Beyonce Unveils Ivy Park Line


First Look: Ivy Park by Beyonce

Beyonce’s Ivy Park athletic line has been unveiled. The TopShop collaboration announced last year was unveiled just moments ago via a two-minute promotional video featuring the singer, her daughter and several of her back-up dancers.

Will Ivy Park do better than Dereon and House of Dereon? Only time will tell. But with TopShop as the creative minds behind the line and campaign, I can’t see this collection ending up in the bargain bins like Dereon did. I’m sure it will be priced appropriately, and sold in only the most exclusive shops.

And in addition to the Ivy Park unveiling, is the Elle magazine covers Beyonce is featured on for the month of April. Ivy Park will officially become available next month, as will the singer’s sixth solo album.


  1. I’m sure the same amount of people who bought Dereon will buy Ivy Park 😆

    Beyoncé fat fans don’t work out just like Rihanna’s fans just don’t actually wanna dress like her. Both of their fashion lines will flop. Celebrity fashion lines almost always do. Even poor Victoria Beckam is now on the ropes.

  2. She looks good wearing the stuff, but her fans won’t. They won’t even buy it. Sportswear is even harder to market than casual wear. She may want to be Nike, but I just don’t see this ever catching on. Dereon was generic, not bad. This too is generic and unless it’s priced right, meaning cheap, it’ll just be another fashion flop in her cap.

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