Beyonce Responds to Gaddafi Uproar

In the wake of the controversy surrounding American artists playing private parties held by the Gaddafi family, Beyonce, who played a million dollar gig for the family back in 2009, has finally spoken up. Issuing a statement to the Associated Press, Beyonce’s publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure, says the money her client earned for her performance was donated to the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund over a year ago.

“All monies paid to Beyonce for her performance at a private party at Nikki Beach St Barts on New Year’s Eve 2009… were donated to the earthquake relief efforts in Haiti over a year ago,” she said. “Once it became known the third party promoter was linked to the (Gaddafi) family, the decision was made to put that payment to a good cause.” Ms Noel-Schure says the donated money included payments to Beyonce’s booking agency.

A spokesperson for the fund confirmed that Beyonce did give $1 million to the Clinton Foundation, which was accepting donations for Haiti relief, in the first few weeks after the January 2010 earthquake that devastated the small country.

So there you have, Beyonce donated her meager earnings. Now, if the media would only start paying attention to reported American billionaires who were also at the party, and more than likely there to do business with the Kaddafi family.


  1. Next time put common sense over greed! Tell your people to do some research on who you’re performing for.

  2. The third Party ? You were performing for his son , how could you not know who you were performing for? Some people just know we’re dumb uh? and I’m so sure she donated all the money to a charity too.

  3. That’s such a shame that she gets torn apart for damn near if not EVERYTHING she does hence the first two comments in here. She’s damned either way in some peoples eyes. The woman donated the money last year, wheather she performed or not and people are STILL tripping. Damn shame!

  4. Ch. Please

    The money was donated to a good cause..Leave it at that..We are a year late on this…LET IT GO


    How is it selfish when that Million fed,clothed and medicated people in need. Look at the bigger picture.

  5. It doesnt matter if she performed for them. The most important thing is that she took the money and gave it to people who needed it far more than any of us. But i guess some people are to the point that they dont like Beyonce so they feel like that cant see the good that she has done over a yr ago out of this situation. SMH thats a damn Shame!!!!

  6. Why are only BLACK artists being picked on about this? All I saw in the headlines were Mariah, Usher and Beyonce. Bonjovi and a lot of other White artists were there too, but Black artists come under fire?

    All Bey earned was a million. Are the CEO’s going to return all the money they earned doing businesss with him?

  7. 😐

    really though I wish they had responded to these allegations SOONER. like two weeks ago? when all the Libya/Qaadafi stuff began?

    and kudos for Nelly Furtado, too, being the first to donate funds she earned after performing for this family/extensions of.

  8. She performed for the son of a terrorist/dictator in 2009. Her people knew who that man was. She kept the money. The end. Oh then Haiti happens and quietly she donates blood money to the cause, allegedly according to this newsbrief.

    Why not mention this two years ago when blogs were posting abt her performing for terrorist? Why not say THEN her intentions with the blood money? Mariah? Usher? 0Nelly? Why not stop then and let the news outlets know you intent to put the money to good use, instead o waiting a year and a half later where your explanation barely holds water? Her manager-father in the past has responded with the quickness to lesser allegations. Why did this one, one on a more mainstream media scale, take so long? Dragging ur feet to give reason two weeks (two years) later is a cause for major-side-eye. 1/2 million is pocket change to someone on her level. Why not nip this in the bud from jump? Better yet, why perform for the spawn of a dictator in the first place? Think. Is the oney/notoreity that good? No one is beyond reproach, not even sweet, humble talented, big-“ego”, “d-d-diva” Beyonce/Sasha Falsely-Fierce.

  9. Good for Bey. I doubt her camp would have responded at all if Nelly had not come out and said she was donating her money to charity. They would have stayed quiet and rode it out until it blew over, but by Nelly coming out it painted the other celebs in an even worse light. That’s why I think Beyonce’s camp just decided to go ahead and put it out there.

  10. I feel that she didn’t need to respond. Beyonce is always doing charity work. I like that she doesn’t talk about it or publicize it like other celebrities.

