Beyonce Packs On The Pounds For Movie Role

Beyonce has spoken extensively about the weight she had to gain to play jazz legend Etta James in the upcoming film Cadillac Records. However, the majority of movie stills that have been released from the film so far show a very svelte Beyonce draped in vintage 1950s dresses. With a bit of detective work however, I was able to find images of the singer playing Etta in her heavier and obviously drugged addicted days. In the stills on the next page, Beyonce is clearly shown depicting Etta at a not so hight point in her life. When Beyonce landed the role of the singer, Etta said she approved of the casting of Beyonce, but doubted the singer could pull off the grittier aspects of her life on the big screen.

And though it remains to be seen whether Beyonce can emotionally capture the pain of Etta’s life, you gotta admit that visually, she looks the part of an old fat washed up singer. Even her wig is busted. You know when a sista let her wig get like that things are bad (LOL).


  1. These pics have made me want to see this movie. On my gosh look at Bey. That first pic looks like she may be playing the hell out of that scene and her boobies look so fat and saggy. :lol2: She really got into this role. I so can’t wait to see it now.

  2. I LOVE the pain in her eyes,wow! Wow wow wow, besides all her fake tears and stuff, this is the realest i ever seen her look, she might be playing the hell outta that movie after all like dana said! :thumbsup: bey you’ re definitively looking the part

  3. :iagree:
    i can’t wait…

    i’m a big fan, and i was a bit nervous about seeing her act such a complex role but the photos might just convince me.

  4. I have to agree. These are the best pics yet. These show Beyonce clearly trying to step out of her element and up her acting game. I’ll definitely be going to see this film and kudos to her for getting that extra weight off for the Single Ladies video.

  5. i truly believe beyonce works hard for her money! She really looks like she is feeling the role.
    I hope the movie is a little darker (appearance of the screen) that alone can change one’s perception


  7. Beyonce is trying so hard to redeem herself after J-Hud stole the Dreamgirls show. Personally, I think she just trys so hard because she is so desperate to be taken seriously as an actress and because she is hungry for that Oscar, that she just comes off too fake.

    No, I am not a hater, I just can’t take Beyonce seriously as a real actress. Maybe this role will prove me wrong, but she is still no Meryl Streep.

  8. No one expects her to be meryl streep, but she is trying her best. You can tell that she really wants to learn. And that is a beautiful thing!

  9. :stop: wow see might of did a good job :thumbsup: that first pic looks real

  10. Just wow! You can really see the pain in these pics. I’m so ready for this to hit the big screen! :bowdown: :bowdown:

    Thanks WPC for the link to the track! Just amazing vocals too!

  11. i’ll wait for it to come out on dvd…..i don’t want to pay my hard earned money to see her mess up ms. etta james’ story and songs.

  12. “No one expects her to be meryl streep, but she is trying her best. ” Natalie said.
    sometimes your best isn’t good enough.

  13. 3 Letters: DVD

    I agree with free, I just can’t watch her act. It’s just kinda of painful. I start feeling sorry for halfway through Dreamgirls. For the start I knew she was destined to forever being in sing/song movies b/c the acting was robotic at best. The packing on the pounds and losing the pounds is what actors and actresses thinks make them good actors but it don’t matter how much weight you lose or gain – either you are good or your not. Real actors should be in movies – Angela Bassett could sing a note – but she was Tina all the way – why? b/c the woman can act.

  14. The pics are riveting but I have to agree with Etta herself, Bey won’t do her justice .

  15. UUm, maybe my eyesight fails me. Bey does not look “fat” in those pics. especially the one in the middle. I just don’t see the pain, the realism, they eyes say it all; they are supposed to anyway. Well, I really do hope that the movie proves me wrong. Maybe the big screen will project what still photos cannot.

    The “wig is bused” comment does not help, it’s supposed to look like Etta’s real hair. (Not Bey’s fault, though)

  16. The rendition of Etta is okay. Not gritty enough for me. Seems like her vocie is not deep enough. But good job Bey and good luck.

