Beyonce Lends A Helping Hand

Beyonce Beyonce is co-sponsoring food drives along her U.S. tour itinerary as part of the Show Your Helping Hand initiative, a national hunger relief campaign created by General Mills Hamburger Helper in partnership with Beyonce and her Survivor Foundation. The campaign goal is to help Feeding America deliver more than 3.5 million meals to local food banks. Fans can see Beyonce make the first food donation and talk about the Show Your Helping Hand campaign at 5:00 p.m. near the Traveling Beyonce Experience tents outside of Madison Square Garden.

Fans attending Beyonce’s concerts in select cities across the U.S. can visit the Show Your Helping Hand Traveling Beyonce Experience to show their support for Feeding America. At the Traveling Beyonce Experience, visitors can contribute non-perishable food items or donate $5 directly to Feeding America by texting the word “SHOW” to 90999 on their cell phones through Jan. 1, 2010. In addition, there will be great giveaways and fans gain exclusive access to a multi-media tribute to Beyonce’s philanthropic and career accomplishments.

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  1. I remember seeing a little press on her foundation doing this type drive with the B’Day tour. Glad she’s keeping up with it. Her hair is pretty. 🙂 Did the partnership with Hamburger Helper come after her appearance on Oprah? I thought that was really cute. I can’t cook either. 😆

  2. i wonder what the people that “dislike” beyonce r gonna say now.





  4. Know wonder she was everywhere talking about Hamburger Helper..

  5. Wonderful cause! Hope they reach their goal during the campaign. It’s great that she’s continuing this effort from last tour. She looks stunning! Love the entire look!

  6. Good to see she’s still on a roll with this. Wonder how many negative comments will follow even though she’s doing a good deed. She needs to simply keep doing what she’s doing and she’ll continue to be blessed no matter what! That’s a cute shirt too!

  7. Love the shoes and the top! Her makeup is cute and glowy

    The hair is cute til you get to the roots!

    Good to see stars give back

  8. Bee giving back? Always a good look. No doubt there will be people criticizing her to say she could do more *smh* but we can always dream for positivity!

  9. Ugggh, bey is my girl, but i saw the commercial. She was not believable at all!! but i’m sure she does support this, after all she said the only thing she knew how to cook was hamberger helper. lol

  10. Beyonce is so cool, when you approach her at this event she says “thank you, now make sure you put some food in those bins!” haha she wasnt playing she wants everyone to support! god job bey!

  11. not to be negative but you can get hamburger helper at the dollar store now a days 2 for $1….

    my question is… who is buyin gthe 1 puond of beef required to make the dish?

    the box is just pasta and seasonings!

    …just a question dont bite my head off…


  12. @Liverpool, maybe, you can buy $5 worth and donate it to the cause in your area! Every bit helps!

  13. canned food is more my style… theres actually food in the cans but thank you for your suggestion… 😉

  14. whatever! 🙄
    she is so full of shit. why doesn’t she just give away some money quietly or just write a big chq or something, instead of coming here all dressed up and posing as if it is a damn…
    anyway she is so not a philanthropist, and i don’t feel like she is doing this because she feels it is just so good to give, she wants to be (seen), and when was the last time she ever did some thing like this? in 2007 on her last tour, please she sucks!!!! i bet you they paid her big money to do this, she does not care about anybody talk less of the struggling people. i cannot stand her at all. and like somebody said before she did not look believable 😉 in the commercial. she was paid.

  15. ^^ Actually, General Mills is a co-sponsor of her tour! Last tour she worked along with her Pastor from St. John on a food drive for the food bank. It was a success. This year she’s teaming with Hamburger Helper/General Mills along with her foundation for this Show Your Helping Hand Campaign! Actually, Beyonce does philanthorphy work once a month. She doesn’t broadcast it all.

  16. I told dark sista (When she said on Oprah that she was the master at hamburger helper) That this chick was trying to get into something, I knew she would, and i knew her fans will talk about how “Maybe they approached her after the show”
    Beyonce you are PATHETIC,Swear to god you’re doing this for free and you’re not getting a penny out of it? She makes me sick!

