Beyonce & Lady Gaga Drop Their Phones

Beyonce and Lady Gaga’s long awaited tracks featuring each other have now debuted online. You can check out “Video Phone” by Beyonce and featuring Lady Gaga below….

You can also check out “Telephone” by Lady Gaga and featuring Beyonce…

I love Beyonce’s Video Phone. Gaga sounds better on Beyonce’s joint than Beyonce sounds on hers. Video Phone is the better hotter song. They sound good together and this could be a huge hit for them both- especially if the video is hot.


  1. I agree that Gaga sounds better on Beyonces song but I have to be honest I don’t care for either of them. Both songs sound recycled from their other songs just weaker versions. Either way both songs will no doubt get huge promotion and the like so we will hear them all over the place.

  2. I don’t like Lady Gaga’s song at all and Beyonce sounds horrible on it. It is in no way good. Beyonce’s Video Phone is better and Lady Gaga falls right in line singing in a way that compliments the song. I hear a bit of soul in her voice. Beyonce’s vocals totally overpower Telephone and sound way too rough.

  3. Lady Gaga’s perfect for her overall fanbase and Beyonce’s fanbase will love the video to hers, the song sucks, but it’ll come to life when Beyonce add the visuals. Both songs will do quite well!

  4. Damn. I think i like Lady Gaga’s song more. I like the original Video Phone more. If she was going to do a remix then do a damn remix. It is the same song for the most part. Just longer and awkward now.

  5. Video Phone is pretty much the same. I like Gaga’s better. But both songs, not a fan of. Kudos to them for collaborating.

  6. dont like neither of the songs at all as a matter of fact hopefully I will at least like the video.

  7. both songs are FYAH!!!The beat on Video Phone is sick, and Telephone is a club-banger. Love these two ladies right here.

  8. Beyonce’s song has a tight beat and a good chorus, but the lyrical content is so overdone! She’s sung about the same things as she did in Cater 2 U, Upgrade U, Naughty Girl, etc. Please child, get some new lyrical content. Gaga was pretty overshadowed by Beyonce only because she didn’t sing anything worthwhile.

    Ironically, Beyonce sounds completely out of place on Gaga’s song. Both are hot songs, but without their respective guest singers.

  9. these songs are wack beyonce wont sing with another female r&b artist but she will sing with this chic gaga i dont get it beyonces music fell off all the way beyonce has no soul in her voice and all she do is copy other artist she goes to court dec 10th for some oopyright stuff i feel sorry for her plus its all over the internet and especially u tube that she is a freemason her cd is so old but she is still promoting it and going on tour im so sick of her she really needs to go away

  10. rihanna has the same sound in the beginning of her song russian roulette listen to the beginning of video phone sounds like some chains or something

  11. Good for them on the collabo but I don’t like either song. Their fans will love it but I don’t care for either. It’s too gimmicky. Both of their voices sound good though. I’ll pass on this one. I am officially over both of them for the year 2009-2010.

    Thank you and good night. LOL!

  12. The songs are horrid.

    Lady Goga has her own sound and Beyawnsay is just trying to gain relevancy again like she tried using Shakira.

    I don’t know why people are saying the videos will be epic. LOL Gaga is just coming into her own and Beyawnsay is fading.

    Gaga needs to veer off the Knowles path and focus on her craft because she has something special to offer while Beyawnsay is just grasping these days.

  13. Whitney + Mariah = When You Believe
    Michael + Paul = The Girl Is Mine
    Stevie + Paul = Ebony and Ivory
    Brandy + Monica = The Boy is Mine
    Dionne and Friends = That’s What Friends Are For

    Beyonce + Lady Gaga = OVER HYPE AND GARBAGE

    Yep, the music industry has really gone to the dogs.

  14. @whoever said Beyonce doesn’t sing with other female R&B singers: It’s been reported that Alica Keys and Beyonce did a song for Alicia’s new album. And I can’t wait. Two of my favorite artists on one track.

    As for the topic: I like the songs. They’re nothing groundbreaking, but I like them and think they will do well on the charts. Good luck to Gaga and Beyonce!

  15. I don’t believe Alicia and Beyonce did a song together. I will believe it will I hear it. Beyonce will never do that.

  16. WACK!!!!!!

    Did not like or understand Gaga’s verse!!!

    As a previous Beyonce rider, I’m so over B!!!!

  17. Do not like the songs period. Same beat just they both on each other song. Lady gaga that my girl. But they both could of came better then that.

  18. AK and Bey did do a song together and if Bey doesn’t work with female R&B artists, what about Jennifer Hudson?

    And when Bey DOES work with other female artists, there are people who will use those artist to go at Bey so it is a no win situation for her. Nevertheless, as long as the track is good, I don’t care who she collabs with.

  19. BTW,Telephone is better than VP IMO. The best part of VP is Gaga’s part because of the melody change. But Telephone goes HARD and Bey’s part is sick. She just adds life with her voice. Both songs will be hit, but I see Telephone being the bigger hit. Better production, their voices compliments each other and the energy from it is ridiculous.

  20. beyonces stans will enjoy this crap yes it was over hyped beyonce neds to sit her but down and come up with some real music i see keri hilson and letoya luckett outshining her very soon rihanna too i been done with beyonce only her stans think she is a god and cant do no wrong your queen beysus suckssssssss

  21. Telephone is better in my opinion. I know it will do well in clubs in Europe.

  22. Yea I heard that Bey and Alicia had a song on her new album & I hope thats true!
    But the sad thing is Alicia will probably lose some fans if it is.

  23. I dont really like it too much. Congrats to them for collaborating. They’re the hottest right now.

  24. Now, I LOVE me some Beyonce. But the Video Phone remix is WACK! It’s not really a remix. But Telephone is BOMB! I love Beyonce’s verse in it, ’cause it’s so true with some dudes, even when you not in the club. LOL

  25. rihanna,keri hilson,letoya lucked will never outsine BEYONCE y because rihanna cant sing ,keri hilson has no stage presents and letoya luckett is just plain boring. so i know you must hate beyonce and gaga taking over the music bussnes we all know beyonce is the best of the best her vioce her dancing everything rihanna cant even dance and russian roulette is a worse son the bothe these song its pure SHIT

  26. Video Phone was never a remix but indeed a extended mix(meaning they only added GaGa verse), anyway never was a big fan of that song so whateves.

    Now, as for Telephone, OMG that is my song. Absolutely love it, and Bey part just takes the cake for me.

    Love Bey and GaGa

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