Beyonce On The Cover Of Sports Illustrated

Beyonce On The Cover Of Sports Illustrated Now you all know Beyonce wasn’t about to be upstaged by Jennifer Hudson.On the same day Jennifer’s Vogue photos are released here comes news that our second favorite Dreamgirl will be featured in the swimsuit/music issue of Sports Illustrated.This is truly a surprise as Bey is not a swimsuit model or any other kind of model.That however did not stop the people at SI from featuring the sista not only in the issue but on the cover.You can check out the cover to your left and click over to the next page to see more pics and participate in our poll of the day.

[Update]I have added more pics from the shoot and FYI, the bikinis Beyonce is sportin’ are from her House Of Dereon line.

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  1. A sports magazine having a music issue.Anything to get Beyonce on the cover I guess πŸ˜†

    Good for her actually.


  3. Come on guys Beyonce didn’t plan this.She couldn’t have.Let’s not take this stuff too seriously.I really think Stephanie was playing when she implied Beyonce didn’t want to be outdone by Jennifer.Let’s not try and make more out of this than there is. πŸ™„

  4. Beyonce looks beautiful and I’m glad she is on the cover.I hope she really pushed the envelope and got damn near naked. :thumbsup:

  5. Ignorance is bliss, darling. First and foremost, Beyonce is a business woman. If you don’t have a good plan, you will fail miserably. You have to have a vision, be aware of competition and be able to make changes when necessary. Beyonce and her team knew about the Vogue cover ahead of time and they planned accordingly.

    But there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s all business and nothing personal, right? πŸ˜‰

  6. Beyonce is the IT girl and people should just get used to seeing her everywhere.Be prepared to wake up tomorrow and see her sitting at your kitchen table when you go to make coffee :lol2:

  7. i agree DES!!! 100%

    she WIll go into a deep depresstion once her time is up… and it’s safe to say she’s close to it. she’s sneaky, ruthless, bitchy and uneducated. which means she has no other way to gain finacial status once her music is over. so so so sad….

    not to mention their pushing kelly back because solange wants to come out again….for what….? who knows! :bag:

    this chick is pure scary and i wouldnt shed a tear when hits rock bottom. like her idol diana ross the drunk! :bag:

  8. [quote comment=”3548″]Ignorance is bliss, darling. First and foremost, Beyonce is a business woman. If you don’t have a good plan, you will fail miserably. You have to have a vision, be aware of competition and be able to make changes when necessary. Beyonce and her team knew about the Vogue cover ahead of time and they planned accordingly.

    But there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s all business and nothing personal, right? :wink:[/quote]OMG you are really reaching.Goddamn why can’t we just be happy for this woman instead of trying to bring her down at every twist and turn.There is no way no how Beyonce and her team as you call them put out this issue to compete with Jennifer’s Vogue cover.

  9. I need to know why people hate this girl so much? Whiteny, Janet, Alicia Keys and others never got this much hate.Is it because Beyonce is just so beautiful? Why so much hate and anger geared towards this one woman?

  10. baby girl baby girl. i never said she was ugly….no no no! all i was complianing about was her personality. why do so many people over look her WELL KNOWN bitchy ways?

    is it because some people are slower than most? that didnt sound right did it? so why ask others if we dont like her looks when we’re simply stating our opinions about her “behind closted doors”, reputation?

    i dont hate i dislike lol

  11. OMG you are really reaching.Goddamn why canÒ€ℒt we just be happy for this woman instead of trying to bring her down at every twist and turn.There is no way no how Beyonce and her team as you call them put out this issue to compete with JenniferÒ€ℒs Vogue cover.

    You are clearly unable to think outside of the box! This is a BUSINESS! But, obviously you wouldn’t know anything about that:bag:

  12. [quote comment=”3553″]I need to know why people hate this girl so much? Whiteny, Janet, Alicia Keys and others never got this much hate.Is it because Beyonce is just so beautiful? Why so much hate and anger geared towards this one woman?[/quote]
    Don’t hold your breath waiting for a logical answer to that question.Folks would rather just call you a stan or a fanatic rather than get to the heart of why they despise this girl so much.Common sense goes out the window whenever Beyonce is discussed.

  13. i think its safe to point out that beyonce does not defend heself. when you’re a celebrity the media and audiance critize you… you have to be quick with the tongue and sharp with the mind. she slacks in both areas… mama and daddy even baby solange helps her. they know that beyonce is a public figure. not wanting her to give the wrong impression on people….

    sorry, but when does speakin for yourself and have some type of judgement, giving the wrong impression?

    a question the “stans” seem to avoid and for good reason too. if beyonce done have an answer for this one, more than likely her “stans” wont either. on the count of they repeat what she says. and these are adults lol

  14. Why can’t we all just support Beyonce like we did Tyra when she made the cover.Damn only like 3 or 3 Black women have ever gotten there.Support her damn. 😑

  15. Beyonce’s game is tight and I can’t even front on that.Mathew Knowles is a genius.He is right up there with Joe Jackson but minus the belt πŸ˜† .

