Beyonce To Debut At The Top Of The Charts

According to Hits Daily Double, Beyonce and her alter-ego, Sasha Fierce, will both debut at the top of next week’s chart. So just how much will the sista sell? Well, Mathew Knowles, Beyonce’s father and manager, recently told Billboard Magazine that he thought his daughter would sell anywhere between 750,000 and 1,000,000 copies in the first week. According to him, his daughter is so focused on transitioning from singer to Icon, that they have paid extra attention to every single detail when it comes to the promotion of this new album. So, did all that attention to detail pay off? Click over to the next page to see.

Her New Double-CD Will Bow at #1 with Between 500-550k, Cook, Nickelback, Swift Battle for #2

November 19, 2008

A double dose of Beyonce and her alter ego will grab the top spot on the HITS Album Sales chart next week, as her two-CD Music World/Columbia set, I Am… Sasha Fierce, will debut at #1 with 500-550k in sales, according to those hardy retailers who still have their doors open.

With a stunning appearance on Saturday Night Live last weekend, two hit singles in “If I Were a Boy” and “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” and a starring role as Etta James in the upcoming Chess Records movie, Cadillac Records (and its accompanying soundtrack), Beyonce might as well be Sasha Claus.

The real tussle will be right below that for #2, as a debuting RCA/RMG’s David Cook and Roadrunner’s Nickelback go head-to-head with this week’s chart-topper, Big Machine’s Taylor Swift, in her second week. All look to be in the 300k range, mas o menos.

Syco/Columbia’s Il Divo, Simon Cowell’s tenor heartthrobs, are in the 100-125k range.

Other Top 50 newcomers will include Epic’s masked metal marauders Mudvayne, with 40-50k, and Asylum rapper Slim at 30-40k.

Sunday will mark the release of Guns N’ Roses’ Chinese Democracy, while IDJ beats the Tuesday rush with three biggies in Kanye West, The Killers and Ludacris in stores on the Monday before Black Friday.

The market was up 27% vs. last week, down 24% vs. the same week last year and still down 13% year to date.

Now, excuse us while we get in line for our $125 Sony Bravia HDTV.



  1. Are these artists, like Lil’ Waynes 1 million first week, for real or do record companies buy the album to boost the numbers? Usually after that initial jump the sales fall like 70 or 80%.


    HALO, and HELLO is my favs

    Video phone is hott too. GREAT INVESTMENT! :thumbsup:

  3. I love the cd, its so different she has a lot of acoustic music and it only compliments her beautiful voice, Beyonce is very talented and she sounds great both on cd and live in concert. There are no other singers in her group that can touch her that is why so many artist had to move their cds back until 2009. It cracks me up when people say oh she should have held her cd back longer for solange and michelle……don’t you people realize that we are all capable of buying more than one cd at a time if it is worth it? solange, michelle, brandy, Rihanna, ciara, ashanti, keri hison etc. don’t have the talent or the stage presence that beyonce has to sell records and you all still wouldn’t buy their records because if you were their albums wouldn’t have been pushed back or they would have sold many units. Talent is talent period, it does not matter how many cute clothes you wear or how many times you cut your hair if you don’t have the talent to back you up the public will get bored and dismiss you …….remember jlo, cute clothes can’t sing. Me ,I wear cute clothes, keep my hair laid, my shoes are always on point and i still can’t sing worth a damn
    that is alot of artist story these days. a GREAT STYLIST CAN’T BUY YOU TALENT

  4. I figure she would sell what she usually does – 500-55ok. Papa Knowles is smoking that ooooowwwwweeeeeee if he thinks she is pushing out a milli!

  5. I heard the CD – too many different types of things going on for me. Sorry Bey I couldn’t bring myself to buy it. I did purchase Jazmine Sullivan while I was in the music store though :thumbsup:

  6. It may pay off, but too much promotion can backfire too. I hear a lot of people complain of being bored of Beyonce. I mean you see her everywhere! But we’ll see… I’m sure she’ll make a lot of those sales overseas. Beyonce is already an icon. Her name will most definitely go down in history, just like Diana Ross.

  7. many people laugh and say yeah i knew she wouldnt sell a mill i say girl must be bad if she can sale 500000 copies in a week with a incredibly horrible economy…so lets think if the economy wasnt so messed up i wonder what numbers she would actually do… anyway love the cd its excellent….i have a favorite song for each day of the week and i feel like she song these lyrics for me especially on the beyonce side of the album :thumbsup: i dont care what your numbers are as long as i am pleased with what you produce…so keep making me happy B!

  8. I got the deluxe version, but I had already downloaded it online a week ago. Originally my faves were Scared of Lonely, Halo, IIAWB, Disappear, Broken-Hearted Girl, Sweet Dreamsand Single Ladies. Now I’ve added Hello to that and she sounds great on Ava Maria.

    :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    Also, I’ve heard that stores are selling out of the deluxe version. You can get it on Best Buy’s website for the sale price and free shipping :brownsista:

  9. Good for her! But that’s just a prediction we don’t really know how it will do, we’ll see next week!

    I’ ve read a lot of reviews of the albums and I ‘m surprised of the numbers of bad reviews! Actually I think There are more bad reviews than goods!
    And another thing I’m very surprised with too is that a lot of reviewers compared her work in the album with Rihanna’s work (especially for Radio and Halo)!
    So does that mean that Rihanna has finally etablished herself as a true artist and that she came to her own?

  10. what are my favorites…. thats why your beautiful, broken hearted girl, disappear, satillites, smash into you, halo, hello, ego,diva, video phone, radio, single ladies

  11. marie i dont think that it means that rihanna has established herself as a true artist like you are referring it…i think its more because rihanna is a great artist internationally and halo and radio are two songs that will be extremely big hits over seas

  12. look i bought the album and i dont like “satillites”, thats all. the reason why all the bad reviews is because beyonce did what beyonce wanted to do. beyonce took a risk. i aint no stan but the album is great. i really dont understand how beyonce is copying rihanna with “halo”. i listend to umbreall and halo and its totally different and quite weird to compare the two. over all im review 7/10

  13. @Mario I am really concern for your mental health. I don’t say that in a mean spirited way. But there is no way you can put all this energy into another human being and still have time to develop or nurture your on life. I can understand being a fan but you act as if she is your relative and you have to defend her at every turn. What is going on with you that you are so focused on someone else. That can’t be a mentally healthy nor emotionally healthy for you.

    I don’t comment everyday but I read everyday and the way you talk about this woman really scares me for you. I think you need to step back and take a Beyonce break because you are on overload. That is just not normal the way you are with this person that you don’t know. If you are like this on this blog I can only imagine what you would say to someone face to face who didn’t like her. I can actually see you getting into an altercation. You need to step back and find out what your life’s dream or passion is and take that passion you have for this woman and put into your own thing and maybe we would be commenting about you on a blog. But you definately need to step back because this is just not normal. It’s a few of you on here like this but you really stick out.

    There use to be some really deep people and we use to have some really great conversations on this blog. It was really great, but, Stephanie I guess you are part of the blogs that the Knowles have paid off into promoting her. I don’t ever remember you posting this many Beyonce blogs. I guess I am going to have to step off like the other people because this blogs has become like bossip now. Even mediatake out don’t have this many Beyonce postings. It is to many other sisters out there doing great things for you to be posting this many Beyonce things.

  14. Go head Beyonce another #1! I think these numbers are going to be higher, but we’ll see. I love this album! Her vocals are stellar!

  15. Ummm Halo sounds nothing like any on Rihanna’s tracks.. I have never, ever heard her name in reference to that song. Her vocals couldn’t pull it off anyway. I’ve only heard Leona mentioned with that song.

  16. 😆 @ Bria, there hasn’t been ONE Beyonce post that you haven’t commented on at this site!

  17. I`m a Rihanna`s fan and I love her but congratulation Beyonce. You have a good performance in the two clips. I hpoe that new Rihanna CD beat this sales.

  18. Can we stop with Rih vs. Bey puh lease??? Rih loves Sasha and Bey loves Rih….can we let it go now?

  19. 1,000,000 the first week….. that’s all good but how many are actual sales and how many will have been bought by the record label? If there’s a drastic drop in sales that second week then we’ll know what’s up…..

  20. Here come the Rihanna stans rolling in….let it go, because yo all do not want to start comparing sales

  21. ^^^^ LOVE LOVE LOVE your icon pic, Lola!!!!
    Rih Rih saying she loves Sasha?!?!
    I wish fans & haters alike of both artist {Bey & Rih} could all understand that both of these ladies are not wasting time disliking each other like some ppl tend to think they do or want them to.

    I’m loving Bey’s album!! I so was not expecting to but She did the damn thing and I’m so glad she did. :thumbsup:

    I hope she pushes those sale units and even more. She deserves it!

  22. I am a fan and I happy about her 3rd str8 #1 solo album and 500-500K is still a lot of units and it is a prediction so it could be a lil more. It is good to see sistahs ruling. Now it is hard, especially for black female artists to push units. I wonder how it would be if this was the 80s and 90s how these artists would be selling.

    But anyways, I think this kind of thing should make entertainers think about improving their craft, especially performing wise because that’s where entertainers make their money even if they have publishing credits to their CDs.

