Beyonce Goes ‘On the Run’

Fans waiting for a new album from Beyonce may possibly have to wait until the fall. New music from the singer however has been appearing online for quite a few months now. From ‘Grown Woman,’ which a video has already been shot for, to ‘Standing on the Sun,’ new tracks from the pop diva seem to be popping up almost daily. The latest to do so is ‘On the Run,’ the solo version of singer’s most recent duet with hubby Jay-Z.

Give it a listen and let us know what you think.


  1. “Grown Woman,” “On the Run,” Beyoncé stay copying the song titles of her band mates.

  2. Good music doesn’t have to “grow” on you. Either you like it or you don’t. Personally, I don’t like it. But I doubt much work went into it. Sounds like filler music.

  3. I hope people know that this is Jayz’s song. A fan just took his part out of the song and now its being passed around as a Beyonce leaked song for some reason…. Anyway i like the song considering the meaning behind it. With jayz’s verses added you can tell just how much they truly love each other.

  4. I don’t care whose song it is, it sucks. Grown Woman is a great song. Can’t wait for the video. I know it will be hot.

  5. I love this song. I’m hoping Beyonce will stay in the true R&B era like she did with her “4” album and maybe some hard ballets.

  6. This song is okay nothing to rave over! As usual another overrated Beyonce song! Don’t get me wrong she does have some nice songs very few. But she is no Whitney Houston or Michael Jackson by light years! Most of her music is immature and has no substance!

    @ Dana I totally agree! Either it hits you or it doesn’t!

    @ Juju lol true that!

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