Beyonce Unveils Baby Bump

Is singer Beyonce Knowles actually pregnant?

If someone had asked me that question yesterday I would have said no; however, looking at her arriving at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, I would say yes.

What do you guys think? Has Beyonce actually gone an gotten herself pregnant or is she pulling a Lady Gaga style trick on us?

Update: Beyonce announces pregnancy on the VMA red carpet.


  1. Me neither!! I NEVER saw this coming. NEVER. EVER. EVERRRRR.

    Congrats to them both!!

  2. Is this woman not human. If you are having sex the end result could be sex. Get over it and congrats to them.

  3. Congrats to Bey and Jay. It’s gonna be interesting now, with the movie comin up and everything.

    SN: A lot of people’s dream has come true.

  4. @Bria, you’re not making any sense…but then again, you never do.

  5. I think we are all smart enough to know a married woman having sex can get pregnant. People are still shocked though because Beyonce is at the height of her career, just released a new album and is suppose to be shooting a new movie and embarking on a tour. A pregnancy obviously puts all that into jeopardy.

  6. Sex can equal a baby, or it can equal no baby. We know how reproduction works. I’m just shocked b/c after all these years, all this speculation, Beyonce is finally pregnant. Your attempt at being a smart*ss caused you to completely miss the point.

  7. Her movie is dead in the water. Her songs are flopping left and right. Might as well get pregnant and give people something else to talk aboiut.

  8. Miss Jeri, don’t take a beautiful thing and twist it into something negative. Seriously folks, have a heart or at least pretend

  9. Exactly @Avril. I mean I can understand how people are surprised at the timing or whatever. But why did you guys “never” see this coming as if she and Jay never said they wanted to eventually start a family? Congrats to them! I know people will probably try to be more in their business than ever. Congrats to Bee and Jay! I am happy for them. It’s a blessing. =D

  10. a pregnancy for ANY woman is beautiful, celebrity or not

  11. @Sincerely Jouet, I meant in terms of timing. Simple as that. Especially after reading some interviews which seem to place a pregnancy farther into the future. But regardless, this is amazing news and I wish them the absolute best! Beautiful :))

  12. Okay, I was about to say. You guys she’s wanted a baby for a while. But yes, like I said this is definitely a blessing. And it’s about time!

  13. OMG!!! I cannot beleive it!! Thank you GOD i would have never thought in a million years she would have a baby by JAY-Ze

  14. She’ll be gone until at least 2013. Her career is as good as D-List now. Her fans are dying inside knowing their Queen will blow up to the size of a blimp and not release new music or tour until that camel face kid is at least a year old.


    the Stans might kill themselves, but the fans will support their idol until the end.

  16. I am so happy for them and i know this is not a publicity stunt because i believe they always wanted to report what they wanted about their lives when they want to. it is their way of controlling their lives when the media wants to do all the talking. congrats to them

  17. If you followed her since the beginning of this ‘4’ era, this news shouldn’t surprise too much. It explains a lot…or at least a few things. 😉

    Congrats to the couple…not like they’ll read this or anything. 😛

    The VMAs were dry except for about 4/5 performances. Kevin Hart shorts were funny. 🙂

  18. I say congratulations too but I am nobody’s fool.

    Had the 4 album and its singles performed better on the charts I doubt there would be a pregnancy. Not to mention, announcing the news on the red carpet of one of the biggest nights of the year wreaks of attention whoring. To then take it to the stage, dropping the mic, opening her shirt and revealing her belly shows that stealing the night was what she wanted to do.

    Expect this baby bey to be used as a pawn for selling records and garnering attention.

  19. She looks stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats to her and jay.

  20. congrats to her! pregnancy is a beautiful thing and I wish her all the best.
    I wonder if there is time line anywhere with her public appearances since she seems to have gone from skinny minnie to full baby bump? that’s the only thing that’s kinda odd. I guess we have to keep in mind that videos are made weeks/months in advance.
    But all in all, blessings to her and her unborn child.

  21. Beyonce thinks the world cares that she is pregnant, too stupid to realize that female artists are always badgered about having children when they start closing in on a 30. It is just something the media does as if a woman should naturally want to put her career on hold to birth babies. Having that child will have the opposite effect on her career than the one she is hoping for and she will find that while she is busy being mommy the music industry will move on without her.

