Beyonce Readies Comeback+Spotted At LAX

Singer Beyonce was spotted leaving LAX yesterday and looking like she didn’t have a care in the world. You all know the internet and world at large is still obsessing over her Loreal ad. In the meantime, Beyonce is more than likely obsessing over her comeback which is just a few weeks away. Rumors are already running rampant that the singer’s debut single from her upcoming Fall 2008 release, will leak this week and as previously reported, Beyonce is due to perform that single at this years Fashion Rocks concert, which takes place on September 5th.


  1. Okay, my first comment wasn’t what I really felt to say (trying to avoid a “Beyonce showdown”). But this chic has been taking the most evil looking pics I’ve ever seen. On here, she looks as if she couldn’t give a damn about anybody. I hope this attitude of hers (if any) doesn’t reflect in her upcoming album. She’s actually a great singer!!

  2. Beyonce looks pretty and refresh in these pics. Her shoe game is crazy!!

  3. I hope you cover the Fashion Rocks performance 🙂 I read she’s performing as well as others of us. I wonder if she’ll top the Josephine Baker/Banana Skirt theme? I wonder what route she’ll go this time?

    I see the ring. 😉

  4. Bout time she stopped hiding the ring it was getting old and tired. I hate to sound like a hater but I’m not in the mood for a Beyonce come back 😐 Sorry, please don’t get mad at me.

  5. It’s just that fans go into overdrive etc. But the pics look nice 🙂 😐


  7. You not hating liyah there alot of people that does feel like you. But let her get her shine on that all. You know she do not like being behind the scene long.

  8. Bee looks comfy and cute! I’m really looking forward to the new release! She’s been sporting that ring for a while now!

  9. “Comeback” It is not like she has been out of the music scene for five or more years. This girl really needs to get over herself.

  10. I wouldn’t say that this is a come back for Beyonce. She never really disappeared. She just got married, did some movies and took some personal time for the past four months.

    The only comeback that the media is interested in is Britney Spears possibly appearing at the VMA awards. Britney is like the black version of Janet Jackson when it comes to entertaining and performing. The entertainment world loves a great comeback story and Britney is their darling no matter how many times she has screwed up.


    I never understood why Beyonce and Jay-Z were hiding their rings, hell everyone knows that you’re married.

  12. are the flawless curves gone?? or it’s jst my eyes coz she looking skin n bones !!

  13. I can’t wait for her single to drop, and she looks great as usual

  14. I have seen pictures of her on a few websites and YES I’ve noticed she has lost a lot of weight. Personally I think she looks better with her weight.

  15. Bey looks great! 🙂
    The girls skin is beau-ti-ful!!!

    @ Kanyade: I too am wondering what she’ll do at Fashion Rocks to top the Josephine Baker-esque performance.

  16. wait a minute…. nooooooooooooooooooooo LOL! She can’t be coming back! Did she EVER leave LOL??? Thanks to the media I am STILL in Bey overexhaustion & now you say she’s about to release again. I feel like a kid who gets out of school in June & returns in August… It ALL comes too soon.

  17. Coming back already? Geesh…

    That hair is the front is really nucca hair – where is Loreal now? LOL!!!

    She looks cute. Love the nail polish

  18. Beyonce seems a lot more conservative and low keyed since she became Mrs. Carter. It just seems like she has lost some of her flavor and sex appeal.

  19. Ciara Posted She Was In The Studio With Beyonce And Chante Moore Writing On There New Album Last Week. Looking Forward To Both New Album. Exclusive From Ciara world 2

  20. Beyonce hasn’t lost weight she stopped wearing those pads. She is not as curvy as she appears sometimes because she is not that curvy. This is how she normally looks probably without all of those pads. And before all the stalkers start tearing me down it’s been proven she wears them.

    I also agree with Liya that it was stupid for two adults to hide their wedding rings. I can understand not wanting to talk about your private life, but, hiding rings is just stupid for adults. Especially one almost in his forties.

  21. She did lose weight. I think it looks good, mostly because when she is more ‘curvy’ sometimes she doesn’t change the size on the tag. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what she comes up with. True, she never left. So it’s not a comeback, just new material. Anyway, hope she changes it up with some well-written songs and gets a little more artistic.

  22. Beyonce & Jay Z are grown. They have nothing to prove to anyone, they can wear or not wear their rings at their own discretion. I like this site very much but some of these posters sound like their still in junior hs.. Smh.

  23. ^^ Yes you are right, they can wear or not wear there rings. You are right about that. But we are talking about the fact that it is stupid to HIDE them with their hands in their pockets….it is. Any way it is just a stunt!

  24. YAWN>>>>&gtBeyonce, stay home! I am not ready for that jelly!

  25. She hasn’t had a video out in like a year in a half maybe two years, and the most recent song that she had out that got radio play was usher’s song. And i think she was kind of teasing her fans with that one to let them know that she’s comin. I think it’s time for her to come back i mean look at rihanna who puts out cd’s every year and chris brown, neyo.And i for one can’t wait to here the new single. I hope it’s better then the music she put out a couple years ago. Although they were good too.

  26. B stated after she lost the weight for dreamgirls that she did not feel like a woman for the record, a woman is not summed up by weight , that is just another moment where she speaks and don’t think about what she is saying. Women come in all sizes , tall and lean fat and round and all shapes in between, how can someone have so much money and not be educated enough to speak well. I guess she worried now because she wrote that dumb ass song about being bootylicous to get attention on her ass now she look like she don’t have noassatall. B just be yourself and you wont make a fool out of yourself trying to fool people into thinking your someone your not.

  27. @Ben-

    Beyonce NEVER said she didn’t feel like a WOMAN after losing the weight for Dreamgirls she said she didn’t feel like HERSELF. The interview was on GMA stop mis quoting people. You trying to make Beyonce look stupid but your the one coming across foolish making up things to try and tear someone down.

    Anyways go ahead keep doing your thing Mrs.Knowles glad to see a sister shining.

  28. I can’t wait for this performance!!! My favorite Beyonce Fashion Rocks performance was in 2004 when she performed Naughty Girl. From that amazing beginning behind the screen singing while hittin’ the most spectacular back bend. To the outfit… to the SHOES! My girl was dancing & struttin’ in those glorious Christian Louboutins 😀 in 2004 I said.

    She stole the show, as usual, and showed everyone how you’re SUPPOSE to do it!

  29. Um.. ben? Could you provide that link please 🙂 I’m sure you have it

    LOL don’t you have enough to complain about, like she’s fat, she wanna be White, she can’t sing, she wanna be Hispanic, she can’t dance, she’s stupid, her man is a camel, etc… WITHOUT adding MORE LIES?

  30. I’m looking forward to hearing her new material and her performance at fashon rocks.

  31. First off the bag! She needs to stop carrying it like it has a mind of it’s own! I know it’s hot but throw it over your shoulder already! And, no I’m not on her comeback. I loved Aaliyah for her subtlety and the fact you were like “dang I wonder what she’s up to?” Not, everywhere constantly no break! I think she should go get some popeye I know she’s hungry

  32. I was flipping through my cosmopolitan this month, and there was and ad for dereon. “Beyonce’s new album out in November.”

  33. I like her when she has or (appears to have) weight. She looks so much like Tina when she is bigger.

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