Beyonce Performs Sweet Dreams Live

Beyonce gave her first live performance of her Top 10 hit “Sweet Dreams” just moments ago at the 2009 MTV Europe Awards. The singer hit up Fredricks of Hollywood before taking to the stage, appearing in a red lace negligee and stilettos.

The singer’s performance was solid- but had a very iffy, if not somewhat confusing, ending.

Beyonce MTV Europe Awards Performance01Beyonce MTV Europe Awards Performance02
Beyonce MTV Europe Awards02Beyonce MTV Europe Awards01Beyonce MTV Europe Awards03


  1. I think the whole confusion started at the very beginning…I think her eye mask got caught in her hair when she was trying to slide it off; since that moment, the whole performance was really jilted & odd. Her vocals were on point though! But it was kind of an “lol” moment.

  2. Beyawnsay’s voice is hideous. That is horrible burlesque singing and that

    Huh sound is straight Lady Gaga. LMFAOOOOOO

    The stripper gear is played out and overkill!

  3. @ROCKYAWN, I wouldn’t say that her voice is hideous…far from it.
    The “stripper gear” on the other hand…I’d like her to change it up a bit. I get the look though…she’s sleeping, she’s wearing lingerie, it’s night time, she’s dreaming. At least there’s a reason behind the look.

  4. Before somebody says something dumb she wore lingerie because thats part of the theme (going to bed) also, the ending I believe was to symbolize how dreams end most of the time confusing and wierd. overall it was a good performance. Oh yea and i had to watch it twice to notice she had a hard time getting the mask off because she’s that professional.

  5. and LOVE the crunk dancing and the mixing of diff voices etc. that was hym.

  6. ^SMH Says the person who worships the ground “Little Miss Sunshine” walks on.

  7. No need to explain why shes wearing what shes wearing, any one with common sense put it together. anywho loved it…..GET IT BEY!!! And red is an excellent color on her!

  8. @M: My post was directed to ROCKON, the resident Rihanna stan. Beyonce’s voice is hideous but Rihanna’s voice is so amazing. Yeah, right! Typical stan. Notice how that person never has anything good to say.

    I shouldn’t care anyway. I’ll let Beyonce’s accomplishments speak for themselves. Don’t won’t to turn into a stan. LoL Beyonce’s currently killing it across the world. She took home 3 awards, so who really cares what a non-fan has to say.

  9. @Just A Thought, EXACTLY.
    People dont have to like Beyonce! It’s A-OK. But seriously, the “Beyawnce’s voice is hideous” is the only thing that’s OVERKILL.
    That’s why the term “hater” still exists, because ppl bypass constructive criticism & just turn downright mean & silly.

  10. And coming from someone who doesnt like rihanna neither beyonce voice is Hideous I don’t know why every time she tries a run or a rearrangement it sounds like a cat being strangled and the lingerie (Dead) and the dance Rotfl Wow beyonce… Every day goes by and i can less and less see and or appreciate your talent 🙂 Lol but i guess when you have millions and a whole bunch of robots ready to kill for you one person’s opinion don’t matter …

  11. @Some stranger on a forum, you’re right about one thing. One person’s opinion (yours) doesn’t matter when your being disrespectful to ppl on a forum. How are we robots? This isn’t life & death. When a fan states an opinion, we’re robots. When a non-fan does, you’re rational & above it all. C’mon, get real.

  12. @ M- Dont stoop to their level. A simple she cant sing good to me wouldve been accepted but they ALWAYS have to go overboard. Just childish.

  13. I hears that it ended that way to b symbolic of how abruptly a dream ends. So I hear.

    Hot performance either way, to me.

  14. @ Shels.

    i also heard, it was postponed to 8pm due to that event in texas.

    BUT now its like going to be aired at a later date! I REALLY dont want to believe that !!! D=!

  15. Beyonce is unbelievable. I’d say there’s no reason for haters, but there definitely is. This Bitch is BAAAAAAAAAAAd! Love her.

  16. ANy1 peep how jay-z happens 2b a major part of both Rhi and Beyonce’s life and transformations- Any1??? or is it just me. Yep, of course its just me.

