Beyonce Performs At Millennium Bash



  1. India is going to let her perform? They are a very uptight country also so I am surprised they aren’t imposing a dress code as that other country did.

  2. India is a Hindu nation not a Muslim one which is why I think their standards are bit more lenient. The women there do dress modestly but aren’t required to do the burka thing.

  3. Thats a great experience………..she is really doing big things now…………she does dress too provocative sometimes, but thats just her… she does that for every show that I have seen pictures of……….Im not really a fan of her I fell she is a little over rated, but she is a money maker for real. :brownsista: for some reason you know everything you say about Bee people think your hating, but everyone has their own opinion………….so it is what it is

  4. LOVE HER! She looks like she is giving them her all. Love to see the Human side of her too. LOVE BEE!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Beyonce, please sit your overexposed, overrated, greedy butt down somewhere.

    In about a year, you are going to be like Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez with the media riding your coat tail, getting all the endorsements and taking good movie roles from real actresses because you are light skin and pretty, constantly being shoved down our throats while your movies and records start flopping all over the place.

  6. Anonymouschick, you must be a dark ckick that got turned down huh! :lol2:

  7. wow Beyonce sure is doing it internationally now !
    Good for her,
    Umm anyone else notice her stomach looks odd somehow- its wide yet flat …

  8. “you must be a dark ckick that got turned down huh! ”

  9. I guess 5,000 or 10,000 people is a big accomplishment for Beyonce cause that ain’t nothing compared to other singers like Celine Dion who gathers 90,000 people in one night in Paris and the second night another 90,000 people in the same stadium. Artists like her would average 50,000 people at every location they tour. But I guess this is called big accomplishment, but it ain’t nothing really.

  10. I’m from Africa and let me tell you one fact. We don’t see so much of Western artists here so anybody who comes gather a big crowd. It’s not because we love them so much or we’re big fans. It’s just this might be an opportunity of a life-time.

  11. I’d say a crowd of 5,000 in an Ethiopian town (was it the capital) is pretty good. I mean, she’s touring Eastern European cities…I heard/read she’s in Romania (or was). That’s pretty big to be in those countries and at that ‘level’ of exposure with those size venues.

    I hope she’s planning a long Christmas vacation because it seems she has been going (or at least in the news, magazines, blogs) full throttle since last summer.

  12. @ Darksista,Tira Mirianda


  13. @ jummpy
    tina miranda say that!
    she just meant that dark sisters are ugly and hating on her cousin beyonce
    As a dark sista i was taking ofense that’s why i put ๐Ÿ˜Ž “to saluate her inteligence

  14. Tinamiranda,

    you are an ignorant a*s and should be banned from this site! What the heck does skin color have to do with anything? How do you know what race or skin tone anonymouschick is? Dumbass :booty:

    By the way, do your thang Ms. Beyonce!

  15. Oh! she is the only one to visit Ethiopia from those famous singers, and i like what she didis very great,besides, i want to remind her that to talk what she saw here in Addis Ababa, good things or bad, hope she will do it
    Andity :bowdown: :bowdown:

  16. I can’t believe tinamiranda and darksister. OMG. So you think only light skin artists should be validated?
    We’ll see what the future holds for your light-skinned Beyonce. Just to remind you a litle bit, a dark skin girl got nominated a lot last year and won all the awards, including an oscar, something that your light-skinned Beyonce said she wanted and at this pace, will never get.

    And you don’t have to be a dark-skinned person to know that Beyonce is overexposed. Just google it, all over the country people are tired of her. Somebody even said that he was ashamed of his Samsung phone after he heard about the B-phone. Well, you think those people are haters! Well let’s see how her next album is gonna do, I heard she won’t wait long to put it out so…

  17. Coco, I hope your last comment is not true. I like Beyonce, but I will boycott her next album if she puts it out in the near future. We need a break from her. I can’t take it anymore. I need a new artist to step on the scene fast.

