Video: Beyonce “Obsessed” Movie Trailer

Obsessed For all you Beyonce fans looking to get a glimpse of the singer’s new movie, Obsessed, you need wait no longer- the trailer is here. Entertainment tonight got a sneak peak at the sexy thriller and it looks interesting. For those of you outta the loop, Beyonce and Idris Elba star as man and wife in the new film, and their marriage is put to the test when Idris’ character finds himself entangled in a love affair with a crazy temp. Ali Larter looks to be playing the heck out of her role and we all know how well Idras dominates the screen when he is seen. So how does Beyonce do in the movie, for the first time in her career not playing a singer? Well, I’ll leave that up to you all to decide.

Look for Obsessed to hit movie theaters on April 24th 2009. The film is produced by Will Packard, who also produced Stomp The Yard and This Christmas. Beyonce and her father Mathew Knowles are serving as Executive Producers.



  1. It looks like it will be a great movie!

    Go Beyonce! That’s another executive producer credit under her belt. I fully support black women in Hollywood doing their thing. It surely isn’t enough of us getting the greenlight on projects. I will def. be in the theatre to see this one!

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  3. Idris elba. Learn how to spell my mans name!!! Why is he all shaved in this movie. No. No!!! He is so sexy. They tried to make him look dumb.. Lol. Beyonce look cute though.

  4. So Idris will be having a sex scene with the white girl in the movie? I think we all know he won’t be having one with Beyonce. This is all very interesting. In Fatal Attraction Michael Douglas cheated but was shown loving and being very much sexually attracted to his own wife. I wonder will this movie be the same. Will Idris be shown wanting and loving his own wife or will he just be shown as a reckless Black man who cheated on his wife and eventually led to the death of a white woman (yes she will die at the end)?

  5. :thumbsup: this just may be the second good flick for Bey! Please watch her in Cadillac Records…It isnt actually a Beyoince movie…She is only in it for a few min. well, more like 45 min. she did an excellent job. i like how she is taking her time with her new hustle. I say give her a chance…..People are WAY to hard on Ms. knowles~carter!

  6. not gonna watch another beyonce I wanna dominate everything if we give her our money she is not gonna take a rest…..dnt care if she is improving,i wont feed her greedy huge ego….she has it all but its not enough,what is she trying to prove?she cud have given the role to Eve or another actress.

  7. Well Cadillac Records was a certified flop, opening weekend it made it in the top 10 but came in at number 9 with 3.5 million dollars. The following week it was gone. I hope this one does better. Beyonce can count Wonder Woman out, they need a movie star to play her, not a 10x’s Grammy award winner.

  8. This looks like it’s gonna be good. Idris oh Idris (nuff said). I sincerely hope that Bey’s gonna be good in this one.

  9. I would like to see this one. Since she’s playing something other than a singer which I find is boring.

  10. I not a beyonce fan as far as acting so i wait until it get posted on here and see what you think of the movie then i go see it or wait until it come out on dvd. But Idris look so damn good i just might go see it because of him mmmmmmmm. I love him period.

  11. Beyonce is one of the most overrated acts in the industry. She has been on the scene for a month and already she is a bore, snore, and just predictable. If she isn’t recycling and stealing ideas, she’s lying about writing credits. I guess talking about her so called private life didn’t do much to help sales. Fake and phony should be added to her resume as well. Beyonce needs to step her game up or sit down. She needs to sing timeless music if she wants to be an icon. Now that the movie had a “Glitter” moment with that flop of a movie “Cadillac Records.” Hopefully the yodeling hoochie will have a Mariah like meltdown and take a loooong overdue break and discover her identity so that she can build a legitimate brand and not off the backs of other successful celebrities.

    Just like Cadillac Records flopped, this movie will flop too or head straight to DVD. She is not a bankable actress, in fact , she is not an actress at all. Instead of trying to dominate everything and get the accolades, maybe she should have a little more respect for the art of acting and take some real acting lessons and drama classes. Stop trying to force it.

  12. @ lizz again its comment like those that make people want to call people like u a hater…you knocking beyonce because she is only 27 and still working at her career…you tell me something at 27 would you stop working at your goals no matter how big they are? especially if its something yu love to do? no you wouldn’t. if u were going to get promoted at wrk would u refuse to let someone get it? again no. leave the girl alone she has obviously worked hard for her success and it pays off stop being jealous it makes people like yu look like an ugly person

  13. anyway…back on topic I am happy to see her play this role and to see her fighting! “ill show you crazy” I can’t wait! the white girl loooks like she will do good too! im just mad that the movie was pushed back till appril but then again I understand that it is to close to release it quick after cadillac

  14. @mario it got push back. When it suppose to come out. I know im going to see tyler perry movie madea goes to jail lol. But i have to see my boo will smith this weekend. Love him lol.