  17. If Etta felt that way, why did she approve bey….$$$$$$
    Any how, I do have to admit, the pics are convincing, however, I am still gonna wait to hear from the critics!

  18. The rendition is terrible and Beyonce’s Texan twang just kills it. Still like the pics though.

    (Why is the site moving so slow this morning?)

  19. She has become very obsessed with this acting thing and everybody knows it. And if she tries too hard then she will over act and that is not a good thing either. I know she is trying hard to be accepted as one of Hollywood’s heavy weight A-List actresses, but I am sorry, acting does not come natural for her. If it did, she would not have to force it to make it real. That is all I am saying. These are just pictures. We shall see in due time the delivery. But for me, I will wait until it comes to cable. With the state of our world, I mostly enjoy comedies and family movies and not Beyonce desperately trying to win an Oscar.

  20. Aww shucks! Beyonce might surprise all of her critics with this role. I think we should give her a chance.

  21. Beyonce Knowles can’t act people. Please stop trying to justify and give her a free pass just because she is Beyonce. She is not in the same league as Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep or Angela Bassett. Not now and never will be. She can keep dreaming about being nominated and ever winning that Oscar award. She is not an actress. Beyonce and her worshipping fans really think she is God’s gift to this world. She needs to come off of her high horse. Movie producers adore her because of her looks and popularity. They use her to get tickets sold. If she wasn’t in this movie, nobody would be interested in seeing it.

    She is still upset that Jennifer Hudson stole Dreamgirls from her. You can tell by her interviews. “I gained 15 pounds to play in this movie, I played a drug addict and it was so exhausting,. Please, get over yourself.

  22. lol @ Dana you not right, you just not right. However we’ll see with this movie. I want to see if Beyonce can curse good, because I heard Etta cursed like a sailor. When she did Dreamgirls and said that line “I don’t want no f****n b***s**t, I cringed lol.

  23. she will never win a oscar shes just not good enough :lol2: :noway: :thumbsdown:

  24. Ahh…I think she looks believable in these pics. I won’t judge it until I see it. I honestly didn’t think she did bad in Dreamgirls though. Looks as though she putting forth a effort to perfect the craft, and I can admire that. :brownsista:

  25. @ Voice I’m sorry to disagree, but I don’t see any pain in her eyes. She just looks like she is daydreaming like this 😐 see?

  26. RAW EMOTION, that’s what I’m talking about, baby! :lol2:

    Those are some tragic images. Seriously….TRAGIC, but then Etta was at one point in her life. Still, jury will remain ‘out’ until I can witness some scenes with Ms. B. :brownsista:

    I can’t wait to see what she does with the Eartha Kitt role. For Etta, she packs on the pound…what will she do physically for the role of Eartha? Chop 3 inches off her legs? I cannot WAIT. 😆

    With all due respect (now that the funnin’ is over) she looks non-Beyonce-ish in these images and that’s a start, because prior to in other films even though she portrayed a ‘character’ I still saw Beyonce….but this feature (when I rent it ha!) might change my mind based on these pics. Again, we shall see. :brownsista:

  27. I’m excited to see how well she’ll do in this movie too. She does show a lot of emotion in that first image. Etta James is a classic… One of my favorite old school singers. I just hope Beyonce doesn’t mess up this role…

  28. To me she look like beyonce in a bad wig. I wait until it come out on dvd or i might not buy it at all. When she act she look like a dear in headlight i can not support that at all.

  29. Why doesn’t she just stop with the acting. She sucks at it and that is a fact. News flash Beyonce, “YOU CAN’T ACT.”

  30. Ohhhhh, I love the emotions in these pics! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: December 5th can’t get here soon enough! The vocals are so deep and strong on the rendition of “At Last!” This is so exciting!

  31. For real… these pics DEFINITELY makes me wanna see the movie… at first I wasn’t all that interested!

    Guess ya’ll just sold the movie to me, LOL!

