Beyonce Performance+Bloomingdales Appearance

Beyonce’s alter-ego, Sasha Fierce, made her world wide debut last night at the Power 105.1 Powerhouse Concert. Not originally scheduled to perform, Beyonce/Sasha, took to the stage midway through the Jay-Z performance and accompanied by her backup dancers, performed a shortened version of her hit song, Single Ladies. Dressed in a black catsuit and rocking her signature pulled back do, Beyonce performed for all of one minute, before throwing up the ROC sign and walking off the stage.

Earlier in the day Beyonce was accompanied to Bloomingdales by her mother Tina, where they presented their new House of Dereon Collection which is said to be inspired by the movie Cadillac Records.


  1. Doesn’t she look lovely?! Marriage obviously agrees with her..
    I love that she gets up and does her little thing from time to time to support her husband.
    I’m from England and have seen them perform live together… Mindblowing!!

  2. The video is too short to enjoy and it wasn’t a real performance. Her Bloomies looks is ok. Don’t like the hair or the shoes.

  3. This hairstyle makes Beyonce look more mature and I think that’s the vibe she is going for. I like the style better in Essence and the Single Ladies video though. It looks a little flat here. Good luck to her. She is maturing fast. Just yesterday she was a 16 years old and now she’s a married woman.

  4. :bowdown: :bowdown: Just love the look! Classy and fly! The shoes are fiyah! :bowdown:

    That little performance was too cute! Can’t wait to see her rock the stage with this performance in a couple of weeks! I’m really loving this laid back era!

  5. I must say I am starting to like this single ladies song…. Its growing on me….
    And I am liking this look, very simple unlike the look she had to promote B’day… But I must have to swallow and eat my words cause I said she may have a hard time cause of so much competition from keri hilson, j.hud and others that were releasing around the same date but looks like she will do just fine… Oh and liking the pictures she looks absolutely fab….

  6. I agree with most of the previous comments. The video to the Single Ladies song is HOT. I don’t really watch videos anymore, but I happened to catch that one the other day and had to sit and watch it all the way thru. The girl was killing it. I agree with CREE about her hair. It looked better in the video and in the Essence photo shoot. It looked thicker and darker before. She still looks good and her shoes are just dope! I also love the way she supports her man. Their love is so real…I hope it lasts. I’ll have to check out her clothing line at Bloomies.

  7. thats how my girl puts it down! :bowdown: it wasnt even her performance and did a little skit in there like that and own it for about 30 seconds…get em BEE!

  8. Yes B! I was there and that trick worked it out for that hot lil minute she was out there. I mean the crowd went crazy cuz wasnt nobody expecting her to be there I guess. But the whole show was off the hook, but Beyonce definitely had everybody hype when she came out of nowhere.

  9. omg i love this chick! she is awesome, and looks so beautiful. who else can captivate and entire audience for 30 seconds, and just walk off like the bad biyatch they are.she’s my inspiration for my music career. i hope i can be as successful as her

  10. :noway:

    This song is pure PURE GARBAGE the video and the repetitive radio brainwashing effect will help make it #1..It’s amazing that Beyonce can put out a horrible song and after the continuous force down your throat routine all of the followers give in and start saying they love the song and it’s a hit..Beyonce has acheived that level of success to where she can basically put out anything and people will buy it.


  11. Watch out Stef. You know if you don’t say good things about Mrs. Beyonce or praise her, the majority will jump all over you. It is like this woman has them all brainwashed into worshipping her. I just don’t get all of the hype.

  12. Beyonce has acheived that level of success to where she can basically put out anything and people will buy it.

    and that’s a great thing isn’t it? great performance very good beyonce

  13. Stef, I was shaking my head in utter disbelief until I read your comment. It’s 100% accurate. That song is like Nelly’s debut song…the hood nursery rhyme? It’s that song with a choreographed visual by Beyonce. I just don’t get people lol

  14. Beyonce looks nice in the pictures above, but her mom looks even hotter. I like her moms entire outfit. I would wear that.

  15. GET EM BEE!
    She looks sooooooo HAPPY 🙂

  16. Where did she get that booty? Steph you are so wrong for getting a close up on her toes. They dont look to bad there though!

