Beyonce’s ‘Pulse’ Premiere

Beyonce celebrated the launch of her latest fragrance ‘Pulse,” with a glamorous launch party at Dream Downtown, one of New York City’s most exclusive boutique hotels.

The pregnant superstar wore a blue sequined blazer, paired with matching frock and peep-toe Christian Louboutin heels.

Beyonce recently told CNN UK that despite her growing figure, she has no problems finding clothes that fit, and actually enjoys shopping now more than ever.

Good for her.


  1. She looks AMAZING/STUNNING. Blue is pretty on her and her legs look great. She is def glowing away and that’s a beautiful thing. Love to see her embracing her new belly. Saw another picture where she cupped it a little. Jay Z was there as well. I bought the perfurme last month in Chicago and it smells really good. It reminds me a little of heat rush but better. Sure it will do well.

  2. @John

    Good for her meant GOOD FOR HER. Like seriously, its wonderful she is enjoying her pregnancy.

    Ease up.


  3. My bad Sista I sometimes I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or apologies. But you still trip me out lol.

  4. Woo Chile, Beyonce is going to use and ride this pregnancy train to promote perfumes, albums, you name it until the wheels fall off. Girlfriend is loving all of this extra attention that she desperately wanted.

  5. I don’t like any of her fragrances, they smell cheap to me , then again I am a perfume connaiseur, been wearing van cleef and arpels, Chanel, cacharel so maybe my nose isn’t easily fooled. Another thing I don’t like are the bedazlements she is always wearing, also cheap looking, but the design of the dress is really nice, and I like her shoes, congratulations on another business venture

  6. beyonce is overrated and love on top is number 96 on billboard her sales are terrible just like her singles.

  7. She looks great! Make that money off of these broke people who cannot even afford to eat but will work two jobs to go purchase this fragarance while Bey chilling on a yacht and the kid not ever having care in the world!! GOD HELP MY PEOPLE!

  8. @Moonya, usually connoisseur’s of anything know how to spell. Become one of the english language instead of the 3 generic fragrances you just rattled off.

    Btw, try Untitled by Maison Martin Margiela, Byredo Rose Noir or Serge Lutens Daim Blond…’cause you’re a connoisseur and all…

  9. Connaisseur is the real spelling of the French word, I’m sure you have google. Only a beyonce fanatic would classify cacharel , Chanel, and van cleef and arpel as generic.

    rose noir is a musky flowery mess a very bad attempt at a unisex parfum, la tulipe is better that is assuming you even know anything about bydero, I would recomend the soap bar tho, smell lingers hours after you shower.

    Untitled is a citrus based eau de toilette , not bad if you’re into the scent but I am not
    I don’t know anything about serges lutens but neither do you.
    I am more of a guerlain, samsara, , lamcome , givenchy type of girl, but I’m sure heat is convenient for you, so are the 99 cents store “our version of” “fragrance”

    ps: I have decided to become a regular on this blog I will be on the look out for your perfect spelling .

  10. @Moonya, I guess googling perfume reviews for a prompt response makes you an expert, eh?

    Connoisseur, as in the ENGLISH translation of a french word…yeah, I stand corrected. You know the french spelling but raped the english spelling on this thread? Google to the rescue! (You didn’t know, point blank)

    You’ve never smelled Rose Noir, so give that up. A swift google search on reviews yielded something similar to what you said about it, so really, all you have to say is “I don’t know.”

    I own two Serge Lutens fragrances that happen to be my favs. But then I guess you’re mad b/c it doesn’t say “CHANEL” on the label? Chanel what exactly? No. 5? Allure? Forgive me but I don’t know any fragrance called “Chanel” b/c I’m not a self proclaimed fragrance connoisseur.

    I’m gonna stop with this, b/c the rest of your argument is just…vapid.

    Btw, it’s laNcome with an ‘N’. 99 cent store education I guess. And please do, boo. I minor in English 🙂

  11. Oh she does look amazing. I bet Jay be tiring that shit UPPPPP! He will look at her in a whole nother way now that she is carrying his baby. I know because I thought my husband adored me before but when I started pumping out those kids it went to a higher level. Just Blessed.

  12. The funniest part is French is my first language, the mirror argument is not cute , I.e : I figured you google, you wanna throw it back me, it’s tacky , it’s obvious you’re not a genius but I digress. You need to figure out what you’re trying to prove here “boo”, if you knew anything about any of the items you cited, you would be agreing with me about “heat” , you’re not very smart, see you could say what you want about my spelling I won’t even bother telling you about auto correct, but as perfect as your spelling is you aren’t fooling me , heat is cheap, so are you, and that is the end of it ,don’t get so emotional

  13. @moonya
    It’s unfair to compare heat to the rest of the scents you listed, come on what does beyonce know about perfume? or anything else? it’s for her very very special audience, not for you.

    the dress is cute, her belly is interesting.

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