  17. @Ruserious-umm yea he’s basically rihanna’s boss/mentor and bey’s husband. (that was a…______ comment)

  18. @ james- I heard that 2, thats f_____ up how they make people wait(mtv) like that and dont keep their word. But if it is for the texas shooting I will accept that(rip crazy as* man). But what is mtv gonna do a tribute to the soldiers or something? or think this will be overshadowed by that?

  19. @12345-that was a what comment?? For real- the got married? nOOOOOOO. He is also RHi mentor?? When did this happen?? Wow u cleared it up -thanks for the info Mr. insightful.I can always count on you to clear things up if i don’t get it. Thanks again.

  20. @12345-and i asked if any1 saw the CONNECTION-not what the relationship is I feel like im back at work…and i work with special ed kids so um… that’s not good at all. So b4 i feel like im doin overtime without getting paid let me get outta here.

  21. @ ruserious- sorry i jumped to conclusions I guess Im jus upset because mtv lied lol. I thought you were tryna start some stuff but I was wrong I admit.

  22. The performance was good. I’ve seen better from her. She looks awesome. I like the begining. The stage could have been more convenient, so she didn’t have to run after that part. The camera angles are less than impressive, cameraman. The remix part didn’t add pizazz to the song this time around like it did VMAs’ SL. There is room for improvements.

  23. Wow Beyonce, I guess you feel threatened by Gaga after all. SMH.


  25. Looool at the robots You guys will be the end of beyonce’s career for real…You all are doing a good job 🙂 Keep it up Nothing will change the fact that beyonce look like a cheap prostitute and that is unacceptable given who you people make her out to be, But Birds of the same feather…H-es gotta stick together…

  26. @M-numb nuts

    The sleep wear is nothing more than a Lady Gaga rip off!

    Let’s keep it real. Beyawnsay has not an original bone in her aging body. She looks cheap and desperate!

  27. @ SANDRA

    I saw the MIchael Jackson rip off too!!!!

    This chick is desperate

    Let the Rihanna Reign continue CTFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  29. The woman has so much talent & yet she resorts to these the hooker get ups for Lady GaGa…And please give the joker his powder make up back.

  30. If this act was done by an unkown video model we would call her all kinds of names. This chick needs to put some clothes on. There is no if ands or buts about it. It seems like her image is becoming more and more extreme. Is this suppose to be Sasha or Beyonce I guess the lines are so crossed it doesn’t really matter anymore. Anyone that still let’s there influential young daughters look or listen this woman is crazy.

    She can sing she does not have to resort to all of this. It is just too much. That Lady Gaga forgot what pants are and now everyone has to take their clothes on. What happen to just coming out and commanding the stage with your voice. I think this is ridiculous and disgusting and why her parents and her husband are not embarrassed is beyond me. Money shouldn’t mean everything.

  31. I agree@ Snijana. I like the ending, but I think she will improve on the performances after this one. Kinda like Halo when she did her first performance at the Image Awards, it was good, but tweaked it, finetuned it and now it is MUCH better. So the same here. I like the outfit, I get why she is wearing it and as I said before, I love the ending.

  32. Another thing, about the outfit, what do people want her to wear? A dress? While she’s dancing? Doing choregraphy. The outfit had a purpose behind it. Remember when she laying on the heart, that was a bed. So lingerie, bed…makes sense. I understand what some are saying but the outfit was not to be racy but for the performance only.

  33. Beyonces performance was hot, she is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to performing! That is the baddest b.itch out hands down. Not to mention, picking up Best Video (Single Ladies), Best Song (Halo), and Best Female artist helps. The Queen has the industry on lock, look at her peers falling down by this new generation with push backs and lacking singles on Billboard (Usher, A. Keys and Mary)! Get mad but its the truth! With this 6th single this girl hit top 10 on billboard for a song that was leaked 1 1/2 ago. SMH at people thinking she’s fading.