  22. I know she had a flat tummy, now she has a bump, which is normal for some women. No one knew I was pregnant until I was in my 7th month. Only my hubby and I knew, and the Dr. of course. I had a really small tummy. My son was 8 lbs 12 oz.

  23. @Richmond Rose
    @Ran Jay

    You two are very sick individuals. How can you take having a child and make it negative? Get a life.

  24. I guess it’s shocking…I’m not surprised given she’s married to a man who’s older and have been married for awhile now…her Mother wanted her to have kids…she’s done it all…life isn’t over…if anything this is may be the instrument of love that helps her to really tap into her soul and talent and EXPLODE!!!…the second time around…”mommy world” is a huge business and now she’ll get to share with a new market of women and some of her old fans…Congrats to them both…her fans shouldn’t be disappointed…they’ll see quite a bit of her throughout…Britney Spears had two kids and where is she today…still on top!

  25. Smh its sad that a site called “brownsista” has just as many ignorant commenters as mediafakeout. Those of you who are being negative are just pathetic because you are the same fools who hate on every single bey post. Get a life already and accept the FACT that this woman is beautiful, talented, successful, and loved by millions. And i wont even comment on the delusional comment about bey career being d-list. Lmao u cant get more delusional than that. Anyway congrats to bey and jay. Im sure she is going to bear her child and get right back to business like she said in her song.

  26. I told yall in the A Star Is Born post. The fans who went to the concert said she was holding her stomach alot and not dancing like she does. And the pics showed her gaining weight.

  27. Happy for her. I saw Jay and Kanye’s reaction…that was overwhelmingly sweet.

    Some of ya’ll here are so bitter and hateful, it’s sick!

  28. @Kanyade – I was thinking the exact same thing. Do you care to elaborate? Just want to see if we are thinking the same thing…

  29. Congratz! LOVE u Bey!!! …but were y’all really that shocked???

  30. Yea some of ya’ll folks are a trip. Why do you “sistas” have to be so negative with this woman? let her be. Who knows if it was planned…and who cares? A child is a blessing, plus it’s what most of “ya’ll” wanted right? One things for sure, you better think again if you think this is goin to slow her down, cause she isn’t stoppin no time soon, so sorry. Anyways I hope she has a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

  31. And yea Kanyade and Cheryl I know exactly what ya’ll are talking about.

  32. I was sorta shocked. My mom saw Best Thing I Never Had video about two weeks ago for the first time and she was complaining about how skinny Beyonce had gotten and I said that she had gained some of the weight back recently. And then the videos of her 4 Intimate Nights, the stool, the fact that her dancing was really laid back. But I just brushed it aside. Wonder who’s gonna get the first interview?

  33. Bey stans already getting defensive saying “this won’t slow her down!!!” LMAO Chill out!

  34. Wow, Beyonce completely stole Britney Spears moment and made it all about her. Typical Beyonce, just has to be the center of attention.

  35. Does this make the images and the agenda she’s been pushing less evil? #imjustsaying

    King B is expecting a baby.

    I’m very happy and excited for Beyonce and her family. May God continue to bless you. May HoneyBey and the baby stay healthy, happy, blessed, and strong.

    I was shocked when I heard the beautiful news although somebody mention it on a board weeks ago. I thought it was another one of the many Beyonce baby rumors that spread every year. Then, I saw the pictures. The news was confirmed by King B herself. I love how Beyonce did it her way and on her time.

  37. People kill me. Can’t even say “Congratulations” and move on. Always finding negativity in the most positive of situations. SMH And if Beyonce is really 3-4 months (or maybe even further) along like sources are saying, that means she was pregnant long BEFORE her album. I don’t think she got pregnant just because her album and singles are not doing quite as well as they have done in the past, like the naysayers are saying. She’d have to be a freaking psychic. This baby was planned and was long in the making IMO. Her label said there would be an 18 month campaign for “4”, and I’m sure her pregnancy was accounted for in that. It all makes sense now, especially with the way she has approached this era and the extensive promotion campaign (18 months). Congrats Bey and Jay! A baby is such a blessing. And LOL at anyone thinking Beyonce’s career will be over because of this. She’s far from done. I mean the woman did say “Strong enough to bear the children and get back to business.” She ain’t going nowhere!

