Beyonce Leaves Hyde

Taking a night off from her hectic schedule, Beyonce, was spotted chilling out at the Hyde Lounge in Los Angeles, California last night. The night before, Beyonce was in Anaheim performing before a mostly sold out crowd of 13,000. The singer also made the news recently for topping Forbes’ list of the highest paid entertainers under the age of 30. The magazine estimated the singer and her alter-ego, Sasha Fierce, pulled in about 87 million dollars over the course of the last year.

Not too bad…


  1. Not bad at all Nice dress and congratulations on the sell out crown of 13.000

  2. What is with celebs? Why is her bodyguard doing shining a light into the cameras? Don’t celebs know by now how the paparazzi actually help them? Do you know how many peeps wish the papo would follow them? 😆

  3. I want this woman’s shoe collection. That is all.


  4. She looks cute minus that wig! It makes her look too old.

    Her dress and the shoes are really cute.

  5. I don’t like the shoes. The dress is cute- hair should be pulled back to show off the shoulders. Fashion wise I think Beyonce has long since lost her crown to Rihanna. Rarely does she excite me anymore.

  6. Beyonce looks gorgeous and I love her shoes!! Pretty girl 🙂

  7. Is she losing weight??? She looks gorgeous as usual, but 13000 don’t sound that crazy.

  8. Mostly sold out isn’t too bad and w/ 13k people….heard her concert prices are ridic. Never been a fan of blond weave or wigs even on MJB but overall she looks pretty nice in the pics.

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