  32. So, do you guys think she will be as good as Diana Ross in “Lady Sings The Blues?”

  33. Maybe once she bombs in this picture she’ll finally get it. Stick to performing, on stage! There’s always a chance she might prove some of use wrong. But I’ll make that decision when the dvd comes out.

  34. I guess she figured if gaining weight for a role helped J.Hudd get an Oscar, it should help her too. I think she wants to play the “bad girl” role too given the tremendous amount of success Jennifer had with it as Effie.

  35. “I guess she figured if gaining weight for a role helped J.Hudd get an Oscar, it should help her too. I think she wants to play the “bad girl” role too given the tremendous amount of success Jennifer had with it as Effie.”


    OMG, I was thinking the same thing. But it worked for Jennifer Hudson because she could relate to the Effie character. Before Hollywood got a hold of Jennifer, she was like a size 22 or 24. She was probably used to getting put down because of her weight and before Dreamgirls, Jennifer struggled for three years to get a record deal. All kind of doors was getting shut in her face. That is why Jennifer could pull it off. She put her heart and emotions into that one scene. You felt her pain and it was real, not forced.

    Beyonce grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth. She is spoiled and used to getting her way. Acting is not her forte. Trust me, she read the reviews on her performance in Dreamgirls, so she is going to force herself to act like a drug addict and make sure everybody and their grandmomma knows that she put on the pounds for this role and visited ladies in rehab centers. But, it won’t be natural. She just seems so desperate to be an actress. I mean is getting an Oscar award that important to her? She needs Jesus in her life.

  36. sometimes your best isn’t good enough.

    That first picture screams:
    :lol2: :iagree:

    it don’t matter how much weight you lose or gain – either you are good or your not.

    The rendition of Etta is okay. Not gritty enough for me. Seems like her vocie is not deep enough
    🙁 :iagree:

    The rendition is terrible and Beyonce’s Texan twang just kills it.
    😆 :iagree:

    “I don’t want no f****n b***s**t, I cringed lol
    :lol2: :iagree: 😆

  37. I like the way she tries. Some people come off great their first go round and some people have to work at it. But I will wait for the movie to come out on DVD as well. I think she will do ok. though.

  38. If you had seen stills from Dreamgirls, especially the crying scene, you might have thought she’d done a wonderful job then too. If you saw a still of a dog in a wig with big sad eyes, you might believe him enough to buy a taco or rent a video. You have to see the movie. An objective opinion is that she overacts and is completely unbelievable.

  39. I would prefer to see Jill Scott or Kerri Washington do this role.

    Let her develope her dramatic acting skills. Acting requires sense memory and pulling from your personal experiences. Beyonce’s life has been too priveldged for her to understand the hurt and pain that a former addict like Ms. James has experienced.

  40. I have always felt that when you portray someone else on screen you either nail it or you don’t there is no in between like you were almost believable. As was said the only way you nail it is when people see that person and not you. You have to make them forget who is playing the part. That is a difficult thing that few have pulled off. Jamie Foxx was Ray. Halle Berry was Dorothy Danridge. Angela Bassett was Tina. After I saw those films I left talking about the person and not who played them. I wish Beyonce the best because it would be sad to drop the ball on someone life’s story, you don’t get several chances to do them justice. I have to say that while it is ok for a singer to portray another singer, up to this point that is all her acting portfolio is full of. Even if that is not her full character she is singing or performing in some way (Austin Powers, Pink Panther, the movie with Cuba Gooding Jr etc..) so I don’t think this is a true departure for her, this may not be her breakthrough role. I hate to say it but if she plays Eartha Kitt as rumored, movie directors/writers may typecast her as being a one dimensional actress and she may not be offered that script of a lifetime because she hasn’t shown the ability to truly step outside the box.