  17. Alicia keys frequently take trips to poor countries in africa , Mary drops food in brooklyn whenever she can, rihanna helped a little girl find a bone donor , ashanti stay downtown L.A with the needy but miss knowles NEEDS to publicize her “good actions” like we don’t see trough you! This some Pathetic Shit

  18. @ Voice, Beyonce has been claiming Hamburger Helper for years! Long before an Oprah appearance! Heck, after she fell down the stairs on the last tour in Florida, she added the line about Hamburger Helper into the Sugar Mama performance! She really does like Hamburger Helper!LOL

    Wow @ all of this angry and folks with hurt feelings! Unbelievable!

  19. The stans are delusional once again. Beyonce has the damn I AM tour stamped on the food collector. That shameless plug proves that this is just another business move from the business machine that is Beyonce. I’m not hating, just pointing out the obvious. Giving is to be discrete and certainly should not be done to promote one’s own financial interests. C’mon now.

  20. ^^^LOL, Of course! 🙄 When you come to the show, you are to drop off your food items to support the food bank! What part are you all not understanding! The endeavor was launched outside of MSG before her show!LOL It’s really not that hard. There are many tours that don’t have folks donating non perishable items, but this is what she decides to do with her tour for the last two tours. General Mills is partnering with Beyonce’s Survivor Foundation.

  21. everybodys saying giving back should be discreet this is somethin she had to come to so she could promote so everyone could give back of course paparazzi and press were gonna b there dumazzes. Also the commercial wasn’t for acting purposes it was to get something across what was she suposed to do sit up there n cry. dam like i said the people that “dislike” beyonce r somethin else.

  22. People helping people can never go wrong because it is voluntary to donate and you also enjoy a show. That is good and I wish her success with feeding people. People don’t understand that charitable donations are down everywhere and many people who can’t feed themselves are suffering and their kids. Every little bit helps.

  23. the funny thing is, when you talk about a person that is serving a good cause it is HATE yall dont want us to use the word but then you come in here and HATE on a positive post, do some of you work for the devil, i mean come on? the point of this donation is what really matters, to say beyonce isnt serious about it? well if she isnt god will deal with her his own way, but to down right say she doesnt care, how do you know? only god and herself know. maybe some of you in here needs to get a grip on what truly matters?

    this just makes me sick that some of you are so hateful AND its a shame, then you claim she is fake because she is announcing a food drive, how the hell else would anyone know to bring food to the concert if she didnt come out to the public and announce it, and of course she does other work, i know first hand with someone that she helps with that is disabled but you guys dont know about it because she doesnt make EVERY good deed public, then that would be fake. be respectful and dont talk down on someone that is doing something for a good cause because thats all that matters in this situation IF she is getting paid to do it (and shes not) then let that be the point is that people are still bring food for people that need it because beyonce is running a campaign for it at all her shows. POINT BLANK

  24. and stop comparing other sistas, just because beyonce doesnt announces everything she does good for people doesnt mean she doesnt do it like others mentioned, why compare? the point is that every sister yall mentioned INCLUDING beyonce is doing something help THE WORLD because trust me beyonce DOESNT have to do that just like A keys doesnt have to take trips to africa because there are plenty of artist that dont, and there are plenty of artist that do and dont announce it to the public, does that mean that they are not lending a hand? NOT AT ALL

  25. @ Melissa how do you know she does work every month are you her assistant? i don’t care who sponsors her tour she is getting something out of it, and she does not have to broadcast it. she is not real about this, as in this is not coming from her heart. if she really wanted to give people something, she would do it discretely like i said and Sho Ya Right said. again look at how she is dressed in dereon head to toe, this is another chance for publicity. gooood i hate this lady’ s actions.

