Beyonce Releases New Version of Old Video

If you’re in need of a Beyonce fix then please check out the recently released director’s cut of her “Best Thing I Never Had” video.

Godere !


  1. 😆

    Had to fast-forward. At work *boo!* She released this…to her tumblr page or…everywhere? Love the wedding dress 🙂

  2. Well yes she did Linzay. Do u think this is just a coincidence cuz beyonce would never steal anybodys shine. thats why shes lame and boring. Booo. Bring back keri hilson.

  3. Her cousin released a video as well..bey just can’t let anybody have their moment…not even family…sad

  4. What’s REALLY sad is the fact that this is probably going to get more comments and attention by those complaining when they could be giving shine to other videos.

    How is some old director’s cut of a video hindering you from supporting others? I would think you would not even give it attention, but with all things Bey, you give it attention and then complain about it!

  5. Beyonce didnt release this. Diane Martel The Director did. Diane put it on her very own Vimeo page. And i still don’t like this version either.

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