  34. What does it matter to people that dont like her that she has on minimal clothing it part of the PERFORMANCE. Have you EVER heard of beyonce being a s*ut off the stage, doing drugs, not wearing panties, driving drunk, its her job and she’s one of the classiest woman off the stage. Also Bey knew what she was doing when she told the designer,stylist, or mother how she wanted her dancers to look, I’m pretty sure she knew people would notice the mj and gaga inspiration.

    Also beyonce can SANG but its sad that people cant see that because she dances as well. Lets be honest with ourselves I LOVE Whitney houston(best singer EVER) but (even BEFORE his untimely death) would you rather go to a michael concert or a whitney concert(b real)??? In the music industry it sucks that you cant be both a singer and a dancer. Yes to me personally MJ was a great singer BUT he was seen more for his dancing skills.
    So what Im trying to say is respect beyonce for how talented, versatile,& connected she is with her job and always gives 100%. She’s a SINGER & DANCER which is an full blown entertainer.Im not comparing her to mj but she wouldn’t be too far from him in the “top 5 entertainers” category.

  35. I think you all are hypocrites. I this chick looks like a whore plain and simple. I don’t care what the song says she can’t hold an audience attention without all that. I have seen her perform several times when she was fully clothed and she was boring. She knows it you all know it. What’s the next level after this. Is she just going to come out wearing a thong and a piece of bra. Seriouly where does she go from here.

  36. I finally got a chance to watch her performance. That link doesn’t work anymore BTW. I wish she wouldve had more clothes on. I know sex sells….to bad black women seem to the ones that push this stereotype the most. w/e

  37. She looks trashy whore as usual. This is what little girls look up to? Put some clothes on Bey!

  38. Don’t speak for every fan, Bee. I was just talking to another fan who was at the Vegas performance and he was talking about how she made people cry just with her voice. You, yourself said that she can sing so it’s obvious that she can show that side of her too and keep fans captivated with her voice also. I just think people who are criticizing, are doing so because they want Beyonce to be with they want her to be and they are threatened by a woman showing any kind of sexuality because they think that’s how men sees them. This is never a problem when it come to men. Usher can throw his shirt and no female or male for that matter get pressed with that.

  39. All that talent, money, fame, and success, and she is insecure? I think she believe that all of these new chicks can compete with her and they totally can’t. They are just fads Beyonce you don’t have to do this. She would’ve rocked a beehive if Amy wasn’t on crack.

  40. @Curtis I only speak for me and I don’t want Beyonce to be anything but what she claims she is and that is classy. That mess there is not classy and people who cry listening to her sing might not be a good thing. She is an average singer in my opinion. I have never heard a performance by her that I can sit back and think remember that time when. It’s just not there. That is why she can’t change her image because she knows without all of that no one would be interested. And if I am wrong and if everyone else who says that is wrong then let her prove them wrong. She has lost herself for fame and fortune. We all have seen how this story will end. Whether you want to admit it or not.

  41. @ BEE- But when will it end??? People have been saying for the last 5 years (destiny fulfilled) that bey wouldn’t last so when will she go crashing down in flames???
    Also this is my assumption take it how you want but since you dont really care for beyonce thats when you dont think she’s never had a standout performance with her voice, (its a mind thing)
    Also I bet if Whitney houston came out starting to wear sexy clothing on stade for the next 10 years no one would have a problem with it but why is the question.

  42. But the thing is, Bee, Beyonce IS classy. Her wearing on a lingerie(which fits the performance of the song btw) don’t take that away. Just like if an actress is acting a role, don’t make them that role.

    She shows different sides to her all the time. I know there is a tendency with some not to see that and that’s fine but I was making the point about what the fans see and why she will last. That’s the beauty of art, one person can see it one way and another will see another way.

  43. poppin ur cooch in folks face will never be consider “classy”..please go take ur meds curtis!!

  44. That is tacky of beyonce, don’t she know there are millions of girls watching her and she is a role model. Dont aire what you do behind close doors out. She might as well been naked, she was. That was tacky and tasteless, and she cannot sing and I pray to God she would sit down and shut her mouth up. We know you have a shape and you and others think you look good, but put some clothes on. I mean you are the only female singer doing this mess. Grow up Beyonce. SBAW please! Anybody say I am hating well you are hating for carrying on in the same manner.

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