    Mathew is a strong and powerful Black man who has taken his wife and daughters to the top.A Black man making things happen for the Black women in his lfe.

    Big ups to you Mathew cause you are the man. :dance2: :dance2: :dance2:

  16. Damn! With a body like that, I guess she doesn’t have to say anything. I am speechless:thumbsup:

    By the way, you need to take a chill pill Carlita!

  17. I guess Beyonce has ESP and can predict what other female artists will do so she can then one up them.This is so silly.Beyonce stays on the cover of magazines.Does a month pass where she isn’t on the cover of something?

  18. Okay, here we go:
    One) Why are people getting upset that this issue is coming out around the same time as Jennifer Hudson’s Vogue issue? Don’t magazines have a certain time of the month that they send out their issues every month?
    Two) How do you know Beyonce is bitchy and uneducated? Have you been around her personally for more than 5 minutes?
    Three) Why can’t we be hapy for the both of them? Yes, Jennifer’s cover was a bit, how should I put it?, shot.But I guess ya’ll blame that on Matthew and Beyonce, too?

    People, please get a life. Yes, this is a business, but it’s a competition between magazines. If anyone is to blame for being underhanding in this situation, it’s Vogue and Sports Illustrated.

  19. Beyonce is the cause of the hole in the ozone layer, global warming she cut down the only tree that grew in Brooklyn.Everytime something goes wrong in the world or with another female singer it is Beyonce’s fault. :lol2:

  20. Beyonce is a pretty girl..but swinsuit model NOOOOOOO…I think these pictures are only good to look and say she is a pretty girl..her hips are tooo big for that swiwsuit and where is her assest..(backside) when i look at a women in a two piece swinsuit, I want to see it all to get the full view.. but with Beyonce she can only pose in certain positions where you can’t see the full effect of the swinsuit, because you notice in the third picture she has her hand on her would have been nice to see that full effect of that picture..but as it stated early nice to look at.

  21. i just love it when people ask have i been around beyonce. lol you havent but you’re still here giving your opinions about her. [dont sit here and lie about being around her cause you havent].

    let’s just pretend that the music industry is positive. yeah you’re right their not shady…god forbit them being compromising also.

    like DES said it’s an industry they sale the best way they can. being the polite, girl next-door and “shy” works for her PUBLIC image. which means this is what she fronts to you silly GROWN women who feed into it like little high school girls and boy bands. lol

    i dont know what she’ like behind closed doors NIETHER DO YOU MISS THING. but as time presses on with these rumors and FACTS come out you’re more than likely going to have to start believe that she’s not whom she claim she it! please broaden your mind and relaize she could be a shady person.. all she knows is to OUT SHINE someone else. when she do hit the bottom depression will hit in no time BELIEVE THAT:???:

  22. [quote comment=”3576″]Beyonce is a pretty girl..but swinsuit model NOOOOOOO…I think these pictures are only good to look and say she is a pretty girl..her hips are tooo big for that swiwsuit and where is her assest..(backside) when i look at a women in a two piece swinsuit, I want to see it all to get the full view.. but with Beyonce she can only pose in certain positions where you can’t see the full effect of the swinsuit, because you notice in the third picture she has her hand on her would have been nice to see that full effect of that picture..but as it stated early nice to look at.[/quote]
    I am convinced you were high when you wrote that. πŸ™„

  23. I’m a fan like the next chic but long blog short people are just tired of Beyonce. That’s why they keep talking about her. We tired boss!!!! I think Beyonce planed it because it’s business and Jennifer can’t mess with Beyonce in a swim suite. I disagree with the one person. Beyonce looks good in a swimsuite becuase the chic don’t look sick. I’m just tired of seeing her. Fired chicken is good but you don’t wanna east it everyday.

  24. Aaliyonce baby you are a little rough on Beyonce though, lol. Calm down just wait for her to die out, lol. My thing is either she will sit down or be sat down by some other little cute thing. And as we can tell from Jennifer it’s possible. It’s all about God. When God says it’s your turn it’s your turn and we can’t fight him on that.

  25. I think it’s coincidence, but then again, sometimes I can be totally naive.

    I read somewhere that she shot this around Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s actually ‘in’ the article, I don’t know.

    Does she get to decide ‘when’ to put the cover out? or is that Sports Illustrated’s call?

    Either way, the photos look fun. I like the pink bikini and am suprised that the swimsuits are from her mom’s collection!

  26. I think your right Madaam becuase the more I think about it Beyonce baby got thighs and you don’t see them in that shot at all. So either airbrush is a miricle worker or she took the pics when she was smaller right after the movie was closed. I think I remember Tyra saying that swimsuite shoots are done in the fall, so it makes sense. So maybe it was a coinasidense.:iagree:

  27. Candi, I’m with you girl. It’s gonna be a sad situation when she becomes #2.

    And papa and moma Knowles should know better than to keep putting her out there to become severely disappointed.

