Beyonce Releases New Video + Set for #1 Debut


Vevo has just unveiled the full length video for Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” single. The track features her husband Jay-Z and is a little bit on the NC-17 side. In other words, you get to hear Beyonce and Jay-Z rap and sing about all the nasty things they do to each other in the privacy of their home.

If that’s a little too much for you, and it was for me (yikes), here is a bit of PG news to sink your teeth into.

Despite claims of Beyonce doing zero promo to promote her album, the singer has actually been touring the world for almost a year and her hard work has paid off in spades.

According to Billboard, Beyonce’s self-titled album has sold over 800,000 copies worldwide since its release Thursday night. Over 600,000 of those copies were sold right here in the U.S., a number large enough to easily secure her the #1 spot on this week’s Billboard chart.

HDD estimates “Beyonce” the album will debut in the U.S with sales of around 638,000 and possibly top the million mark by the end of the week.


  1. I like this song & video. People aren’t understanding the “Drunk In Love” & “Drunken Love” analogy, idk I guess I just like little thought out things like that. It’s not something I’d expect her to sing, though it works. I think it has hit potential outside of the R&B charts to. In the video they both look thrown foreal lol. And those are decent numbers, just imagine a full week’s sales.

  2. I actually love the video and the song is cool. It’s grown and sexy.

    I wonder where this was filmed.

  3. I luv everything too!! Ppl thinking into it too hard… She a grown woman & her music is for grown ppl best album she made!!

  4. I luv the whole album! It’s her best grown woman album she made.. Ppl thinking into it to hard… I luv all the visuals that she did….overall I think this album she is referring to ppl who in a relationship or marriage ; the things u go through in a relationship which sex is part of it.. Which I luv it!! Also she talk about her being jealous which we all got!

  5. I downloaded the album Friday morning and I LOVE it. This song is not really that far fetched for her though she is speaking a little bit more candidly about sex than normal. But this song is nothing compared to the album as far as the content goes. Beyonce dove head first with the sexual content. The interviews she does regarding this ablum will be pretty interesting. Im sure hte first question she gets asked will regard the content of the album. But back to the topic, this song is hawt and the video is simple but dope to me. I absolutely love it.

  6. Eat the cake Anna mae?? I don’t want to here about how much she loves her man’s peen.. T.M.I.. please keep that isht to yourelf.. I thought you were so private? Anything for money..smh

  7. Target announced that they are NOT carrying her mess and I’m glad.

    And how can music be secretly released and still sell?

    Who bought all those copies, the black house?

    People cant buy something they dont know exist.

  8. I worked in the computer industry. Too have a programmer go in and tweak the system is not a hard thing to do. All you have to do is spend your own money, and tell them to count them as sales.

    And why did she release secretly the same time as R Kelly and JayZ released secretly the same time as Ciara?

  9. I saw Rihanna poses, Rihanna makeup, Ciara hair, and Ciara unusual sounds. I saw nothing original or genius. If I want to hear Rihanna and Ciara I’ll buy their music, and not this fake crap.

  10. ^^^I cant at the delusion. Beyonce has been doing stuff like this waaay before anybody knew what a rihanna or ciara was. U stans of other artists need to give credit when due. She made history and changed the game. Only beyonce could pull this off. Making up lies and trying to discredit her wont take away from her success. Congrats bey on all your success!

  11. I listened to the tracks on this album attempting to give her a chance with this cd. Just a couple of songs are decent. The videos definitely helped. However, it’s just another over hyped Beyoncé product.

    @Carol I saw where Target is not picking up her cd. The sad part is her fans/stans/worshippers are on the internet saying Target is hating on beyoncé LOL LOL LMBO! And Targets loss beyonce doesn’t need their moey etc. They are so delusional, lost, and for better lack of words don’t understand business. If anything Target doesn’t need her money and they proved that! Target is a BILLION dollar industry and beyonce is a million dollar industry. That was a GREAT business move on Targets part they would not have made a decent profit to carry the cd in stores since it was released digitally. So I would have left that deal on the table too! And if the tables were turned beyonce would have done the same. It’s business don’t take it personal just because you think that beyonce is the end all be all everyone else doesn’t not when it comes to their money!