    TinaMiranda, you just seem real ignorant. :loser: I can’t believe you would say something like that dumba$$. A lot of people like Beyonce, but don’t hate on us for saying we are tired of seeing her overexposed image.

  18. Yep, she is scheduled to go back into the studio to work on her next album entitled “Worldwide” in November or December. She has hired Timbaland to be the producer.

    This time last year she said she was going to take a break from the music world because she had already accomplished that part of her life and wanted to solely concentrate on getting Oscar worthy movie roles. That was before she knew that J-Hud was going to steal her shine and her performance in Dreamgirls didn’t bring her the movie star fame that she desperately wanted. It looks like those movie roles aren’t coming in as fast and furious as she thought they would. My grandmother always said, “Never count your eggs before they hatch.”

  19. your visit to ethiopia was good,but the show was not live by TV,so how we can see it ? :dance2:

  20. coco dark sister didnt say nothing she was just repeating what tina miranda said by the way she is a dummie that is as simple minded as beyonce that’s what i’m saying celebrities are their fans she is as dumb as beyonce and deserve an ass whooping

  21. First, I would like to apologize to darksister. I didn’t know you were just repeating the comment tinamiranda made! Sorry!

    I don’t understand superstars sometimes. Why does B feel the need to do everything? Obviously she can’t act. Let’s remember that Dreamgirls was a musical so being a singer herself, that role should have been easy for her. But I don’t think she can portray another character that what she is in real life. Can you imagine watching a drama starring Beyonce, I bet you people will be thinking of all the booty shaking she usually does not the acting. There’s a big difference between being a celebrity and being a movie star. I just don’t get why actors wanna be singers and singers wanna be actors.

    I know a lot of people wanna get on my case with this next comment but I think B is overrated and overrexposed. I was so impressed about the fact that she writes her own music until I found out that she doesn’t. She just adds 1 or 2 sentences to the song and put her name as a writer and the real writer is put as a co-writer. I was surprised when I read that she didn’t write “Crazy in love”. But then I read somewhere that she puts herself and other DC members as writers for Silent Night and changed a lot of traditional Xmas songs, I was appaled. I feel like she is becoming a fraud day by day. Why would she get awards for songwriting when she doesn’t even write them?

    And don’t even talk about the overexposure, Beyonce here, Beyonce there. People are already getting on her case with her clothing line: they think it’s too expensive and if they can afford a $400 House of Dereon purse, they’d rather go and get the real deal like a “Gucci” purse or something. Google it if you don’t believe. And yes she has a new album coming out next year. This one was so rushed that it failed. A superstar of her status shouldn’t be happy about crappy sales like this one, really!

    Do you remember Jlo when she was younger, she was hot for a while then… now her album was number 12. That’s what’s gonna happen to Beyonce if she doesn’t take a break. People are already tired and a new album won’t help it.

  22. I have to say I am a Bee fan. Like the chick and her music. “I” think she can sing very well. Is she the best dancer no but she way WAY better than some of them out there. Acting….well I gotta keep it real is not good. She need a lot of training. But I think she should keep doing her for as long as she can because the child is 25 or 26 she’s about to be 30 that’s when she should settle down and have some kids. I “FEEL” she’s going to sing and make madd music until she hit that 30 mark and then chill. But right now she’s kind of breaking with music, kind of. I feel if she sit down and try to come back she may be a flop like Ginuwine. My thoughts….

    LOL to ya! ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. You women are so stupid, well some of you are :lol2:
    Anyway how could I be ignorant for stating the truth? Yes my comment was harsh and yes Ms. AnonymousChick might not darkskin so I apologize if I hurt her feeling or any of yalls. Boo-hoo.
    Now if you females were observing Anonymouschick comment correctly then you obvioulsy would’ve saw her hatred toward a pretty and talented entertainer. I am not Beyonce biggest fan, hell I don’t even have her solo albums. However I do give props to people that deserve it no matter if their light, dark, brown or white. IMO her skincolor has little to nothing to do with her career. If you can take over the world for being light-skin then why Alicia Keys have yet to get just as many endorsements as Beyonce? How come Mya is not popular anymore, why Rihanna album tanked? Why Tisha Cambell or Salli Richardson are not A-list actresses? Can anybody answer that? NO. So it’s obvious that Ms. Bey has more to offer. Most of us even said Kelly Rowland don’t have the “IT” factor.