  26. she always dresses in dereon in public, why wouldnt she? its her clothing line i would too, secondly she does do things for people discretely, i know, but then again the haters wouldnt believe it anyway, lastely people complain that they never hear about the good this girl does and when they finally do its negative then, shame on you people, how do you know its not from her heart? BECAUSE YOU THINK SHE IS FAKE? but how do you know shes fake? you dont do you? u just assume, shame shame shame on you

  27. @Kelan:
    Yes, she is ! She, her band, her dancers, and crew traveled to different countries to tour. Now, they are touring to different cities in the USA. How do you think all of that happens! Artist can’t tour unless they have sponsors! Generally Mills is co-sponsoring her tour. The food drive is in conjunction with her tour, so yes, it has to be broadcast! How else would the people going to the concert know to bring their food items or what number to text to donate money!LOL You all are getting sillier and sillier!

  28. also some stated that she is doing something positive
    she is only doing something to promote her concert, if beyonce didn’t have a concert at madison square garden, do you think she would be there – i think not – 🙄 . since you know so much mario why don’t you tell us. and no she doesnt always dress in dereon in public.

  29. “the Traveling Beyonce Experience tents” WTF!? Lol I am so afraid of what the travelling Bey experience might be. Maybe they have her weaves on display? I’m just trying to figure it out. Lol

  30. @Melissa you hit it right on that comment she does sound silly doesnt she

    and yes she has a concert but i can bet you she doesnt need to have a food drive to sell out, get real. she is doing it because she wants to, beyonce, the name carries itself she doesnt HAVE to do this if she didnt want to duh

  31. dam its also funny/ 🙁 how the people that (once again) “dislike” beyonce know more than the “stans” ex: @kelan she doesn’t always dress in dereon in public

  32. @Kelan,

    She is doing something positive. She promoting the food bank! You might think that everyone has a meal to eat every night, but that’s not true. The goal of the “Show Your Helping Hand Campaign” is to donate 3.5 million meals to families! The food drive was successful last tour and this food drive is even bigger through the help of General Mills!

  33. thank you Melissa for educating me on the people, who don’t have a meal to eat every night. in fact if you didn’t tell me now i would never have known. wow.

  34. its a wonderful thing to give and more specialy to give from pure intentions and i hope its not for publicity to feed her huge ego coz that wud be evil….its great that her fans are given a chance to give to a worthy coz rather than wasting their money on her meaningless merchandise….she shud do this more often coz nobody deserves to go to bed hungry…. i deal with sponsors all the time and publicity is the name of the game coz ,it dsnt matter if you believe in their products you have to give them publicity,besides its the people that are donating that are doing the real giving while general mills and beyonce get what they want,companies and celebrities give from their social fund-tax break,what they have is a business deal,beyonce gets money to run her tour and some good publicity and general mills gets great returns from their social advertising,its a win-win business deal nothing new….i wanna know why was her tithe 4m if she made more than 87m,arent we suppose to tithe 10 percent and lastly isnt a tithe supposed to be a secret gift?

  35. @ Curtis

    Wow, I’ve never heard you become this passionate in a post! I feel you a bit, but just like I tried to explain before, people who don’t care for her just don’t, and that probably won’t ever change. And basically, most people question the motives of celebrities when it comes to charity. If you look closely, this is an ENDORSEMENT deal. They’re sponsoring her concert. The food bank, though well-intentioned, sounds like a side deal whereas “everyone wins.”

    And Hamburger Helper? The most unhealthiest garbage you could put in your system! Black folks are dying from high blood pressure from ingesting too many chemically-infested commercially driven products. I’d like to see her partner with Bono or something and come up with some healthy solutions for people. It’s great that she’s doing something, but once again, the stans got it twisted. Yes, I will criticise poorly thought out charities, no matter WHO they are. And that includes Beyonce.

    This is not for you, directly, but some people here just LOVE to use her as a parable for all that is good and pure, and those who dare to question it are the Devil’s Spawn. Oh, grow the phuck up! The chick incessantly shakes her ass for a living! To date, she’s sold nothing but SEX and lame, trite pesudo-empowering, disposable “anthems”.
    And yes, I enjoy voicing my dislike of some of her actions. Just as those like voicing their approval.