  23. @ Nne

    Yes, Rihanna loves Sasha! Can her stans respect that and let the comparison sh*t go?

    I feel like this. I have bought all of Bey’s, AK, Mary, and Rihanna’s albums. I like each artist, and don’t compare them. They are all on top of their game and all doing the damn thing, musically. Right now, it’s Bey season. When AK, Mary, or Rihanna are ready to release to another album, it will be all about them, but right now, it’s all about Bey.


  24. Well, not to add fuel to Rih vs. Bey issue, even though Robyn did not Bey type #s in the US, overseas Robyn beat Bey as far comparing GGGB to B’day and she has been doing her thing on the charts for the last year now. Now, let’s see if she can translate that to headlining her own tours and stuff of that nature because THAT’S WHEN SHE WILL STEP INTO THE NEXT LEVEL. Making hits is one thing, tours is where artists make their money. So please, on both Robyn and Bey side, let’s not get into this.

    BTW, I am feel that pic@ Nne

  25. bria dont be concerned with me. i am a business owner…not to sound full of myself but i can put so much time into a person because i am financially free to do so. i cant believe someone like you would even make such a comment without even knowing me i sure never have past judgment on you so i expect that same respect from you…but i guess the world wouldnt be the same if we didnt have someone to pull you down… im laughing at your concerned with me :lol2: worry about yourself please…next

  26. bria i cant believe your comments you kinda wowed me… i come across people that dont like her all the time and thats fine but this is what a blog is for…everyone knows i love beyonce…i have done things for beyonce personally so i can say that i come close to knowing her than just about all of her fans…i enjoy my life i hope you enjoy yours? maybe you do maybe you dont…i enjoy being able to follow beyonce…entertainment is made to entertain and take people away from the terrible things and people that this world has to offer…im happy beyonce entertains me enough to not give a damn about this scary world…thanks BEE! :thumbsup:

  27. Umm not to add fuel to the fire, GGGB was Rih Rih’s third release and I Am …. Sasha Fierce is the 3rd release. Beyonce’s first two releases sold more than Rih Rih’s first two releases in the USA and Worldwide! So, we’ll see after this one!

  28. Mario said,
    November 19, 2008 at5:50 pm 49 minutes after
    what are my favorites…. thats why your beautiful, broken hearted girl, disappear, satillites, smash into you, halo, hello, ego,diva, video phone, radio, single ladies


    I love Scared of Lonely!

  29. Sounds like the same number of cds she always sells. So in essence, she didn’t win over any new fans. She is still working with those stans that feel they must keep her at number one regardless of the content of the cd. After about a week they grow weary of the lame music and the cd collects dust until its time to put her at number one with the next cd. SMDH! Why bother making cds Bey? Its obvious the stans will buy your fart in a bottle.

  30. 🙄 Oh Lawd! anyway I think Poppa Knowels is being real ambitious, bu I guess thats nothing new! anwhoo I decided to list the songs off the album I actually like even though I have not purchased it” “Halo” “Thats why youre beautiful” “Dissapear” “Scared of Lonely” “Broken Hearted Girl” “Ego”–thats all I can think of, but on another note how dope would it be if there was a remix of “Diva” feat someone like I don’t know Rihanna! I know rnb chicks don’t really do collabs, but seeing as how the beat is like “milli” and lord knows rappers do not hesitate with the remixes and multiple apperances, I think its an interesting idea, and the “stans” would be beside themselves!

  31. I dont understand the need to brow-beat folks on whose music they chose to purchace, Lord knows there is no accounting for good taste and I never understand how some artists get the amount of success they receive, but music is subjective, and it does not affect my quality of life if someone wants to but 13 copies of FloRIda or whomever they purchase, no matter how wack I deem them to be. Why O why can’t everybody be on the same page?

  32. misty knight :iagree: i would so love to hear rihanna get on the diva track with beyonce i think the world mouth would drop straight to the ground and i would be like this :lol2:

  33. Misty, I think the issue is that peeps worship their opinions and make it fact, rather see for what it is, their subjective opinion. I understand though, there are artists who don’t like or you might the material that they brought out and that’s fine. It is OKAY NOT TO LIKE SOMETHING.

    @ Mario.

    I don’t know. I love the fact that Bey had NO collabs this time around and I don’t know about Robyn being on the Diva Remix. I was think someone like Twista on the Remix. That would be hot and different.

  34. 500,000 – 550,000 is not bad! I really love the album.

    I do feel that the numbers will be even higher though, considering she has numerous upcoming appearances this week.

    Does anyone know if digital album sales are included in these figures? If they are not, then her end week sales could be well over 600, 000 and maybe even 700,000 (wishful thinking) 🙂

  35. @Curtis
    Yeah I agree, but unfortuanately the internet has allowed these folk to have a platform to redundantly announce the same crap over and over again, I just don’t understand why some folks are so passionate about entertainment! politics is one thing but this crap is totally over the top! But I’m sorry if you’re gonna have an estrogen feuled song like “Diva” then youre not gonna do it justice by putting some male rapper on it, I considered Lil Kim but shes a lost cause! I think if they did “Diva” together it would garner alot of publicity , besides I remember reading along time ago that they wew supposed to to a song together called “the glamouros life” or some crap like that, lastly I also suggest that my hypthetic remix include a sample my favorite random actress”Jennifer Lewis” saying “Diva” like she did on The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air”! that would be genious!

  36. @ Just a Though

    I heard digital sales are not figured in these predictions/estimates

  37. @ Misty. The only why I used a male rapper because it might give the otherside, from a dudes POV on it. It was just a thought. Kim would be fine too.

  38. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: This album to me is her very best, she has crossed so many boundarys with this album, allowing herself to try different genres and i love them. The only song that i don’t like on the album is video phone. I mean she really put her time and effort into this Album. its just amazing!!!!!!!!!! And HAlo does not sound like none of Rihanna’s song. she couldn’t pull HAlo off if she did have the voice. Get B!

  39. Truth be told, no the label is not buying copies because not only is that illegal but impossible. Soundscan (the trackers of sales for billboard charts,etc) counts each scan of an album at the scores. and Multiple purchases of an album only count ONCE!!! So, unless the label has 300,000 people going to buy the album (and Columbia records has a little under 2,000 employees) then what DrmKPr said is crazy. Also 500-550 is excellent sales, and the same as B’day which was 541,000. And true, rihanna 3rd CD got Bey’s but only by a little less than a million (5.3 million to 6.2 million) where as bey first CD sold 6.5 million (plus the good 60 or 70 thousand it sold this past week through itunes) for a total of 11.8 million CDs worldwide (factoring in Destiny’s Child it crosses 50 million). Whereas rihanna with 1 million on the first one, 2 million on the second and 6 on the third album is only at 8 million world wide. and that’s 3 albums not two like beyonce. Plus this new beyonce album will probably sell better because it appears moreso oversees. and those projections don’t factor in thanksgiving sales which has Kanye and Luda releasing 3 days early, off cycle just to take advantage of them, so it’s a better chance for the album to be around 600 to 65o K.

    Just a prediction, Single Ladies will be top 5 next week, and if i were a boy at LEAST top 2 possible number 1.

  40. If you truly know music you would know that the numbers don’t only come from the scan of record sales but also the amount of cd units shipped. And you prefaced you argument perfectly by saying that labels are buying copies because it is not only is that illegal but impossible but we both know that’s not the truth. Watch the numbers…. tell me why in one week the sales are off the charts but the following week there are damn near nonexistent…. Yes I am sure the record labels are not sending out individual employees to buy copies but you best believe they are buying multiple copies of the cd being released.

  41. @Amelekia So because Beyonce didnt sell a million her first week even though she still could your gone call Alicia Keys ugly because she sold 742,400 her first week. That is just plain stupid and childish.

  42. The Album is garbage, and people should it admit it.
    Alicia Keys sold 750k, ghetto Lil Wayne sold 1 million, so why is Beyonce only selling 500k? The economy has nothing to do with it, the economy has been bad for a while and artist are selling more than Beyonce. Beyonce is making Taylor Swift #’s and Taylor is a new artist, Beyonce is not even in a league with Alicia when it comes to album sales. This is about the same amount that she sold for Bday, there is no progression with her.

  43. @All the stans Oh my god, and this is According to one-day sales estimates that means she hasn’ t reach that yet but she would by the end of the week I’ ve been telling you bey will never sell more than 600k at best I told you!
    Mario I love you! but don’ t you dare blame anything on the economy, we were in a recession when lil wayne that carter 3 sold a milli , kanye west is coming out i bet you he’ s going to sell more ! My little cousin bought 5 copies, That’ s what i was saying you people stay on blogs calling others haters you can talk the talk but can’ t walk the walk 500-550 k is what she sold before nothing new! I’ m happy she didn’ t flop because i really really love “If i was a boy” but that’ s it 500-550 K is what beyonce is always supposed to sell

    as for the bey-rih comparision beyonc ehas been in the industry 10 years rihanna 3 years why are you so mad? If you take destiny’ s child sales and fans out then we can compare and i’ m sure they could come close to each others but it’ s unfair to put rihanna “on blast” and down just because you’ re pissed wth? Compare beyonce to alicia keys then we can talk!
    it’s beyonce’ s fans that are mad as hell
    rihanna genuinely loves beyonce been to her concert scream loud when she comes out and all, Beyonce say she loves rihanna if she say so it’ s true right? I mean she never lies
    Either way beyonce’ s fans are PISSED that someone is even tought as their queen’s competition,none else i love rihanna but i don’ t see her as competition to nobody
    as for lola’ s picture looool

  44. @Amelikia

    Girl dont cry, you were not going to see the funds anyway. Beyonce and family are for self and what goes up must come down…..I know it sounds mean but they have done some mean things to people and I know BC is happy.
    The fans bought multiple albums which means not that many people purchased the album.

