Beyonce Featured in New Super Bowl Ad


With Super Bowl XLVII just five days away, promo for its halftime performer, Beyonce, is kicking into overdrive.

Case in point, the promo pic to your left. Beyonce plays sexy referee, donning a traditional black and white striped officials t-shirt, which she paired with her traditional hot pants and thigh high boots.

The latest round of halftime rumors have Beyonce unveiling her new single during the performance, followed by a quickie release on iTunes.

Expect more rumors to fly as game day gets closer.


  1. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Bee, Kelley, anc Michelle reunited during the half-time show…..with LeToya AND LatTavia?!

    I’ve been over Bee since 2003, but I have to admit that I’d be pretty stoked to see a reunion like that.

  2. Who is actually singing at the super bowl some say Beyonce and other sites say Alcia Keys. What is going on with all of the mix up? Can anyone tell me?

  3. Alicia is screaming…I mean singing the National Anthem. Beyonce is the half-time performance. #brownsistasUNITE

  4. @Kanyade LOL LOL okay that should be interesting one will sing and the other perform. That’s definately a new twist.

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