  17. This song is just pure garbage!! :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:
    It makes me sad to see this type of imagery out here like this. But I guess you have to do what you have to do to… GET THAT MONEY!!!

  18. :bowdown:
    gooooooooo bee wat a banging performance :bowdown: hot like fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:

  19. yeah…someone will find something terrible to say im sure…so now she is on staged all covered now that shes not in a leotard someone will have to find something else wrong with this clip than her clothing…im sure its coming :booty:

  20. i’ve always said beyonce is half-caste iwonder why people find debate in that!!!!!!

  21. honey its basically black women caught up in their own inferiority complex of seeing another with lighter skin.iguess it bites

  22. Beyonce looks great and she deserves all of her hard earned success. The woman works it! Get it Bey!!!!!!!!

  23. The performance was HAWT! I hope she’ll have a sneek performance at the jayz concert here on cleveland ohio tonight at the Quick and Loan Arena on behalf of Obama! I have front row seats and I cannot wait!

  24. :booty:
    All she do is shake her nasty :booty: she need to go sit down ain’t she married now

  25. They are so cute! Jay and Bey support each other well, it seems AND still manage to remain mum about their union. I luv that. She looked so fab at the end as she threw up the ROC.
    I like those two-

    As for the pix:
    She looks pretty, the same but pretty. I’m tired of that hairdo already. I hope she gets bored with it soon. I’m luvin the heels tho’!! The color of them is what I need in my life.

  26. Beyonce straight killed it, and She looks extra Beautiful in that black dress and so does tina!

  27. :stop: :stop: :stop: …she looked straight stupid dancing like that on stage….if her “live” performaces were any good there gone 4eva with this nonsense…she is just a high price hooker that jayz decided to marry(pretty woman anyone?) :loser: :loser:

  28. She did the dang thing!!!! Regardless of what yall say, Bey is killing the game right now. :bowdown:

  29. she’ll be here in miami at the bloomingdales too. me and my girl are going. i might be a wee bit more excited than her. when we went to her concert i was frozen like a mummy from the ice age. she hypnotizes me. my girl be acting like she aint jealous, but i know she is. but i love her bc she still loves me, and supports me through my beyonce obsession. 🙂 i dont think i could date someone who didnt like beyonce…………….

  30. I wonder what is the average age on this blog. I think I am getting to old for this. Because I am starting not to be able to related to most of these comments.

  31. I just looked at the video and I don’t remeber who said it, but, she is at that point that she can just put out anything and everyone will just be like wow.

  32. Bria, don’t feel bad. I was wondering the same thing. I :iagree:

  33. Beyonce is so overrated and over hyped that it is just ridiculous. She is not even a real artist, but a copycat artist. She is a joke. She just gets praised for any and everything that she does. I guarantee if she wasn’t light skin and pretty, people wouldn’t ride her coat tail the way they do.

  34. Now bria…you always make it clear; you’re not a B fan. I have 3 questions for you: Do you go ‘WOW’ at EVERYTHING B puts out? I seriously doubt it LOL. Then, how can you say/agree that ” she is at that point that she can just put out anything and EVERYONE will just be like wow?

    The third one is concerning “I think I am getting to old for this. Because I am starting not to be able to related to most of these comments” bria.

    How can a non-B-supporter relate to comments B fans make… in a Beyonce blog? This makes no sense.

  35. I want that transformer robot lookin’ hand thang she’s been wearing…..That would be perfect for Halloween!
    Just F I E R C E!

  36. I really would like to know from everyone why they dont like Beyonce and why they do……without people calling names and saying others are jealous, I really want to get opinions. Everyone raises interesting points and I want to seriously know how others feel….I mean if your jealous say “im jealous of her”, for whatever reason I want to know.

  37. bria :iagree: too

    “i dont think i could date someone who didnt like beyonce…………….”


