Beyonce Is Yours… For A Price

Beyonce As previously reported, Beyonce is coming to Las Vegas and judging from the promotional pic to your right- she is bring Sasha Fierce and her hips along for the ride. The singer is scheduled to heat things up at the Encore Theater with four very special “I Am… Yours” performances. The shows will run from July 30th to August 2nd and will serve as the final dates of her North American tour. The show is being billed as an intimate affair with the singer- as the theater has less than 1,500 seats, allowing fans to experience Beyonce’s artistry up close and personal. All that closeness however comes with a price. Sasha don’t shimmy for cheap, ya know. Overall deals start as low as $200 and go all the way up to $1,000. If you have a bit of change to spend however you can have it all. The I Am… Diva package starts at $850 per person, whereas the I Am… Bold package can be had for only $450.

Check out the official I Am… Yours page on the Encore website for more details.

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  1. i dont think there’s a big loser than u stepfan’whatever sp let this woman go its obvious u have a bios against her.stop posting about her if yo half structured judgement clouds yo presentation.u sicken us all.
    btw just come out and say u are hater no one will hold that against u look at yo posters they came out.u always sound like u in pain or bothered by her leave it to concreteloop and others with better writers to post info about her.ok?

  2. I think that is a good deal because you get the hotel and it is Las Vegas, which is a vacation by itself. I like the intimacy of it and I believe it will be worth it. And remember this is the end of the tour so what a way to go out. I won’t be able to make it but I hope it will be on a dvd which I will get because I do love her performances.

  3. Yeah those are such reasonable prices… :lol2: :stop:

  4. :stop:

    thank you stephanie for reproting the good adn the bad on Beyonce….cuz this isnt good news in this economic times…but for those of you who can do it…..have fun! id rather see her at Essence Festival and get my monies worth by seeing other artist as well.

    okkkk… πŸ™‚

    thanks again…

  5. Looks like Beyonce Knowles is trying to pass Oprah as the top money maker in the business or trying to make up for not selling out every arena. ;o)

  6. WOW that is tooo much. She should know this is hard time for people. She got all the bennies she can do a concert for free and not lose out on nothing.

    @Stephanie what hotel she performing in.

  7. @Stephanie i check it out she performing at the encore one of the wynn hotels.
    I was in vegas a month ago they building more hotel and casino. The hotel they building now is going to be off the hook. Can not wait to go back next yr to see what that look like.

  8. I don’t have disposable income to spend on a one-night event like that, but for those who have it—I say go ahead and spend it. I’ve seen artists charge way more than that in Vegas (i.e. Barbara Striesand, Celine Dion, etc.) I’m annoyed at the price a little bit, but I won’t bash Beyonce because she is performing at venues all throughout the U.S. where you can see her in concert for much cheaper. So I guess those that can’t afford the Vegas tickets will just have to see her concert somewhere else, or bypass the concert all together.

  9. Sidenote– I won’t be seeing her in concert this year, because I feel like I just saw her in concert. I haven’t had enough time to miss her and the new songs haven’t grown on me like songs in the past. Plus, my ticket was like $180. If it weren’t a gift, I probably would not have gone to the show. The show was good though. I just need to see someone else/ hear some new music.

  10. It’ll be interesting to see how well this venue does…………

  11. wow!she is realy milking her stanz recession hits everyone and she gotta maintain her lifestyle,rich life is not low maintance,the more money you let in the more money has to be spent to mantain.omg! that hip pad is ridiculous lol she looks like a deformed mermaid……i’m so glad she is retiring,i wish she cud disappear completely no movies and interviews anywhere,ritire her commercials, no functions and streetwalking for the papz…..2yrs is better that nothing wow! wow! she took Keri Hilson’s advice,i think she is mad that J-hud got pregnant b4 her and dsnt want to be outshined lol,i’ll be waiting for her baby jigga pics.

  12. These are just special events…and I hear it also includes spa visits, etc.

  13. The concert will be on DVD in a few months for 19.95. She must not know
    bout me. I am not giving her my money so she can strut around like a peacock while her security brush me away like a bug. :brownsista:

  14. My little cousin was b@tching all night long yesterday about the price trying to collect money from me :lol2: I was like you KNOW i am not giving you a DIME to go see beyonce,I’ll gladly take you shopping and spend that 1000 dollars on stuff you need but Beyo what? girl bye :lol2:
    I know it’s rare but i’m on beyonce’s side on this, Her stans are like everywhere in every blog talking about how michael jackson has nothing on her,I’m assuming that with all the mouth they have they can pay that price to go worship their queen! don’ t talk it walk it out! Good for her to make herself expensive, More money and power to her :hifive:

  15. A 4 day gig in Vegas, must be nice! For those who can, enjoy! She gives 100% every time she walks on stage! According to the published reports from TMZ and other outlets, the rich folks are eating these tixs up fast! πŸ˜†

  16. Wow, too bad I already $525 to see her in philly. That’s a good price for a vacation and concert & it’s going to be more intimate!
    I really do think she is going to take a long break this time………she deserves it and she’ll be back and better than ever!!