  45. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: at teh stan yall are sad , You want a coookie? You want auntie shantey to give you a cookie? Loool Nahd on’ t worry bey is fine she dnt need the money anyway all she wants is love and respect and she got that 🙂

  46. Britney Spears will sale 600k or more, her album is Fire! I listed to all the tracks and im in love with about 12 songs on her deluxe album. Circus is going to be really good, listen to Trouble, Mannequin, Blur, Amnesia, Phonography, Kill the lights, Circus, Leather & Lace, and Rock Me….OMG! Beyonce album only has 2 good songs, Halo and Disappear other than that everything else is boring or ghetto……and in this economy she is bragging about being sick with so many benjie’s she dont know what to do with it.

  47. amelekia: Hmmmm TU EST BETE DEH! YOU Spend money for nothing! multiple disc bought by one person count as one! so even if you buy 10000 copies it’ s still one!You empty person
    people are saying the cd’s are sold out everywhere, this is a marketing tool from the label….what they do is ship less units to the seller so it looks like its flying off the shelf and the consumer see this and wants to buy it even more. You guys are being fooled, but you call people haters when in actuality we are trying to tell yall the truth about the knowles just like Brandy tried to do with Kelly and Kelly didnt want to listen and look at where she is at now.
    and alicia keys is a better looking, better musician and much much better respected and loved than beynoce so shat it up! wait until mey cmes here and see you calling alicia an ugly you gon take the bus to school! 😆 :lol2:

  48. and in this economy she is bragging about being sick with so many benjie’s she dont know what to do with it.

    mario is gon say it’ s just a song!

  49. The record companies do play tricks with the numbers. PERIOD.

    Anyway, I hope Jennifer Hudson does not give up singing. I know she is in mourning but I pray for her anyway.

    I want to see her sing, Giving Myself To You and blow the roof off the competition.

  50. Obviously, Amelekia sounds like a Beyonce hater in disguise! 😆 Not believing that rant! :noway: LOL, @ the Beyonce haters! If memory serves correctly, Hits also predicted Alicia would only sell 550K the first week too! So, I still thinking she has a chance to hit 600K or more. But we’ll see!

    Voice, your doing to much in a Beyonce thread once again! :stop:

  51. Loool @Melissa
    You are soo 0bsessed you see haters everywhere don’ t you? go sit somewhere, Who the H are you to tell people what they can and cannot do?Lool girl please you ain’t even interesting just dumbly entertaining don’ t you have to learn the lyrics of diva or something lmaoo gtfoh

  52. 500K is great for that cd, I think. Her lead singles were weird. That’s a lot of records and she is coming in at #1…so… I don’t know why something makes me think Matthew’s going to tamper with that, though I know he won’t because he definitely didn’t for Solange! lol

  53. Lola, if they don’t add digital sales then you might find that her numbers will go up but so will David Cook’s and Nickelback’s, as they’re moving more units digitally than her.

  54. Beyonce: I want to be an icon
    Matthew knowles: I think it will sell 750k with the recession

    I guess Lil wayne is an icon 🙄
    Over Hyping can kill They did the same with dreamgirls and b’day, and what was the results?
    Now let’ s see what Cadillac records is like , But i don’ t expect much

  55. Cinthia, I too find it odd that Beyonce’s just said she wants to be an icon. I don’t know that her music is meaningful enough, that SHE is meaningful enough. I always cringe when I hear black people in the news refer to her as the perfect example of what black people can accomplish or even when I hear her refer to uplifting women as if she’s a feminist archetype…She’s merely a beautiful woman exploiting everyone’s attraction to her. She can sing but since when does her music qualify one for mainstream status let alone icon status? She was very very lucky to be born so beautiful…if not for that she might have been just like the ladies who sing backup for her or the girls who dance with her in videos.

    :booty: :booty: :booty: :booty:

  57. i cant understand how a black woman could wish and obssess over britney spears album sales

  58. “i cant understand how a black woman could wish and obssess over britney spears album sales”

    That was the most ignorant thing i heard so far, Can you understand white people voting for a black president? can you understand beyonce’ s and all of our entertainer’ s white fans ? Stop wanting the white folks only when you need them to do you a favor, just go out there and do it yourself, Wth is wrong with black folks liking britney spears? Losers :thumbsdown:

  59. @VOICE you know i said the same thing they sent less units to the stores to make it look like that and somebody even said that beyonce PR team is on the blogs sayin things like it sold out or makin up stories so the people buy it and brandy did try to worn kelly but she dont have her own mind so she stop bein friends with brandy and you know what i think it turned that football player off from her to you know the one she was about to marry i think he seen a to weak side of kelly and that turned him off . but anyway 500,000 is what she always do even T.I sold that. thats nothing new for her but like I’ve been sayin if they say she sold 750,000 or a mill I’m goin to know something is up this album was not that good but i did get halo off itunes but other then that. that album was :loser: and were there’s a will there is a way because if bush cheated his way in the white house you sure can get people from your company to get other people to go a buy a case of cd’s what they goin to say no you cant buy all of those albums :lol2: yeah right :lol2: oh and a lot of reviews are statin that she play the race card with this album i kind of agree and i kind of dont because i listen to all types of music but they stated why they said that. but off the subject i seen her on 106& park and she looked sooo nice she had on this bad black suit she looked really nice .and i dont know when her stans are goin to realize that the hole changin image, tryin to do different music was not for yall :noway: she know yall will buy anything dont matter what it is from her .the change was for the people yall call haters you notice i said yall call hater but back to what i was sayin the change was not for yall stans people said she needs to cover up i just seen her on another site with this black gown cover from neck to feet and then on 106 with a black suit on that was really nice she looked real classy

  60. The thing is youre tyring to sound serious but are coming off make no sense totally.The album sold out why is it eating you up:

  61. Bria,

    I’m so feeling your post regarding Mario and the direction of this site. I understand Beyonce has great people who market her brand ferociously; but, I don’t expect sites like this to follow suit (after all, this is not a Beyonce fan website; is it?). I’m no shrink, but the boy Mario needs to get his head checked. And if I were in Beyonce’s camp, I’d want to keep him at least a coast away from the “icon in training.” Mario is a stan if there ever was one. He reminds me of that nut job in the Bodyguard. Anyways, I’d love to see a more diverse representation of brown sistahs on this blog. JMHO.

  62. Mario’s response is laughable. Since when are business owners impervious to being crazy? Anyone can own a business, but if you are successful I’m sure you wouldn’t be on the blogs as much as you are, especially in this economy. But, I dunno, maybe you own and operate a lemonade stand.

    Further, to be so invested in another persons life means you lack excitement in your own. You clearly are in denial Mario; but, you really do need help. I hope you get it. Last thing we need is another brotha on the news for actin’ out of pocket.

  63. Why compare the number. They both doing good for thereself. The age different is crazy 7 years apart. Bee been in the game longer then RIRI. Like give this sh@t a break. I hope both of them go along way. But like i said im not feeling Beyonce new album at all.

  64. voice i am a beyonce fan that is not mad because someone outsold beyonce….im actually very greatful that she put out a album that speaks to me…thats all i care for from her…oh yeah and a hot concert…im always front row

  65. There are some ding dongs on this site as per usual

    1) you can’t compare Beyonce and Rihannas 3rd releases as Beyonce was coming out of a girl band and lready had a base–DUH, you are just trying to say that so you stupid stans can run in here saying I AM outsold GGGB, the fact remains that Rihanna and ‘unknown’ outsold Beyonce (who is a veteran in the industry) on their last records

    2) the white comment was right, black people stop showing your stupid gene, like the other poster said ofcourse black people can like britney the same way (tell em poster) white people voted for Barack who if not for thier voites would NOT be the president! I like Circus too, i hope Unusual You is on the album!

    3) There are people here who I am sure would be deemed mentally unstable.

    Anyone gotta run.

    Last time they over estamated B DAY SO this time they are playing it safe


  68. quit blabbering already,you sound like this dumb on concreteloop who keeps posting@BOYCOTT BEYONCE, SHE’S FAKE@pleease..

