t why people would lie about writing songs they did not write, or enhance their breast, buttocks, or anything else, but it happens everyday. If people don’t wanna believe her that is their problem, it’s not like she has a history of telling the truth,but she has a vagina and a uterus so it is possible, what i am trying to say belittling people “only someone under 12” really?

  20. I observe this blog frequently and rarely comment.

    And I don’t mean to jump in but, Shontelle I’ve seen you (and others) call Beyonce fans ghetto, stupid and everything in between. So you can’t really say anything about “belittling”.

  21. @Shontelle

    You are dumb and 12 if you don’t believe this chick is pregnant. Go ahead and rant some more on that!

  22. @so what: Sure you rarely comment, i was not belittling her fans, i was telling the truth, they act ghetto , they act stupid, they act psychotic,I’m not calling them out of their names, to make a point, it’s the truth.

    @wohoo: you believe beyonce is not pregnant, that’s why you’re pissed off uh, don’t worry i feel you, i mean folding belly and all.

  23. I can care less if you believe me or not. I only commented because I can’t stand hypocrites. You do belittle because its holds no “truth”. Just try not to be a hypocrite, it’s not cute.

  24. Woe dear beyonce
    You are a beautiful woman please don’t let commentators get to you Im sorry I understand having people blame you for things and to talk about you. What you do and why is none of our business you found a way to feed your family and that’s all that matters.

  25. 12 years old people, were saying that kim kardashian’s wedding was a sham and would be over soon, look where we at ? it looks to me like 12 years old have wonderful insight, i don’t know if the cunt is pregnant all i knopw is her stomach crumbled on national tv, and every time you see her her belly disapear then come back, 2+2 is not equal to 9 like the stans will have you believe.

    @shontelle: THAT’S RIGHT BYTCH even the fans know she is pulling a stunt, that’s y they mad as hell when you say something, pathetic ass mofos

  26. The “c**nt”? REALLY Nijal? The words of a c**nt if I ever saw one.

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