  12. EXACTLY T, i totally agree with you! That’s why she has been at the top of the game for a minute. I bet it is crazy to be beyonce, people hating on you for doing something never done before, succeeding at it and people still wont give you credit!!

  13. @T – I agree with you 100% they are finding all kinds of excuses for sales because their fav (maybe Rih or Ci-Ci) can only dream of these types of sales. Truthfully with the fan base and popularity that Rih boasts of she should be doing 1 million opening sales but she doesn’t ever even get a 1/4 of that.

    I say give Bey her jacket and if you didn’t enjoy the album, say so and move on. Don’t post about computer programming and asking how she sold albums and no one knew it was released. Beyonce fans were waiting with Baited Ears for a release ALL YEAR!!! And they got it at the End of the year and they ate it with Glee!! Congrats Beyonce!

  14. gtfoh!! Where do you hear Ciara? Rihanna? Child please. People always have to have something negative to say no matter what! Sheesh!

  15. When did Beyoncé make history? History would be becoming number one on the Riaa list. To do that she would have to out sell Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and many others that rank at the top of that list. When I checked she wasn’t even in the running Destiny’s Child has sold more records than her solo. But I am still a loyal fan just being honest.

  16. Yes, she did do it! People forget that the music business is 90% marketing and 10% artistry. This magnificent Beyonce feat (stunning results) is an example of how to play up to your strengths and work around your weaker areas. She’s an “album” artist and not a singles artist per se. HER music works best with videos. She has maintained a non-stop buzz and momentum whether receiving awards, working with the First Lady, the prez inaugural, the Superbowl, a world tour,documentary, DVDs, becoming a mom and is married to a legendary rapper and music mogul, together they are BRANDS, individually they are BRANDS. They are indeed a “POWER” couple and artists.

    Not many can release like she did (needs hungry fans waiting in the wings, the buzz “when, when, when?”), this is surely “don’t try this at home.” Taylor Swift and Katy Perry may want to (saves time and money), but they probably won’t because to fail at it would be a huge set-back. Justin Timberlake might, since acting was his day job for a number of years. There will be more videos released with projects, I think, but the “middle-men” aren’t going to take losing those promotional budgets lying down (not just Target).

    No comparisons should be made to Rihanna or Ciara, they all do what works for them! Janet, Whitney, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton, Mary J. Blige, Sade and Anita Baker and others (like Vanessa Williams) all existed at the SAME TIME and all of them SLAYED! When did we become so jealous-hearted about our favs?

    This was a brilliant marketing plan, she won and the music is for her fans, it’s TMI for me. I believe the best music are the songs we can enjoy without the video. There are too many visually impaired people in the world and, too, our imaginations are quite graphic! I prefer something like John Mayer and Katy Perry’s love song, but to each his own!

  17. I wonder how many copies obama bought? Everyone knows she has a big crush on him.

  18. Cynthinia- that is an epic comment, as always! I really like to read what your thoughts are.

    Taking ‘beyonce’ out of the picture, for me the way that this release was handled, was really awesome. When you’re a musician, everyone wants a cut. They found a way to work the system a different way to their benefit.

    I need to take some notes lol

  19. After reading the posts at John that’s a good question. Why does it hurt so bad for Beyonce fans when constructive criticsim is given and the facts are given which can be proven are pointed out? Why are people called negative names,labeled, and some what taughted with the sarcastic question like the one you wrote when others don’t feel and think the way you do about her? Why does Beyonce have to be every single person in the worlds favorite artist according to her fans or else their life is some how not valuable? LOL I really want to know because that’s how a lot of her fans come accross lol! Is it really that serious to put everybody down for one person?

  20. ^^^Who/how am I putting someone down? I asked a simple yet SERIOUS question. And if I wanted, I could flip your comment around and ask you the same exact thing, about her naysayers.