  69. You guys are mean. Mario is my homie! lol. Also what is wrong with liking Britney Spears? Her lasr two albums were the ish! Anyways I do kinda feel that Beyonce did play the race card with this album. I remember Matthew being disappointed with B’day because he felt that it was too urban. So yep having a pop and R&B/Hip-Hop double disc was a smart idea lol

  70. We love to protect the underdog(rihanna), but she has no talent. I live in Chicago and riahanna will be on tour with David Archuletta(loser from american idol) Jesse Mcartney(disney Channel) and a girl name Chanel? and you call this being at the top of her game? Rihanna was one of five opening acts For Kanye West, Riahnna has a long way to go
    just because your picture is everywhere don’t give you talent(kim kardashian?) Rihanna has a team that is trying really hard to shoot her to stardom(great) but you have to work hard, everything beyonce has she said she worked hard and sacraficed alot, rihanna acts like she is scared to sweat her hair out on stage. if only rihanna had the talent to sing and dance she would be a force, but since shes like the cute girl who transferred into the school and now were still waiting for her to represent she don’t have the chops….sorry!
    her last cd is still putting out singles to recoup all of the money they have lost in sales, each time you release a single it cost money to promote. and it usually don’t take a artist to release their whole album in singles to gain the public attention, that is why they say she is bankrupt because she has to pay all the money back they are using to release all those single from one cd. they have put alot of money into rihanna and her likeness isn’t turning into money quick enough, you fans aren’t investing in all of her singles she keeps releasing, all you do is look on the internet to see what she is wearing, why aren’t you stans supporting ri ri …………because she can’t sing!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. @ Dr. Phil, If they sent less to the store , she would sell. That would defeat the purpose!LOL
    Anyway, I’m with WPC, I think Hits underestimated, and she’ll sell more than that. That estimated Alicia Keys to do 550K to, and we all know what happened! I love this album.

    @ Everyone is Fierce, You do know that B’Day sold 1 million more than GGGB in the USA.

  72. @ loveroflife
    Beyonce is an international star that has fans of all races. She put out an album that caters to all her audiences. :thumbsup:

  73. I know I’m not helping the sales right now. 😆 I had plans of buying it as soon as it came out, but after I listened to it on Myspace…eh, I’m not impressed. There a few songs I like, such as Radio, Ego, and Scared of Lonely. Where’s that growth she talked about about? I might just download a few tracks. but right now I’m not buying it.

  74. TK, you know it’s that some person! It’s so obvious! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  75. Majesa, her vocals are stellar on Disappear, Halo, If I Were A Boy, Ava Marie, Scared of Lonely, Save the Hero! You can definitely hear the growth on the first disc!

  76. what makes me laugh is how she claims this is her most personal album and she put her heart into it. Thats bull because halo was originally meant for leona, bey stole/”took” the song off of ryan tedder. How can she claim her music is personal when she doesnt even write it herself. And then if I were a boy, she contacted bc jean about a month ago to get permission to take the song. If the album meant that much to her, she would have sorted that out ages ago!

    Clearly she and matthew only care about money, and the dumb fools that are buying her album are sheep! She doesnt care about her fans, she’s like a robot and seems to switch in and out of her identities! Personally i think she’s bizarre

    But go sheep and buy the album, 10 at a time! Your just making the knowles family richer and richer!

  77. Sho Ya Right i dont have to prove anything like i said i have the time to stay on a blog site the economy isnt effecting me…actually it helps my business grow instead of worrying about my life and (trying) to insult me why dont you keep those comments to yourself…like said before i dont personally attack anyone and i suggest both of you do the same

  78. All i have to say is i love bey, will be purchasing the cd tommorow, hope she exceeds her predicted sales. i will not participate in the huge a$$ debate going on in here (feels like some of you are running for presiden’t for the beyonce hater/lover clubs). i don’t have the time or

  79. and just for the record

    @breaking down

    leona rejected that song because she thought it didn’t fit her voice, beyonce didn’t steal it. get your fact straight before running your mouth

  80. @ Tiffy

    I understand that but it seems like Matthew was thinking that way lol. That’s why I said she was pulling the race card because of some comment Matthew made a long time ago.

  81. breaking down…i hear what you are saying but at the same time….alot of music (not only beyonce) mean alot to me and i havent wrote any of the lyrics…sometimes music take you somewhere..writing it or not it still can relate to your personal life… like her songs ‘thats why your beautiful’…when i hear the song i know exactly what im thinking about and i feel like she is telling the story of a relationship that i am currently in…when i hear a song like bad habit by kelly rowland..its personal to me and i feel like its telling the story about a past relationship that i finally got over that i didnt think i would… when i listen to “the arms of the one who loves you’ by Xscape it reminds me of a time in my life when i had to let someone go when i really didnt want to…

    so all im trying to say is that i understand what you mean but at the same time people dont have to write or even sing it to become very personal to them…

  82. :stop: U dont have to WRITE a song for it to be PERSONAL TO U!
    SO WHY cant this be her most personal cd
    “SAVE THE HERO” Is such a personal song for me. This SONG tells the story of my life and I DID NOT WRITE! SO whats ur point?

  83. I’ve never seen so many people put so much energy into hating someone(they don’t even know) and resort to spreading rumors! 🙄

  84. Don’t folks get mad when other artist release music! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  85. rmKPr,

    chick, you wrong AGAIN. the sales that are shipped are not factored in soundscan results but in riaa certifications. Billboard doesn’t use riaa. if they counted sales EVERY high profile artist would sell more than a milli because they ship at least 1.5 milli to stores just to cover the next 2 months. Another thing, alicia keys is phenomenal, but her world wide sales for her last album don’t touch B’s (though her previous two WERE higher). It isn’t fair to say they can’t be compared because Alicia Keys released during the christmas rush shooting her sales WAY up. Lil’ Wayne is also amazing…but his sales took a marked decline in his second week two. Bottom line, most artists, even alicia keys, wayne, T.I. etc…take a 50-70% decline from first week salesd in the second week, at least the hip hop/r&B sales demographic. BTW, taylor swift is country artist which almost inherently makes her appeal bigger than be, especially since she does cross over too. so, rmKPr, NEVER attack me directly when you don’t even know what the hell you are talking bout, cuz you best believe i know my numbers and figs.

    BTW, 500-550 is damn good, so stop hating. her album is still GUARANTEED to sell 3 million in the U.S. and a good 6 world wide because of it’s excessive Euro feel.

  86. and at Tiff
    B’day did that in a year and technically speaking, Rihanna is not quite at 2 million. she is certified double because 2 million have been shipped but the number is closer to 1.967 million while beyonce sold 3 million and shipped 3 million in about half the time as rihanna. and she didn’t do nearly as much promotion. Rihanna has put out about 8 singles from the record and officially beyonce only had 5, and over 6 months less time (the others just had videos).

  87. Bria LOL :lol2: :iagree: Beyonce sucks :loser: Voice :hifive: bottom line and that’s my opinion get over it. The only place that Beyonce will ever become a legend is in her own MIND :loser: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: She will definately have to produce a better quality of music for that to ever happen. You can’t stand next to the greats like Tina, Whitney, Aretha, Lena, Diana, Cher, Prince, Elton John, Beethoven, Mozart, and Chopin producing the garbage she is making. :noway:

  88. I really do see alittle bit of hate with some people. If people do not like her work with this album do not get mad. I see people telling other u have to listen to this song and that song come on. It the ones that love her until the end of time is going crazy saying mean things to people. If all of us like the same thing or do the same thing this will be a boring @ss world.

  89. wow i came to this blog for this purpose :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: to laugh a whole lot. This is too funny. Is it that serious people? Her album is descent. Thats all I can say about that.

    That white comment–so not necessary. I want to know how old the person who said that is. I’m 25 and I will buy Britney’s album, Beyonce’s, Taylor Swift and T.I. (i buy everything if it’s worth buying). There’s nothing wrong with being a fan of someone’s music even if they are white. You’re comment shows you’re age or at least you’re ignorance.

    As for the icon stuff………….that’s beating a dead horse. She will be icon if her stans and daddy let her. While the quality of her music needs to improve it will happen. Although she doesn’t have ‘that one’ song yet. You know that “I Will Always Love You” or “Candle in the Wind” that will make her immortal in the music industry. When it happens which will happen by album 5 then get ready for the Beyonce you’ve never seen. She’ll be every where.

    Then breakout “The Love Below” and start playing “Roses”………………

  90. Mario: as I think is the case with Bria, I’m not trying to be rude. I’m really being sincere when I say you have some deeply rooted issues that cause you to be so overconsumed with another person’s life; I’ve really never seen anything like it. It’s abnormal, especially for a man. But, it sounds like you’re in such a state of denial that you won’t get help. So, I’ll leave it at that.

  91. Hold on did i miss something? Last time i checked 550k Wa what double Platinum?Triple?
    So what is the big deal and the arguing about?
    Yes bey’ s fans always overhype everything but I tought everyone learn to ignore their “special” minds by now ?

    For those that use beyonce as a trampoline to try and break down rihanna let me explain something to you, Two can play that game i really try not to compare the sisters but if we really wanna go that way it’ s like this, Rihanna can take singing and dance lessons and she might one day be called a great singer,now can beyonce stop time from changing people’ s mind about her or music as a whole? I don’ t think so, I suggest you drink some fanta and chill I love rihanna even more than beyonce, But i respect beyonce just as much as i respect Rihanna,

    tk:You’ re ignorant,If some white women didn’ t obsess about beyonce’ s sales and albums she will be taking my order at popeyes right about now, We all help each other one way and another, so stop playing the race card

    YASHIEYA:Grow up no one is better than no one else

    Majesa : Ave Maria was the best to me, along with Boy, The rest No no growth for me, Everyone knows she can sing my problem is the emotions beyond songs and Ave Maria and Boy sound like the two songs she was singing from the heart
    and how can beyonce grow up if her fans refuse to? poor girl is damn if she do or don’ t she divided the cd in two to please both sides those that want the ballads or the urban, and aren’ t we still arguing bout it?