    Go Bey!! Love this girl!!

  17. DAm she aint gotta do her fans like that.The ones who been supporting her all these years to be where she is today.Im not a fan but those who are,good luck,..if u got it spend it…I could get the dvd..but yall know she gotta maintian that rich n famous lifestyle!! πŸ˜†

  18. You guys! I totally understand that it’s a recession and the price is kinda high but some of Celine Dion’s tickets inVegas went up to $4,000 and that’s not including hotel or any other accomodation. I remember wanting to go and see the show, went on and the lowest price was $450; then they were still adding some strange fees with it. I didn’t wanna go alone so I would have spent more than $1,000 for my husband and I and still have to worry about accomodations. I couldn’t afford it so I waited for the DVD that cost $16.95 at Sam’s Club. I’m still speechless that for 5 years her Vegas show was sold out, 5 freaking nights a week. Amazing what true fans will do for their favorite artists! :lol2: So $850 for true fans is OK, I guess. And plus Beyonce is a big star, she has all the right to ask for that kind of money. I think the venue will be full for those nights. However I don’t think she will be able to do fill it out for years though.

  19. So $850 for true fans is OK

    It’s actually cheap for true fans

  20. Better get in quick w/ a comment before the arguing begins…

    Well I think everyone knows that most of the times when these prices are set the venue/promoter usually does it. The artist will only get a percentage & @ the prices that the Wynn has set Beyonce’s percentage will be pretty hefty. Nevertheless, obviously this concert is set for high rollers b/c the avg Joe sure can’t pay that kind of money for a show. And I hope that the promoters have enough sense to know that as well. Not to mention the Wynn Hotel is one of the high priced ones in Vegas, so even if you were just to chill in the room/buffet & not go to the concert… you will prolly spend a grip on the food( that’s if food is not included in the pkg). Ppl just use some sense, if your struggling to pay something DON’T go & spend your electricity bill money on Beyonce @ the Wynn. Just wait till she comes to a cheaper venue or better yet.. catch her on tv for FREE.

    P.S. there is NO WAY in heck that I would spend that kinda money on ANY artist… that’s rent or a carnote for some ppl.

  21. I think it’s a good deal…I bought the I Am…Diva packages for 30th adn 31st…can’t wait…btw, the pic’s hot! Been dying to c Beyonce live.

  22. To Voice- Of course sparing $850 for anybody for entertainment only is expensive but for true fans, that price is totally OK. But you’ll be surprised what people would do for their favorite star. I thought I was a fan of Celine Dion before but after I watched the DVD with my husband, my husband told me “You have nothing on them. You just like singing her songs while doing your chores but you’re not a true fan!” . And I totally agreed and thank God I wasn’t. There was one guy who came from Africa just to watch ONE show. If someone asks me for my opinion before going to any show like this, of course I would tell them to spare the money for their kids, bills, food, gas, debts, etc. But entertainment takes a big (sometimes the biggest) place in people’s lives and entertainers know that. Otherwise they wouldn’t charge so much. But it’s the same thing with sports! Do you know how much that front seat at a Lakers game cost? Take a good guess. And the game is televised live on TV. And some of those people hold season tickets!

    As far as Beyonce, I think she is a big star and she can command a high price as she wants. I just hope some people out there are wise not to go in debt for something like this. But if you have the $$$$$ to spare, by all means go for it! Or maybe this is so easy for me to say since I’m a not a HUUUUUUUGE fan of any artist out there. I really don’t know if there’s an artist I would spend $850 for. That’s my yearly insurance premium :lol2:

  23. What is she gonna sing in Vegas At Last :lol2: That’s abou it!!!!! πŸ˜† because her bubble gum fluff music is hardly Toni Braxton, Celine Dion, Whitney, Cher calibre music to sustain a mature audience.

    Maybe her teeny bopper stans will show up and justify her presence..All my single ladies. πŸ˜†

    Also, that venue is small. BeYawnSay and her machine are trying to dress up the fact she’s not selling out and trying to recoup money lost selling $20 tickets because she wants to sell out and fill venues.

    She’s touring at casinos and theatres this time around because her last tour had quite a few flop dates and people simply are not checking for BeYawnSay who refuses to evolve and mature.