  21. John I did not say you personally put people down. I just asked the question: “Is it really that SERIOUS to put everybody down for one person?” Which is what a lot of her fans do. There is no need to get your panties in a bunch and get defensive that’s not my intent to offend. Why do you need to turn my questions around you should be able to think for yourself. How do you know anyone is hurt so bad? Is it because they don’t feel the way you feel or want them to feel about her? I think maybe you are hurt everyone doesn’t have a one doesn’t share the same deep feelings and adoration for her as you which i find very narrow minded. Speaking of labels why are you labeling people as a naysayer just because she may not be someone’s favorite or just so happened not to produce something THIS TIME that they like? Did you know that some people just don’t listen to pop or r&b music at all? So how is it fair for them to be labeled as hating, naysayer, jealous etc? I am just curious about this SERIOUS question and how it sounds so NARROW MINDED! If chocolate ice cream is not someone’s favorite who are you to shove it down their throats? lol

  22. Again, how am I “putting everyone down for one person” dude? And when did I shove “chocolate ice cream” (Beyonce) down anyone’s throat? You’re assuming to try to 1: make me look bad and 2: to try to prove your point. Most these comments had absolutely no CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, but rather just…criticism. What’s constructive about ppl alleging she bought all her cds? Or being delighted that a business refuses to sell her product? And honestly I’m not hurt at all, I just find it weird that everyone always calls something “constructive” but yet it seems they need to relocate that definition and read again. But these types of things are usual when it comes to this woman, and that’s what led to my question…why?

    Oh and ya’ll don’t like naysayers either? Well damn what’s left lol.

  23. John AGAIN I did not personally say YOU put people down! Read original comment above quote, “Is it really that SERIOUS to put everybody down for one person?” So John what are you talking about??
    1.I Have not tried to prove anything I believe I have proved my point.
    2. I have pointed out to you in two seperate posts I did not say you personally putEVERYBODY down but you still continue to say that even though I have highlighted in Quotations twice the original statement.
    3. I am not assuming to try and make you look bad at all. But you make your own-self look bad by being defensive and negative about anything not to your liking that has been expressed about Beyonce.
    If you would re-read the posts CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM is being made. But I have discovered READING is not one of your strong points lol! But there was a post that also went on to explain why Target left the deal on the table and if the tables were turned Beyonce would do the same? I do believe it was due to business and profit isn’t that CONSTRUCTIVE? THE FACTS no hate, no shade, no NAYSAYING lol lol! Speaking of naysayers who are you talking about when you say YALL don’t like that word either? I have not said anything about this Beyonce either way lol lol . I only asked why are you and a lot of her fans so hurt when someone doesn’t feel the way you do about her and you Mr. Einstein have yet to answer the question. See what I mean about you yourself being hurt i only asked you a question and now you have assumed on your own I don’t like her WOW do you see how psychotic that is? Besides if being a FANATIC of any one is going to drive me to being closed minded, acting ignorant, and irrational (the way i see SOME Beyonce fans act) then I guess am not excited to be a fan of anyone. Lol And Beyonce is not the only artist people act like this towards I have seen people say not so nice things about many artist! It’s just I notice Beyonce fans (short for fanatic) act like you have talked about their mother, sister or friend when there is a less than perfect opinion or constructive criticsim about her! And I knew the comment about the chocolate ice cream would go right over your head but forgive me for giving you the benefit of the doubt! So what else is left for yall her fans if you can’t hold meaningful dialogue to find out the psychology of why it hurts some of you so bad because she is not everyone’s favorite artist in the world? I’ve tried with you but I see your mind doesn’t work that well for intellectual dialogue only assuming, accusing, labeling and negative name calling! lol

  24. Well I guess reading isn’t my thing since what YOU, yourself, stated is right in black & white for everyone to see…But, alright Jason I’ll let you have it, because apparently we think the EXACT same of each other.
    God Bless, & Merry Christmas.