  15. It looks like a cheesy USA network movie so I’ll wait for it to hit the internet..Bey’s acting is getting better. She still has that occassional “deer caught in headlights” look but she’s improving.

  16. i must be the only woman in here that think idris is overrated. i just don’t see the sex appeal. but i am going to see this, i still need to see cadillac records, but i admit i am seeing signs of improvement as far acting goes with mrs. knowles-carter.


    I read Beyonce’s acting got terrible reviews again as usual, Idris will be the only one who will carry this movie or even motivate me to want to watch.


  18. @ Mayio I agree I miss Aaliyah too, sometimes I wonder how things would be if she were still here??

  19. MRSJONES3 you and me both. I don’t see the beauty or sex appeal in this man either.

  20. beyonce cannot act and she will never get an oscar it looks like she still cant act to me nothing has changed with the way she speaks

  21. aaliyah can really act she was a natural when it came to doing movies beyonce trys to hard :brownsista:

  22. lady im going to see will too! what a sexy man….now that’s my man ladies back up! haha but yea I think this movies was suppose to come out in like february

  23. Can’t wait to see this, and I hope Beyonce will produce and star in a movie on Lifetime. That will definitely be a bonus!

  24. What is this, a cheap version of Fatal Attraction. It has been done so many times before.

    I saw Cadillac Records. A good movie about music history. Beyonce looked like Beyonce with a blonde wig and attitude. She is just not a believable actress. All of the reviews were about her, but the stand outs were Mos Def, Columbus Short and Jeffrey Wright.

  25. If you dont think Idris is sexy then u must got terrible taste. Im afraid to see what ur man look like or ur ideal man. Lol

  26. MRSJONES3 you are not alone… I don’t find him remotely attractive…. I can’t see what the fuss is….

    Now as far as the movie…. her non-acting in the movie trailor tell em all I need to know…. another floptastic mess… to anyone who goes to see this movie you have my sympathies… even on Lifetime I wouldn’t sit and watch this… the movie might be good if they had a decent actress playing the role as the wife and even then I still don’t think it would do good in the theaters….

  27. i heard they were thinking of a dvd release because of the box office for cadillac records. we’ll all have to wait and see.

  28. GO BEY!!! She’s gonna kill it in this one. Looks very interesting. Im happy for her. :thumbsup:

  29. Mario,I dont hate Beyonce,she annoys me she looks like a black Dolly Patton without the boobs,she is not a a natural supasta…..she is a product,hype….everything is so planned and calculated then shoved down our throats and the video where she dances with her legs wide open thats not a good thing for a married women but Mario you a brainwashed stan,the hype has numbed your reasoning ability,so I wont prolong this debate…

  30. @yeah okay

    Yeah actually my HUSBAND is very handsome, and i have wonderful taste. don’t judge my preferences just because i don’t agree with yours

  31. I don’t think I am going to catch this one. Sorry Bey… I will go see Will tomorrow and Brad on Xmas.

  32. @ Mrs. Jones.. Lmao. Girl shut up. I was just playing. I just cant see how someone doesnt find him attractive. No big deal. Chow…

  33. go ahead bee, i WILL be seeing this. i love how that woman just does whatever she wants to do and doesn’t let people’s opinions phase her. go bee, go :thumbsup:

  34. Oh boy… well I like movies of this genere, “Fatal Attraction”, “Fear” w/ Mark Wahlberg & Reese Witherspoon, & any other movie that comes into the group. I like the intensity of those movies. However, like I have said all along & as I have viewed in this trailer, your girl Bey CANNOT act. Even in the trailer you could see how monotone she was, even when she was trying to get angry in the fight scene. As I have said before the girl is a good singer & performer, but she just doesn’t have that “juice” to be one of those artist to be successful in music as well as acting. Which is ok we all can’t be superheroes, but we also NEED to realize that everyone can’t be superheroes. But she did look pretty in the trailer πŸ™‚ .

    Plus why do they have the corny white chic playin the crazy role? And why is the corny Connell guy( even tho he is a cool dude lol) playin the role of BFF to Idris. I get they wanna be open to the mainstream, but Gabby, Meagan, Eve, or any other Black actress that Hollywood likes wasn’t available? Was Brian White, Morris, Richard, Taye, or any other Black actors not available for the role of the BFF? Despite what they may have thought, the movie would have prolly been MORE successful w/ these folks, than the white girl actress that no one knows.