  38. Whew: I never could take authority well, let alone bullying, i’ ve been in and out of jail for busting someone heads because they triedt to stop me from saying, doing or even wanting what i want, I do not take bullying very well which is why i don’ t like beyonce’ s fans , I like beyonce, sometimes i do sometimes i don’ t but i really start to hate her because of her fans, they feel like beyonce is invincible and untouchable it don’ t matter if you write a letter full of compliments if you put one thing that doesn’ t praise her you are a hater, I so don’ t play that song! i do not, I don’ t care how much millions she makes an album, i am dangone customer i own the d.i.l album and destiny fulfilled [i wonder who’ s destiny anyway?!]it was my money put into that sho! s
    o if i wanna sAY SOMETHING ABOUT BEYONCE it’ s my f—ing right, I don’ t like her fans, they “make me hate her”, they make me expect great stuff from her (if the “they make me” make sens) and when i don’t see it, yeah i talk and yeah i b… ! They make it seem like beyonce is better than every body us included and it’ s not true if she did she would be immortal, have god on speed dial, be happy every damn day not have her period,be number onethe same day her song had been available Know what i’ m saying?,

    In reality we[ rather we like her or not] are ALL PROUD of her accomplishments {can i get a amen?} we are all happy for her ,we might not like how she did it {blond hair, butt shaking, stomping on people and stuff} but we are all proud of her, whether she knows it or not SHE A SISTA we can’ t help but be proud of her , isn’t that enough? do we have to bow down to every single thing she does? I think not and i will keep on posting on her topics because this is and i’ m a brown sista and it’ s my right and i wanna see who is going to stop me from speaking my dag mind

    Sorry for the agression 🙂 :brownsista:

  39. I am sorry but she is just like Deena losing all her soul. It seems like all young people want to do today is shake their azzes and dance to silly songs. I bet Beyonce doesnt listen to her own music anymore.

    What she needs to do is a double CD for the people who enjoy her voice but want more R&B sound rather then saturating the airwaves with this BS. I love her voice she can make anything sound good but this song is just ridiculous. IDK maybe I am just getting old.

  40. what kind of woman is Beyonce that she needs to have an alter ego in order to be the stronger version of herself? I don’t understand chicks’ trying to play shy when they aren’t. It doesn’t make you a better person. It just makes you a fake good two shoes!

  41. I love her voice she can make anything sound good but this song is just ridiculous [and look good too]

  42. Straight trash as usual. Only brainless people and small children would respond to beyonce. She refuses to grow up. It’s like she’s still a teenager the way she was just popping her stuff on stage. THe video is trash and so is the song.

    And anyone who don’t like what i said can kiss my :booty: Especially mrs.jones3. She is comes on concreteloop and talk a bunch of trash. She worships beyonce because she has no life of her own. Someone needs to tell her she’ll never have a career like beyonce had because she’s too busy being in beyonce’s :booty:

  43. Music today is like being on a strict diet of salmon and green leafy vegetables, it taste good and looks beautiful on a plate and nourishes you for the time being, but eventually you are gonna want something you grew up on prepared by that talented cook–that make you wanna slap yo momma corn bread, collard greens & pig tails, yams, fried chicken, potatoe salad and sweet sweet tea. Some people turn their noses up at soul food (its not healthy, its plantation food, its ugly, etc etc)but when it is done right you cant help but enjoy it. Just like music. I guess I am at the point where I am still hungry for that authentic soul that nurtured me growing up.

  44. :booty: :booty: :booty: :booty: :booty: :booty: :booty: :booty:


  45. :thumbsup: Man, check out the rock, my friend. These two are going the distance for real. I still can’t believe B has been in this game so long. I’m lovin it all day!

  46. Her coming out was rather corny, but I’m glad she finally put some clothes on.

  47. The shoes are cute but the dress is nothing special looking. I have never cared for Tina’s designs, they always look nice but ordinary they don’t have that wow factor that makes people take notice but its good her daughter is supporting her no matter what.

    I don’t like the song either it sounds teeny bopper to me, it is no different of a sound from Ciara or Brittany and the like but Beyonce does have the better voice so she gets away with it.

    While I understand shaking her stuff is her bread and butter, it would have been nice to see a dance video that shows growth as a performer. I felt like the video was mainly recycled moves, I’ve seen them before.

    I think people see Beyonces potential to be an iconic performer, she has the voice and the work ethic but people have to realize that until the artist is truly mature enough to take risks and make it about the music and not the sales then we will continue to get this type of trendy music. That is not all Beyonces fault, the industry has put out this packaged type sound and artists who want to stay relevant, unfortunately compromise. That is why I appreciate artist who keep integrity to true music and are not afraid to go against the grain. Just think about it there are few artists out now who actually make music with real instruments anymore, it is all made up on a computer and it sounds like it.

