Beyonce & Keri Win Big At The MOBO Awards

The 2009 MOBO Awards were held last night in Glasgow, Scotland and the evening’s biggest winners included Keri Hilson and Beyonce Knowles. Keri, who co-hosted the show and performed, walked away with the award for Best R & B Act, while Beyonce, who was not in attendance, walked away with two awards- one for Best International Act and another for Best Video.

Watch Beyonce accept her Best Video Award via video-> here.

Watch Kelly Rowland and David Guetta perform When Love Takes Over.-> here.

Sorry- can’t yet locate video of Keri’s performance.

Red carpet pics are below…


  1. Congrats to both ladies! And they always boo those who don’t show up. Why, I don’t know.

  2. Watching bey talk is painful.

    First, wth is wrong with her make up..she looks so washed out!

    Second, why can’t she sit still when she talks..she always cocks her head to the side and her arms never stop moving..

    Third, just when I think her lace front game can’t get any worse…lawd!

    Lastly, best video? really?

  3. Kelly! and keri! Looking good, Latoya?…. Congrats to Keri and kelly on that performance

  4. Congrats to all! N why was kelly messing up in her performance and kinda sounded like she needed some sleep (just sayin)

  5. Congrats Kelly she looked and sounded beautiful I am so glad she is finally getting her shine.(cut the knowles off. I knew that was a hold up for her even back in dc days they kept her overshadowed with camera time and everthing. Kell has a strong voice and I believe better days are ahead of her now. There is no stoping her with great new management she will be promoted properly and everythng will be ok. Matt Knowles down played her big time. For instatnce her last cd Come back should have been releases as a single and the video is off the chain and kelly look so stunning n that video. Way better that u know who? but anyways I am glad she woke up and got stength to walk away a lot of people was and still is pulling for her. She even stated n an inteview she is so happy now with her new management and material. Go ms kelly I knew the knowles was working against her they had solonge writing her songs wtf solange ok enough said about that I am she is shining now!!!!

  6. congrats keri! but I don’t like the dress she’s wearing or the shoes

  7. whateva and keep it real 4ever

    both of yall are hating for no reason and @kir4ever if they really wanted to hold kelly back they would’ve “kicked” her out of the group a LONG time ago, like they supposedly did latoya n the other chick so go somewhere with that foolishness.

  8. Bey wasnt booed…they said in the report that they booed because she wasnt there but began to applaud when her video came on. lol

    Keri looks rly good for once.
    And Kelly’s rly beautiful.

  9. Loved Kelly’s performance. She is so beautiful to me. The song is great. And I liked Beyonce speech. I believe she is just enjoying her success and is a very humble person. May God’s blessings and mercy continue with them forever.

  10. Oh, I forgot to mention Keri. I love her too. And I wish the same blessings and mercy and favor for her as well.

  11. Peyton...... Alicia Keys "The Element of Freedom" out in stores December 1!!!!!

    Congrats to Beyonce 🙂

  12. yea!!!!! Kelly, I am so happy for her, good luck:)
    Congrads to Bey and Keri too. I dont know if the Knowles were holding her back, but I do honestly feel she wasnt getting the same promo as Bey, Bey is one of my fav singers, but I feel her daddy really wasnt promoting Kelly like Bey. More than half of the time, I didnt even know she had a single out, let along a CD

  13. Go Bey!! I’m so proud of her, that girl works so hard and she deserves all of the awards she wins. Bey is the best!!

  14. Kerry is getting like Rihanna, she looks great in that ugly dress.

    Kelly is always cute, someone just got a little heavy w/ the powder.

    Letoya’s not bad for a what 60 year old?

  15. Go Miss Keri, go Miss Keri. I wish Beyonce wouldn’t show up for anything. We seen enough of her to last 50 lifetimes. Kelly need to start getting the recognition she been deserved that Beyonce and her cheating a$$ daddy messed up.

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