  24. i dont see anything wrong with the prices, no one said you had to go to las vegas she is going to be in every other state having some seats for $20 so no one can really complain if you ask me…. how come we dont get reports on the good things she does for those that cant afford expensive concerts?

  25. Coco: I was just agreeing with you girl why the big speech?

  26. Mario- You’re so right! That’s actually my point. Why are so many people complaining about the price. If you don’t have the $$$$$, don’t go. It’s not a mandatory concert. But if you do, more power to you.

    On the other hand, I think this is some good news about her. I am happy that a black artist is so popular that she can command such price on her OWN. I am proud of her. I am sure that they ask such price because they know she is worth it and she can gather the people to watch the shows. If Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand, Cher, Bet Midler can do it, Beyonce can do it too.

    If you are not a huge fan of Beyonce (I am not a huge fan of her music since I like older generation stuff) but I am really proud of what this young woman has accomplished as an artist.

  27. @coco your right, i have a friend that was trying to get tickets to go to it and shes selling out fast in all the nights that she will perform there even with that high price so someones buying them and someone thinks its worth it, i would love to go and would pay but im already seeing her in NYC NC and ATL so ill have to catch a vegas show another time

  28. Damn Mario, u going to c her in 3 venues…lol…cool. I can only afford the Vegas show for now. lol

  29. @MARIO and COCO :iagree: …These are very good prices! Folks that are NOT big fans of hers wouldnt pay these prices, and thats expected. But know that the MILLIONS of other fans that love and support Beyonce will be buying these tickets :hifive: I have my tickets(MEET AND GREET PACKAGE) to be exact πŸ™‚ and I cant wait to be ENTERTAINED lol, I mean she is the GREATEST ENTERTAINER OF OUR DECADE so its well worth it!

  30. BTW …Thats a HOT pic of Beyonce….That dress looks alot better on her in this pic! Go Bey!!

  31. @ COCO:
    I’m going to take it that you live here in Los Angeles like I do. I base that on you seem to know that a floor seat at a Lakers game goes for a couple of thou each. The only ones who can afford it are Jack Nicholson and Denzel.

  32. When your a fan of some1 you will pay anything. So the people that are saying its 2 much are obviously not true fans. As for me i’m not-i’m tired of watching her parade around half-naked, pretty girl, but obviously got self-esteem issues. i can’t wait 2c the ego video, maybe she will be LITERALLY NAKED ya’ll know B always gotta go the extra mile-where’s ALicia Keys at, Mary-where my sistas that realize substance goes a looooong way

  33. true fan my @ss!!! :stop:

    a good mother with children wouldnt pay those prices in this economy eve IF they were “true” fans..but beyonce dont know nothing abou that…

    how bout a TRUE SENSIBLE WOMAN…i will catch her at one of her $20 shows adn see if she gives 100% there… :loser:

  34. I wouldn’t pay one penny to see this woman and her over inflated ego.

  35. @ GAbrielle i just dont get how people like you can know if she has self esteem issues, i have NEVER seen someone that had self esteem issues run across a stage as confident as bey does, you got it backwards sweetie

    @mo im jealous i would give up my 3 shows to go to the vegas one, i didnt know the venue was going to be like it was until i already bought my tickets for the other shows on the presale day

    @liverpool you are entitled to that, nothing wrong with going to see her for $20 thats what the seats are for, for those that want or can only afford that much which is tottally up to the persons wants and or what they can afford

  36. BTW …Thats a HOT pic of Beyonce….That dress looks alot better on her in this pic! Go Bey!!


  37. ^^^I agree, that dress looks better for a shoot. This is a nice pic of her. I don’t think the prices of the hotel plus concert are exorbitant. Her fans will support her in this intimate setting just like they will in larger venues.

  38. :hifive: Steph b/c in the beginning I was like….ummmm Im not really feeling this dress, but it actually looks really nice on her.

  39. @Mario Yeah, I argee…but I don’t think there’s a B-stage in Vegas, but I’ve heard they’re putting some “surprises” in place for the show…so I wana c what new she’s gna do.

  40. Mario: When females feel they have to be revealing to be sexy that’s a sign, whether its the hoodrat in the hood that’s always dressing skanky or the rich superstar. When you crave attention, no matter the cost, at the expense of showing your body-that’s a sign. Men can have that problem too-for instance most of the rappers have this problem-they feel inadequate for whatever reason-never having money, never having “that girl” they wanteed etc-so they overcompensate by bombarding us with lyrics about all the money and girls they have NOW, and “We”don’t. Look at Jazmine Sullivan-she came in the game clothed-do you think she didn’t have pressure to be half-clothed-9 out of 10 females that come in the game, come in that way-but i have yet to see her in drastically revealing clothes-she is obviously confident in her talent and must be a strong woman-Whether your half-naked because your pressured by the game or you honestly like to be-its still a problem. Just because she runs across the stage don’t mean anything. Looks are deceiving.