  35. lizz what are you talking about i see you didnt respond to what i was commenting on you about i said you are a hater because you are unhappy at the fact that this girl is making her money and is not stoping because you say she should but that makes me brain washed? girl please you are so hard on trying to pull someone down that you are only putting your face into the ground grow up and stop being jealous of a person that is exremely successful its not a good look

  36. YES! i love this preview! :bowdown: i get excited everytime i see it…man it feels good to be a fan of someone thats always on top of her game i feel sorry for those that dont like her because if someone i didnt like got this much fame i guess i would be jealous too :lol2:

  37. i love B, and I will definately be seeing this, as all of her other films. p.s I personally think she did a really good job in cadillace records. just my opinion…

  38. Ok Beyonce Can’t act, Say it once and say it again her accent is a no-no, She act like she wasn’t even trying to prove anything

    Beyonce i’m sorry but you are not a Diva

  39. I didn’t see Cadillac Records and probably won’t see this right away so I can’t comment on if her acting has improved or not but @ Missy I think you are right about the way she speaks, that is what threw me from the clip, she sounds kinda country. She should get a vocal coach to help her or maybe she has one but somebody to help her change up her accent to fit the role better. I read many reviews for Cadillac Records and that seemed to be the critics biggest complaint, they didn’t have a problem with her singing or acting but that she didn’t really change her voice when speaking while the other actors at least made the attempt to sound like the era and person they were portraying.

  40. I feel sorry for the Stans of the world. Being a stan isn’t a good thing. It’s pathetic in fact. To those who live vicariously through another (regardless of whether that other is famous or not): seek professional help and get a life. You know who you are!

    As for Beyonce’s “acting,” more power to her if others are willing to allow her to get her practice on while collecting a check. I’d do it too if I had both the desire and opportunity.

    Btw, happy holidays to my Brown Sista fam!!

  41. I just saw Cadillac Records last night and it was an ok movie. It would have been better had it been on HBO. It was a performance movie, not storytelling. Beyonce’s acting was better than her previous performances, but she still needs work. She doesn’t transforms into character. Columbus Short and Jeffery Wright were the stand outs in that movie.

    I’ll check this movie out, cause I love me some Idris. I’m loving that this will not be another singing part for Beyonce. In order for her to grow as an actress, she needs to take on challenges.

    What makes Idris “sexy as hell” is his swagger, he has a swagger all his own.

  42. ok let me just say this….

    after watching it a few times and thought to myself “self lets not be bias and lets look at this as if you didnt even know who this girl is ( of course yall know im a fan) if you saw this preview on tv or in the theaters would you be interested in seeing it”

    my response:

    really after looking at it from another point of view…i actually dont think i would go see it….not because of beyonce but just because of the whole preview itself looks boring….i got caught up because i like beyonce but after looking i really wouldnt be interested…but since im a fan im interested because i wouldlike to see how different she is in this…for those that dont like her i can understand why you wouldnt see this movie unless you like these kind of movies…but you still dont have to knock beyonce because you are tired of her getting movies…shes doing what she needs to do and i would be proud if i was her

  43. torya :iagree: cadillac was good and beyonce did improve but still needs work i totally agree but who is more valuable in certain situations…the girl that is most improved and keeps taking direction and improve or the one that starts out on top and cant change or become any better….thats kinda how i look at her situation and i agree that it will be fun to see her getting in a kat fight πŸ˜†

  44. i like wat i far im sold.cnt w8 to c it. i luv her big ego,such a huge ego.its 2 much, she talks lyk dat coz she can bak it up. baby girls on fiyah

  45. @ Angela

    Cadillac Records did “flop” but it isn’t a glitter moment because unlike mariah, beyonce didn’t have a new record deal and album invested in it. and Cadillac earned more money in a week than glitter did in the month it was released, so check your facts. Also, her album is selling faster both abroad and stateside than B’day and B’day sold 5 million world wide and 3mil in the U.S. so again, check ur facts. Honestly, i’m not partial to any of these artists but I DO want the truth said, so if you gon’ hate, do it, but do it and come correct. CHeck your facts, its easy just hit up Billboard or the actual record label sites. Duh!! on another note, congrats to beyonce going platinum in just 4 weeks (it took B’day 7) and hope you get continued success.