    Women can be so vindictive by putting words in someone’s mouth and accusing someone of putting down others to boost another. I know all dark-skin are not ugly and I know all light-skin women are not pretty. I’ve never stated otherwise. Beyonce is not forcing people to love her or to even like her so why should she be punished? And why jump on me for pointing the obvious? Yall haven’t seen me, so yall don’t even know if I’m light-skin or not. Females you really need to check yourselves before thinking that somebody else needs to be put off a site. Everysince I came on this site I’ve posted nothing but the truth and my honest opinion. I could call yall out because I had disputes with a couple of girls on this site, but then again why argue with a fool? Yall not even worth a dispute. Once again I apologize if I have offended anyone. :brownsista:

  24. To TinaMiranda:

    No my feelings are not hurt because my skin is tough like leather. And yes I am a light skin sista who does not have any hate towards Ms. Beyonce. I like her and own both of her CD’s. But I just feel that she is over exposed because of the way she looks. And the reason I say that is because my friends always tell me that I get a free pass because I am a light skin black woman with the light brown eyes, petite with shoulder length hair. They always tell me that the reason that I get the better jobs is because I could pass for white. So, yes, I do feel that Beyonce is doing her thing, but just like Halle Berry, she is overrated and overexposed because of her looks and lighter skin tone.

    That is my opinion and I am entitled to one. Peace.

  25. It is not Beyonce. Matthew Knowles is the brain and driving force behind her success. But I don’t think it is worth the e-wars when she is still making tons of money. Everybody has a different opinion about her whether you like it or not, but at the end of the day she will always be rich and famous Beyonce.

    I say just be happy for her. At least she is not showing up drunk and showing off her Va-jay-jay.


  26. Anonymous I glad that I didn’t offend you. Now since that’s out the way, I personally don’t think it’s her complexion takes taking her far. The are dark-skin women that just as famous as she is. Oprah the Billionaire, Mary J. Blige getting auto-endorsements, and Naomi Campbell the world’s famous supermodel. Like I stated in the last post there are light-skin women that don’t make it very far. However that’s my opinion and like you I’m entitled to mine. I know plenty of dark-skin women that got promoted to the top jobs. One of my friends is the executive to The Peebles Corporation which is a real-estate firm. By the way she’s very dark-skin. I’m a carmel-complexion with long hair but I don’t thinks it’s my looks that’s got’s me far in buying and selling houses. So anyway teach it’s own, nice talking to you. Bye.

  27. @Chey
    You are absoultey right! But bey is giong on 30 yrsold she is not 17 if her dad is pulling the strings, in which his is i’m sure she has a mouth piece to say something .
    LOL here but this is the part of the business you have to put up with it can’t be all gravy and your not giong to be everybody cup of tea , She is not the only one that get craped on !

    Not to say her but you know the old sayin Money dosen’t bring happiness .

  28. :bowdown: Tinamiranda,

    Your response is full of contradictions :bag: and your comment was extremely insensitive and indicates your true feelings about your self and your race. Think before you tal DUMBA*S.

    I am light skin with hazel eyes and light brown hair and I think you’re an IDIOT :loser:

    To all my dark skin sisters – you are beautiful and worthy :bowdown:

  29. Des, honey you’re not even worth reckonimg my nerves. I made my point and it’s stands. I haven’t said anything that would make me contradict myself and if I did. Quote me.