    As far as the whole “blood money” thing, I don’t care. She worked, she earned the money, it belongs to her. Beyonce if damned if she do and damned if she don’t. The thing I’m most disappointed about is that it’s usually always on the urban blogs.

  11. This is the best comment I have seen out of all the blogs that have posted on this: Now, if the media would only start paying attention to reported American billionaires who were also at the party, and more than likely there to do business with the Kaddafi family.

    This has become the salem witch hunt to take the spotlight off what you said. When this first came out about a year ago, even Russell Simmons gave to what you said in defense of Bey:

    While I personally do not have any business dealings with Libya, Muammar al-Qaddafi or his family, Libya is a state recognized by the current and previous US administrations and is now crawling with new investments from so called “blue-chip” US execs and corporations with the encouragement of our State Department. Why is the media not calling out the famous CEOs who were at the event and invested with the family and in the country instead of demonizing the evening’s entertainment?

    He’s right and that’s why no one trusts the media anymore. They would rather deal with rumors, slanders, lies and etc. So great post and thank you for being the voice of reason in an other insane Internet Media.

  12. I think giving to charity is a wonderful thing but blood money is blood money and while giving it to charities here in the US is a wonderful gesture, it still doesn’t make it clean money.

    These artists are multimillionaires and if they gave the money to charity anyway, I would say chalk that up as a free concert and A) give the blood money back or B) give it back to the people of Libya, (there are plenty of refugees and people in need there) since that family has allegedly stolen billions of dollars from their people anyway.

  13. Nelly Furtado was also targeted & donated her $$$ to charity.

    The bottom line is these artists only see dollar signs & don’t care where it comes from until they are put on blast for their stupidity.

    If this issue never came to light do you really think that money would have gone to charity?

  14. Again can some of ya’ll read? It clearly said that she donated the money over a yr ago. She didnt just so happen to do this. And for there to be proof to back up Beyonce’s statement and yet ya’ll still got something to say is just ridiculous, and some of you clearly need help and prayer.

  15. Good job Beyonce for giving that money away to a CHARITY over a YEAR ago. But it’s too bad people don’t appreciate children getting fed, clothed, bathed, etc. Or my bad you don’t appreciate BEYONCE’S efforts.

  16. @sean- When you don’t like someone the hate takes over, you see no good in anything that they do.

  17. Everybody is WRONG, including Beyonce’s people. BEYONCE DIDN’T DONATE THE MONEY TO HAITI, THE LYBIAN PEOPLE DID. Blood money is blodd money. Next time, do your homework before you accept any form of gig and make sure you won’t be paid with money stolen from murdered people.

  18. Even with the brief “clearly” stating she donated that money “over a year ago”, not responding until now rings fishy for ALL of these celebs. Celebs and bioonaires shouldn’t work for/party with terroristsn families and friends of terrorists, etc. Because it will come back to bite them in the butt like now. Those in the public eye are scrutinised more closely; a price they pay for fame. Again no one is above reproach. I just find this explanation for beyonce’s delay in mentioning her donation iffy, given the time that’s passed. Give anonymously, give quietly. Its beatuiful to give back. But next time you sense that monies given to you/earned by you come from shady characters, flip the script, take the money, do good with the money and let it be known you are doing a huge and great thing–especially something like this connected to someone so controversial!

    Unless u knew it was shady money from shady ppl and you just didn’t care….

    Her camp needs more people and to get off CPTime. Usher, Mariah, Lionel all need to ‘fess up or give up the ‘doe.

    Nobody cared a year ago because nobody (fans/stans/haters) was aware or as aware of the oppression in Libya and Egypt. Now its front page news amd the press will grab and extract from all ends to add to melee. Celebs are not excluded. And I hope too these millionaires u all speak of get called out too.