  46. :thumbsdown: I’m yawning after seeing this. Beyonce’s acting is not believable. I don’t knock Bey for her doing her thing b/c she’s making money and staying in the spotlight. But I feel bad for the black actresses who are really good and can’t get roles. They’re never casted b/c Hollywood producers pick 1 black woman to fill all the black female roles in movies. It was Halle Berry a few years ago, now it’s Beyonce. While Halle and Beyonce are beautiful, talented women they’re not the only black female entertainers who can read a script. That’s why I like independent films you see more diversity.

  47. I’m sorry if you just listen to this, don’t even look, just listen to this preview and Bey sounds so dull and boring! She did a decent job in cadillac records but her acting in this doesn’t look to good. sheesh!! :thumbsdown:

  48. Ummm………………

    I’ll rent it?



    To be honest *wipes drool* I couldn’t get past staring at Idris. The man is FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  49. @ Someone who actually knows music.

    If Cadillac Records was released during the 9/11 attacks then it would have been a huge flop like Glitter. So CHECK YOUR FACTS!

    Glitter (opened on September 21, soundtrack – 9/11; it means no promo!)
    it was released in 1,196 theaters and was the 11th highest-grossing movie over its opening weekend, taking in $5 million.

    Cadillac Records:
    …the film opened #9 grossing $3.4 million in 686 theaters. As of December 14, the film has grossed $5,924,000, but is considered a box-office flop by industry insiders.

  50. This movie doesn’t look interesting to me. There are movies on Lifetime that are way more intense than this one. Beyonce doesn’t bring the intensity to me in this movies. She is kind of boring. This movie doesn’t make me want to go to the movies and see it. I’ll wait until it comes on cable.

  51. :thumbsup: I’ll be there with popcorn, sprite, and milk duds in hand! πŸ˜†

  52. There are so many haters on this blog! Beyonce is a musician. Just like all musician turned actresses, she must pay her dues…just sit back and enjoy the ride.

    Back to grade school ladies and gentle–if you have nothing nice to say, try not saying anything at all! Peace.

  53. :lol2:


    I coulda sworn “musician” meant you played an instrument like say, hmmm I don’t know Alicia Keys, John Mayer, John Legend?

    And please don’t start with the “she writes her own songs” nonsense. She hasn’t written anything. She takes credit for work that has already been written. Adding a word or phrase is not writing. In that case, I wrote One Fine Day by adding an extra oooohhhh :booty:

    Back to the topic at hand, she can’t act. It’s not for everyone. Some are naturals, others need help, most continue to take instruction to challenge themselves. She doesn’t do that. This is the FIRST movie she’s done where she isn’t singing and she’s still DOA.

    Michelle, Kelly and Latoya can all out act Bey. She should stick to what she does best, gyrating…………… πŸ™‚

  54. @ Mario u said i’m jealous of beyonce oho plz,i wudnt be jealous of a person who has it all but is still insecured and greedy,she cannot accept that a newbie like j-hud won an oscar…the only people I maybe jealous of are brandy,monica,jill scott,alicia keys,indie arie,j-hud,john legend,common,guru,angie stone,eryka badu,faith evans and more intelligent artist who respect the craft and respect us as fans by allowing us to absorb and appriciate their work….they dnt treat us like cash cows…..beyonce is like a hollywood prostitute,they dnt care about her acting,they just want her to make money for them,i mean she will milk her stanz for anything she is on…..i mario stan you check your head already creating scrapbook,you are a real stan….plz dnt kill yourself like paula abdul stan.


  56. More of this tit-for-tat, huh? This is NOT a Beyonce fansite! Go to one if you want to go back and forth about her, Mario. I hated to be tactless and call you out, but you make reading this blog boring. Doesn’t she have a fansite you like? Can’t you just comment her once or twice and then debate every single thing said about her there? You could even blog about her… Just, PLEASE…PLEASE stop boring people to death with your counterpoints…

    As for the clip, it looks like a Lifetime movie…the theme has been done to death, despite its being universal. And moreover, Beyonce’s acting is really just funny…this should have been a comedy.

  57. lizz tell me again how you know she is insecure and greedy? because i dont see insecure and greedy…again knocking the girl because she continues to strive for success…girl go away and she actually likes jhud if you watch the episode when she was on tyra she said that she was her favorite american idol contestant…talk what you know little girl not what you think… you truly are a :hater: to keep advertising such bull that is completely untrue and haters like you keep spreading the lies…. come correct. and mentioning the scrapbook doesnt make me a stan…please get a grip on your life. it was only two pages its not that serious…and it got to her and she made a video for us which means she not as stuck up as you say she is…but again people like you will never comment on the good things she does because you tend to ignore those. i made a scrapbook for obama as well and he loved it…does that make me a stan of him as well? πŸ˜† sorry that i enjoy my life and have the privilege to enjoy entertainment on priority level…(meeting celebrities, going to special events) but that makes me a stan huh? well stan on brother! call me that if you like…looks like to me you might be starting to get jealous of me or maybe insecure of yourself? :lol2:

  58. majah you make me laugh because you call me out on posting about beyonce and this thread is about beyonce? i dont understand where you are going…this site is about black female celebrities and thats what i am posting about if you dont like beyonce why come in his post and say what i write makes it boring…no disrespect but you dont have to read my comments…someone will but most dont have to thats fine…i dont only comment on beyonce on this site but it seems as though when i post under someone else it never comes to yall attention….kinda like when beyonce does a charity event…yall dont comment but as soon as something else comes up like a movie yall are ready to say that she is greedy self centered and all the other negative things

  59. @Mario or whoever your alter ego is on this blog,Alica Keys,Indie Arie and John Legend takes months off to offer their time to charities all over the world,Beyonce is a product a marketing ploy so that she can appear as caring,she is getting a tax break so plz dnt use charity to defend her,i mean she is religious but dances like a stripper so plz save your soul and look up to a higher power not idols they will mislead you…..wolves dressed up in sheep skin,save yourself stan.

  60. Ah, “Cadillac Records” was an industry flop. Beyonce is not a good actress. And the critics that praised her work in Cadillac Records were probably paid off by Daddy Knowles to write those lies. All of the coaching in the world is not going to make her any better. She is not a natural actresss. She needs to stop trying to redeem herself after Jennifer Hudson embarrased her in Dreamgirls. Just get over it, acting is not Beyonce’s forte.

  61. lizz like i said get a grip honey you seriously need it. and actually beyonce has taken time for charities as well as jay been to africa on a number of occasions…again you wouldnt know because anytime there is good news about this person you ignore it. if everyone made music like akeys & india and so on the music world would be boring thats why there are different people in the industry entertainment is entertainment and i dont want to see someone sitting there playing a piano for a two hour concert mayb you do and thats cool…its just not my cup of tea…sure i like their music but i dont enjoy it as much thats just my prospective…sweetie you are not good enough to change my opinion so let it go…from your first comment i can still conclude that you are jealous of beyonce because she doesnt reject a film because someone else needs the money…no working person does that…get over yourself already and call me a stan as if thats going to hurt my feelings? your definition of a stan is a person that enjoys ones music and contributes two pages to a scrapbook that maybe took 30 mintues to do…ok i must be a stan that cool :loser:

  62. @Toyra

    You are so correct! It is all about this man’s swag! If anyone is a fan of The Wire, they are very familiar with it…..Idris is yummy.

  63. @ Mario i dnt get jealous of crazy people like you,i even critize my favourite stars when they go wrong bcoz i dnt worship the ground that they walk on, you say your girl beyonce continues to strive for success,isnt she succesful already?well i guess she doesnt feel succesful and secured,she wants more(Greedy),when you are content and secured,you can take time off to enjoy your money,i dnt hate her she gets on my nerves bcoz she is in all the magazine stand and ads over hyping herself for Marios of these world,but we are not all Marios,i think i we shud rest the stan name and call it mario…..i think i real push your buttons….she failed to send a message of condolonces to j-hud bcoz she cares only for her fame that is self-centered to me…….i dnt envy her life.

  64. lizz people like you say she wants an oscar so bad…if thats a goal why would she stop taking movie roles? but that mean shes greedy right? everytime you talk you keep proving my points and no i dont worship beyonce and i have said many things about her that i havent liked…again people like you ignore those posts and tend to say something about someone when they are saying good things about her….and bey took a year off thats not time? do you take a year off from your job? probably not. how do you know she didnt send wishes to jhud just because rumors appeared that she lied about sending them? are u jhud or her family? nope so you dont know… and if she didnt whats it to you? people past all the time and i dont expect everyone to say how sorry they are for another person…im sure jhud didnt take it personally if its true so why do you care so much?

  65. She didn’t send any condolences to Jennifer Hudson. She said she had not called her but she is praying for her (yeah right).

    And tacky Tina was very hesitate to answer a reporters question when she was asked if they had reached out to Jennifer. The Knowles family are nothing but a greedy and snooty. They are still pissed because Jennifer Hudson received the accolades, praise and Oscar award for Dreamgirls. That is why Beyonce is trying soooo hard to be taken seriously as an actress and to redeem herself.

    Beyonce needs to forget about that and put herself in Jennifer’s shoes. Beyonce is very close to her family and has a nephew of her own. What if that were her family? How would she survive considering she is a grown woman and still sucking the milk from her mother’s breast. Because of her snooty and selfish ways, she will be knocked off of her high horse.