  48. The shoes are cute

    Yes they are! I love them

    people have to realize that until the artist is truly mature enough to take risks and make it about the music and not the sales then we will continue to get this type of trendy music.


    if this were a regular woman we would be calling her nasty, a ****, or she has low self esteem because she is dancing sexually in front of horny men while her husband is egging her on.

    If she was a.. Girl i call it like i se it regular or not, but that’ s a great point, for her defense the minute she clothes up and stop grinding it, her fans are going to the left left left they need that “bad -ss b-tch” image to alimente their daily lives, look at how many people hated if i were a boy and i love love love it , i loved it enough to limewire it and i don’ t do that often..

    it feels like Jay pimps Beyonce out
    You think? but go and say that and they’ ll have a panoply of name for you: hater bitter crab ugly dark skin fat poor baby mama and {insert}

    Aint no way my man is having that
    My brother in law wish my sister would bump and grind like a b-tch in heat, he wish she would, Please don’ t no respectable married woman act like that, All of you here that are married if any , Would you dance and grind and shake like that? most importantly how would you feel if your man is sitting right there and encouraging you hmm hmm

    You sell Rihanna like that

    Agreeed ain’ t she his “proteger?”! but you know what? i don’ t think rihanna is having it, she seems to be more strong willed and don’ t play that sh–t

  49. Coco and Ice T in the making

    Nice blog brownsista my girlfriend Introduced me to it Very Nice 🙂

  50. Is that ridiculous “roc” sign the Masonic “Devil” Sign?

  51. To stephanie do you understand the whole sasha/ beyonce? I don’ t care to give her props anymore or anything but i don’ t get it and since we don’ t have any alter ego post i have to post in here

    As a worker in the medical field i learned long time ago that people with two personalities are “mentally ill.” Multiple Personality Disorder is a real disorder, when a person in denial creates another persona to deal with a certain trauma, or creates another personality to protect them, or creates a person to display behavior they know is not acceptable. is she claiming to be mentally ill?

  52. the dancing was nice

  53. Everywhere I go I see the same type of people…they just throw comments to the negative ALL the time, let the woman live already, Jay-Z is not pimping her out…how many times has she made guest appearances at his shows and vice versa? It’s not that serious people, she’s an entertainer and she was there to support her husband and entertain…he’s promoting for his wife, I think it’s sweet….but If she doesn’t have 10 million people criticizing her on these blogs on a daily basis….I guess she just isn’t doing something right. MY PEOPLE GET OUT AND VOTE AND STOP WORRYING ABOUT WHAT BEYONCE IS DOING, SAYING, WEARING, EATING, WRITING AND ANYTHING ELSE SHE MIGHT BE DOING, YOU ARE ALLOWING THIS CELEBRITY LIFE MESS CONSUME YOUR LIVES….

  54. *throwing comments to the negative* Or *take it however you like*

    The dancing was Beyonce. I don’t see Sasha; I just see Beyonce…in all black with some fierce shoes. 😆

  55. “i dont think i could date someone who didnt like beyonce…………….”


    Just WOW at this comment.



  56. umm to mimi08

    you can go to hell sweetie. i do have a life. i am married, with a good job, two cars, and i own a house..oh and i’m 21. yeah, bring ya bottom lip back up trick. i don’t worship beyonce, i admire her, as you can see i have to much to do in my daily life to worship somebody. i just think that people bash this girl for no reason, u are obviously one them . don’t you dare ever try to judge me honey cuz you don’t know a damn thing about me. i hope you come read this too.

  57. She’s a great performer but the songs just don’t appeal to me.

  58. I really do like how they support each other. Talk about keep it in the family. lol.

    The more I hear “Single Ladies” the more I am liking it. I’m not feeling “If I Were A Boy”, but SL gets you moving.