  36. the hate this woman receives is not even funny anymore. anyone who has something negative to say about this initiative is truly PATHETIC. first off, oprah was not the first place that she’s ever talked about hamburger helper. fans of bey have known for years that’s all she can cook. hell, she liked it so much it was mentioned in sugar mama during her last tour, years prior to the oprah appearance. it’s pathetic for ANYONE to question her motives when MILLIONS of americans are starving and charitable contributions are going down even though the need is greater than ever (some of you seriously need to watch the news).

    bey does plenty for charity, just because she’s not publicizing it doesn’t mean that she’s not doing it. the maimi children’s hospital inducted her into their hall of fame for all the work she did for them and the children last year. she donated 100k to the hurricane ike relief foundation and donated her entire 4mil cadillac records paycheck to the rehab center. not only that, the person who owns the rehab center said that bey and her mom are working with them to build a cosmetology school so these women can get their lives back on track. she also makes frequent trips to the make a wish foundation in NY (there’s an article on the web about surprising one of the young boys and how she made his day). i read that she even visited one of the girls in her home and the girl was not expecting it. she also helped build the knowles-rowland center that gives children a place to stay after school so they are not doing drugs or getting involved in criminal activity in houston. not to mention, she and kelly also have the survivor foundation that is currently building houses for families that have yet to find homes or people who have been abused and need shelter. she’s also working with young girls that have been pressured into prostitution and is working on counseling them and giving them a better life. her last two tours, she’s donated part of the proceedings to the AIDS research foundation. bono loves her too because of her charitable contributions to his efforts of stopping poverty in africa (ask him about beyonce and he’ll go off on a tangent). so the woman does a lot that doesn’t get publicized (i know half the things i mentioned, some of you did not know). i am a fan and i look for more than motives when she decides to donate 1mil to the katrina relief fund or when her family donates 2mil to her old church. if feeding people was successful the last time, why wouldn’t she do it again this time with a bigger company that can help get the word out there?

    this is truly one of those times where if you didn’t have anything nice to say, you should have kept your mouth shut. quite frankly, i doubt that person with 3 kids to feed cares about why she did it as long as her children are fed even once during the day and in some countries, once in three days!

  37. @bajiboi ,

    LOL, they are not feeding people Hamburger Helper! Folks are donating food or money to the food bank! General Mills is partnering with her Survivor Foundation!

  38. @Melissa

    Good thing you clarified! I was gonna ask “Where da Kool Aid and Spam Booths?” 😆

    And for the record, it’s a joy to read your comments!

  39. @banjiboi i hear where you are coming from, of course its a win win, but the point and overall cause is what matter to me and thats the main point and focus, and yes as melissa said they are driving people to bring goods that are not only hamberger helper lol

    and sorry for getting so involved in this post, i just really got a good feel from this because i was actually at the concert monday night and saw first hand the good that people were doing by brining in alll that food, its a good feeling and i dont want people to down this event because it is important

  40. Whether she’s doing it to promote her tour or doing it because she cares, it doesn’t matter, people in need are getting helped!

  41. @mario,

    there’s no need to apologize for being so involved in a post like this. i agree w/everything you said 100% b/c i’ve witnessed the struggles that some people are going through just to feed their kids, let alone themselves. at the end of the day, any initiative that helps to bring relief to these families should not be criticized and should definately not be questioned.

  42. @Mario

    As stated above, no apologies are necessary. I hope you took my comment in stride. I was rather moved by that particular post, and I meant to convey that you caught my attention in a good way. There’s a fine line between charity and criticizing the way those efforts are put forth, but of course, I will agree that in this case, people are being fed, as long as it’s not endless cans of creamed corn that turns up in the donation boxes during Christmas food drives at the office.