  41. You know, I love reading blogs…but it amazes me how simple minded some people are. 90% of the blogs especially Sandrarose seem to always have some statement about Beyonce. Beyonce is the one entertainer who puts on a great show and gives you the bang for your buck!! she who does not lip sync, her shows are exciting – beautiful entertain.. Oh, despite the flack Janet J is catching, her concerts are off the chain as well (though she might be lip syncing). Now take your other artists RiRi, Ciera, Spears, none of these can do both at the same time they either are going to provide you with good dancing or mediogar singer. Give this woman a break – you hate or you love she’s got talent. Her acting I will agree with most – not quite up to par.

  42. The phyical looks good and but I have to see her acting skills. LOve me some bee but I can’t say I think she can act that well. We shall see.

  43. happy to see these pics…everyone knows im a big beyonce fan and though i was already anticipating this film i wasnt going crazy about it…but this has made me want to see it more…i hope she does well and yes photos can look interesting but on the screen it can seem lame so we will have to wait to see…i hope she nails it and some of you that say she cant act can be proven wrong…maybe she will do terrible…i donno i have to wait and see i just wish her luck…im excited about her movie called obsessed…that should be a good one!

  44. The still images look impressive! And she does not look fat to me either, because those first and third pix look the same. Like she is leaning forward in one and sitting straight up in the other and she doesn’t look fat.

    Anyway, I will wait to read the comments you all will have about Ms. B and this movie & her “acting” performance when you all see the movie, because as hard as I try, (and I do try) I just can’t take Beyonce’s voice… singing and/or talking! She irritates the hell out of me listening to her! It’s so weird… I can read what’s happening w/ her for the moment, but that VOICE….. UGGHH.

    All the same, I wish Bey the BEST w/ her upcoming projects. :thumbsup:

  45. tina bich beyonc is going to win a oscar what are you goin to won no thing but britney spears old under wear

  46. I must admit that I am thrilled to see her step her game up and do something more challenging. I hope she is a true mirror image of Etta. The photos seems to show a lot of emotion, I hope the move will show us the same thing.
    Good luck Ms Bey

  47. Beyoncé really, really looks like she dug deep for this role as Ms. Etta. I’ve heard nothing but great reviews from her performance from 2 private director’s cut screening they held in Canada last month.
    I too wasn’t convinced of Beyoncé’s acting. She can sing like an angel and perform like a bad ass on stage but acting-no so much. When I saw these photos it made me really believe in her and have faith that she can do acting and take it to another level with raw emotional and brillance.
    If she gets an Oscar nomination, it will be a wrap for haters everywhere…then what would they say and hate on…I couldn’t even imagine it lol. Congrats Beyoncé! :thumbsup:

  48. Ohhh and for the haters to hate on something, I just wanted to share that great info that “If I Were A Boy” is no. 1 on iTunes! LOL….take that :bowdown: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  49. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: Work it Etta “Beyonce” James! I’m loving these pics! Can’t wait for the movie to hit on Dec. 5th!

    FYI New Yorkers:

    Beyoncé wants to see YOU up close and personal at Bloomingdales. This Tuesday, October 28th, in celebration of her new film, Cadillac Records, Beyoncé and Tina Knowles are both coming to Bloomingdales on 59th street at 6pm.

  50. ^^^^you need to learn the difference between fact and opinion. not everyone thinks those women can act.

    in fact i dont think jennifer deserved her oscar because all she did was scream and play a angry black woman. who can’t do that.

    and halle didn’t deserve one imo because all she did was get humped by a white man.

    so if they can get oscars then bey definitely can.

    and ‘anna’ you are the one who needs jesus. how do you know she is ‘desperate’ for an oscar. has she said anything about oscars? No.

    and how do ya’ll know beyonce grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth? did you grow up with her?

    it’s crazy folks on here who really think they know beyonce. ya’ll dont know any of these celebrities so dont say they are desperate or grew up spoiled.smh

    i can respect those who are skeptical about her acting, but those who think they know beyonce so well really need to sit down.