  28. This is really a tough call to make (wether they planned this or not). I can understand people assuming that b/c of their reputation. She looks great in those pics,tasteful unlike some others who made the cover. Her behind seems to have disappeared. πŸ˜• I hope she did not do this to compete. I can see that IS very competetive though. She needn’t be, she is well established. :iagree: that she may not take being 2nd very well. She talks like she is grounded but I don’t think she’ll handle that well. Wonder what her relationship w/ Jay is really like. Is her drive a strain on it πŸ™„

  29. Damn what all ya’ll say, she looks HOLLYWOOD (read between that anyway you want to) boney and hungry as hell. SHe claims she’s gained all this weight and she looks like she missed a few meals. Just like on the news the other night they were talking about how foolish and unhealthy it was the way she lost weight for DreamGirls. This chick is counterfeit and ya’ll fall for it everytime. She’s a female version of her father which makes the pockets fat as hell but will hurt her in the long run. OVERRATED! And hungry lol :noway::lol:

  30. i love her body in certain pics…of course there’s no denying she has a bod. jennifer baby get on a diet and make thoe tites stand out more..bey dont got those.
    if you notice in her pics she likes the pretend she does have boobs i.e. tight ass dresses and breast tape. even mentioning it in certian magazines that she wish she had big boobs. lol great she finally admit something…

    about her relationship with jay….eh…i dont know if i can comment on that one.
    a) jay DOES have a rep for hitting women and cheating. [eventhough beyonce did have marks on her body before. dont know if it’s from him]

    b) we know little about beyonce and her relationships with other celebs. she’s known for keeping it HUSh, HUSh. SMART MOVE [for once}. what we do know are rumors….some rumors are true other are part of the truth! mos def, eminem, mehki pheifer, nelly and the dude who gotten her pregnant when she gotten the abortion….

  31. And who cares if Beyonce’s body is smaller than Jennifer Hudson, Jen still runs circles around Beyonce in the talent department and Jen isn’t a bad looking woman at all! That bad ass red dress she had on at the Grammy’s was hitting. Beyonce’s dress looked ridiculous! And her performance was awful!

  32. πŸ˜• Abortion? I never heard that rumor…. an what about Eminem, Mos Def & Nelly?? I have no idea about that. It sounds like some one made that up

  33. nope not at all…in all the papers about her thats what was up! of course denying comes into the role. just like when she denied jay at first. just so happens the other guys may have slept with her and left????
    maybe the other relationships werent popular as her and jay….

    all i know is depression is on its way jennifer is just a porstion of what another woman has instored for beyonce….i can wait to see what she looks like.

  34. The abortion thing was made up, pay no attention, lol. I think people are just tired of her. I think if she lays low for about a year and half and then comes back she’ll do great numbers. Read the blog people are tired of her because everyone commenting has a Beyonce Album. I do. Not B-day but I do. I had my own reasons though for not buying b-day. For one I didn’t want anymore of her music, two it didn’t sound fresh, three I’d rather have Letoya’s, four Letoya’s was better. At the same time if someone would have bought Beyonce album for me…I would have listended to it. Just wouldn’t have paid my money, lol.

  35. i really think she should rest, get herself together llike everyone else is saying. and maybe get married, have kids , raise them and all. i wonder if she is desperate for that. she will still have a career 10 to 12 years from now and i know people will love to get her albums, i know i would. look at whitney.

  36. i dont ever see beyonce pulling a mariah carey….never that. but i do understand why alot of her fans jump to her defense. maybe they dont realize who she really is.
    i know ive encountered alot of fake chicks. she defenally has the traits of a fake chick. the plastered smiles, the constant denying and the angery chicks she dont wrong and lefted behind…..

    what kills me about a few of her fans is that they claim “haters are anot intelligent enough to comment on her..”?

    um excuse me but did beyonce go to college? hell no
    did she finish high school more on the no side. regardless what her mama and dada says!

  37. you’re so right candi, about the “haters are anot intelligent enough to comment on her..Ò€? part

  38. I just wish I would see them put the same effort into the other girls that they do in her. Beyonce is a hard pill to keep swallowing but I don’t blame just her. I blame all these terrible female r&b singers. You don’t bring a knife to a gun fight. Amerie’s new single is weak, Ciara is taking to long to put out another song, Monica can’t give a good show after years of being in the industry, Christian Milan…well you know, Kelis always just has one good single and the rest of the album is water. I mena who is really competing with this chic. Let’s make it interesting….Alicia Key is her only competition and she is so diffrent than Beyonce you really can’t compare them. They are both in a class by them selves. Brittany had Christian, Whitney had Mariah, Pebbels had Karen White, Monica had Brany, Mya had AAliyah. Who stands up next to Beyonce is the real question. She flods the market because she is the market.

