Beyonce Channels James Brown


Some of the best live footage of Beyonce performing her 2010 single ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ on her ‘Mrs. Carter World Tour’ came via her performance of the single in Boston last week.

Quite a few professional worthy clips of the performance showed up online over the weekend, one of which you can check out below.

Beyonce often credits Tina Turner with inspiring her stage shows. However, I see James Brown all over this performance. Call me crazy, but I sense of bit of ‘Night Train’ in this video.


  1. James’ background dancers give me life. I don’t know what the hell he said, but he did his thang.

    Beyoncé tries.

  2. I saw this performance live in Charlotte NC. And the energy that she exudes on this particular video doesn’t even transcend what i saw with my on eyes. She absolutely nailed this performance last Saturday. My mouth was literally open.

  3. It’s good to give some throw-back. James Brown was a true innovator, I don’t know who he borrowed from, but he was electrifying. Beyoncé and Janelle Monae pay homage with their live performances, high energy, for sure!

  4. Where would she be if she couldn’t fling that hair the way as she does..half her “dancing”is flinging her weave around… she say thank you to her weave at the end of every show! Lol

  5. Amazing! But I expect nothing less from this lady (when it comes to performing). No tea, no shade. Bish is bad!

  6. I truly expect if no one else, BET should respect her enough for honoring her with ICON/LEGEND AWARD. I don’t known what is consider as a life time achievement award or what’s the time frame, but Beyonce should have been honor, it’s time.

  7. @ Sean COSIGN! I saw her here a few weeks ago and when she did this song she NAILED it. My mouth was wide open as well. I tell EVERYONE it’s one thing to see her on TV or in videos but to see her so effortlessly emote it live is something to be seen for sure. She is the BEST…….

  8. Go James Brown get down he did that! Beyonce performance was okay I lost interest and was ready for it to be over!

    Lol at Dana “Beyonce tries” I second that after watching James Brown clip!

    Lol to Calian too funny I know right!

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