  41. Yeah, gotta agree with Mario there….Gabrielle, ur kinda contradicting urself there…if sum1 has self esteem issues, y wud he/she “parade around half-naked”? Would the person b insecure? lol…uh……..ok….But I don’t think she’s half-naked…when she’s wearing the leotards and what not, I think she moves in a classy and not overly-sexual way…I’ve seen other artists wear stuff of that sort and they look straight trashy. lol…I shall not name names, but I just gta say that she doesn’t make it look provocative or nasty.

  42. I feel u Gabrielle, but also, if the song’s theme is wearing a leotard, for the performance, u gta wear one. lol…it’s only logical. She can’t wear a moo moo dress for her entire concert…and I don’t think we can say that she looks naked on her tours…I think for the Beyonce Experience, the theme was silver and she wore a lot of dresses that weren’t revealing…so I think it’s just the “Sasha Fierce” theme…nothing to do with self-esteem issues or whatever.

  43. Well, do strippers have low self-esteem? If i take your logic they don’t, because they know they have nice bodies & are willing 2b naked. Realizing you have a great body doesn’t make you confident, realizing that i can be less revealing & still sexy, realizing that leaving something 2 the imagination is sexy, realizing i got more than a body, i can blow it down vocally is sexy-And every song’s them is about leotards-“If i were a boy”-locker room scene with bra on-(yeah i know she’s one of the boys & just showing that) “Single Ladies” where is the leotard them, “Diva” once again where is the leotard them, “Halo” now she’s a ballerina” “Ego” im the baddest b–tch” so once again i gotta wear a leotard to show ya’ll i am. Let’s be real, she just needs an excuse 2b half-naked- And she doesn’t look sleazy 2u because she’s beautiful, but half-naked is half-naked, no matter how pretty u dress it up-i just don’t get some1 that beautiful and talented always feels the need to do this. And her dancing for the most part is stipperish(ino that’s not a word) its elegant stripping but still the same.

  44. But i have 2 remember we live in a society where that is the norm-you step outside & that’s the norm, you can’t watch a video without some1 being half-naked-we become immune, let s be real with ourselves-and those who have kids if you let them watch videos where people are running around half-naked-that’s borderline child abuse or listen 2 songs where sex & money are gods- don’t be suprised when they turn out 2b clones

  45. the “true fan” thing makes me crack the hell up tho, Are you serious? what kind moronic low ass self esteem pay all this money to see someone dancing and singing? that does not sound logic to me at all, Now i am all for entertainment and thanks god i have been blessed enough to buy myself whatever i feel like, but come on i will never pay all that money to see someone in concert, EXPECIALLY someone that is as rich as bey! if jen.hud concert ticket was that expensive i would have give her my arse to kiss True fan?! True fan my arse , some people really need to evaluate their own self,so the chick that have bills to pay and cant afford that concert but adore beyonce get her stan card revoked? stop frontin even yall here know you aint paying that money, does that make you a not true fan? Please

  46. Beyonce does not set the price give her some slack she’s phenoninal and we all know it. As black women we should spend our time congradulating and giving props to one another I never knew how ignorant we as a union could be. Go on beyonce keep doing yo thang .

  47. I would never pay that much money for any artist not even Alicia Keys and am a big fan/true fan of hers.

  48. @ Voice oh yes Beyonce true fans that raised her from the bottom to where she is now can afford these prices πŸ˜† . I just read where one of her fans work at Starbucks and he is saving his entire monthly pay to go to this concert :lol2: :lol2: .
    @ Mario I know you are a die hard fan and since you have already scraped to buy three tickets now I know you can afford to pay the 850.00 to 1000.00. You always come here and speak like you and Beyonce are neighboors πŸ˜† . Come on dude I have faith in your financial abilities :thumbsup:

  49. The point is IF YOU GOT IT, YOU GOT IT…IF YOU DONT, YOU DONT! You cant knock folks that choose to spend THIER hard earned money on something that they love. If you DONT have it, and your a “True fan” that doesnt make you any less of a fan in my opinion….You just gotta catch Bey the 3rd time around, buy the DVD when it comes out or pay $20 and sit in the VERY back by the janitors πŸ˜† (kidding). I paid my $$ and Im STOKED to see the queen hit the stage again :bowdown:

  50. well getting back to the original topic of prices for her concert….i must say i love her BUT i am not blessed wit those kinda dollars so i will have to catch the DVD or get sum Recession-proof tickets when she comes to the Bay. πŸ™‚

  51. @ Virgo now I did not want to go here but I have to. Your lying and hypocrisy is unbelievable. You think that you are slick by posting one thing under the Brandy one glove topic and contradicting yourself in a Beyonce post. Why are you posting so many times and you had the nerve to tell Ca08 about her obsession with Ciara :loser: And before you start the lying here goes what was said :loser: πŸ˜†

    VIRGO said, May 10, 2009 at9:48 pm 1 day, 20 hours after
    @CA08 You are too emotional, you act like she said something about your mama?!?!?! I think you need to calm down and except the fact that CIARA IS NOT ORIGINAL NOR WAS SHE ROCKIN THE ONE GLOVE BEFORE

    bee said, May 11, 2009 at3:10 pm 2 days, 13 hours after
    Some of these very people that are agreeing with Stephanie has a lot of nerve. Check yourselves because you all are the main ones that turn every post into a Beyonce post. You all, Virgo to name one who make threats and just go completely crazy when a certain celebrity is mentioned and someone does not like her or disagree with anything she has on or does not think she is the greatest thing since slice bread.

    VIRGO said, May 12, 2009 at2:44 pm 3 days, 13 hours after
    I will admit I have said some negative things in the past, BUT that was then and this is now hun. Ive realized that its pointless and no matter what you’re opinion is,EVERYONE will not agree with you, the way CA08 does things are a bit PSYCHO-Like, Ive done nothing of that nature, whenever I comment about Beyonce its b/c someone already brought her

  52. If I was anywhere near Vegas I would pay the money to see Beyonce especially such an intimate performance. I think that is one on the things on my list… to see the Queen Bee perform live right in front of me. What a treat! :bowdown:

  53. @ GAbriellei understand what you mean but i also think your over analyzing for no reason, if you dont like someone runing across the stage and putting passion into their performance wearing whatever they want than you dont have to see it and thats fine beyonce cant please everyone including you but i think shes doing a darn good entertaining the world in general

  54. Have we considered she may be doing a test run to see if she would like performing in vegas nightly, Toni and Celine made money from it.

  55. If people have the money they will purchase the tickets. It just seems like she hasnt changed up her performances, and set list….Beyonce is still doing DC medley’s and the same routine. I wouldnt pay for that, I want to see progression and not something I have seen on DVD already.

  56. whatever, let the fools give her their money so she can turn around and brag about how much she’s worth and how she uses a whole apt as a closet…. :lol2: :lol2:

  57. UK Diva beyonce doesnt brag about how much shes worth its the media that put out those numbers out there and the fans and non fans are the ones that keep bringing it up which makes you feel that shes braging when she hasnt said one word about how much shes worth or made in a year

  58. @ Mario with the up most respect. Do you actually work for Beyonce or are somewhat connected with her as a friend?

  59. :lol2: @ “Anonymous” and I guess you call yourself putting ME on blast?! :noway: WE ALL KNOW ITS YOU CA08… :lol2: You can come out from hiding, the cats out the bag hun :lol2: I was just thinking b4 I responded to you like “awww…ALL that for ME?!” who knew I could get you outta charachter…thats too cute, especially how u actually took the time to copy and paste on a whole different thread about a coversation that obviously had nothing to do with (so to speak) and tried to shut me down…FAILED however Im quite flattered :brownsista:

  60. πŸ˜† @ GAbrielle…Sweetie, what are talking about? PLEASE tell me, what does wearing a costume have to do with one’s self esteem?? Its called performing, getting into character, playing the part, being a great entertainer, ECT….so does that mean because ballerina’s and female gymnast wear leotards they too have low self esteem? :noway: There just costumes hun, Ive seen some artist wear way more revealing costumes then what Beyonce is wearing, her azz, boobs, nor kitty is anywhere in sight, so whats the big fuss? Lastly you cannot compare Beyonce’s costumes to a strippers costume (G-string,bra, thongs,high glass platform shoes) :noway: …..*sighs*…. BOI I tell you folks will find absolutely ANYTHING to bish about when it comes to Beyonce πŸ˜† ….anywho carry on.

  61. That’s what entertainers do, make money out of people who some are crazy enough to make sacrifices they would never do for someone else to go see them and at the end of the day, the star will have millions to show for it and some of the fans… well they have to pay off their debts cause they probably used their credit card to pay for the tickets anyway :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

    The price itself is not that bad compared to other artists who have been in Vegas (Think Streisand and Dion asking $3,500) but Barbara and Celine have fans from ALL generations and those older people probably can spare a few grand for them. Beyonce’s fan base are young they will probably have to sacrifice more to see her. I know if I was younger and asked my mom for money to see her, my mom would probably say “Thank G-D for the roof over your head” lol.