  39. I agree LOVHER,

    The reason why Beyonce dominates so hard is because she has no real competition. And artist like Alicia Keys, Whitney, and Mary J. who can compete are not always in the spot light like she is they believe in taking a break. Bey has been out none stop for about 3 or 4 years now with no signs of slowing down.

  40. oh yeah i love me some A.KEYS however she’s beyonce’s celebrity friend….[a.keys said this herself]
    which is code for, i’ll slack a bit for her.

    ciara is too damn busy copying aaliyah’s style than to give B some competition.

    Monica is coming out with different words to what beyonce has already sung….

    mya too busy screwing around to fuck wit beyonce

    mariah can and would give beyonce a run for the money its just that she’s ahead of beyonce already…

    amerie can dance love the girl but get some rhythm
    ashanti already gave up lol but i liked her…


    their too busy with other shit to care… basically minor shit.

  41. [quote comment=”3598″]i really think she should rest, get herself together llike everyone else is saying. and maybe get married, have kids , raise them and all. i wonder if she is desperate for that. she will still have a career 10 to 12 years from now and i know people will love to get her albums, i know i would. look at whitney.[/quote]
    This is one of the dumbest things I think I have ever heard.Why should she rest- did she tell you she was tired? Beyonce is a multi-talented artist.She works just like you do and takes vacations like you do.As a matter of fact she probably takes more and longer vacations than you do.

    Everything she is doing right now is on the money so why should she slow down or go away.If people were really that tired of her it would show but apparently that is not the case as everything she does goes to the top.

    I’m tired of Britney Spears drunk looking ass.I’m tired of Kim Kardashian.I’m tired of Parasite Hilton and the boat load of other White bitches who get a pass to fame and stardom without really working for it.

    Beyonce, a Black woman, has overcome amazing odds to get to where she is and I will support her on that alone.

  42. Beyonce’s my girl! I met her once, in a setting where you could ask questions and talk to her and the other memebers of Destiny Child. Even though Kelly and Michelle were speaking very freely with their thoughts, Beyonce was very careful to be politically correct on all subjects not letting her self speak freely or relaxing as she spoke. Michelle or Kelly would speak right up laughing and having a good time. Beyonce knows show biz but won’t let her fans see the real soft side of her or show any “vulneralbility” to her fans and I think, although that won’t keep her from the fame she deserves and is getting, but that will keep her from being the Diva she is striving to be. Take a lesson from other Divas’like Mary J.,& Janet, letting life happen and learning from it, your fans grow to luv you more and respect you more. With Beyonce’ everything is posed and rehearsed in her life, even her situation with JayZ. Not one picture of them is one with her smiling at him or him hugging her or them just relaxing, being a couple. When fans can see that side of her she’ll get more slack and less haters speaking out. Until then lets just enjoy her talent and beauty, she definately has ALL of that and no one can take away what God has blessed her with. That’s just my 2cent worth. I’m a fan and will continue to be!

  43. And I think that’s more of the reason that people even take to Jennifer Hudson because for once someone out shined Beyonce. For once the Talent was bigger. She stood just as beautiful and talented. And people arent’ dumb, they can read actions. Beyonce just held face but she knew she was being out shined. But people got on the Jennifer bus because we were like Finally because that girl never loses, lol. Jennifer’s spirit was so great and her story was so special. And people aren’t dumb. Beyonce left that movie after the well ran dry and moved on, which is what you have to do in that business. IN my opinion she would have looked like a bigger person to have stayed but to each its own.

  44. i think you said it in a more positive light than i did lol
    thanks i was trying to say that in my posts. beyonce can’t she’s spoiled to the core…hollywood is the cherry on top when it comes to boosting her confidence. sadly this girl is setting herself up for disappointment.

  45. Well yeah! what goes around comes around. Sooner or later. I can’t blame her for taking adtvantage and trying to milk it for all it’s worth right now because in a minute Ms.New Booty will be out her and no one will care. This is her hay day. But I think instead of making us love her were growing tired. Over exposed and that waters down the career becuase they lose that eliment of surprise and mystery. We ain’t gotta wonder what she’s doing, lol. We know. She put out an album every 6 months.

  46. the question we all need to know is; why is solange putting out another album?


  47. What next playboy? Vogue is Classy. Jhud wins. Let her shine. Take a back seat B.

  48. you all can’t have all the fun what i want is to see her when she hits 50 can she shake it then :lol2:

  49. whathappen to her booty im sorry those photos didnt do any justice :noway:

  50. I have to agree with some folks bee is getting to be old news im bored with her she looks and sounds the same as other singers she lost her originality I cant tell who is singing on the radio anymore :iagree::iagree::iagree:

  51. beyonce needs to understand she isnt the only woman in the world that is beautiful kelly is pretty too solange forget it

  52. nicolette girl, you lost me on saying solange is pretty… true she has her own look.

    is it me or is beyonce aging?