  30. You know what’s interesting Des, I notice how you (not just you) take people’s comments out of context. I argue with you before about something concerning black women but my point is I notice how you like to start trouble on the net. I wasn’t the only one that has argue with you in the past but to me you are very unlady-like. There are other ways to come at somebody without cursing. When a person curses that only mean that you don’t have much worth saying. As you can see when I respond to the online-beatdowns I got from other girls including you, I haven’t never said a derogatory word. You know why because I’m a grown women not a little girl unlike you. Girls get offended when someone with sense post something. You like to start stuff and can’t even spell or make sense. To you I may be talking too much after I said you’re not even worth a dispute, but I just had to point out the fact that you turned an intelligent conservation and turned it into something negative. How ignorant is that? And you got your nerve to call somebody else dumb. I know black is beautiful in All shades.

  31. well i aint ligth i’m dark skin like kelly
    simple minded people as beyonce can’t think outside her skin color those kind of people are worth their body shape see what beyonce is doing for a living if that aint close to stripping?

    tina miranda i truly believe that you meant to offense her only since no one (dark or ligth) followed you on that one you’re trying to switch speech and you aint even that slick
    give us a break rihanna is beign put on a pedestal and do never compare
    beyonce’s stripping behind ,white, latino wannabe tramp,with alicia that has outsold her and can sing better then her whinning voice
    no one hates beyonce because “she is so great and ligth skin ” you people are making her believe that this is why she is so full of herself !!!!! you same people are giving such a bad image to ligth skin queens and make them look so dumb !think outside the box already!!!! just because beyonce threatens you doesnt mean we all have to fall under the same spell and be follower
    personally i aint no one’s ho especially not the knowles family so give everyone a break

    then again why i’m i talking somebody being the advocate of a wanna be latina , illiterate ho can’t really walk a mile while reciting the alphabet so i won’t bother ….

  32. ๐Ÿ™„ Fine voice think what you want, believe what you want. At the end of the day my point will always stand. It’s very funny how people will find ways to start something especially when it’s something pertaining to beyonce. She’s the one yall really mad at but instead yall turn around and make it about me. I should be expecting 30-35 more comments about the same old thing. Like a pack of hounds.

    Barack Obama post, I find it interesting how nobody has said anything to the men on here that insulted black women, but when it comes to beyonce I hear you roar.

  33. stop being ignorant this women’s image is more degrading to us black women than any comment that could be make! i actually think that i was more offensed by the รฏ wish i was latino”” than by someone calling us nappy headed hos!! yeah you heard me rigth in today’s society i’ve reached a point in my life where what a white or black person brainwashed can say
    but when people like you wants to make her an icon someone supposed to represent us? i say no!

  34. You must be retarded because that was a very stupid comment you made. It’s people like you that make black women look bad.

  35. I’m so through stooping down to ignorant chicks level. Why arguing with a bunch of retards, I’m a grown women and grown women don’t keep arguing with women that has a little-girl mind. I’m way too smart for that. Say what you want, curse me out. I’m out. Good-night :brownsista:

  36. Tinamiranda,

    ^^^^^Boo hoo hoo hoo :loser:

    No one took your comment out of context, it was mean and hateful and you meant what you said. I know you have dark skin women in your family. I dare you to tell them how you really feel about them, instead of spreading your hate on this board.

    Go back under the rock you crawled from :bag:

    To my dark skin sisters, you are truly beautiful :bowdown: and underrated :brownsista:

  37. Are you serious??? Dark, light, wuteva… just stop. Goodness. She says something ignorant, then your response is something equally as ignorant? Comparing/degrading skin tone lacks the confidence SOME of you falsely attest to. YOU are not confident in YOUR skintone(S). We can have a difference of opinion without harboring on something that is CONSTANT AND WILL NEVER CHANGE. We are FOREVER our skintones. ALL ARE BEAUTIFUL! Love it, embrace it, leave it alone.
    *^ON TOPIC** This is nice to see. Love me some Beyonce.

  38. I don’t care what message board or blog that you go to; whenever it mentions Beyonce Knowles, there are always so many responses. The amount of love and hate for this young woman is so equal. But just like Chey said, we are wasting time arguing about why this woman is so successful when at the end of the day she will still be very rich, famous and always beautiful. At least the kind of publicity she is getting is positive and not negative like her peers (Britney, Lindsay and Paris).