    I love concerts and sports games but the ticket price is the reason why I don’t go see them. But next month my hubby and I are going to see Kirk Whalum/Lalah Hattaway/En Vogue/Angie Stone, etc because Kirk Whalum and L. Hattaway are his faves and the tickets are like $49! So we were like “we’re just gonna skip on eating out for a month and the concert will pay for itself. lol”.

    I am pregnant so I will feel even more guilty than ever spending that much money anyway. If I had it to spare, I would put it in my baby’s college fund.

    But it’s your money, do whatever you want with it.

  62. @ Anonymous never once did i say i couldnt afford it, i said im already going to three, (mainly because i have different friends in those states, sorry that i venture out of my area unlike other americans) so since im going to THREE already i feel there is no need to add a fourth one plus the tickets are hard to get (so i heard) and me and beyonce arent neighbors but cant wait to see her in NYC its gonna be sooooo much fun! if i didnt have faith in my financial ability then i wouldnt be going to three in three different states, so try again….maybe next time you will succeed

    and no i dont feel disrespeced and i hope you dont feel disrespected either, I just feel that sometimes the media, fans and non fans take things to far like saying she brag about her money, show me a time that she said how much she made last year? no it wasnt her the media went with it and the blogs carried it and thats why it sounds like braging just like the oscar she said it once as to be her goal then every blog puts it up and it sounds like she is begging for an oscar its just a bit crazy

  63. Anonymous: ROTFLLLLL @the starbucks comment you are so mean! The way i see it
    someone with bey’s money is wrong for doing these kind of shows at this kind of price,
    UnLESS SHE AINT AS RICH AS HER PEOPLE WANT US TO BELIEVE, she is too damn successful
    to rip her loyal fans like that,but who the hey i’m i to talk?If they like it I love it

  64. @coco i wish i were you that lineup is great i’ve seen some of those artist @ Capetown Northsea jazz festival and was left with a great feeling… that elevates your mind and spirit.

  65. Virgo-This isn’t BashBeyonce day, cuz i guarantee if this blog was about Ciara, Rhianna, Keri Hilson or 99%of the females in the game-same conclusion-sex sells and they know it and feel or want to subject themselves to it-this blog just happens 2b about Beyonce-Why doesn’t artist like Alicia, Mary do this-Mary has party songs. It’s just a costume? Every song is about your body-. If you can honestly watch her videos & don’t c a pattern you are in a denial, if you aren’t great so you can agree she is for the majority -half naked, and if that’s okay with you-fine, but the whole argument of its a costume-that makes it ok ?Like i said she is one of the greatest entertainers for this generation but where is the responsibility 2ur young fans? and if her boobs or private parts were showing she would be naked, but she is close. I know i’m “crazy” cuz i like to c females clothed but hey guess im old fashioned at 29. Would you want your little girl(if u had one emulated her style in her videos or thinking that’s sexy to be revealed? yes there are artists who wear less(who, though, i think you mean there are artist who wear about the same) and i have the same conclusion bout them.2 PUT SOME CLOTHES ON.
    Mario: Of course ino i don’t have 2c her or watch her videos, which i watched once and never again, just statin opinions. Like the Ciara SNL video or that disgusting love, sex magic whatever nonsense- I could only watch 30 seconds, what am i watching soft porn for??? Ok i’m off the soap box. God Bless 2 all. Keep HIM in your hearts.

  66. wait a minute Bey, I am a big supporter BUT these prices are crazy!!! these artist have to understand that their fans dont have millions of dollars like she does and also what about her fans that simply cant afford those prices but would love the same attention from her while supporting her on tour. i dont doubt for a second that she is worth it but dont try to push up your revenue up on your fans back,, did she forget WE are in recession!!

  67. Gabrielle, Virgo and Mario (two very nice and interesting people once they are out of their stans uniforms) are DIE hard Fans! Beyonce could come out tomorrow and say that she hates her fans, and they’ll blame it on the vodka, You’re fighting an already lost battle Lol I think they will grow out of it one day, for now jus have fun they are actually really nice and very funny

  68. @ voice :hifive:

    @ladyshawn01 i wouldnt really say beyonce is in charge of the prices, i have taken classes in event management as well as facilities management in college and i know that she is not over all in charge of the prices, with that being said as i stated earlier she has $20 seats and $50 seats at other venues, anyone should expect vegas to be expensive when its an intimate setting of 1500 people…

  69. To Ladyshawn01- Don’t blame the artist for the price of tickets. They do it because they know damn right someone out there will pay that much to see them. If tickets don’t sell at that price, they will decrease them.