  53. Beyonce photos look really stunning in SI and on the cover also . But Nicolette I do not understand your comment below.:booty:

    “beyonce needs to understand she isnt the only woman in the world that is beautiful kelly is pretty too solange forget it”

    Who said Beyonce doesn’t think those girls are beautiful as well . I hope she doesn’t think she is the only beautiful person in the world. But like I said, I didn’t understand that comment.

    :noway:Also, there is no way in hell Beyonce’s team didn’t know about the JHud’s Vogue cover shoot. Matthew is a very evil man and anyone would be stupid and naive not think her team did not do that on purpose. This is the same man who made teenage girls sign a contract without letting a lawyer see the contract, the same man who threw them out the group without notifying them, the same man who released Beyonce’s album early on ITune to affect Latoya’s albums sales, the same man who threw a bitch fit about his little girl not winning a golden globe, and also the same man who would not let Kelly release her album which she has been working on for years and instead letting his mediocre daughter Solange album to be released. DONT YOU SEE A PATTERN!!!!

    :stop:Im not saying Beyonce is the one telling Joe Jackson#2 to do these things and I dont think she’s all that innocent, because I dont know. But I dont respect her standing aside letting all that stuff take place!!

    :brownsista:Also, Beyonce is not my second favorite Dreamgirl, she actually my third. I thought Anika Noni Rose performance was so cute, I really liked her character.

    :cool:Also, I’m not a Beyonce HATER. Im just stating things I’ve noticed.:cool:

  54. I hope Kelly is getting ready to write that tell all book about the Knowles family, because that’s where she’s going to make huge bucks. She shouldn’t do it now, she should wait another ten years. Im sure she has so much to tell. Kelly is going to get really pissed off one day and tell everything. I know that book is going to be a huge best-seller.:thumbsup::thumbsup:

  55. i liked your post Oracle…GREAT POINTS

    also, many people seem to forget that BEYONCE is an adult. Which means that she has say so on shit as well. folks always ask, “well, why dont she just fire her father?”. wanna know why?

    because she LOVES what he’s doing. the manipulitive and sneaky actions he does behind the sences…. it’s helping her rise that’s why she never will fire him.

    but this will soon back lash her evil ass too.
    part of it is happening with jennifer. she’s already done something beyonce will never do and thats learning how to act. she thinkings using her body will work for her. in the beinning YES but once their use to seeing you they want TALENT.

    once papa and mama enter the pearly gates, where will beyonce’s career go? jay cant manage it look at Teira maire…..she HAD to leave cause jay wanted to screw Rihanna… :bag:

  56. PPl stop bitching about Matthew. It was SI who contacted Beyonce to be in the shoot. the only thing she ask for is that she can choose her own photographer
    So stop talking shit about Matthew

  57. LOL-Wow, I didn’t know there was a Matthew Knowles stans too. That’s really deep right there.:lol2:

  58. i think someone knows matthew personally…
    stop bitching at us, bitching about him….how about that?!

  59. Some of you all need to check the rules at the top of this forum.The cursing needs to cease.

  60. It doesnÒ€ℒt matter how many more magazines covers she is on. The one thing that she wanted she is not going to get and that is an OSCAR award because her acting sucks. Jennifer Hudson is beautiful, talented and she doesnÒ€ℒt need to hog the camera or wear a bikini to show it either. I think with all of her accomplishments it is really sad how Beyonce and her father are letting this Dreamgirls drama affect her. Get over it and grow up.

  61. Thank you Chey!!! She is on the cover to get more fans going crazy and to get our minds off of Jennifer Hudson! Beyonce is a demon along with her family! And it’s not all Bee’s fault her father is the devil himself! But what goes around comes around. She’s getting her shine now but it will soon turn not wishing bad on anyone, its reality. She looks hungry in those pics! That AIN’T sexy! She is cute with the right makeup but body wise she went down too much for my blood!

  62. And SI doesn’t have to contact Beyonce or anyone to be on the cover her man and father have enough power and they know people that know people. Trust me you keep thinking everything is done properly somethings are done under the table and also done on purpose for the down fall of others. From the start the Knowles have been devilish they won’t stop now!

  63. lol i didnt mean solange was pretty i think she looks like her ugly daddy and beyonce when she reaches old age she will be just her fat mommy :hmph:

  64. what i ment to say is beyonce will look just like her mother when she reaches her old age beyonces mom looks like a fat toad ribbit ribbit :lol2:

  65. The reason a lot of “hate” is directed towards beyonce is because she and her team seem malicious and very vindictive. If you speak up – you’re out the group. If you look like her (farrah) – you’re out the group. If you DARE sing better than her – cold shoulder (JHUD)….if you try to put your life together and release an album on nyour own – she moves up her release date suddenly to coincide with yor freshman effort (latoya)….if she’s not getting all the praise and attention, then she can’t show up to support her co-stars in awards shows (look at her absence from events two weeks prior to the grammys)….and the list goes on and on…..AND if you ever notice – JHUD says Bey was nice to her – but she never passionately defends Bey when people ask her how she was treated…she just makes vague comments about everyone getting along —-that;s girl code speak for “she was a true “B” but I aint gonna say nuttin’ b/c I dont want to get blackballed”….that’s what that whole situation is about…..