  38. @ JOHN and CHERYL. no need to elaborate. “we” are on the same level. LOL probably got the same thoughts. i don’t want to incite a ruckus so i won’t delineate what’s so obvious. LOL

  39. CONGRATS!!! to King BEY! I was really looking forward to your concert! but sooo happy for you and Jay. You deserve this gift! U worked hard now its time to create your family! we the BEY Fans will have to understand! Again Congrats!!!!!

  40. Congratulations! to Beyonce and Jay-Z. You and Jay are great examples of how to do things the right way and you’re being continually blest because of it.

    I am sure Beyonce will be great at continuing to multitask and work throughout her pregancy, just like many women in America (who are not famous) do each and everday. Anyone giving anything less than congratulatory well wishes, is a person who is seriously empty inside.

  41. I dont think Beyonce was trying to be an attention whore. i just think she is happy and at peace with being pregnant. I think it was smart for her to do it her way without the media speculations. They (the media) dont know everything and Beyonce made sure nothing TRUE is put out into the Universe unless she wants it out there. I am happy for them and Jay seemed to be gleaming from ear to ear:)

  42. I’m sorry beyonce but you are an attention whore, what vulgar way to unveil a pregnancy…
    Anyway I love “love on top” , I hope that her deranged followers let her be , this is her time to come in term with her womanhood, don’t stress her out!

  43. I didn’t like the fact she was pimping this at an award show. A show that was suppose to be the tribute to Britney Spears and Amy Winehouse! Why would Beyonce deliberately do such a selfish–self centered act to announce a baby? she could have waited for another day no ?

  44. Congrats to Beyonce and Jay, and I pray they have a healthy and happy pregnancy.

    LMAO funny how ^ just said “I hope her deranged followers let her be” but just called her an “attention w h o r e.” People be funny for the woman. She and Jay are obviously happy. But since they’re happy, some are disturbed, it’s sad that’s how it has to be sometimes.

    I honestly think (though I could be wrong, just as the rest of us) they announced for protection and Beyonce and the baby’s safety. From paparazzi, stans, fans, haters, etc. With a combination of they are just over the moon!

    Anyway congrats to the happy couple.

  45. This was all about stealing the spotlight on Beyonce’s part. The buzz has fizzled on her 4-CD and nobody was really talking about her other than the urban web-sites. So face it, this was a clever PR move from Ms. Beyonce to get people to talk about her. It was also a little selfish.

    She always knows how to take an event and make it all about her. She is such a spoiled brat.


  47. I’m not buying it. This baby is just another way to keep her name in the news and get paid major bucks by People or USWeekly for her baby pictures.

  48. Let the baby product endorsements begin….LOL I couldn’t resist!! Besides we know the Matthew Knowles in Bey won’t let her give birth without at least one commercial endorsement.


  49. the baby is not here yet, just hope she has a safe delivery

  50. smh August 29, 2011 at 12:18 amSmh its sad that a site called “brownsista” has just as many ignorant commenters as mediafakeout. Those of you who are being negative are just pathetic because you are the same fools who hate on every single bey post. Get a life already and accept the FACT that this woman is beautiful, talented, successful, and loved by millions. And i wont even comment on the delusional comment about bey career being d-list. Lmao u cant get more delusional than that. Anyway congrats to bey and jay. Im sure she is going to bear her child and get right back to business like she said in her song.

  51. Lmao at all u bitter bey haters on this site. U mad cause ur faves bow down to bey? Or are u mad cause bey stays winning? Lol i’d be mad too.

  52. @Richmond Rose, I can only assume that you are some sought of professional life coach. I have read many different reviews, why can’t we be happy for one another, why must we always try to piss in someone’s cornflakes.

    Not your life, not your husband, and surely not your fetus.

    I am not a Jay-Z fan, but look at the sheer happiness in his face, emotions are so real.

  53. Congrats! Many more!! I knew something was wrong the promo was weak for her and after seeing a video of her at the Roseland in that outfit. She looks amazing and this baby is really agreeing with her. Jay was priceless he is so happy. God Bless!!

