Beyonce Preps for Music Fest

With her upcoming movie “A Star is Born” reportedly put on hold indefinitely, Beyonce is once again focusing on her main gig… singing.

According to MTV, the 30-year pop diva is gearing up for a “surprise” performance at the Made in America festival, a concert event being held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 1st and 2nd.

The concert is being headlined by Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z and will feature acts from the world of Pop, Rock and R&B.

As for “A Star is Born,” though Tom Cruise was the most recent name attached to star as Beyonce’s male lead, word is he never actually accepted the gig and thus, the hunt continues.

For those who still care, actor Bradley Cooper has now had his name thrown into the mix and recently spoke of the rumor, saying: “Me in ‘A Star is Born’? I have no idea what you’re talking about. It is an interesting idea. Clint is one of our best directors. Everyone wants to work with him,” he told Chicago Sun-Times.


  1. If they got Justin Timberlake it would be all over. This movie would be a bonafide hit and possibly bring them a Oscar nomination for best song or something. They need to get it together already. Justin is the man for this film.

  2. Maybe all these real actors r afraid to commit to something that might possibly flop,I mean we all know bey is not the greatest actress in the will get high numbers in the first week,but after that nothing.

  3. I live 20 minutes from philly on the jersey side… trust me when i tell you im running in the opposite direction this weekend!

    the highways will be shut down, and i will be in Atlantic City lol

  4. LIes LIes and more Lies…
    Tom Cruise was never confirmed nor
    Bradley Cooper

    The Knowles Camp has been doing wayyyyy to much.

    If you are that ‘talented’ why all the smoke mirrors p poppin paid promo etc..

    I agree with those that say Beyonce and Matthew killed music, they brought too much conniving and trickery where before it was more art and talent driven.

    And the nerve, they even tried to come for MJ’s crown…doing wayyyy too much and it is now backfiring.

  5. @Lady Z ……Please find a nice recliner and have a seat. Who comes up with stuff like that to say about someone you don’t know?

  6. They got clint…check
    they got beyonce…not good
    they got a male lead, NO!..not good

    I gurantee you this will not be a classic becuase the lead female can’t act!

  7. So in other words, Bradley, that’s a definite “no”??? For now??? 😐 I say go with Justin Timberlake, though he’s too young. I’d say Lenny Kravitz, but it’s obvious they want a non-black actor. Hugh Jackman maybe?

    Her fans will come out and support in Philly. Good for all of them.

    @LADY Z, I respect your opinion but have to disagree. M.Knowles and B.Knowles-Carter did NOT kill music and certainly are NOT the first to be conniving and use trickery in the music business for their gain.

  8. she needs to go sit her arse down and take care of her smurf named blue

  9. Gotta do something to stay relevant, back to the same grind.

  10. I think they already have the male lead, and are just waiting for the Clint/Beyonce to finish up other roles etc. (they both do have a couple other projects in the works as well). And to complete final touches and such. And Bradley Cooper kinda proved it for me when he said I know absolutely nothing about me being in a “Star is Born”, and I believe him. The press and pr throw out names to generate buzz for something big. Fall is when they’re reportedly starting production. Time will tell. Yea, I could be wrong, then again…
    As for the upcoming performance (reportedly) if true, ill have to catch on youtube.

  11. Another remake we don’t need, it’s been done three times!

    Hugh Jackman would be ideal…Beyonce would deliver at the box office, but it’s not always about numbers or trying to win an Oscar, it’s about really turning out work of excellence for most actors!!! They often make the least amount of money for a role that gives them the greatest acclaim. George Clooney who could truly play a star is born male lead, does films that challenge him and they often don’t do well at the box office. He made his blockbusters and movie star hits…now it’s about true storytelling, the same for Sean Penn and Justin Timberlake seems to be taking this road. Acting is such a pure art form!

    I believe Beyonce, Rihanna, Alicia Keys or any singer turned actress can become a true actress if they can tap into the purest (real) part of their soul, whether it’s love, hatred, fear, truth or angst as Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson and MoNique did!

  12. Beyonce shouldn’t be blamed for killing music, it was “the machine” that killed music and shorten the careers of today’s stars. As brands, they can make millions sideways! With Pandora, youtube and piracy, people have less reason to buy music, plus the over saturation of a few artists didn’t help!

    Beyonce’s domination made black music buyers, fans or stans disinterested in any other artists coming close to her reign or any new talented artist, it’s like next (no interest), but with one video, the duet “Telephone” she was unseated by Gaga. Rihanna wasn’t trying out for the queen bid, she was busy making music that even people that loathe her were downloading, her music were hits, not sales and marketing, too many people couldn’t stand her for that one to work! Pop stars don’t go to the same roster of super producers who make “hits,” as well as sound alike duds, so people ain’t buying it because they don’t feel it, but a song like “rude boy” or “we found love”…fun, melodic or a relatable cautionary tale, people bought it!

  13. [The big mainstream artists’ (like Beyonce)] domination made black music buyers, fans or stans disinterested in any other artists coming close to her reign or any new talented artist…

    And there it is. 🙂

  14. You all sound stupid, so Beyonce killed Black music or is it R&B, soul music or pop music. When have u heard white people say Britney Spears killed pop music or Pamela Anderson was a disgusting trend for sex tapes,right now the talent less Spears who has been an outright train wreck is getting paid $20 million dollars to judge people on singing. We as black people get know breaks from anyone have to be the very best just to get a chance and still we hate for them to succeed, even thou our journey is not easy sacrifice hard work and pure dedication, yet we loathe there very existence. We have to get better.

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