    Look, I liked Bey too. But she then showed some really ugly, cold, nasty, petty, vidnicitve behavior when she showed out on all her competition and her band members….I also understand she treats her band and dnacers like CRAP. So that is why the hate is directed to her. She’s a brown girl doing well- so I applaud her – but she is also a part of a very nasty Mafioso type family that tries to shut down all thing non-Beyonce and people hate that… that’s why all the “hate” —at least from my point of view…

  66. hiya candi sweetie yes beyonce is aging and fast she has lost that star quality but if she wants to flaunt her self more power to her if she wants to make a fool of herself in the lime light honestly she bores me 😐

  67. Amen Karen…… I seen bee and her mom talking about her fashion line they look so fake omg they are exactly the same, If they are godly women and bee a choir singer in the past in her own church she will have to answer for her herself and her mom has to answer for her own actions also THEY REMIND ME OF SNEEKS IT’S DISGUSTING :hmph:

  68. oh yeah karen j kudos to you my sistah…
    i forgot about pretty FERRAH that girl was pretty as hell like rihanna just pretty. no need for heavy make up. that may be trute about them throwing her out cause she looked BETTER than beyonce. she was too damn light. and if you refer back to the old interviews, ferrah talked her ass off. she wasnt afride of being the leader. beyonce aint like that crap she they came up with a b.s. excuse and threw her out.

    she had green eyes and all. that hair was really hers… damn beyonce can be shitty. shes like one of thoes girls in either high school or grammer school that wanted nothing but the attention. and if she didnt get her way she would to mean shit behind the teacher’s back! πŸ˜₯

  69. I don’t feel like it’s hating on Bey at all a lot of people say things like: stop trying to keep a sista down, oh she’s paving the way for black people. I don’t buy any of that. At this point in the game it’s all about ego, greed, and dominating the spot light. She has more that made her mark in history, she’s won every award imaginable, graced magazine covers, #1 hits, #1 girls group, movie roles, clothing line, major endorsements, her own fragrance, toured all over the globe. What more could she possibly have to prove. She’s been on top for so long she’s having a hard time sharing the spot light.

    I don’t think that anyone has to bring her down because eventaully she’ll play herself out. Her voice, talent, and her hard driven work ethic has made her a superstar and it will also be her down fall. And when she does fall she’s going to have a very hard time.

  70. Candi, I think her fans are even starting to wonder on the low. I have always felt that she had to be the center of attention. My question is what about poor solange? Does the family pay good enough attention to her at all? Perhaps thats why she got pregnant. On all of the behind the seens you Beyonce and her parents with her and Trophies etc. I remember beyonce said, Solonge loosend the screwes to her trophies b/c she was jealous. I hope they treat them equally, that is one of the worst things you can do to a child.:hmph:

  71. Dang Karen J broke it down up in here.I’m not saying I totally buy all you wrote but you made some great points.However, isn’t it possible that some things you posted were just coincidences?

  72. I don’t think what she said about Farrah is a coincidence. I have always felt that way πŸ™‚

  73. great point… about solange. that’s the only knowles that i feel sorry about. TRULY the ONLY one.
    the movie BRING IT ON 2 went striaght to dvd. her first album sunk quicker than quick sand… her low self-esteem showed when she was loosing weight too often. after her baby. her husband didnt want to be just the A HUSBAND which is why we see beyonce with the baby more… the daddy probably isnt there. sadly, she’s making [i feel] a huge mistake. she’s hurting her self.

    if she were to harm herself one day because she’ll never amount to shady sis, i would back her up just a lil bit. well she is a knowles you know. πŸ™„

  74. naw bootleg it….she dont need more money for that piece of useless talent :lol2:

  75. ok i guess i will go see blood and chocolate by the way i seen her pics here she has lost that back and dont she believe in putting on clothes at those basketball games i mean come on all those men in that place gesh no shame not at all candi you did see that movie right lol no lie lol

  76. oh naw i didnt see that crap i saw what the previews offered. but i guess she dressed normal cause she dresses like a skinny skizer anyway… but baby girl needs to tone down the weightlost. i’m really wondering if celebrities came across miss beyonce;s bitchy attitudes? i know the men are going to praise her cause they want her in bed. and not too many women want to be seen as the bitch so they lie and claim she’s a nice person.

    what do ya’ll think? 😳

  77. whenever i see bee being praised it’s normally a male saying she got game and s@#$ but hell im telling you she is faker then the damn toothfairy lol seriously I was watching a interview with mom and her in together she was all rolling her eyeballs and crap and her mom couldnt run away from the camera fast enough when they asked her some personal questions on her clothing line it was halirious