    “U dont have to WRITE a song for it to be PERSONAL TO U”
    100% True

    Britney spears is getting my money if the cd is good, she is my favorite younging artist besides rihanna,Taylor swift is gripping the charts too, little girl is putting up a fight 🙂

    Nicole: I agree

  92. Only Beyonce can bring out all this in people! Newsflash: Albums are released every week! If you like the music buy it! If you don’t like it don’t buy it!

    That being said! Beyonce put out a solid album! I love all the ballards and the club bangers. Glad she continues to have success.

  93. sho ya right ok i appreciate the concern but im not in denial and i find it inappropriate for you to past judgment and not know me…just because i post my love for beyonce’s music doesnt mean i need help. never once did i say that i know anything about her life or say that i wanted to live her life. i have done nothing but state how much i love beyonces performances videos and music and on occasion how i like her interviews never once have i concluded that i was very interested in her actual life…get a grip stop reading into it to much

  94. I disagree Nicole about the quality of Beyonce music improving to make her an icon. She has been out for what 10 years and she still has not had that “I Will Always Love You” moment to place her as a legend. Are you God? How do you know her 5th album will be the one and if there is going to be one? I see what people mean about some of the stans trying to create this false illusion for Beyonce. Her music has to improve light years for her to be a legend and that’s a fact. :thumbsup:

  95. dark sista

    i have always appreciated most of your comments because you keep it real and state your opinion…i would never throw a :hater: sign up at you because you simply state your opinion without bringing low blows to personally take down someone…i guess its because you are a little more mature than most when it comes to those situations keep it up girl and good luck with your pregnancy i know i couldnt do it!

  96. so, did all that attention to detail pay off?

    What detail is she talking about specifically???

    Congrats on selling 500,000, if she makes that.

    I’m just wondering why fans ‘care’ how much she sells? (or is it that you really care how much money you give to her?)


  97. Mario: Hi Mario,How are you? Thank you for your comment I try to be as fair as i can
    It’ s not right to judge someone or to constantly playing with their feelings because we all know bey read blogs lol but we all have opinions and we need to express them, But i try not to be an hypocrite lool
    Thank you hoo boy mind you i already have a set of little angels If it weren’t for my husband i would have take a trip back to Jamaica where my mother and grand mother live now and cry my heart out loool

    Stanley: You know what pissed me the hell off? And this really angers me, “Dangerously in love” could have been that I will always love you song, That song was strong, from the lyrics to the composition,to the emotions behind it, That song was the business, That song was her chance, People won’ t understand someone not liking beyonce, but everyone have their reasons, Beyonce is a beautiful beautiful girl,She has a nice voice, Very nice voice, She chose to be a it girl no one decided for her, It was her destiny, she could have hyped DIL more than crazy in love and she didn’t and it’ s too late and you’ re right It’ s too late :noway: And i’ am angry at her for that because god knows we need more icons, More superwomen We really do

  98. Again, stop showing your stupid gene, we are talking TOTAL sales not in a particular market, and worldwide GGGB outsold Bday (and is still selling and charting).

    The US is NOT the WORLD. Comprende…

  99. Interesting post, dark sista and I hope your pregnancy goes well. I think people look at Icon all wrong. Where I feel Bey will show her iconic status the most will be when it comes to performing. She already head-lined her own tour, she is going to do a 110 city tour and we all know how she performs. There will be a time where Bey will get to the point where all she needs to do is put out her album without the pressure of sales so that then her fans will know that she is touring and bam…

    I know that don’t sound like I am staying to the topic of your post, but I feel that is where Bey will get her longevity. She has had plenty of hits, plenty of #1s, songs that will probably be playing on radio stations. But toruing and performing is where entertainers make their money and that’s what I believe her team is going for. That’s why I think there is so much pressure on her to sell. Which is sad in a way, because I feel she has so much potential for more and I love her as a performer and her music too(for the most part).

  100. When I clicked on this link I knew Rihanna would be mentioned. I don’t understand why but Beyonce’s fans try 2 use Rihanna as a way to make Beyonce seem like some queen. Rihanna has done ALOT on her own. She is the most successful of all the younger artists out right now. That’s the whole thing, Rihanna is seen as this new pop diva and the “it” girl so they think by downing Rihanna that that’s sayin hey Beyonce is better than the “it” girl so she’s the greatest there is. When in fact that is wrong. Rihanna is a POP PHENOMENON. Beyonce is a rnb/club banger type artist. She don’t sing pop/techno/rock the kind of music Rihanna puts out. If she really that good compare her to Alicia Keys, Mary J Blidge, and if you wanna go there Whitney Houston. Cuz if you gotta keep comparing the supposed “queen” to an underdog youngin like Rihanna then the only person that is lookin good right now is Rihanna. And thats the truth.

  101. She is a great entertainer but no where near icon status. Since when do artists “asked” to be icon? A bit arrogant dont ya think?

    As for the sales we know that was a given because her fans will buy it no matter what; but the album, imo, is just ok.

  102. liyah yeah its funny most people don’t notice it but it is suppose to have the illusion of her being naked…im not sure if she is really naked or not

  103. OMG, there is something very disturbing about her aura; that multiple personality thing. I feel it has gone too far; When she’s Beyonce she seems very distant; it was really wierd that the girl could not even call her husband’s name (in the interview with Oprah) I mean, what’s up with that? When she’s Sasha, well let’s not even discuss that. And I mean, she’s got a last name an all.

    Does Sasha come out “at will” or does she take over Beyonce when she can’t handle the pressure? Sasha’s taking more and more control, I mean now she’s making cd’s. What next?

    Uum, did Beyonce “leak” a song at the same time that Sasha’ album was set for release? If Sasha wins an award, will Beyonce accept or will Sasha come forward? Sasha is breaking loose!!

  104. :hater: fall back!!! beyonce and jay are on the top of the forbes list for the no. 1 paid couple again they pulled in 162 million dollars from june 2007-june 2008. all i can say is damn go bey she has worked hard for her money, she puts on a show everytime she performs, she ain’t afraid to sweat, and she is sophisticated, no tatoos all over her body looking ghettofied. oh yeah RIHANNA WHO? remember Jay signed Rihanna she still pays him so in reality bey GETS PAID BY RIHANNA SO WHY SHOULD SHE HATE. Rhianna is still an opening act on tours ask Kanye didn’t she open for him? Rhianna better put out every song on her album and get a new haircut so she can stay relevant, if not she can be a background singer for her boss BEY when she goes on tour 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  105. Mrs T
    if you aint getting a penny of that money and i’ m talking at least a mili everyweek shat up you sound stupid now that you listed everything they have let’ s see what you have, Should regular citizen feel less than themselves because their normal salaries do not match those of entertainers? You’ re ignorant and your arguments are whack you’ re pissed because people make sens the real hater here is you batch you’ re hating on rihanna everyone manage to give both sista their props ur ignorant ass had to come in and act dumb, i betcha feel good like you told of someone uh? Batch sat down You’ re stupid its cuz of people like you that beyonce’ s fans get called all kind of names,Lmao bey had a tattoo on her thighs she worked had to remove come harder, :hater: Ignorant :booty: Batch! You people are losers rihanna really? Rihanna? she making yall sweat? please go hide somewhere!!!!!!

    Curtis: I think a great performer without solid material cannot be an icon,That’ s what i think

    Shoulda Known: :iagree: they are a bunch of bullies

    Mahogany: hello

  106. OMG SHE IS NAKED (unless they photo shopped her clothes off like ciara )

  107. Beyonce sucks :loser: and the album is just ok. Beyonce and Jay-Z are two of the most ghetto people in the entertainment business :bowdown: . It does not matter how much money you make because money does not make the individual but character does. They can have the bank account of Oprah Winfrey combined (NEVER) and they still will be ghetto and low class :thumbsup: . Let’s just say the Carters will never be as classy and intriguing as the Obama’s get it :noway:


  109. YES IF I WERE A BOY IS NUMBER ONE :bowdown: im soo happy Next is Halo :thumbsup:

  110. Being an icon is like being a woman, do you have to tell people that you are?

  111. LMAO @ Jason….Jay and Bey are two of the most ghetto people in the music industry???? Are you serious?? I’m sorry, I love me some Bey but she is FAR from ghetto. She might like to think she is but she’s not! :lol2: If you’re gonna “hate”, at least TRY to make some sense.

    Anywho, I’m not surprised at the power couple’s 162 mil. Jay always been a hustla and Bey stay on her grind as her. Aint sat her a** down since 1996! But its still good to see us black folks doing so well! Especially in this horrible economy. I need to hook up with Bey’s promo team because they have done WONDERS for her career (her looks didn’t harm her either, but yall know what I’m talking about!).