  25. John we don’t think the EXACT same thing of each other NICE try but weak as usual and expected lol! Yes, it is in black and white both statements that were posted. So now you can’t READ or SEE lol! Typical Beyoncé worshiper they only see the negative and totally disregard the facts lol so sad! Yes, God bless you too, to get a life more revolved around worshipping him and not another human being. You should give it a try I promise your life will be golden! Most people I know that worship him are very successful and wealthy. Oh and they don’t listen to beyonce or pop/r&b for that matter. Happy New Year and I hope you get a life in 2014 lol!

  26. How do YOU tell me what I THINK?…How does that work?..Trust me bro, from what you stated we DO think the EXACT same of each other, just opposite obviously.
    And in case you didn’t notice (which I’m 99.9% sure you won’t) you’re doing the exact same thing you were whining/complaining about. And my life is golden..I woke up this morning that’s all I need. Your last comment was tasteless, & disrespectful which led me to comment back after I said I wouldn’t. We just agree to disagree, hopefully that’s straight with you.

  27. I knew you would comment again lol you are too wrapped up into EGO and being right even when the fats and evidence is before that PROVES you WRONG!
    John good question how do YOU tell me what I THINK or anyone that has a less than perfect opinion about your lord and savior beyonce? Yes, explain, how does that work to have such double standards? Trust me John we don’t think the EXACT same thing of each other lol lol! Just another one of your sarcastic weak posts attempting to under mind someone OBVIOUSLY lol! And in case you didn’t notice (Which I AM 100.00% SURE YOU WANT) you’re also doing the EXACT same thing you are whining/complaining about! Apparently your life isn’t GOLDEN ENOUGH if once you wake up you come to a blog and say NEGATIVE things about and LABEL people because they do not have the same feelings about another human being you worship as your Lord and Savior!
    No, my last comment was EPIC/CLASSY/ON-TIME, it hit right home the TRUTH/FACTS something you seem to have issues with. Trust and believe your life could be MUCH better if you stop being so NEGATIVE and defensive about the wrong things. Set your heart and affection on WORSHIPPING GOD Bro trust me you will be grateful for waking up and all the other Pluses that GOD has granted for WORSHIPPING HIM! So like I said I hope you get your LIFE.COM in 2014!

  28. Your posts make absolutely no sense, and are extremely hypocritical. Remember why “can’t you think for yourself”?..Thanks for assuming I have no life and that it’s not “golden”. I won’t say the same about you, since I dnt know you, to make any assumption. Have a nice Christmas man.

  29. John EXACTLY YOUR posts don’t make any SENSE either I hope you recognize that! But honestly I know you want! But, according to you (because remember according to you we think EXACTLY alike YOUR words not mine lol.) And did you also know that makes you “EXETREMLEY hypocritical” as you put it? lol In the beginning all I did was ask you a question IN A POLITE MANNER that you never answered. And even after the stion was asked I went on to explain that it was not my intent to offend you or anyone because you became defensive. But you still went on to immediately take great PRIDE in being SARCASTIC, DEFENSIVE, NEGATIVE, and ALOOF.You talked around and about everything but the answer to the question! And REMEMBER why can’t you think for YOURSELF (according to your words WE think EXACTLY a like!) And now I know for sure you are delusional and just like to hear yourself talk. I spoke to you about WORSHIPPING GOD, and to STOP BEING NEGATIVE towards others that don’t feel the same as you do about beyonce. If you’re saying that doesn’t make any sense then clearly you have no life and need to get it together. WORSHIPPING GOD not beyonce/man is the ultimate key to living a fulfilling life filled with purpose.

  30. This is her best album to date. With each album you can see her growth as a artist and it’s always about growing to the next level and she did that. Great body of work Beyoncé congraduations.

  31. @Danielle

    Thanks for your kind words! You’ve got to check out Ave DuVernay on youtube at the Film Independent Forum as a Keynote Speaker a few months back. It’s about working around our obstacles as Beyonce demonstrated B-Style! Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous 2014, strike while the iron is hot, especially, “when everything is in the room at the same time!” Whatever isn’t, you didn’t need it anyway, so you actually do have everything you need!

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