  66. ***interrrupting this post to say***

    Listening to Etta James right now. My Lord this woman was the truth! I’m kinda pissed at my local theater now…Cadillac Records will ‘never’ get here so I have no choice but to wait to rent it unfortunately πŸ™ But this movie right, ‘chere? Errr…ummm…. :bag:

    If you’re executive producing are you really ‘taking’ roles??? Don’t know that she had to try out for her own movies (this one and Cadillac).

  67. @ lizz, you spend to much time and energy discussing Beyonce. Brownsista ‘s blog is filled with other brownsistas. Perhaps, you should visited that post.

  68. @mario or candace maybe you are the same person you seem to be spending much time defending her…..are you on her payroll or something,i dnt defend alicia and ciara like you defend beyonce and i critisize them too sumtimez my girl cici and janet cnt sing but their dancing is on point,i wnt attack someone if they say that they cnt sing bcoz they cnt period,are you sure that you are okay you seem like a idol worshiper….how much is she paying you we may never know,maybe you are matthew knowles in disguize you hell sound like him….britney spears is better than your girl….she reads your scrapbook because she knows you or are stalking till she reads bcoz she is scared of what you might to her if she doesnt,you seem to have 2 much info for an ordinary fan,2 much defending so i get it you either are on their team or you are one crazy stan…..u get 2 emotional…r u sure that you okay dnt be upset she is just a supasta not you sista or she? maybe you are solange….she acts crazy 2 you know…..emotional stan

  69. Mari0, no you didn’t just tie Beyonce’s life even into your comment… You’ve got to get over it, man…

  70. @lizz
    You have a right to say your piece and not get jumped on for it or get called the dreadful “hater”. Don’t forget your talking to a kid so tread lightly with mario. We have the right to exercise the first amendment and I wish some of these people would freely exercise the fifth.

    About the movie it would have been interesting to see Beyonce as the obssessed person. Looks like a typical movie and I will not be supporting it. BTW that man is ugly to me. I guess money makes anybody look good.

    I wish Beyonce could take some of that money and get her a diction coach because every movie she has that country accent. Someone made a good point that in the character of Deena in Dreamgirls Deena was from detroit but Beyonce had her with a country accent. The same with Etta. The same with this movie. When will she ever learn? What comes up must come down and she will be sorry.

  71. While she’s getting that coach she needs to hire someone to wash her face, ass and teeth cause I read the girl breath was on fire. If she can’t do it then she has enough money to have someone do it for her.

  72. You know there are people that exist in this world that like to make the most of their life. They love their career and regardless of how successful they become they keep going for the love, not the money. I think that Beyonce is one of those people. She is excellent at what she does and she gives her all because this is what she was born to do. She loves to do what she is blessed to do. I think some of the people on here worry about Beyonce’s money more than she does herself.

  73. lizz your last comment made you sound really childish..if you are then dont take offense if your not then…well it speaks for itself and you still never comment on what i said to you tell me why should beyonce not continue acting? you think she is greedy because she keeps taking roles…you think she is selfish because you think she doesnt take months off for charity…again let me see you take a whole year off work…that is if you are happy to do your job everyday…im sure you dont but you wouldnt take a year off because bills will keep coming

    adoration 4 b :iagree: the problem with the people that want her to stop working is…they keep complaining but like it or not you will have to deal with her so get over it… p diddy is everywhere and i dont like him but i dont complain about it…i let it go and hes been around way longer than beyonce i have to see is face everywhere but do i let it get to me…nope i move right along but i guess thats just the type of person i am and everyone cant have that kinda attitude…lord what would the world be like if people didnt complain so much

  74. my thing with the accent is, why don’t the producers tell her about?? i mean, do they just not care, or is it not noticeble to them?? she does kind of still have a thick houston accent, you would think they would says something to her about it

  75. I see Mario is holding it down *thumbsup*

    I’m not ashame to admit it…I’m almost afraid to open these B blogs nowdays LOL. They’ve been HIGHJACKED. I’m not complaining though because she has people TALKING. Eventhose who claim they dislike her and her career moves are paying attention. I say she has room for more haters don’t you agree Mario? LOL

    These blockers need to realized their venons only intensify my admiration for B. I comment on these B’s blog less often only because I don’t want their negativity ruin my day. For that, I’m kinda glad BWorld shut down the comment section.

    Good luck to B on her new film. I’m glad she’s exploring other roles and expending her portfolio.