  112. LMAO @ Baby T how is my opinion hating? :lol2: You are a perfect example of a stan that live your life through Beyonce. And for the record Beyonce is extremely ghetto. Just Because you love someone the way you love Beyonce does not mean she is not ghetto. Maybe you are low class and ghetto why you can not acknowledge that :thumbsup: I have clearly stated my position above and gave examples. So darling you should erase the word hating from your vocabulary because apparently you don’t know what it means. Also you should take your own advice at least if you are going to try to hate on someone elses opinion YOU should at least try to make some sense because money and fame does not make you classy character does and Beyonce is extremely GHETTO. :loser: :lol2:

  113. I thought being labeled an icon or legend is something that is given to you by your peers in the industry based on your body of work. Beyonce is so vocal about wanting to be an icon, legend and getting an Oscar award that it makes her look desperate and a little self-absorbed. Sorry, but Beyonce’s music and style does not match that of Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross or Janet Jackson. She is just a whole lot of hype and PR. No I am not hating, but that is my opinion.

  114. Beyonce is so in love with her self that she has just become very annoying.

  115. Osha I agree with your comments about being an Icon. It is something that happens to some artists over time and usually once it is seen that you have left a lasting impact on the industry and what you have done can be seen in other artists. This is the case with Janet and Michael and a few others. Beyonce’s constant talk of being an Icon makes her look self absorbed and arrogant. An icon after a few mediocre selling albums and an inability to sell out concert halls does not an Icon make. I support her and like some of her music but she needs to learn not to buy into her own hype machine. A million copies in a week? What was Mathew thinking?

  116. When Beyonce stops stealing other artist lyrics and ideas and starts” writing” her own songs that have great lyrics with such substance and caliber like the ones written by Stevie Wonder, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Elton John and Smokie Robinson. Songs that have stood the test of time some forty years later and still make you sing, dance and cry when you hear them, then she can call herself an icon. The music she puts out has no substance and is nothing more than booty shaking music for the TRL and 106 & Park crowd. It gets old and is very forgettable. Just because she has been the most talked about black female celebrity thanks to great PR and marketing does not qualify her to be considered a musical genius, icon or legend.

    It is too soon to tell how many units her new CD will sell but considering the amount of publicity that she has put into it, it should have sold more than Lil’ Wayne who didn’t promote a quarter of what she did and still has the top selling CD of the year. I just feel that she trys to force feed the public into buying and supporting everything she does. She needs to get some class and just sit back and let her work speak for itself just like another poster said.


  117. @TT and others : Nothing you say will take away her accomplishments, so y’all can keep on talking!
    They are alot of it-girls around like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan so that title is nothing special, plus it has an expiry date.
    Album sales has nothing to do with being and Icon and no beyonce didnt have a lot of promotion, I think she did her first performance of IIWAB a little more than a month ago. Yes, she gets alot publicity just like any other A-listers, thank to your favourite bloggers.

    Alot of comments made here a irrelevant! They are filled with dislike and bitterness instead of commonsense!
    It is funny how people who think beyonce is a ghetto mess with no class and a thief , liar and a fake takes their precious time writing essays about her under names. SMDH!

  118. Thank you so much Curtis 🙂 I understand your point butI agree with voice’ s post a great performer without solid material cannot be an icon, Beyonce No one not even those that don’ t like her deny her talents It’ s the substance what is behind all of that, That matters, Aretha Franklin is called the queen of music and she didn’ t have to dance shake or nothing My point is, the potential is there but since bey thinks she is already a legend, there is no effort from her side to progress At least That’ s how i see it

    Jitsiree: You said so much in such a short sentence :hifive:

    Osha :iagree: Sister

    TT : Agreed

    Beyonce is not naked on this picture, I refuse to believe that miss goody two shoes “I’ ll never be naked on a picture because it’ s against my religion” Can do something like that, So i’ ll pretend like she is wearing a nice mini Ivory dress :thumbsup:

  119. MOva : At least we are respecting her by giving honest opinions, and fair judgment, Would it be better if we called her any b– or wh–?
    I mean you need to make a choice do we call her names, or do we have fair, intelligent discussion? No one is looking to take away her accomplishments that is such a ridiculous statement,We are just talking it’ s a blog people talk , I’ m sure when we all get up that computer we go on with our lives :bag:

  120. Fair judgement?!?!

    What is a b**** or a w****? U need to find a dictionary ASAP!

    Alicia Keyes isnt called a b**** for breaking up someone’s marrige! If beyonce was accused of stealing another woman’s husband all hell would break loose, but because its A.Keyes I rarley read about it.
    So you see how there is different rule for beyonce?! I like A.Keys, but I just had to use this as an example.
    I am not beyonce’s biggest fan or stan, but I think she is judged too harshly. Sometimes I feel some peple just come on blogs to release their stress on the poor girl.

  121. mOva, you are officially a bama.

    Just stop already please. The problem is you can’t handle the criticism that people give Beyonce. There are few haters but most of the comments on here are constructive. The only one on here that is irrelevant is you!

  122. i just want to know why she wore “clothes” for ther performace of iiwab but had to put her leatord for her single ladies perfomace??? :booty: :booty: she wants men( and young boys) to lust after her and she wants women to envy her and the young girls to pretend to be her??? WTF?? why would you tell teenagers that you were wit a 30 somethin year old man when u were 18??? she is coocoo for coco puffs yall…and she didn’t want to be an icon untill she performed on Janets Icon show back in 2001..singing lets wait long did Marcus Houston have to wait??? :iagree: :iagree:

  123. @Mova A.Keys did not take swiss beat from moshonda. He spook about it last month they been had problems and him and a.key r just friends.

  124. Mova: I’m not going to get mad at you because i can tell you’ re Limited!
    A b*** or a w*** Is my way to not write b-i-t-ch or, No dictionary needed, You on the other hand need to find a brain Someday like oh I don’ t know Today!

    I can tell you’ re very young, A man is not a cellphone,he’s not a poem or a song,He’ s a human being in consequences,Where are the proof that alicia “stole him?” There is none, What are the proofs beyond people’ s accusations on beyonce? You don’ t even want to go there! And if alicia did engage in a relationship so the f— what? He doesn’t even respect his own relationship why should She? He has free will, If he didn’ t want to be with Mashonda that was his will, Not Alicia keys, Grow a backbone and a brain, If a man doesn’t want to be kept he won’ t, My husband is the most wonderful man in the world to me but i do realize that if he gets bored with me, or decide not to put work in our marriage anymore, there is nothing i can do, Tho I know i’ m a good woman,that puts a whole other perspective to the matter.
    So get out of seventeen magazine, Turn off “get me bodied” and step into the real world, You’ ll see it’ s all good, Beyonce is not Jesus She is not carrying the weight of the world on her shoulder, Just her weave No one is But we all have our opinions, Look at all you said about a.keys,And you have the nerve to wave your expired “hater” cards, Go home!

  125. Sorry i messed it up there is the post Minus the typos :

    Mova: I’m not going to get mad at you because i can tell you’ re Limited!
    A b*** or a w*** Is my way to not write b-i-t-ch or, No dictionary needed, You on the other hand need to find a brain Someday like oh I don’ t know Today!

    I can tell you’ re very young, A man is not a cellphone,he’s not a poem or a song,He’ s a human being in consequences If he doesn’t want to be kept he won’ t ,Where are the proof that Alicia “stole him?” There is none, What are the proofs beyond people’ s accusations on beyonce? You don’ t even want to go there! And if alicia did engage in a relationship so the f— what? He doesn’t even respect his own relationship why should She? He has free will, If he didn’ t want to be with Mashonda that was his will, Not alicia keys, Grow a backbone and a brain, My husband is the most wonderful man in the world to me but i do realize that if he gets bored with me, or decide not to put work in our marriage anymore, there is nothing i can do, Tho I know i’ m a good woman,that puts a whole other perspective to the matter.
    So get out of seventeen magazine, Turn off “get me bodied” and step into the real world, You’ ll see it’ s all good, Beyonce is not Jesus , No one isShe is not carrying the weight of the world on her shoulder, Just her weave We all have our opinions, Look at all you said about a.keys,And you have the nerve to wave your expired and very tired“hater” cards, Go to school!

  126. LMAO @ Jason. Aww did I touch a nerve sweetie? You’re such a hypocrite. Hating the fact that I called you out on being a “hater”, but at the same time call me a “stan”. :stop: Please get a life, and stop acting as if you calling her ghetto is a fact, not just ur opinion. So wack! lol But you aint even worth my time.

    God Bless sweetheart!

  127. @Baby T actually you are the hypocrit here. And no you did not call me out but you got called out. I just proved to you what you are by pointing out the facts. You are not that important to strike a nerve with anyone. So on that note take your own advice and get a life and stop living through Beyonce. Besides your posts are the ones that are wack because you just repeated what I said. I specifically stated, “how can someone’s opinion be considered as hating?” The fact of the matter is it’s not. You are just mad because everyone does not share the same opinion as you do. And if I am not worth your time then why are you still commenting. See once again you should not use words that you don’t understand the meaning of. According to that statement alone that makes you the biggest loser :loser: and hypocrit 😆 May God bless your troubled soul sweetie. My opinion still remains the same Beyonce is GHETTO get it now get over it. :thumbsup:

  128. Beyonce is the queen of the game yall need 2 stop it & give her ,her props shes been on the r&b game since she was 15 . She is out cold no one can ever get on her level & her new cd is the shit . I don’t know what the damn big deal is …. why ppl is hatin on her yall wish that u were her ….. if ur not gonna say any thing positive about then don’t even say it …. cuz she’s out ther taking care of her business so what yall doin shit so. Leave her b!!