    About the sex sells/naked arguments- Nowaday’s artists all go for the sexy stuff and that includes and not limited to Beyonce. Just think Destiny’s Child, Britney, Madonna, Ciara, Rihanna, Ashanti, Shakira, etc… That’s why I didn’t really care about the naked pics of Rihanna cause honestly, these ladies don’t really leave much to the imagination anyway. I have even seen Beyonce’s private part (her p…sy) on Perez Hilton so… But that’s their style so…

  70. @Gabrielle…Hunnie, for you to be “29 yrs old” you sure dont make alot of sense :bag:

    @VOICE πŸ˜† …thats was cute. But isnt that the munchkin calling the midget short? You know you wear you’re stan fit too (STOP FAKIN)… you know for Rihanna you would mug an old deaf man and still make him go out n buy “GGGB” πŸ˜† I dont consider myself a FAN, Im a supporter. :brownsista: hopefully you’ll grow outta ur stan-erism for Rih Rih!!! Ha Ha LOVE U VOICE!!!!! πŸ™‚

  71. Virgo ROTFLLLL you’ re crazy girl you know i got love for you and Mario!

  72. @ VIRGO it did not take any effort to copy and past the obvious about you :lol2: :hifive:
    I was reading and found it very interesting how some especially you and a few others switch up your conversation when it comes to want to be Beyond others. As a matter of fact you brought your own self out those were your contradictory words you posted into cyber space :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: But I am quite flattered how you humiliate your own self and try to blame someone else just like you do when it comes to Beyonce you are a liar and a hypocrite plan and simple πŸ˜†

  73. @ Ladyshawn :hifive: at least you are a supporter with some sense, logic, and reasoning. Mario and VIRGO will stand behind anything Beyonce says or does no matter how outrageous. I am sure Mario is her best friend the way he defends her. He acts as if he works for the Knowles if so I would hate to break the news to him that he is seriuously being under paid πŸ˜†

  74. :hifive: @ VOICE you know u my girl now…Just WATCH what you say about my Bey around me :thumbsup:
    @Anonymous It took ALL your effort to try to put me on “blast” πŸ˜† …You know why, b/c you had to come here FIRST read my comment, THEN go back to another thread… read what I wrote there….copy n paste THEN u had to COME BACK to this thread paste AND leave ur lame comment :lol2: ….sounds like alot of back n forth going on, more then the normal 2 step comment & post process to me πŸ˜† ,its ok…nice try, better luck next time hun :thumbsdown: in the words of Beyonce “Come harder,this wont be easy”

  75. :lol2: @virgo no you didnt quote beyonce “come harder, this wont be easy” :lol2:

  76. I personally don’t care how big your celebrity status has risen it is robery charging your fans such ridiculous prices
    for 1 hour and a half of you singing and dancing. What will make it so intimate will she be sharing things with her fans that she normally does not? Then on top of that she has the audacity to rerelease yet another cd with like 3 extra songs what is that all about. I know many people these days worship Beyonce, but I will never because she
    does alot of things to make her richer and let’s face it her fans are mostly teenagers, people in their 20’s and men we get poorer and she gets richer. While we’re worshipping her she is saying everything is too personal to talk about. I’ll stick to people who make flawless music, consider their fans pockets, and keep it real mainly Toni

  77. @lizz :iagree: She is not naturally a hippy woman. If you wear jeans and you’re hips and booty don’t stick out then I’m not buying it. These ticket prices sound ridiculous. And to see her live would be torture to me. I’m sorry!

  78. That picture at the top needs to be burned b/c she looks a mess and she really does look like a deformed mermaid lmao lol

  79. I’m reading over the comments and any one, male/female that takes out time to sit and argue about a woman who is a millionaire, married to a millionaire and is shallow minded, arrogant, and greedy has got to be on drugs!!!

    She is paid and she could give a HOOT about a recession, about any of you on here. She loves her fans like any of the other celebrities, why? B/c yall are putting food in her mouth and money in her pocket. I’ve been reading a book entitled “Called, Appointed, Anointed” By Janny Grein. If you don’t have it get it.

    Its bascially saying anyone who sings professional or unprofessionally. From the musicians, singers, dancers anything that has to do with entertaining and its not for the glory of God that it will surely fade away. Regardless of how popular, how famous, no matter how much money they have and how much power they THINK they have. When they fall, they will fall hard. B/c whatever talent and skill the Lord has blessed you with He didn’t give it to you for you to sing anything but His praises! I never thought anything was wrong with R&B b/c there’s no cursing and what not. But after reading this book, it helped me look at secular music just as that, secular music.

