The Queen Plays Warrior Woman

Yesterday we posted some not so great images of Beyonce out in the Mojave Desert shooting the video for her single “Girl.” Today, we are pleased to post some that are significantly higher in quality. These images show the Queen B… and I do mean Queen based on the images, rallying her clan of warrior women. Twitter leaks say the video’s concept is part Mad Max with hints of Sheena: Queen of the Jungle thrown in.


  1. She looks royal. I can’t wait to hear what she’s got coming. I’m getting pretty sick of certain ppl on a certain board that I’m a member of talking about the song, dangling it in our face like a piece of meat. Stupid lil cliques…what was I saying? Oh, BEY SEASON IS BEGINNING!

  2. The suspense is killing me softly. She def has the eye of the tiger like she just know she’s about to shut it down and i just KNOW she’s about to deliver like only she can. In my Bey voice i’m ready to be “entertaiiiiiiinnnnnnnneeeeeeeddddd” 🙂

  3. A new promo pic just got released. expect the single April 15th 2011
    Let’s Go B!

  4. Can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeves.
    SISTA good thing you were specific with that queen comment or some people woulda been 38 hot lol.

  5. YES BEYONCE!!! This video looks like its gonna be all types of GREAT and no shade towards Beyonce but she needs to deliver a GREAT video because them Sasha Fierce videos were not worthy of her and her talent.

  6. @Rockon- You wish it looked like MJS Rememeber the Time

  7. Can’t wait to see what Beyonce is offering this time around! It really seems like she is trying to step it up and go outside of the box a little bit. I hope the song is as good as those who have heard it say it is. Go Bey!

  8. I can’t wait to hear the song. She is coming back to take the top spot. Shut it down B , but if you go techno I’m going to

  9. I am looking forward to some Great Music form you Beyonce!!!!

    Not the Bubblegum Pop Music that these Freaks have out now!

  10. @ Coco – So is Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez and the list goes on…

    I hope u post that same name all the other artists listed!

  11. Pink Pop- I did, thank you! But this post isn’t about them.

  12. Stephanie it seems there is a vendetta on beyonce since her site beyonceworld has a virus and now concreteloop

  13. Eagerly want to listen to the music first. But the photos from shooting helped a lot.

  14. These photos from the video are making me so excited!!!

    Bey looking beautiful 🙂

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