  129. Why do these Beyonce stans insist on believing anyone who doesn’t like beyonce is jealous or hating? There are far more prettier, talented, CLASSY, and inspirational singers. Actually Beyonce is not classy she is very ghetto. Barack asked J Hud. Because she is a family friend, a fellow Chicagoan, and has recently experience life alternating misfortune. I think that beyonce stans are honestly morons. They are the ones who are jealous of beyonce and envy every peso that bitch makes off of them. They need to wake the hell up. The world does not rise and set on beyonce minuscule cottage cheese no goodie having country cocky ghetto fake ass! I’m not knocking REAL beyonce FANS but the stans and kiss my ass. :booty:

  130. Anyway! Leona lewis is owning the Uk chart, Rehab is climbing the charts like rihanna wanna slap somebody,If i were a boy Is doing fabulous, The sisters are doing great Only the stans need to get a life :thumbsup:

  131. i am sasha is a solid album with probably the best tracks out there now! i bought three copies! one for my aunty( who is ahuge fan) and my friend and myself! the best vocalist out there! go bee

  132. loena isnt ruling the charts! single ladies is rising fast! its no 1 in usa and uk itunes charts! if i were a by is the best track of year! grammys will show!plus i bought my copy and i am loving it! its powerful stuff here! happy HALO and DIVA are next singles! HALO IS HER GREATEST VOCAL ACCOMPLISHMENT AND DIVA IS ROCKING THE CLUBS NOW! :bowdown: :bowdown:

  133. DAMN! only beyonce can bring out such HATE and LOVE out of people!i used to hate too but have to hand it to here! she is the best currntly! i love all the songs in I AM. love or hate!, u just cant ignore her! bee rules !!

  134. i thimk she ll sell more! i have gone to four venues to buy ner cd and its all sold out!i gonna buy on line now! i agree! too HALO is her strongest vocal display too! i liked her album more than mariah careys e=mc2. in terms of growth, I AM SASHA! beats Bday too! I KNOW,ITS AMAZIN HOW PEOPLE DISLIKE HER ( USUALLY WOMEN) not to hate, but bee is simply better than rihanna!, REHAB just doesnt jazz me in any way!

  135. Her vocal ability and vocal complexity is astounding and never ceases to amaze me in halo and smash in to me! after listening the album from a friend! i was suprised, i went out and bought my own!come on, poeple, its a great album :bowdown:

  136. the album is great! i hope she will release hello as a single! i am so feeling it right now!haters will never open their mind for her but WHO CARES! fans are greater in numbers and that what counts!the aim of the album is to touch atleast one person’s heart! i am that person!

  137. lavette, hailey, kelly, JEN, kim, kee, eva are all the same person. What a bunch of effing losers some of these fans are. :bag:

  138. @Dana :iagree: :lol2: and don’t forget to add Baby T and Des they are also the same people as the ones above you mentioned. I don’t know it you noticed that or not too. :loser:

  139. TT :stop: whitney huston is considered a legend and she didnt write i will always love you did she? :noway: and actually beyonce didnt do much promotion for this album…we didnt even know the tittle of the album untill like 2 weeks before it was released…her two singles released only a month before the album released and we still didnt know much about the album..the only real promotion she did was the sasha fierce promotion on myspace and that was about it….yall think that she is doing alot of promotion but its actually just the blogs that post so much beyonce and the fans and non are the ones that keep her promoted without pay

    and honestly alot of people say beyonce has no substance and she isnt a icon but i STILL hear crazy in love on the radio AND clubs…i called that substance especially since that song was released almost 6 years ago…thats just my thought some can agree to disagree thats cool with me :hifive:

    mesotiredofhousenegros dont pull the age card who cares…times have changed and so should you i have been in a relationship with someone for 4 years… he is in his 50s and i am in my 20s…we are still well respected and beyonce should be too :booty:

    robert that beyonce hating website is just ignorance…even if there was an artist i hated that much, i still wouldnt waste my time in a site like that 🙄

  140. @Mario you know you are just flat out ignorant :thumbsup: How can you speak about the phrase agree to disagree and then get mad over my opinion. You say you are a business owner well you are lying because there is no way you can dedicate your life to commenting on Beyonce all day everyday. :noway: Speaking of ignorance you are extremely ignorant because no one can post an indifferent opinion about Beyonce without you flying off the handle and attacking :loser: . And if I were you don’t ever compare trash like Beyonce to a treasure like Whitney Houston, Beyonce wish she had half the talent Whitney has. Whitney Houston may not have written “I Will Always Love You” and neither has Beyonce written any of the songs she has lied about so your point is obsolete. And like some one posted above the only place Beyonce will ever become a legend is in her own mind and of course a loser like you Mario :loser: :iagree:

  141. This record is a strange one, the promoti0n was strange too- notice how we only found out what the album was about last month which is strange for Beyonce’ as her the world usually gets about 6 months of promotion before she releases her records.
    The sound is great, faultless, her voice is perfect, her image is perfect and this is the first album since she was declared an Icon.
    could we please stop dissing Rihanna? Girl is just starting out and considering that she is the most succesful singles artist out right now we should give her kudos.

    Besides, it doesnt make sense that Beyonce’ fans diss Rihanna when Rihanna was signed to serve as Beyonce’s protegee.

    As far as first week sales, im thinking about 600,000-700,000, my friends all bought the record even though we already heard all the songs on youtube, i will most def get tickets for her tour.

  142. and to the person that mentioned Akeys stealing someones husband- you spoke the truth, alicia who is supposed to be holier than thou will go around stealing husbands and the black press will write little about it because in their eyes she is “authentic” yet when a false rumour about Rihanna and Jay Z goes out, people will write about it, discuss it, make blogs about it.

  143. @Joseph Please Alicia didn’t steal anybody husband. That shit was just a rumour that started at MTO.

  144. i went to Fye to pick up her new album and they didn’t have anymore the guy who worked there said everybody came in and bought a copy i tried best buy as well same thing so i just downloaded her whole album from I-Tunes

  145. jESS you can try at target right next to my house there are a full rack waiting for u

  146. Jess you can also come to my area walmart and best buy because both had full shelf this afternoon

  147. Alicia did steal that chicks husband! the only reason people are quiet because she don’t have the sparks like Bey to effect people. whether youl love bey or hate her she still has that something to get people going, look at all the haters that are spitting out so much jealousy about her. Bey was blessed with a god given talent and she is using it….. whats wrong with that? we know there are a few other young talented artist out there like jill, indie, jazmine, but the blog is about BEY, if you hate her why don’t you stop commenting about her. I know if ri ri was the main subject i would just keep scrolling past. Take away Alicias piano wht do you have a girl with a flat monotone voice with no range, A licia voice isn’t that great at all. As fas as Bey stilling music do you all realize when you are a writer you shop your music around to different artist to gain popularity if the right person sings your songs and they become a hit. Smokey wrote all of the motown hits duh, baby face wrote for tony braxton, madonna, whitney (duh) Neyo was a writer first. ARTIST BUY THEIR MUSIC FROM WRITERS AND SOMETIMES THEY WRITE THEIR OWN, you better believe that the man that wrote iiwab is glad that bey decided to sing the song rather than bj. you dummies think Celine Dion wrote all her songs? what about Barbra Strisand, aretha franklin, gladys knight, diana ross, envogue. Anything you can find to say oh bey ain’t the s-h-i-t you run with it. you sad black women support a artist who don’t have to f-u-c-k for tracks and made her own money herself and found a man who knew how to build a fortune just like her. she got married without being pregnant first, she ain’t no babys moma, and she don’t have 3 kids by 3 diffrent daddies. that is probably it… you females hate her because your lives are so screwed up and it makes you feel goo to pick away a t someone else.

  148. @mrs parker I have one question for u were you there when Alicia Keys steal this woman husband? I know for damn sure you weren’t. All that shit you said about Alicia is gossip period even SB said himself that him and AK is friends. Oh and by the way Alicia Keys music speaks for its self, her songs have mean and its not about shaking your a$$. And one more thing am not a Beyonce hater I just think her new cd suck period.

  149. Her stans ain’t buying nothing but a B’Day Part Two and they’re loving it. Oh well, good for them :thumbsup:

  150. Mrs parker you’ re a alicia keys hater it’ s okay bey’ s stans either dont talk about alicia or find anything (since there is nothing) to say about her , She intimidate yall since that ladies tour ass whipping bey had lool that was the last time she colaborated with alicia cuz just like her fan bey is insecure shoo i would be too alicia look like she could b–ch slap bey plus with more grammys and more sales than beyonce she is the real threat it’ s okay mama 😆 we get it, You don’ t even believe that rant but whatever number don’ t lie and alicia is bey’ s biggest competition they have the same years in the business yet alicia is the real independent woman she made it on her own babyonce need to take note, and you need to shut up :thumbsup:

  151. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: I love it!!!!!!!! i’m on this site because i’m a big fan of Bey, and i saw the concert with Bey, alicia, misssy, and tamia, by the way they were all Beys opening act. OH , WHY ARE YOU ALL STI LL COMMENTING WHEN YOU CAN’T STAND HER? I KNOW, I KNOW……..YOURE A STAN TOO 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 if you weren’t a fan you would skip over this blog.(laughing at you and listening to SATTELITES) from the fierce cd.