  19. @Lmao Reading is Fudamental
    I’m confused, People act as if thsi story is about beyonce reading to little orphans and people are frowning upon it, As a matter of fact her fans always act like that. This isn’t,We are not obligated to yes everything she does.
    -She HAS one million dollar, the only reason why she gave the money back, RECENTLY, is because she felt the heat,She did not have to perform for Muhammad.

    @Shanice: Of course you don’t care about blood money, You probably don’t know what the term means, ignorance is bliss, Put your bey once CD on and rock on girl,You people have been scientifically proven to be smart 🙂

    YEAISAIDIT: Of course not the money would have gone to a Chanel bag 🙂 or 10.000 bras .

    @Coco: Yes!

    Where is Cinthinya i want to know what my sister Thinks , The stans aren’t saying nothing new: “blah blah blah beyonce is perfect blah blah if you don’t like her you’re going to hell, Blah” I want some real insight, Lame arguments are exhausting .

  20. @Shontelle Don’t try and insult my intelligence. I do know what the term blood money means. Call me naive or selfish, but until their actions effect me, I don’t care what they did to acquire the money. But was the money they were paid with money the dictator recieved for either snitching on a murderer, killing someone, or money they were paid by someone who murdered their family?… No, okay then, NEXT!

  21. @Shontelle.
    She didn’t give the money back RECENTLY…Reading is Fundamental M’am.

    “A spokesperson for the fund confirmed that Beyonce did give $1 million to the Clinton Foundation, which was accepting donations for Haiti relief, in the first few weeks after the January 2010 earthquake that devastated the small country.”

    That was last year.. Go get some therapy about your inner hate and demons. You post is showing signs of distress.

  22. when will we learn that it didn’t matter that she donated the so called “blood” money!all the money that she earns comes with a hefty price..what has she “taught” us? how to upgrade a man in heels and be his concubine all the while he shows continues signs that he has somethings on the side..who knows ..who cares! Shut UP!!

  23. OHREALLY- Can you stay on topic? And obviously you cared enough to post. Correct?
    SN: Haven’t ever seen you post, are you new or just another person on here in a disguised name? (like always)

  24. Some of y’all are a hot mess. She gave the money away over a year ago, get over it. Go bombard Mariah & Usher & Bon Jovi for their shares.

  25. @Lmao: You always say the same thing over and over again ,to everyone….it’s like your can only formulate a few thoughts “Beyonce,Hatred,Help,Sad”.
    It’s very Interesting.Now if you wanna talk about the issue like an adult we may, otherwise, Sit right next to shanice with the Masterpiece that is “she is sasha fierce” and rock out to it 🙂

    @Shanice: You made my point :(.

    ohreally:I laughed so hard my baby Kicked me,But seriously tho stay on topic, I hate it when people bring unrelated facts to a subject.

    Btw Everyone is wrong for performing for Kadhafi i said it when it happened, and i will say it now because guess what? some people know more then beyonce’s inner thighs color, Black blogs didn’t report it so most of you here didn’t know about until the situation went completely Left,No one should have been performing,doing business or associating with Kadhafi. But greedy and struggling artists will take any kind of money 🙂

  26. @shontelle,

    Beyonce must have you bothered since you are all up and through her post. Wasn’t that your argument for people who didn’t like Rihanna being in her thread and constantly talking about her? You are so pressed over Beyonce that it’s laughable now. You seem to be one of her biggest stans

  27. @wohoo: Hmm? No that was not my argument, It sounds very generic, I can’t stand Generic.:)

    In any event what does that have to do with the topic at hand? Is this really her fans train of thoughts? you can’t even argue your point right. Let’s say i agree with you i am beyonce biggest “stan” and yes i think about her every second of every hour of every day of my life.

    How does that factor into the issue of entertainers willing to do anything for a piece of change? How does that speak on entertainers unethical behavior and Ostrich tactics?

    Gosh can you people put your brains together and come up with something better than that ?