  39. It seems like this sight is a battle on lightskin and darkskin women…………..yall need to stop color does not make a person, there are pretty lightskin and pretty darkskin women…and some are just not cute……….oh and every time something negative is said about Beyonce it starts an argument she is ok stop acting like she god or something………… she overrated anyway

    some people need to grow up :brownsista: luv the site though

  40. how to say this nicely?
    shut your teen ass up somewhere yeah you should shut the fuck because everytime you talk you’re upsetting me you are a black reject just like beyonce go and spread your inutility somewhere else okay?

    and the day the war against beyonce will stop is the day where her demons well known as stanswill stop trying to make her look like a goddess because she is not point blank

  41. Looks (pretty or ugly) doesn’t make a person either. Tinamiranda’s ignorant comment reminds me of a book I read about intraracism. It is real and has affected our ability as black folks to get ahead and get along.

    Leaving this issue of “skintones” alone (as someone above suggested) is also detrimental to our growth as a community. Shoving these types of debates under the rug is never the answer.

    I believe that Beyonce is the total package and her success is more so due to her hardwork, sex appeal and non-threatening nature.

    :lol2: Des, you are bold and aren’t afraid to say what you want or address ppl by name. I always look forward to your comments :brownsista:

  42. Why does everyone feel the need to identify themselves ie( TinaMiranda) “caramel complexion with long hair”. or “light skinned with shoulder length hair”. LOL. Who the f– cares? At the end of the day, light, brown or dark, short hair, long hair or even no hair, we’re all black and that’s how you’ll be viewed by larger society.

  43. Mia I don’t know why either and I also don’t know why everybody keeps jumping on tina miranda treating her as if she’s the she-devil or something. I agree that she said something out of line but haven’t we all? She made a mistake but she has admitted to it and apologized.

    How come you so-called “holier-than-thou” sista girls can’t learn to forgive and forget. Don’t act like you all been saved all your lives. And don’t act like you aint never said anything wrong about another sista either. I can’t stand fake a** people. :noway:

  44. @KIM,


  45. :lol2: :booty: Beyonce is overseas trying to stay relavent. Stans screamin and hollerin do your thang, Beyonce, Get your money girl. :bowdown: In America she is a nobody. haaaaaaaaahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa She is so washed up. Her music is lousy, her acting is and always has been in the toilet. Now she gotta run out the country to pacify Matthew’s ego. Go beyonce, go girl, get your money try to sell some more of that garbage day! Why she still trying to outsell Dangerously In Love?! Huhn, she so bad, the baddest in the game and she can’t even outsell her first album. She gonna kill herself trying to though. In 7 more years, Beyonce will be 40 and all that cottage cheese gonna be poppin out of her thighs. :booty:

  46. :dance1: :dance2: :banana: do your thing bee and ignore the sad,ignorant haters^^^^^^^^! :hater:

  47. Meg

    Let me tell you something and I want you to read this good. I never claimed to be perfect so I don’t expect nobody else to either that’s the reason why I think yall should forgive the girl and moved on. Who are you to try to crucify somebody over and over again after they said that they were SORRY? NOBODY. So don’t you even think about coming at me with that garbage, you know where you can go with that. What about your fake days? let’s talk about that since you want to be smart. You and your clit-click think yall can bully somebody else but you aint going to bully me.

    How’s that since you and your boo Des likes to keep it real? Oh I’m calmed now sista.