  51. I’m sorry but did yall see the secret life of bees. Queen latifah and Alicia Keys were great actors. Beyonce on the other hand I don’t know.

  52. I will say what I always say about Bey’s acting. I don’t think she is a bad actress. Someone said she is not Meryl Streep. Well, duh. Meryl might be the best actress in Hollywood today. That would be like me saying, “Well, Alicia is no Beyoncé as a vocalist.” But the thing is, Bey is the best vocalist of her age group in the industry. But Alicia is still very, very good.

    The problem is, people need to lower their expectations of her when it comes to acting. She’s not terrible by any means. She is only taking supporting roles which is what etta james’ role is. If it was not Beyonce doing this role, this role would not even get this much publicity. Remember that, she is not even the lead actress. People need to think about that.

  53. :thumbsdown: I wish beyonce could act la diana ross :bowdown: i wouldn’t complain but she can’t it’s been prove over time check her if i were a boy video
    “It’s not like I’m sleeping with Him” :lol2: Very Bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would love for her to be a triple treat like JHud lol too bad bee even ciara can act in that mtv movie i saw i wanted to beat ciara up cause she was so mean lol

    Beyonce as denna :thumbsdown:


  55. I’m not saying ciara is an actress i’m comparing mtv carmen with that mtv movie ciara did and to me ciara is better then beyonce and they only gave beyonce a GOLDEN GLOBE nom cause they couldn’t give her an oscar nom beyonce and madonna same level with acting and madonna won a GOLDEN GLOBE that says a lot being a NOMINEE not so much :lol2:

    And i’ll give madonna this at least she try like during etiva or whatver her ass was not playing but beyonce dreamgirls we’ll i lost pounds and this is a real role for me bullshit :thumbsdown:

  56. And am i the only one who couldn’t tell beyonce lost weight i could tell Jhud gain but bee ass still was chucky and she don’t look like she gain shit for etta

    And why not rihanna for eartha kitt she looks like her but nevermind i saw bring it on se couldn’t even play herself oh well

    And again people it’s not about singers and rappers acting it’s about them at leat doing a meaningful job the same other way around

  57. @Curtis
    Why should people lower their expectations when it comes to Beyonce’s acting? The woman has access to the best acting coaches and she still hasn’t nailed it. Some people are born to act. Some people are born to sing. Some people are born to do both..Beyonce’s not one of those people. I don’t think she has what it takes in the acting department, but she OWNS the stage, no doubt about that.
    Still, I refuse to lower my expectations for her. That would be an insult. I do wish her well, though, because she’s obviously a determined woman.
    @ smh
    Everybody knows that Beyonce had a very privileged upbringing. Daddy brought home six figures, Momma owned a hair salon. We’ve all seen the E! True Hollywood stories, Lifetime specials, etc…so this is old news.

  58. LMAO @ the people who can’t stand or watch Beyonce’s acting, but yet ALWAYS say “imma wait until the DVD comes out so I can see it”.. :lol2: HUH?? How much sense does that make? I can’t STAND Beyonce’s acting either, and guess what folks, I for damn sure aint gonna waste my money on no DVD so I can watch it. Ima true beyonce hater and half of yall who claim yall don’t like her no more about her than her crazy ass STANS! Why is the world so Beyonce-tized???

  59. Etta James didn’t have the authority to approve Beyonce. They just met. She is not the producer of this movie. And after seeing why did I get married I think Jill Scott would have killed this road. Not taking anything away from Beyonce, but, I think people will start not taking these black movies seriously if they keep putting the same black actress in all the roles. One thing I can say for Jennifer Hudson is in her next movie she did something totally opposite from Effie White. And the reason Beyonce can’t do that is because they are not being offered to her.

  60. Queen Latifah or even Jill Scott would’ve been a better fit for this role.

  61. So Bria, looks like you out to get your ducketts in a row and produce a movie, so you can have who you want to star in it!

    The trailer has started to show on TV for this! I am so excited!