    That said, from experience, I don’t believe that ALL good deeds come from a good place. And my BS antennae rises when it comes to corporate/promotional/endorsements, hence my tendency to be cynical. And I ain’t about to apologize for that either 🙂

  43. @banjiboi, no i know you didnt mean any harm 😉 you know you my buddy, i just realized how much i was going off earlier haha but no i know you didnt have any bad intentions

    @wohoo thanks. do you remember when everyone was throwing in beyonce fans face how much other artist give and beyonce doesnt but as soon as there is a post about it the same ones are negative (not you banjiboi the others that didnt give good reason)

  44. Mario: I assume you were talking about me so ima give it right back to you, You have got to stop being such a miserable follower/idiot you fall right into the pathetic bag TOO
    Nobody said it wasn’t a good thing, You heard me say that ? I did not say a damn thing about her “helping” people,I only pointed out how much she likes to publicize and get money out of every single thing she does, I am African honey so no one better than ME can be thankful and grateful to someone helping others in need, But when i see fake i call it fake and you should be ashamed of yourself from constantly drinking the cool aid and not realizing that this is bigger than you and your little wannabe beyonce fantasy,She has been out here 10 years right? Okay how long have hamburger helper been out? so only now that she publically talk about being the hamburger master she gets a deal? It might be rocket science for you and your likes but anyone with half a brain can tell this is another i getmoney/publicity beyonce stunt
    I am so sick of people so sick of people being dumb or dumbing themselves down for this chick, I saw the most ignorant responses when she talked about wanting to be latina and it keeps gettin worse, I know what i say will never change yall because you beyonce people are from another species but i had to get that out! This is an ENDORSEMENT DEAL like someone said and once again i do NOT believe the hype maybe if you all stop flipping the blond weave long enough you’ll see it too, Now you can call me hater all you want but that doesnt change the fact tat my ass is right here for all of yall to kiss{ not lick cause god knows what you picked up from beyonce’s clit} and there it is !

  45. voice, everything isnt about you, i wasnt talking to you

  46. Wow, folks are that 👿 over a food bank drive! You all need prayer!

  47. Mario if I’m so silly, you are a big fool for contending with me. i don’t give a damn about beyonce or her charity work, she is not Jesus or my savior for that matter, i could dislike her actions all i want and write about it, all i want, I’m entitled to that. i do not like the girls actions. that’s how i feel. by the way it is not charity or anything like it, if you are getting something out of it. she is being sponsored by them, (getting money, to make more money) so in my opinion it does not count. once again, if she was not doing a tour she would not be anywhere here. can you fathom that blockhead. and you are talking about all those people who like to post negative comments about her. who is she? please 🙄 give me a break ❗ and how many times have you seen my name on her posts or even on this website for that matter. beyonce does not benefit your goddamn life in anyway. get over it baby boy.

    if you want you can go and look at my comment in the BHG post. smart cookie!!! ❗

  48. Beyonce is not a generous person in my opinion, she is a greedy , attention seeking Insecure woman and by all means she can be whatever she wants as long as it doesn’t infringe on any of my rights, I hope and pray that her followers demeure [That means “remains”]as Clueless and gullible as they are because the minute they see the light her career is over, For now i am not being grateful to her for anything, yes people are going to get fed but i am one of the people who believe that it is not about getting there it’s about HOW you get there, You can call whatever float your boat fact still remains that i live a great life all that with a clear conscience knowing that i got there without hurting anyone , taking advantage of people or degrading myself, The rest don’t matter at all.

  49. know wonder Beyonce was talking about Hamburger helper everywhere

  50. I know that it’s still a recession but if only celebs(( notice i said celebs with all this money)) can help donate or give back to ((cite’ soleil HAITI )) they are the ones in desperado mode 😳 Im not Haitian but just buy watching you tube at the poverty, unemployment, hunger,Mal-nutrition, lack of health care ect. they are goin’ through just sadness me. As well as the other countries less stable 😥 I just thank GOD for continuing to bless me.