  48. if any one has some to say please include my name in your posts before i get on anybody all i know is that by forgeting and forgiving ignorance so easily we aint going no fuckin where black folks are so quick to point the finger at white folks but pull the forgiveness card when it comes to our own? if you wanna keep it real do it and dont be no damn hypocrite its like black women that forgive a cheating man and fool themselves thinking he wont do it again….tchrrr pitie

  49. @KIM,



    GO TO HELL AND KISS MY :booty:

  50. Meg…. Just STFU

    Voice….I know you aint talking about me no hypocrite atleast I, tina, and whoever else is women enough to admit our mistakes Admits It and don’t try to do the same thing over again. Pulling the race card aint going to prove your point neither is holding grudges. I believe in giving people another chance something that you, meg, des, coco, and soulja girl don’t. And I know yall hypocrites has said or done something wrong to somebody but expected them to forgive you fakes.

  51. @KIM – YOU STFU :booty:


  52. ^^^^YR THE 1 THAT GOT ALL CRACKED UP 4 NO APPARENT REASON :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  53. “I know you aint talking about me no hypocrite at least ”
    and if i am talking about you? what you gon do? beat me trougth your computer ?
    i dont think so!!!! even if i was all up in your face rigth now you wouldnt do nothing
    so do not threaten me! cuz i havent even got on you yet aigth?

    i aint holding grudges toward no body i dont bully no one neither if she is strong enough to make dumb comments she has to be strong enough to handle all sisters on her

    and i admit she did apologize but i hate people that switch stuff around she meant to write a hatred comment but she aint woman enough to admit it she say she didnt mean it i hate people that try take me for a fool

    and last of course i said stuff and expected people to forgive me because i gave a sincere apologie not a forced one if tina miranda had been supported by others in her hatred coment she would have keep on … that’s what make all of us mad the only reason she apologize is because people ganged up on her lets talk about fake? go back up and read before jumpin up in here

    i’m saying and i support the fact that we have to tell sistas off when they try to start some shizzle that’s the only way to keep ourselves in check and to keep ourselves to start a ligth skin/dark skin war up in here

    i live with my sister that also post here as ” dark sista ” she got ligth skin friends that got super offended by the coment tina miranda said we were all laughing about her cuz we know she aint fenna say none in front of a sister and that internet gives her wings
    shame double triple shame on ignorance and those that support it!!!!!!!!!!

    its not about forgiving its about her learning how to address people before she get sock in the face not every body got class or patience toward ignorance

    point bar!

  54. Voice how the hell I’m going to beat you up through the computer? If I was going to beat you up it would be in the street if you would come in my face and talk s*** so don’t even go there with me because you don’t know me or know what I’ll do aight.

    I have been checking on this site for a while now looking up old topics and these current topics. I also notice people like tina and other than that real ignorant comment she made, she always talked like she had common sense. I don’t know why she made that statement and I know that none of yall don’t know why either. Maybe that’s why yall came at her like that because yall didn’t expect her to say that especially since she never said that before. I understand that I didn’t like it either.

    But what I’m saying is that she made her apology so are you going to keep jumping up her everytime she comes on here? if so then what you doing is just as ignorant especially if you already made your point. I’m not expecting you to make friends with her cause you don’t her anyway and neither do I. But there is no reason to keep harassing her everytime a different topic is on here and she’s on it. That’s all I’m saying.


  56. MEG



  57. you aint gon beat down nobody even if i give you a million buck cuz that’ll cost you a trip to the hospital and that aint arranging neither of us i dont wanna go back to jail for beating nobody okay?

    if you read the comments and dont understand our reaction then maybe you are the on lacking common sense the sister did not mean the apologie it wasnt sincere read her post a bit after she “รคpologized” aint nobody harassing nobody and aint nobody gon stop nothing because you want them to deal with it !
    i stand on the fact that she wasnt sincere on her apologie so i cant possibly “forgive” her even if i aint mad at her to start i have pity for ignorance nothing else
    that’s all i’m saying


    KIM, YOU’RE AN A** :booty: :lol2: :booty: :lol2: :booty: :lol2:

  59. okay :stop: no one is gon beat no one its not gon do nobody any good as for tina miranda i’ve came accross her couple of times and since she dont have much to say and seems to be one of those teenager beyonce wanna be i boycott her as her idol :dont talk to them dont talk about them just ignore them as if they are dead !
    so should everyone else if they don’t like someone .
    any of yall kim or shante aka voice try to figth make an appointment somewhere and get down talk is cheap or or or forget about it and keep on steppin

  60. Voice don’t even go there, you being in jail don’t mean sh**, I will have you in the coma. So b***h you wouldn’t have to worry about jail. I know what type of bitch you are and meg are. Yall the ones that talk shit on the net but when come face to face yall back peddle like a muthafucka. I tried not to curse but yall pushed me too far.

