Beyonce & Miss Tina In Greece

Beyonce and her mother Tina Knowles attended a press conference in Athens, Greece yesterday. The pair were reportedly promoting their Dereon clothing line, which isn’t yet available in the country. Miss Tina looks awesome to be 55 and Beyonce took a year or two off of her age as well by switching out her old wet & wavy wig for the new one she is wearing below. Sista looks good with the bangs. This is a look she should definitely keep. It totally works for her.

Beyonce and Tina Knowles In GreeceBeyonce and Tina Knowles In Greece (2)Beyonce and Tina Knowles In Greece (3)Beyonce and Tina Knowles In Greece (4)Beyonce and Tina Knowles In Greece (5)Beyonce and Tina Knowles In Greece (1)


  1. Is her dress HOD too? I agree the wig is gorgeous and Mama Tina stays looking nice–even with that red lipstick! LOL

  2. idk why bey doesn’t rock the straight hair all the time. it makes her look so much younger

  3. Love Bey’s hair, make up and shoes. Hate the dress and ice skating tights.

    Miss Tina should look good. $$$$$$

  4. Did any body but me notice when its a good post about Beyonce nobody wants to comment, but if it’s something negative everybody has something to say. That’s crazy to me.

  5. both tina and beyonce’ look great…i wish i was in greece in the off season.

  6. @ kanyade- tell the truth you likin the dress lol.
    Na but Bey looks great so does Tina.
    @Curious- duh lol thats almost always happens.

  7. I think she looks better than what she has been looking. I think it is just time for her to switch it up. she has had the same look forever. Just as a woman I am surprised because we like to switch it up so much.

  8. Ms. Knowles is wearing the hell out of that dress and Mrs. Knowles looks great as well. Beautiful woman.

    You gotta love that this woman has been on her touring grind for a minute. Started in March and is still in high demand across the globe. Good for her, she’s worked so hard for it.

  9. Beyonce is one gorgeous chick and Mama tina ain’t no slouch either.

  10. Tina knowles is stunning, she is a very classy woman.

  11. Lawdy it’s gonna snow! Bey finally took that rat’s nest off her dam head! The straight do looks nice on her..not feeling dereon disaster dress though.

  12. Bey’s hairstyle is awesome- she looks young and freshand much prettier with it like this.

    I love the style of the dress (long sleeves, short hemline) however the see through parts and fabric pattern are thisclose to being tacky.

    Compared to other HoD dresses though, it deserves a thumbs up.

    I wonder if Bey is gonna keep this hairstyle for winter? I say she go a tad bit darker on the color and keep the tresses straight! No more ratty weave!!

  13. Bey looks so young, cute and fresh. Loving the straight hair with the bang. And that dress even looks nice. Bey is like a Barbie to me her facial features are so pretty and danity.

    And Tina looking great too.

  14. Forget Bey! Miss Tina is what I like! Yummy.
    How could ole boy want to play around on all that woman?

  15. tina knowlws is ugly to me and beyonces hair is ugly too well beyonce goes to court dec 10 2009 cant wait shes on a stealing spreee

  16. I bet you that dress is not her line. Hate this girl and her tacky clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. @ ketera
    Don’t you know, there is no such thing as ugly? Ok, maybe Bey’s hair is, but I how can you say Miss Tina is ugly?
    I dont know if you are her age but if you’re not, let’s see what you look like when you get there.

  18. It’s funny how people like the dress that Bey has on so much that they dont want it to be HOD LOL.

  19. – i think they both look nice.. Ty stay styling Bey to a T & Kim stay hooking up her hair so i dnt get it when ppl say she’s ugly.. I aint kissing no ass but i mean come on now. haters know 4 a fact Beyonce aint ugly or watever else yall say bad bout her .. IF U HATING ON BEY U HATE YO DAMN SELF.. i swear this gurl catch more slack than the ppl who bomb’d the twin towers&that something to b worried bout.. Damn LEAVE THIS CHILE ALONE if u got some negative to say dnt even say & i know u got yo opinions but save the drama 4 ya baby’s daddy other baby’s mama. really doe ..

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