  62. who said jhud was a triple threat? haha thats very incorrect

    and beyonce has taken different roles…i guess you people havent heard about the movie thats comes out early 2009 called obsessed…

  63. well, prettylady818: I said, that people should lower their expectations because someone said she is no Meryl Streep. Well, again duh. MS is probably the best actress in Hollywood today. People should not expect that from Beyonce. Given a choice, I would rather Bey not do acting but it is not my choice. It is hers. Besides as I said, she is not a bad actress though she is not a standout there and that’s cool.

    Just like my Alicia Keys analogy. She is not the vocalist that Bey is, but I am not going to look at live performances or listen to her album for that. She is a great musician though not the best and that’s what I look for. Like I said, Bey is not the best actress but I actually feel she did a very good job with DGs. Of course, I don’t think Jen should have won an Oscar either but she did a good job especially for her first time. I just think people are too hard on Beyoncé sometimes.

  64. I don’t see what all of the fuss is. This movie is not an Etta James biography and Beyonce is not the leading character. The media just focuses on her because she is the big named star just like in Dreamgirls. This is a supporting role and I am sure she doesn’t have a lot of screen time. I am sure Beyonce read all of the reviews from her last movie and she is taken on something to help make her a better actress. Ok, she is not a natural actress, she is not and will never be as good as Meryl Streep or Angela Bassett and I think she knows that winning an Oscar award for acting is a little out her reach, but I think she still respects the art of acting. Eventually, she will rest, settle down and start her family, but for right now, she wants to do what she can while she still has her youth. Just like all the major superstars before her, she will not always be on top, have a hit album or hit movie. That all comes with the territory.

  65. If she gets an Oscar nomination it will be an insult to serious black actresses everywhere and proof positive that Hollywood is a machine that’s running on nothing but hype and making mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money.

    It’s nice to know her fans have repeatedly downloaded her songs on ITunes.

    I like her drive, but have to question her reasons. And for those of you who think she’s bionic and that there’s not anything she can’t do, you really should take a good look at yourself because she’s human like the rest of us and can’t be 100% perfect at everything…INCLUDING the acting gig.

    As for JHud and one person’s comment saying she was nothing but an angry black woman and “who can’t do that?” please, if all you saw was ‘angry black woman’ then you didn’t see much within the character of Effie White and JHud’s portrayal. Did you miss out on the nuances and the subtleties invoked in certain scenes? THAT’S what got her Oscar nod and subsequent win.

    And for the record, weight gain does not equal critical acclaim or Oscar-win. I would urge you all to wait until the movie releases and watch her performance, then you can go from there.

  66. ok enough about jhud…yeah she won an oscar…she may win one again…but i know that the only reason why she won the first one was because her character was MEANT to outshine beyonce….NOT saying that she isnt a better actress than beyonce…just saying her character purpose was to outshine beyonce and she won that oscar because singing was involved with that played out and im telling you song…granted…the song was FIERCE i do believe thats the only reason why she won in my opinion.

  67. this is the real bey :lol2: when she takes off the make up and the lacefront …. this is what jay sees at night …thats why jay looks at rhi rhi….lolol :booty:

  68. @Hi Haters it’s not that serious. No I am not about to produce a movie and I don’t even see what that has to do with my comment. I simply said Etta James had no control over who played her. And if I’m not mistaken Obsessed is going straight to DVD. You can have a difference of an opinion or just not be a fan of someone without you hating on them (whatever that means). I do believe that this movie won’t be big and could have been big but they keep putting the same actress in all of the movies like this. It would be like if Angelina Jolie was in every movie that came out about all white singers of certain era. People would not want to keep seeing that and they wouldn’t.

    She has not been in a good actress in her last projects and until people are able to see this one we can only go on past performances. I think the only people who are spreading Oscar buzz are the same people who did it for Dream Girls her parents and her team. Other wise no one else is saying that.