    Yall aint nothing for nobody to apologize too. Yall aint even worth an apology so kiss my :booty: so can being bitter.

    Darksister I’m sorry but she pushed me to it.

  61. anytime you want i havent call you nothing yet and you dont heat me cuz i know you have nothing but a mouth you def. deserve a slap but its all good anyway im a LA girl its whenever you want! :dance:


    TinaMiranda look what you have started! I thought this site didn’t allow cursing cuz it didn’t the last time I was on here.

  63. kim.. its okay its my lil sister she can get really rude but she dont mean no harm
    in the other hand look at tina miranda answer when two ladies called her off on her bs:

    “Anyway how could I be ignorant for stating the truth? Yes my comment was harsh and yes Ms. AnonymousChick might not darkskin so I apologize if I hurt her feeling or any of yalls. Boo-hoo.”

    im still on the boo hoo part ๐Ÿ˜‰
    just for that if i knew the ho i would have find her in the street and have her telling me that so i can whup her lil :loser: buns and mind you i’m a gynecologist i aint from the hood or bored ! she said that she shouldnt be called ignorant for stating the truth then when all color sista started to jump in she acted like a victim so i know you aint no dummie or bored or ignorant but sista take a second look into it and you’ll realize why we are angry

    she wanted to start some shii and that’s what’s goin on it aint worth it

  64. Kim,

    I don’t know you and I never said anything to you via this post. So, I’m not sure why you feel the need to put my name in anything. I was talking to tinamiranda, now if she’s your BIA*TCH then I understand why you took everyone’s comments to heart. If not then you should tie your tubes so we won’t have to worry about any future DUMBASSES.


    I have my own practice and many of the dark skin sisters (women and girls) I counsel have self-esteem issues that stem from idiotic comments and taunts similiar to the one tinamiranda made earlier on this post. She was not sincere in her apology and she meant what she said. For the people that think skin color doesn’t affect how people are viewed or treated or think that we should avoid it are delusional. You’re right intraracism is real and can sometimes be more painful.

    I remember from another post that you’re 17 or 18 and in college? Don’t waste your time with KIM and her idiotic comments or anyone else for that matter. I wish you the best of luck in school :brownsista:

  65. Darksister thank you for addressing me with respect. I appreciate that and I fully understand what you saying. I fully understand why you and rest of the ladies are madd because to tell you the truth I was too. I took time to read all of the comments that were made on this particular post and I noticed her fake apology (i.e. boo-hoo) and I realized that maybe she wasn’t sincere.

    I also notice that she made her statement right after AnonymousChick has said something about Beyonce. But she wasn’t saying anything bad about being light-skin or beyonce all except she was overexposed which is the truth. It still didn’t give tina miranda the right to say what she said. Nobody has a right to say that and it only shows her true colors.

    I just wanted the drama too stop that’s why I stood up for her like I did and I THOUGHT she made a sincere apology. I didn’t see the boo-hoo part until now. I thought she was a classy person. It’s so much drama in this world now we don’t need this. I see she hasn’t been coming back so she’s probably ashame of herself. Then again I don’t know that, i know I would be if I said or even thought something like that toward my fellow sistas.

    Once again Dark-sister thank you for addressing me like an adult and with respect. Voice I apologize for my threathen remarks at you and for calling you out of your name. I don’t mean any harm either, I really don’t.

  66. I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m Kim and best friend name is Grace. If you believe I’m the same person then e-mail the blogger and ask her. Grace posted on here earlier and I just wrote the comment above to dark-sister

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