  76. MRSJONES I agree. Her accent is holding her back acting wise. It is something she can & need to control if she wants more success as an actress. If she doesn’t want to lose her accent, she can lean to control it. I’ve seen some British actors go back and forth.

  77. adoration 4 b thanks :hifive:

    SnijanaFleur you know its a dirty job but some bodies gotta do it :brownsista:

    and yes i agree with those about the way she talks…it does need work it kinda makes her look dumb and it makes the acting seem week…to me thats all that she really needs to improve but i can understand how hard it can be to change that

  78. @lizza, you’re back again! Your not a fan, but you constantly have Beyonce on your mind. I can click on all the other threads on this site, but your name won’t be there! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

    For the record, please copy and paste a post where I am defending Beyonce! I’m just pointing out your obvious OBSESSION WITH BEYONCE! :hifive:

  79. i don’t think I want to see this movie. it looks like a b-movie lifetime film. Over-dramatized plot with over-dramatized acting. Sorry :thumbsdown: I won’t be checking this out. however, i give beyonce her props for trying to commit to a role that doesn’t require singing. πŸ™‚

  80. I wish black movies weren’t filled with musicians and just stick to the real actors. When they use a singer or rapper it make the movie less sophisticated. I dont see Carrie Underwood, Britney Spears taking all the roles from the Resse W. or Angelinas. Sanaa Lathan or some up an comer would have been great for this role. No disregard for Bee but she cant act. I am always rooting for her but everytime I see her in a movie she tries too hard. And those facial expressions have got to go.

  81. if people who cnt act keep on acting,it will realy lower the standard of acting they might as well shut down drama skuls…..some people are naturals like MOS DEF,queen latifah and j-hud however some are hollywood hyped up cash cows…..what a shame…faith evans wud have been a good,etta james

  82. i dont think faith even woulds have been very good…i mean did you even see the movie to say that faith would have been better? i mena it was mostly singing…and beyonce killed those songs in the movie and i really dont think faith would have done it justice…again the movie wasnt really about etta so it wasnt a big deal that beyonce didnt stand out as much as the bigger characters…thats the way it was suppose to be

  83. Saw the trailer, and even though I would like to see Beyonce do well, it seems she just can’t hack it. Her eyes are always emotionless and she doesn’t bring the character into existence, she does not make you believe in the character, all you see is Beyonce. It’s not just her accent, it is also her demeanor and lackluster emotions. Idris Elba is an excellent actor, and if he is a teacher, the movie set is not the place to do it. I wish that Beyonce gets an acting coach, and stay with them until she “gets it”.

    “Beyonce and her father Mathew Knowles are serving as Executive Producers.” Uum, I guess that says it all.

  84. will smith in 7 pounds :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: best movie ever! i wanna see beyonce play a movie like that

  85. @ Mario if that’s is lizz’s opinion on whether she thought faith evans should have played it, then that’s her. of course now you can’t see faith play it cause beyonce was already etta but faith is more etta james weight, skin tone, and over all look. Whose to say that she couldn’t have played her. but will never know.

  86. i dnt deny that beyonce has a decent voice but the songs were okay as a cover,all i cud see and hear was beyonce singing not etta james….knowing how unique ettas voice was or is,my mind cundnt switch to etta james….it was still beyonce singing ,she cud have spent time with etta instead of a drug center,etta is still alive was it hard to spend a day with etta….. that is why i feel faith evans cud have been better….we go to movie to watch actors Potraying a character and bringing it to life that is what acting and movies are for

  87. Faith so would’ve been a better person for the part if we are talking about voices. Beyonce can sing but Faith can SANG! πŸ˜† Not to mention Faith looks a helluva lot more like Etta than Beyonce.

  88. I’m with you lizz :hifive: …Faith so would’ve been a better person for the part if we are talking about voices. Beyonce can sing but Faith can SANG! πŸ˜† Not to mention Faith looks a helluva lot more like Etta than Beyonce. I love Faith!!! :bowdown: And maybe the fact that Faith allegedly had a issue with drugs before would have worked in her favor as far as “becoming” the character since she may know the struggle. Beyonce probably never hit a blunt in her life, much less anything else…and if she did we’d never know… πŸ™„