  78. you guys know she claims to have written a song she made for shakirah and has been wanting to sing with shakirah its been way over a year now that she has said this if you guys know of any information on this is it true or am i a liar lol i think bee is a b!#@* come on kelly and the other girl left her hanging high and dry from the destiny child group πŸ˜₯

  79. yeah i wish i was a celebrity, i would call shakira and tell mami DON’T DO IT…

    the reason beyonce is “trying” to do a duet with her is cause she CAN’T copy what shakira does…so she looks for the help from the “hip master” [i.e. shakira]. beyonce tried the crap in solider video. the hip dance and almost slipped her disc. lol

    she copied briney’s performance in 03 for the 06 VMAs.
    yeah, i remember wendy williams saying beyonce’s mother is a fox?……get real her mother look like the JOKER like ms j claims. lol

  80. omg tooooooooooooo funny your killing me over here
    candi lmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao at work

  81. beyonces im sure is just like her father what kindve of dad lets her daughter do such things in her videos he is the manager i wouldnt want my father having me make such vids would you?:oops:

  82. its true not to mention jay-z was claimed to have broken up with her. many people have said beyonce is like his puppy…. i could believe that one.

    but any who, yeah i dont want shakira to do so with her. cause if she does, then her whole performance will be taken away from her once beyonce knows the steps. right now she dont….

  83. hell no if i were an actress i wouldnt let him even see the movie i would make if there were a love scene.
    but remember that song beyonce “wrote” about a young girl named beauty? the surivor album….it’s about a young girl who gets sexually abused by her step father. her mother left the real father after a rought time. then the little girl fell in love with someone like step dad her abused her emotionally and made her feel like she was worthless…. [part of the song].

    i think that about the break up of her parents…remember they stated they split for a while cause he was broke after leaving his job? so does that mean beyonce was refuring to herself? she’s always making songs about her life.

  84. candi,maybe this is why shakirah hasnt done this as for jay-z treating bee in whatever way he does i bet beyonces deserves it whats this i hear about beyonce having a alter ego sasha ?

  85. ah man o man candi that is deep no doubt your right on the nail, i hear she also has a gay uncle that sort of raised her and picked out her clothes i mean does this girl not know her dad is using her to make money off her looks and body yukkkkkkk

  86. i remember there were rumors about kelly being a lesbian and her and beyonce were sleeping to gether lol i mean i dont believe it but i wouldnt put it past her. i dont know what her gay uncle has to do with her but i’m bisexual and i always felt certian celebs were im not saying which ones but she’s been seen with one who’s been accused of being gay. lol “HOW U DOIN?”


  87. That is exactly what I think Nicolette, the way Destiny’s Child was dancing and swining their behinds in Magic Johnson, Nelly & Terrance Howards faces. How can you do that when your father is in the audience. That is a lack of repsect, I don’t care if you have money to make. I could never do that in front of my dad but I have always felt that her father is sort of pimping her. That is the family’s cash cow. Look at her mother, that clothing line was established for HER not beyonce, they are shrewed business people, its all about the $$. And how do you think solonge is staying a float in some of those nice out fits. I would be surprised if Beyonce has a break down.

  88. πŸ˜† Candi that is funny. My brother always thought that Beyonce would be down to get with a girl on the Low. You think πŸ˜•

  89. lol candi i live in a town that is mostly BI people in it not saying im against it heck live and let live lol you asking me how I’m doing? lol I AM FINE been enjoy yapping with you lol i love this site you make it?:booty:

  90. Liyah thought you fell off the planet girl you know what im saying about beyonces daddy no morals its all about the petty cash $…………..

  91. let me tell you ladies something before all the stans fine us having a good ol’ time throwing around FACTS….

    Beyonce more than likely has no education. Her father is the one with the most educational background. he as always been in the business. More than likely he writes her speeches. it’s hard for her to remember every word on the index cards.[i.e. the loads of studdering and hard thinking].

    Mom was a known golddigger, has always been. that was the reason for the split from matthew. when he quit his job there WAS some money, but not enough for Ms. knowles. hair and clothing was her specialty…i dont think you have college for hair right?

    as a couple, tina does all the running when it comes to the household. [beyonce mentioned this as well]. that’s why they gotten back together he needed his daughter inorder for there to be a singing group.

    as for kelly….lol why would kelly stay if she keeps getting pushed back? maybe that’s his love child.. remember they said he cheated before. she looks like him anyway….

    solange ha! thats sucide wanting to happen.
    [sorry reality bites]

    beyonce sadly i feel will do the most damage to herself. kelly will get married one day and her husband will say “baby, you’re a grown woman living in her shadow. wake up baby. you’ll never make a come back if you stay under your father’s wings…” sadly she’ll have to get married for her freedom. the only people she’s around are the knowles and they will never encourage her to flee away….