  54. @ get real people “be funny” for this woman indeed , with your illiterate behind, the only people that are envious of beyonce are individual like you, probably never had anything of value, don’t know your father, probably under 25 , fetuses like you ate the one that want beyonce’s life, I know I will never be her and I still sleep at night whereas you are out there figthing everyone as if she would give you the time any given Sunday, sit your funny behind down somewhere it’s people like you that make beyonce look bad, if you weren’t so quick to jump people over their opinions we would all move on with our day , sur ce don’t bother answering you are in the deranged low self esteem having hoodrats beyonce stans now pouf be gone Rat!

  55. @Melinda- First off I corrected myself if you noticed…dummy. Also I just thought no scratch that you comment was extremely hypocritical to say the least (just read it again..slowly). And it’s so cool how you know me (and Beyonce) SO well and you don’t even know me. I pray for people like you, and will continue to do so. And “rats” are disgusting, dirty, and ugly creatures, and as I read your comments their sorta like you.

  56. *they’re

    One more thing, it’s crazy how you even thought “funny” is what I meant to say. That doesn’t even sound right.

  57. And yes, you were right I am under 25. But everything else you were unfortunately wrong about..sorry. ONE more thing if you really wanna get technical re-read your comment and you will definently see some mistakes, so I guess that makes you illiterate as well, smart one. Pot callin the kettle black huh?

  58. @MsEssance B’s preggers! Waaahhat a suprise. Her and Jay-Z’s finally their wrapping it up with a baby. I’m so proud but I still think a woman as beautiful as her could have done better. Jay-Z is okay but not handsome in my eyes, well that’s not important anyways; she’s happy and in love and that’s all that matters. Congrats, B! ♥


  60. who really cares she is so overexposed…….

  61. So glad people are seeing through this bs I dont respect her for the simple fact that she uses the VMAs to make it all about her. I could see if she had just literally found out but she just had a show 10 days ago and from the looks of it she is 3 4 months along. This alone proves that she is all for the big stage (VMAs) she literally took the attention off of the actual show and winners who work very hard and got no shine. Congrats Bee but it was not the right place to announce this.

  62. When i heard beyonce was pregnant i was so happy for her and her husband, even tought i could care less about her, her ghetto fans, or that trash she calls music, I am a woman and i am happy when other women experience womanly gifts .
    Beyonce willl always have people that can’t stand her because, others want us to praise her like she is a God; it’s not enough to call her talented beautiful or blessed, people want us to PRAISE HER, otherwise we get attacked or called the three words her stans know “pathetic, sad, hater”, i’ve seen beyonce fans bash some of her fellow black artists and drag them through the mudd, but i dare you not to like beyonce’s shoes and you are going straight to hell, or you’re a crab in the barrel, I’m sure that beyonce is a nice young woman, but her fans will be her DOOM,as long as you keep harassing people and trying to censor them, beyonce will always suffer “hating” and if her millions and lifestyle is enough to console her, it isn’t enough for you,is it?
    Now people want to use her pregnancy to put single mothers down, as if most of you CLOWNS aren’t products of broken homes, shame on it all.
    Kelis, Christina millian, Mel, B , Mary j blige, (insert who i am forgetting) all these women are married, were married before starting a family. but all of the sudden it’s beyonce’s turn and we are supposed to koumbaya by the river, Give me a ficking break.

    ps: beyonce is human living life like us , ANYTHING could happen to her, her career her marriage or her child, you should pray for the best and stop writing checks your mouth can’t cash.

  63. Such an attention who*re. She could’ve made the announcement last week, for crying out loud. She has to constantly demand people pay attention to her since her album flopped.

  64. Jay been had kids and it was having sex before marriage.

    so they did not do nothing right.

    that baby gon be hard on her body and she gonna have to change her shows. she not gonna be able to dance like that after that baby drop

  65. Yes EVERY celeb has haters.

    I feel like the word hater AS WELL AS opinion is used way too much. I feel like Beyonce is that nerdy kid in school, that gets bullied on everyday for no reason. Because people say the most disrespectful and hateful things but always back it up saying it’s my “opinion”. Her name gets brought up in almost every other celebs post, or subliminal jabs are always throw at her, then when someone says something, it’s their…”opinion” again. But I understand, it’s kinda like that’s your shield to say WHATEVER you want. That’s how I feel, and I think I’m correct.

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