  153. I downloaded the cd because I didn’t want to waste money and I’m glad I did. I give it a B-!! That’s it. Nothing special as usual. Only a select few songs I like.

  154. :stop: oh people get a life. go to white blogs they dont hate on their own people as much as you do. :bag: (okay maybe in fastion sense but that about it) they dont compare people with other artist. IT JUST US!!! OMG please if u dnt lyk dis girl or her music or her looks dont brother commenting. Just go to people you like and comment on them. Same rule with it comes to other artists.

  155. i might I SAID MIGHT! can see why people would compare riri to bey but this whole bey and alicia thing is just out of hand…voice dont call bey insecure because you dont live her life (not saying she aint i just dont know stop taking things to a personal level and that goes for all of you) but anyway stop comparing a keys to bey….they care COMPLETELY different and i wouldnt even say they are each others competition…and i would never say that one is more successful than the other because who determines what it means to be successful? i dont look at album sales…they are not important to me yeah its nice to hear that she wants to do a mill and thats great for her but i dont care as long as i bought my copy and have something that i enjoy to listen to…

  156. I love me some Alicia Keys & Rihanna and I like Beyonce just think her cd suck that all.

  157. iam sure Beyonce will do well sales wise thats not even an issue anymore…people just seeem to buy whatever she puts out…i mean B day was a good album but by no means ground breaking i thought the best song on there was resentment she actually sings NOT scream in that song…now i luv Beyonce and think she really is at the top of her game…i just think at times she isnt subjected to the harsh scrutiny and criticism that other artists are since for some reason she is the unofficial gold standard by which all other artist are unfairly compared to.

  158. i mean iam from south africa and here we love artists individually on merit…i say this cuz iam a kelly rowland fan and luv this childs music..there is something deep and unpretentious about her music i have both her albums and still luv them lots…i really think ms kelly was the best album of 07/08…love again, unity, better without you just to name a few…and was sad to discover that u biased americans snubbed her mainly due to these nonsesical, unfounded comparisons with Beyonce…people get over it she is not and never will be B she is Kelly and here in SA thats exactly how we luv her…so haters plz…… coming from a south african FALL BACK.

  159. Sweet: Since when do we have to live by white standards? And what do you call hating? Last time i checked Britney spears was being ripped a new hole by “her own” , lindsay lohan was called many b-tch and wh-re by them, Should i even bring paris hilton?
    So you can go ahead with all of that, Shame on you for defining your action by what the white man do! :bag: A black president , and people are still self made slaves The hell?

    Hey lady :hifive:

  160. @ dark sista i aint defining our action by the white man standard but as human being standard . even the asian dont argue about this cant of shyt jeez . read my comments, i did say they diss their celeb but they dont compare. For us, it like one has to be successful but the other should fail. why cant both women be successful or just not be compared. I dont get what makes them similar at all. They both do different type of music and have different looks:/

    plus if they do compare it dnt last dat lng but dis shit gonna last 4eve wid our ppl until bey or ri ri fails. i dnt hve nothin 2 be shamed of. peace out. I cn define our action wid anyone or race standard.

  161. why cant both women be successful or just not be compared: I agree with that and i misunderstood your statement My apologies 🙂

  162. lebz i agree resentment was my favorite….i just really wanted to see her go off and perform it lived…she sings it great on the album

  163. and i also agree with you about kellys album i tell everyone that love again, flashback, better without you, still in love with my ex, and this is love are songs that people need to hear…i played them for a friend just last week and he went to the store and bought the album…people just need to give the girl a chance!

  164. Alicia Keys was sleeping with the lady’s husband…. Classy W****!!!! :lol2:

  165. Yeah, that girl sweet is an idiot and is using accusations of slave mentaliy to support her argument of people hating on Beyonce smh. Sweet doesn’t understand that most of the posters on perezhilton and TMZ, they compare and rip these white artist apart far more worst than the black blogs. I mean I feel the hatred piercing through my heart reading the things that they say lol. As I can recall Fox New, CNN, MSNBC and all these stations always aired news about Britney and said some awful things. I think you need to get clue and actually read the comments and watch the news before coming on brownsista preaching about self hate.

    mrs.parker is an idiot too talking about how people on here always commenting on Beyonce but half of her long essay was about Alicia Keys. For someone that doesn’t nearly have an effect on people like Alicia Keys sure does have an effect on you lol. You as well is a bama and needs to get a clue. This site is Stephanie post about Bey because she herself as well as Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Jazzy, and many more are successful and ladies.

    BTW there were rumors about Bey9nce that flourished on blogs of her sleeping with Chico DeBarge when she was younger. It didn’t take off because like the rumor of Alicia being a homewrecker was false and didn’t have any evidence to back it up but just he say, she say crap. You will believe it because you have something against A.Keys

  166. :thumbsup: The Album Is Great…She Expresses All her vocal ablilties in this album Like On “Halo” she shows her voice to a great extent by teasing the audience but kinda hittin thos notes but not fully then on “Radio” she really kills it…She Belts all the higher notes yet doesn over do it like sum artist do..She Gets Hood and Gangsta Chikk On “Diva” with the revealing fe-male inspred words “A Diva is a Female versions of a hustler” (Take dat Hova lol) and Dominates her vocal skills on The Beautiful Rnb Ballads “Broken Hearted Girl” and “Disapear”…No One will be able to touch this Epic album…The only people who will come close will be the Kinda Talented brandy and The amaizing keri Hilson when they release there LP’s later on this year…luv ya b..Though Im Not really fealin Video Phone or satellites the five extra bonus tracks are worth the extra money….”Ego” is a beautiful mid tempo song that goes from hers to his ego…” Hello” is a great luv song…”Smash Into You” is probably the best ballad on the whole album The Workings of “Scared of Lonely” are so vocal fiiting and the ballad “Thats Why Your beatuful” raps it all up….
    Also the Re-Make of a beautiful “Ave Maria” Worked for the album and The leading Single For “Sasha Firece” Side of the album “Single Ladies(Put a Ring On it)” Is amazing but the best song of the hole album would have to be the #1 Hit “If I Were a Boy” Its just a pefected song In Vocals…Floatry and Lyrics…U Go Beyonce im so proud of u girl-D.Neal( For More music reviews or My Own music visit or

  167. :stop: “Yeah, that girl sweet is an idiot and is using accusations of slave mentaliy to support her argument”

    go back and read my comment! sit ur ass dwn. :lol2: dnt knw wat ur talkin abut cos not once hve I mentioned slavery at all. If they have rip their artist apart (artist as in singers) why is that both christina and britney are successful in their own ways. but for us (as in ppl who support black artist not blck ppl themsleves cos lets face it not all blck ppl like bey or ri ri music) feel we hve 2 support 1 over da other. :booty: so shut up and dnt call me idiot which is insultin cos i aint said shyt 2 u or any1 else.

    i aint gonna write any comments on here anymore since im getting insulted by ppl. If u disagree wid me, just say it by dnt call me an idiot!! wats da point? :thumbsdown:

  168. @ voice loool im knw my english aint gd cos i dnt really care abut since dis is blog nt an essay. so chill out wid dis mess!!! ppl ere needs 2 chill and stop callin ppl names cos dats nt cool @ all.

  169. I m SORRY but BEYONCE is the BEST right now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fucc rihanna i cant even relate 2 her music … why would u even try 2 put beyonce and redickelis rehianna on the same money……………DONT make no sense to me……….. she has a BIG ass 4head that is why she always havin bangs over HER 4HEAD… TALKIN ABOUT SHE LIKES TRYIN NEW HAIR CUTTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U HAVE NO SAYSO BIG HEAD …………….. SHE LOVES BEYONCE SHE EVEN SAYING 4 HER …. BEYONCE DONT CARE ABOUT NO RIHANNA THE POP STAR THAT BEYONCE WAS ONCE LIKE NOW SHE MOVED 2 BIG AND BETTER bitchis …………………….. thats why BEYONCE DANCES BETTER THEN HER AND HAS MORE MONEY THEN HER AND THAT IS WHY SHE SONG TO BEYONCE WITH AMERI AND THAT 1 GIRL BECAUSE SHE IS A FAN OF HERS BEYONCE WOULD NEVER EVER SING 4 RIHANNA SHE HAS ONLY 4 YEARS ON THE GAME BEYONCE HAS 11 GET ON MY LEVEL hoe…………………. fucc rihanna she is a poserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr a fake ………… COULD pull that long blonde weave so now she colors her hair jet blk and cuts it short so she can cover her big as head .. FUNNY SHE IS FAKE PPL LIKE PINK ARE CRACKIN ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^…lol :booty: :booty: :booty: :booty: :booty: :booty:

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