  92. ok I can understand where your coming from things are crystal clear and truth is it’s sad always thought they had a fairy tale family the way beyonce always speaks on family values if this is the case I have seen the other side πŸ™ sad isn’t it and candi you sound like an educated person my hats off to you for sheading light on this touchy subject i will think about what you have mentioned 😐

  93. oh stan………………… thanks alot the site is aright:brownsista:

  94. Why would you all tell nicolette not to see Dreamgirls? I don’t care how much you may despise Beyonce, the music, Jennifer Hudson, Eddie Murphy, Annika Noni Rose and Jamie Fox are all worth going to see this flick.Yes Beyonce was the weakest “acting” link but she sang and danced very well.Dreamgirls is worth your $8.50. :thumbsup:


  96. LOL! Wow…it seems as if the people who “hate” Beyonce keep coming back NUMEROUS times to leave comments. Get off her ovaries and leave comments at a Jennifer Hudson site or something…lol! :thumbsup:

    The only reason I am posting is to let yall know that Farrah, yes pretty lil’ Farrah, did porn…yes PORN that’s why her nasty behind was kicked out the group. Please get your facts straight before you go posting randomness…but how could I expect better…this site is full of that!!! :thumbsdown:

  97. Oh and one more thing…since we are talking about underhanded-evil actions, why don’t all yall Bey Haters go blog about why Annie Leibovitz, the well known photographer, took those hideos pics of Jennifer for Vogue. Matter of fact she was angry at the fact that Jennifer got the cover instead of a model. So, I guess that’s how she got her pay back…with those unflattering pics. Yea…let’s go talk crap about that instead of friggin’ Beyonce.:thumbsup:

  98. i love you kayre..i really do because u proved us all the point we were making. you proved it by mentioning j.hud’s name on a beyonce article. which means j.hud can still out shine that hoe of yours….lol

  99. And again…you are right here to comment lmao…daaaang It has hardly even been a good hour that I posted that. Oh boy…you must really love beyonce to be stuck on this post like this! Are you depressed???

  100. not as half as beyonce is…lol
    i wonder what she’ll do since jennifer landed another magazine cover?

  101. Kayre,

    First please get your facts straight. Farrah posed on the cover of a non-fiction book about a husband who cheats – that is not porn – its alled literature, dear.

    Second, it is well known that she was kicked out the group because her appeal was identical to that of Beyonces – light, blond hair, exocitc eyes. Matty couldnt have that. Only room for one light girl in the group (such a stupid mentality) – but its true. Thats why Kelly and Michelle worked for him, in his eyes – because the brown girls always gt less mass media “play” than the lighter girls (not hating – its just true – but still as long as a sister is getting love I am happy – but Matthew did play the “color card”).

    Beyonce is a pertty girl. She has talent. She is not very articulate – but hey – neither was Marilyn monroe (her apprent Blond idol). The thing that pisses people off about Bey is that she seems to be a very insecure witch. She has always been the pretty girl with money, looks, and family support. she feels she is entitled to EVERYTHING – which is not unlike many self-important blond white women think. So while bug-eyed Solange just wasted away on the sidelines, beautiful Bey wAS getting all the attention and accolades. Now that she is getting a glimpse of what it feels like to be solnage, kelly, farrah, letoya, or Michelle – she HATES being “that other chick” – hence the pissy attitude and just overall stanky-ness in general.

    Her platic “stepford wives” smile has been wiped off that face – and now the bitchy, catty beyonce is coming out – and its sad – but true. I would have loved to see her relly support j hudson, secure in the knowledge of her own talent and accomplishments. But instead Bey the trophy daughter/girlfriend/pop star showed just how high-handed and ruthless she can be when it is not all about her. So KAyre – YOU please get your facts straight. Please listen to reason, and stop being such an obvious STAN – lashing out at everyone b/c we see Bey for who and what she is.

  102. sorry – should have spellcheckd previus post – my nails are getting too long to type….

  103. you cant tell these chicks nothing karen j. their blind as a bat when bullshit is shown to them….beyonce is fake and ignorant… watch….i get called a hater for that!

    beyonce and solange reminds me of that movie called twins with danny devito and arnold S. {cali governer}
    plot: two men born the same time one with good looks and get all the girls and the other who’s not as successful!
    they once said in the movie that arnold was used from the good sperm and danny was the shit lefted over…lol

    now dont tell me that not bey and solo star lol

  104. beyonce finally know how to use the internet instead of her wide pussy…. lol go to a concert

    by the way, where were you when her FANS told her to redo the video DEJA’VU??? probably signing the petition as well you lonely cunt.

  105. :iagree:

    i remember matthew knowles suing MEDIATAKEOUT.COM claiming beyonce was 32 not 25! could thing person be his tired butt?

  106. There’s no need to get worked up over anything written on this page. These are all just opinions. Nothing said on this page will hurt Beyonce’s career. I’m sure that she could care less what anyone on this forum has to say about her.

    It’s not that serious she will still be rich and famous tomorrow, get a grip!

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