  59. @Mario get life and an identity clue. You are no longer suspect. And the last time I checked this was suppose to be a brown sista blog not a Beyonce blog. And I was quoting someone else. I think that there are so many talented sisters out, but, for the most black blogs only really talk about two. That is what is sad to me. That we only seem to talk about to basic sounding sisters. NOw I am proud of their accomplishments but there are some sisters out her putting out some great music and I think we should discuss them more. Put clips of their songs maybe every once and while.

    But Mario, please everything does not have to be a battle nor an overly long conversation about the girl you wished you were.

  60. @ voice…i can appreciate your response on beyonce… i understand when you mena the fans make you dislike her…i have heard it done to people as well…though i try to defend beyonce when its needed but i do try to respect peoples opinion for example if you say you dont like the single ladies song because it sounds like get me bodied…i understand…but i hate it when people say oh shes this and that because she has a song that sounds like this and that…you know what i mean?

    whew… calm down shes on stage performing thats what they do…it would be different if you saw beyonce just dancing in a club and her husband allowing it…get over it its really not that serious…again..calm down sweetheart

    i believe people shouldnt say beyonce wont grow up…in interviews and appearances she acts very mature…she is a great business woman… if she wants to get on stage and shake it like a teenager let her…theres nothing wrong with feeling young every now and then…when she is on stage shaking her butt isnt the only thing she does…have you ever seen her perform dangerously in love? exactly…

  61. bria you are very VERY immature…are you still on that suspect comment that was brought up like 3 weeks ago…immature…but anyway i dont wish to be a girl or beyonce…she works really hard and i couldnt do it…i am a very successful business MAN suspect or not is not your business and doesnt offend me because i can already tell that i am above you, thanks

  62. Well said Mario,

    I don’t think it’s shaking it like a teen. I’m saying what do any of us do when we go to the club shake it. She’s a performer and if she feel like the shake it in her soul she does. So what she’s married, what does that have to do with anything? She’s an amazing performer. The only thing is I don’t care for her acting.

    …now yes I seen Obama last night and I just love that man. Lawd knows I’m praying he WILL be our next President!

  63. Bria said: NOw I am proud of their accomplishments but there are some sisters out her putting out some great music and I think we should discuss them more.

    is it my cue to yell jazmine sullivan?

    mario said: i hate it when people say oh shes this and that because she has a song that sounds like this and that

    I understand you but beyonce is a celebrity, you cannot hate when someone says such and such about it, you just can’ t , if she is so fragile then she needs to quit the music industry, Beyonce is married i do not care what you think a man that appreciate his wife grinding and bumping in front of his friend, would not mind her turning tricks on them as well, That’ s the way i see it, isn’ t jay-z a self proclaimed pimp? like someone said Coco-Ice T i see it as well, besides blogers must not be the only one not feeling beyonce did you hear the crowd going crazy? i didn’t

    Everybody loves beyonce not the singer the entertainer the bitch that gets on your nerves, beyonce the person, we all love her, rather we admit it or not, we just don’ t love her ways and right about know her whole gimmicks is isn’t a crime 🙂 Are you married? Do you go to clubs and grind up for men to enjoy it? or do you go because you love to dance? Personally I never met a respectable married woman whoring in a club, they go to club they dance and enjoy themselves, but they sure as hell don’t grind for their husband’s friends to enjoy it

  64. Voice, No I’m not married but most of my friends are and we go to the club to dance and have a good time…what most ppl do when they want to have a good time. BTW I didn’t see any man in the Video that Beyonce or her dancers was grinding on. That would have been cool to see Jay in the back ground.

    Bee don’t look nothing like a whore..nothing. She’s sexy, and JAMMIN. Killing those dance steps. I’m sure Jay Z seen the video before we did and approved it. IT’s not whorish, or nasty. She’s WORKING IT and her body is tight!

    It’s cool you don’t like her, but what does having to be married have to do with her jammin and dancing her butt off in a video?

    I can see if she’s doing a Co Co or a Angel Lola Luv or a buffy the body. She’s not….she’s doing nothing different than Ri Ri, Mya, Kelis, Madonna, Shakira. The difference is she’s Beyonce.

  65. :booty: :booty: He called her Beyonce…not Sasha!! He knows who the hell it is thats doing all that :booty: shakin!!