  69. but yet ALWAYS say “imma wait until the DVD comes out so I can see it”

    Well that’ s dumb why wouldn’ t you want people to give bey a chance, since you adore her soo much,and yes we ain’t stupid give us some credit you are a stan easy to tell 🙂

    “why she won the first one was because her character was MEANT to outshine beyonce”
    if you really think people will go to great lenght to “outshine” beyonce and put her down , You need serious help

    “if all you saw was ‘angry black woman’ then you didn’t see much within the character of Effie White and JHud’s portraya”

    all they saw was a fat girl singing better than “beysus”

    Miss brooklyn nasty
    You was wrong for that!

  70. To my understanding Etta did have a say, her son is the one that convinced Etta to let Beyonce play her. Etta didnt think Beyonce looked like her…..

  71. No, AnonymousLogic. What got Jennifer the Oscar was her role. Not her acting. Nothing more, nothing less. And I am not dissing her acting in the movie. But trust me, I have seen actors act better in other movies but they did not have the role that appeal to award givers but then they have a role that does so they win. Roles actually are more important than the performances themselves. Always remember that.

  72. You are correct@Whew. Not to mention she also said that she didn’t sound like her vocally either. Her son convinced her that people look at the visuals when it comes to Bey but that she is a great vocalist.

  73. I love how everytime an black actress win an oscar which is never it gets pick upon :lol2:

    Oh Jhud just won the oscar cause she sang

    Halle cause she blink that white man

    There are so manywhite actress that win that oscar and don’t deserve it Julia roberts not saying she a bad actress but that oscar she won bullshit they gave it to her cause she is julia whatever

  74. her son is the one that convinced Etta to let Beyonce play her


  75. And other thing beyonce and her knowles posse act as if Dreamgirls was never heard before it wasn’t a broadway play people always knew effie was the star yet people talking about beyonce they cut off antina scences and others to add more screen time for beyonce cause if i remeber denna jones was not on the set that much lol

    And stans say beyonce had to hold back PLEASE denna is not even suppose to be a singer that can truly sing listen come on i can’t imange diana ross singing listen i’m coming out yes but listen :thumbsdown:

    Go on youtube check the way denna is suppose to sound soft and girly not no



  76. Oh Lord thank you LOLA for adding some calm logic to this “debate” she is not the leading role for this film, its actually a pretty small role, amongst others. Adrian Brody has the largest role, if im not mistaken, and Ill support anything with Jeffery Wright in it, hes brilliant!

  77. Remind me again how J.Hud is a triple threat again?? But anyway, R.I.P to her mother and brother. I just heard the news. I will be praying for her

  78. coco stfu Does that matter right about now? U such an horrible person just stfu!

  79. Well Beyonce is successful in her chosen profession. She’s even getting full co-writing credits on her songs now. She’s about a good an actress as Madonna is and she’ll keep getting opportunities other actors who aren’t famous would kill for. She’s at her peak now so she’s striking while the iron is hot. I am happy Etta James gets a feature film about her life but I don’t expect to be wowed by Mrs. Carter. Such is life.

  80. B can’t act when this movie comes out it’s rumored just have five scenes with her. She is going to be as mad as she was in Dreamgirls and people tried to say she acted well in that. This pictures mean nothing, B can’t act!!!!

  81. @bria

    well you ARE mistaken cause obsessed is NOT going to dvd. movie is set to be released in theaters feb. 27th 2009

  82. I Love Beyonce, I can’t wait to see this movie! I heard “At Last” on the radio yesterday, I love this song and Bey sounds good singing it. I have a question, Why does everyone hate on Bey so much? She is young, attractive, and rich. She is a singer, trying her acting chops and she dabbels in fashion design. I don’t understand why all the Hate? She is a glowing example of a young person using the God given talents she has and she is reaching for more. The last time I checked there was nothing wrong with that. So what this movie may not be the best, she is at least trying. If you don’t like her don’t support her, but please STOP THE HATE !

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