  89. Beyonce is a TERRIBLE actress PERIOD, and her fans know that but they try to give her the benefit of the doubt. She isn’t good and she won’t be until she really looks at her self and be like damn what do i really need to do to protray this character that i’m doing. what is this person about, they life, were they happy, sad, depressed, on drugs, meloncoly, etc. DAMN JUST SOMETHING. IF IT WASN’T FOR IDRIS ALBA AND ALI LARTER I DON’T THINK ALOT OF PPL WOULD EVEN SEE THIS MOVIE. BEYONCE NEED TO WAKE UP AND GET A CLUE. YOU CAN’T BE GOOD AT EVERYTHING. ACTING IS NOT YOUR FORTE. STICK TO WHAT YOU DO BEST. :thumbsdown: :noway:

  90. ok so earlier people were complaing about the best actresses that potrayed someone else in the movie look nothing like them but you beleived it was them because they did it so well…now yall are saying one reason why faith wouold have been better was because she looks more like her…make up yalls minds and lets be happy that beyonce might have never “hit a blunt” thats a good thing and good for her

  91. Oh no, I agree with the haters. Call me one, who cares. Beyonce cannot act. Sasha Fierce is jealous of the fact that Jennifer Hudson stole her praise in Dreamsgirls. That’s why she done set out to get any and all film roles that she can which is only resulting in the over saturation of her brand. If Beyonce could act, I would be the first to admit it. I do think she’s growing to become better at acting, but her huge disadvantage is that she tries too hard and she doesn’t come across on screen as natural. I do not like her acting at all. Fake is written all over her face and body language.

  92. I live in MD so a movie cost $10 here. I’m sorry but I’m not gonna spend my $10 on this movie when I can watch the same kind of stuff on Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network. The plot? Happy good looking couple, living in a nice house in a beautiful neighborhood, another beautiful woman stalking them and trying to steal their happiness away…. bla bla bla, in the end that woman would die and the couple will leave happily. It’s really not worth my hard earned money and it doesn’t matter who the actors are. That plot is wayyyyyyy played out. It was fun in Fatal Attraction but that was in 1987!!!!!! As I said earlier, Lifetime has a whole collection of these kind of drama. And in my opinion, Beyonce is only acting because she wants to conquer the WHOLE entertainment industry, just like what JLo used to do.

  93. Beyonce cannot act, and to say otherwise leaves me to believe that some people dont have good taste. I understand being a fan of an artist, but you still have to admit when their work is not up to par compared to the competition. Beyonce may be able to work a jingle but a movie is a different story, especially if your trying to be taken seriously by the doubters. I honestly do not believe that she is interested in learning the craft, but I feel she just wants the accolades more…..this is greed. I can stomach Jennifer Lopez the actress more than I can Jennifer Lopez the singer. JLo played Selena and I think she did a great job, I was actually in tears during most of her scenes and she had a strong resemblance to Selena, also to mention that she spent time with Selena’s family to learn more about her. Beyonce is always Beyonce when she acts, its only a different wig and because of this I cant take her seriously. Beyonce played Etta James but did not take the great OP. to meet with her and learn about her experiences first hand. I agree with many Lifetime has many great movies about a married father cheating on his wife with his receptionist and she becomes obsessed when he tries to call it off…..same story. Im offended that Beyonce never tries to put anyone on but she tries to make herself shine harder. I understand she produced this movie and I know the writers were hesitant but needed this boost to get their careers off the ground so they made a deal with the devil….but why not hire a black actress for this role? Help others get exposure Beyonce! Annnnddddd im offended that Beyonce said that she is trying to open doors for other black actresses by her being in these movies. I think to myself this is what Halle Berry has already done, this is what Angela Bassett has already done, this is what even Oprah has already done as an actress. This chick is so full of herself, some of you fans should be offended because she is using you to big her bank account, and she is giving you already created stuff not bringing anything new to the game of music or movies. :thumbsdown:

  94. whew and everybody writing lond paragraphs get a life……….geesh

  95. @60’s Chick,

  96. @ Mario:

    True acting or singing talent cannt be and does not need to be taught or learned. By the age of 27, you either have it or you don’t. This overrated, overmarketed, overpromoted woman never had much of anything besides her sex appeal, and now, with her jiggling thighs, she knows that she cannot keep “dirty winding” it much longer, so she is trying to become an actress.

  97. Another bad acting job. :stop: Leave it alone. She must be running away from something. She is never going to be an actress. I don’t know why she wants it so bad. Probably dad pushing her.

    And all of you Bey lovers, do you run after JESUS like you do her. I hope he gets your attention like she does.

  98. :hater: I wish people would stop hating on Beyonce. She’ a triple threat and does it well. I will go and see this movie! Go Ms. Fierce!!

  99. Don’t hate Beyonce because she’s getting paid. People must like her because they keep giving her roles in movies. Get over it. :stop: :hater:

  100. no they giving her roles cause her ass is paying for em’.

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