  66. Sni-flower :
    First I didn’ t call her a b-e-tch it was an expression like when people say she is a bad b-tch? Just an expression
    i never called her nothing :
    if the fact that a woman any woman at that , a married woman is still acting like a single teenage in heat is nothing wrong for you, and is even normal then there is nothing else i can say .

  67. BTW I didn’t see any man in the Video that Beyonce or her dancers was grinding on
    i’ m not talking about the video i was talking about the perfomance right there! but you know what you already said it’ s normal so i don’ t really have nothing else to say

  68. lol voice you are so funny… :lol2: that comment made me laugh though i dont think its acting like a teenager in heat but its funny how you referred it

  69. I think ppl are blowing it out of proportion and Her Hubby like it, so why do any one else cares? To the teenage bopper comment, I disagree. I would be APPALED if I see a 14 or a 16 year old dancing like a grown women. She’s 27 years old and nothing I mean nothing is wrong with that video or her dancing.

    I guess we’re just going to have to agree to disagree. Esp about Beyonce. I think she KILLED IT and looks amazing. I know Jay is PROUD!

    BTW…one of my married friends said to me (About Bee Video) you can tell she’s a married women now, her confidence blossomed even more. Even though I didn’t relate, because I’m not married, it’s obvious some married women do. We both love Bee, but I didn’t agree with that comment. But I’m sure she’s not the only person who feel that way.

    Have a good one!!! LOL 🙂

  70. smh lol. Well for the most part Beyonce looks very mature in these photos. Her performace was cute.

  71. Voice…Did you just call me Sni-flower? *makes mad face* LMAO. Gosh…thanks for the laugh. I though you called her a W#@&3 LOL.

  72. If you folks think shes dancing like a “teen” then you might be shocked to see how teens are actually dancing like these days, just go visit youtube, and you’ll see this is G rated compared to what those girls do on there! and the same with the whole “stripper” comparison, I’d suggest you peek inside a strip joint, if Beyonce and her dancers came in the strip club in a darn leotard, doing Fosse inspired steps, and a lil bit of winding, they’d get booed off the stage. Now to see the real happenings that transpire in a gentlemen’s club maybe you should google some pics of Eve, in her stripper days (if you can stomach it) and get a real glimpse of the performances these men are accustomed to. This dancing looks damn near virginal compared to that mess!

  73. I see she put her butt pad back on. LOL!! Lie all ya’ll want….she ain’t got no azz!! Just wide bodies

  74. :iagree: w/ S. Dot. I don’t see a problem with the vid either…Jay likes it, I love it. To me, a video involves acting, so it’s no different than movies. Chick looks great and is killing these other contemporary mainstream artists. She is not gyrating up and down the street or a club so, drop it. Find something to hate on her about, in the meantime, go Bey!

  75. mike…i guess you never seen beyonce in person huh?

    misty knight :iagree: ive seen little 8 year old girls on the internet poping it on the floor with a little man behind him grinding on it…now thats taking it way to far…beyonce has alot of class in the video its dancing…i dont know if any of you have ever seen any tye of dance performances..i have…they do all these things but makes it classy like beyonce did…its not trashy at all

  76. if ya dont like her whu does she get the mostg comments!!!!????? ya r some sad sick winches!!! i dont like rihanna and keisha cole all that much. i never comment on their post. and all u people in here that are rihana fans go back and compare the amount of comments she gets to what beyonce gets. i laughed at the statistics. we all she who gets ya blood flowing. beyonce is the ish and she will be until SHE DECIDEDS TO SIT HER BUTT DOWN. which i myself hopes shes still performing when shes in a wheel chair. ya r pitiful. i agree with the claim “BEYONCE HATERS ARE REALLY BEYONCE’S BIGGEST FANS!” BEcause if if it wasnt for ya she wouldnt always have over 100 comments. us fans are to busy on HER FAN WEBSITE and listening to her music to set the comments off the roof like ya haters. so basically keep the hate comment so bey can keeo settn records

  77. i dont like rihanna and keisha cole all that much. i never comment on their post
    You are a BIG FAT LIAR you always on rihanna’ s post dissing her you lying butt you’ re going to hell

  78. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

    soooo many videos on youtube. of all races. both genders. all ages. Trying to “make the video” for Single Ladies.

    your LIES are lost in the wind 😆

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