    All of these celebrity blogs are a waste of time. People are actually following and chasing other people (celebrities) just so they can get in their business, spread rumors and talk about what clothes they have on. If that’s not a disgrace I don’t know what is!! It may only be for entertainment but we tend to forget we’re not down here to praise Beyonce, Ciara, Jay-Z, or even actors and actresses for that matter. Everything we do must be for the uplifting of His kingdom. Spending $850 is absolutely ridiculous, I don’t care if you do have the money. Go feed some hungry children or something. Stop putting towards people that could careless if you go broke after you spend all that money or not.


  80. @kitten before you comment i suggest you research the designer of the costums for beyonce tour, he is known for making outfits that look like that, of course her hips dont look like that, the dress is designed to look like that duh, if you knew anything about fashion you would have come to that conclusion even if you didnt know the designer…

    @Lady Tee you just made yourself sound worse than all of us, writting a whole book that noone is going to read…i read your first couple sentences and got bored

  81. @ Lady Tree :iagree: you make a lot of excellent points. However, remember the audience you are speaking to. Most of them are not going to get it because they are too far gone at this point and they think they are on the right track. Hopefully one day they will get it when they look back and see that they wasted their time and money.

  82. @Mario I think you need to try harder I am only stating an obvious fact about you. If you think going from state to state just in the United States is expanding yourself then you are truly sheltered and ignorant as suspected :lol2: :lol2: . How old are you? Do you realize how many Americans travel from state to state now a days. Try traveling from country to country hun with your own passport.
    And further more you are a liar if you could afford to go to the Vegas show of Beyonce’s you would go there too. You are a loser and obviously think that you are something you are not. You just come across as a no body and a want to be at best. Expand your horizon by reading and traveling outside of the United States.

  83. @ @Mario I think you need to try harder I am only stating an obvious fact about you. If you think going from state to state just in the United States is expanding yourself then you are truly sheltered and ignorant as suspected :lol2: :lol2: . How old are you? Do you realize how many Americans travel from state to state now a days. Try traveling from country to country hun with your own passport.
    And further more you are a liar if you could afford to go to the Vegas show of Beyonce’s you would go there too. You are a loser and obviously think that you are something you are not. You just come across as a no body and a want to be at best. Expand your horizon by reading and traveling outside of the United States.

  84. @VIRGO You put your own self on blast :thumbsup: Apparently I am getting to you FYI take your own advice and try harder to at least appear as if you are not bothered by my honesty. Aren’t you Holly Wood BS :lol2: . Another perfect example is posted above how one moment you talk against Voice in a harsh way and now she is your girl. You are a liar and a hypocrite you also try to be manipulative by straddling the fence. :bowdown:

  85. lol Anonymous what an idiot, did i say that i have only traveled in the us? think about it, then come back to me…thanks you fail once again, stop trying

  86. Go head on Lady Tee!!!….:hifive: ….Bringing reality to the forefront. :iagree: PREACH!!!

  87. @ Anonymous
    Im NOT AT ALL bothered by you…I know your kind. I was just stating a FACT about how much time and effort u put into trying to make noise in here, and you FAILED miserably! πŸ˜† Hunnie you have nothing to do with Voice or me for that matter, so why speak on it? 2ndly your an idiot πŸ˜† ! FOLKS STAY IN SCHOOL, so you wont turn out like Anonymous…a shallow, SCARED and pathetic individual. πŸ˜† Im done with you hun :hifive:

  88. @ Mario these are your words now whose the IDIOT :loser: You need to work on understanding the English language as well as your writing skills. You need to say what you mean when typing based upon how ignorant, closed minded, negative, and ghetto you are I seriously doubt you have ever ventured outside of the USA

    “Mario said,
    May 13, 2009 at7:43 am 1 day, 7 hours after
    @ Anonymous never once did i say i couldnt afford it, i said im already going to three, (mainly because i have different friends in those states, sorry that i venture out of my area unlike other americans) “

  89. @VIRGO I skimmed over your post however, I took great pleasure in not even thoroughly bothering to read your post this time around. But I did notice you stating you are not bothered by my comments πŸ˜† . Yes and Beyonce will never be a legend either πŸ˜† I want you to come harder darling because as usual I am pretty sure you had nothing intelligent or factual to say Holly Wood BS/VIRGO :lol2: :thumbsup: Stop playing yourself :hifive: because you look like an idiot straight up :loser:

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