  51. @$ignature BARBIE you are such a great soul,thankyou for highliting this,it pains me that Haiti is part of the West but they are alway forgotten,once they discover huge diamond mines and oil fields aid will come flooding,i know Wycleff Jean is doing his part but i havnt seen somebody publicly supporting him,it was only during the hurricaine….the world is cruel even the Aid that is going out to Africa dsnt come cheap,its Aid for Trade,most of these celebrities who come to Africa are sponsored and if you look deeper on who is realy sponsoring them you will finaly get the clear picture that the world is an evil place,if Africa cud be well developed,organized and empowered the whole world wud starve and die,inorder for some to greedily increase some have to decrease just like beyonce she has to decrease everyone no matter what it takes for her to be the only one…alica keys is the only sincer give…i dnt trust oprah winfrey with her science project of a school in my country,we have so many great british established convent catholic schools here,so many people love her but im suspicious

  52. Wow…..I used to come to this site because I thought it was more of a MATURE CROWD….a little better than some of the other blogs (because they all recycle the same stories). However, the ignorance, hate, immaturity and constant disrespect is deplorable. Stop it!! I think it is really a shame how people make up stories, beliefs, feelings (whatever you want to call it) just to discredit someone that’s in the lime light. Whatever her reasons for doing what she is doing………..the end result is THOSE WHO ARE STARVING ARE GETTING SOME KIND OF HELP!! Then you have some people talking about damn sodium and fat saturations!! Are you serious, children are STARVING, I seriously doubt people who are starving is counting points on the weight watchers program……….they are getting food. Do you know what starving mean! Just because Hamburger Helper is sponsoring does not mean that’s the only food being offerd DAMN!!

  53. Alicia and Swiss are very sincere!

    Beyonce continues to give folks something to talk about!

  54. its immature to think people are giving and promoting from the bottom of their hearts……While beyonce gives people something to talk about jay-z is getting sincere with riri,kim k and his baby mamaz.

  55. This sight is the only sight where you comments disapear

  56. yea stephanie i think ur name is y do my comments disappear all of a sudden?

  57. This is really sad. Why is it that everything Beyonce does gets negative responses?
    Beyonce has been donating since she was in Destiny’s Child.
    They donated so that her church could build a community center in the early 2000s.

  58. Okay, I am all for discernment. In fact, that’s why there are so many cults and people getting fooled because many don’t use it. I also know that any charitible donation is tax write-offs. All of that is understood. However, when we get into the mode of questioning anyone’s motives, celeb or not, that’s dangerous because then we are playing God.

    Yes, playing God. Why I say that? We don’t know people’s hearts as much as some of us think we do. Only God knows the human heart and truth be told, His Word says that the human heart is deceitfully wicked, who else but He can know it? I don’t mean to be “preachy” but come on, everyone. I am not saying this to defend Beyonce but every person who gives or does charity. Celebrity or not because you don’t have to be a celeb to give. Another thing, people in here mentioned Alicia keys as the only sincerely celeb giver. How do we know that? Is it her image that you’re basing your judgment off of. That’s another reason why many are being decieved in this days in times.

    What happened to the saying that you don’t judge a book by its cover? Wohoo, thank you for posting the things you did because there were some things I didn’t know. One more thing, for people who say she shouldn’t advertise it, at least people who didn’t know about this food drive now no and that’s the beauty of being famous on things of this nature. Unfortunately, unless a celeb brings awareness and attention to something, it will not get done. So we need to stop judging the intents of being works and take the works as they are. As Mario said, God will deal with people as He see fit. Beyonce or anyone because He only is judge and jury and we will all be at His judgment seat.

  59. Im sorry but im not buying into her fake azz. Just a few short months ago she dissed Janet and the Jackson family and now of course she has to be front and center, anything to make her pathetic self relevant. I wonder how much her father paid for this. Michael was an icon and it disgusts me that she wants to jump on the bandwagon in his passing just to get some more ink. She has no business being a part of this especially since she NEVER issued an apology to the Jackson family.

    RIP Michael.

  60. I’m happy whenever ANYONE helps people who need it out but something her um makes me go eh. However it seems only right those with more to give do give more to others instead of always buying $1000 pair of shoes every week. Lol this turned into a 60-something whaaa lol and about half are from the same 3 people ooookkkaaayyyyyy lol

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