  28. @shontelle,

    I didn’t even read that apply, but I’m sure you probably didn’t address your hypocrtical/biase ways. Continue to be bothered with Beyonce. I bet she loves her stans as much as you seem to love her

  29. Basic educated bwitches. SMH. Like i said prove the money is blood money. Besides donating it to charity is making a positive into a negative. Even if you are pressured into it.

  30. @Shontelle, here’s the deal:

    Beyonce, as well as the other artists involved, made a mistake. They didn’t do their homework. Fine. Nelly prob responded on twitter b/c of her shock over the situation, which is kinda understandable when a few years back, all of the Libyan government’s vile actions were prob on the hush-hush. Ok. A mistake based on naivete versus a lack of morality…I’m sure we’ve all made some less than stellar choices…maybe not in face of political upheavel but still serious given our simpler ways of life.

    But Beyonce & Nelly Furtado tried to make it right, and that’s what counts. Lesson learned. They’ll prob think twice (or thrice) before performing for just anyone. Ok, cool.

    Now I would’ve sympathized with your argument, but here’s the thing: this constant back-and-forth over the situation is (from my own observation) NOT out of empathy for the Libyan people. You’re trying to prove a point about the kind of person Beyonce is, and to you, she’s “struggling” and “willing to do anything for $$”…basically, you’re not too fond of the girl. So YOUR motives for going off on diatribes about SOMEONE ELSE’S actions are not out of empathy, or understanding, or even outrage for the country, but out of a certain dislike for Beyonce (and possibly the others, but whatever).

    So before you go off on tangeants about what OTHER people are doing, take a look at that designer bag or Nike gym shoe that was probably manufactured in sweat shops with child labor, or the food you eat that was slaughtered in an inhumane manner, or the many other things we as a society inadvertently take part in that is morally questionable. Judge not lest ye be judged homegirl…save those stones for another day. I’d hate for you to get carpal tunnel over a moot point.

  31. This is ridiculous. No one was ready to announce a few years ago where the money they got from Gaddaffi went( even tho it was known then he was a loser of a leader) but as soon as the ish hits the fan & the country goes into revolt, ppl are ready to pull out there tax papers. Save the IRS bull for someone who cares, point blank is you STILL performed, conducted business w/ a man who is killing his own & some would say that the money is considered “blood money”. What is done is done, so just hush up & move on.

    But I do AGREE, Beyonce ( & Black artist) are NOT the only ones. Let’s make sure to include ALL those who benefited from old dude’s cash. And for the record this comment is NOT just for Beyonce or a cheap shot @ her. I am speaking in general. This goes for ALL of those folks feeling the need to “explain” now.

    @Wohoo the reason why they are calling out the Black artist is for the that simple reason right there.. they are “BLACK”. No matter how far we THINK we have come, don’t get it twisted we are STILL low man on the totem pole & we always thrown under the bus first.

    P.S. ironic & sad… she donated that money to the Haitians, 9 times out of 10 as crooked as the gov & others have been in THAT situation, the Haitians probably never saw that money… smdh

  32. bewyonce will do anything for money thats so sad mariah carey is the same dont even get me started on jovi, People that do services in exchange for goods for dictators need to burn in hell, do you know how many people gadafi made disapear? you dont because you are american and ignorant, I feel terrible for you people
    of and by the way beyonce sucks since bday i dont care how much money she has


  33. Yall please don’t let Bedumbce fool you. She knew who she was performing for because her husband performed for him the prior year before her. And it was reported that she received 2 million. Think about it, who’s going to pay Bedumbce and Nelly Furtado the same amount to perform? She may have given some money to charity but not all of it. I’m sick of her lies and bull. She needs to grow up.

  34. LOL- Couldn’t have said it any better.
    SN: As far as I know Usher is one of (if not the only) artist that hasn’t given the money back (or let the media know he has).

    Bedumbce?…And SHE needs to grow up??? LOL.

  35. The way most of you reason is beyond me, honestly. Beyonce was wrong for performing for the Gaddafis, fine. But if the Gaddafis did not give her the $1 million, will they have given it to the Libyans? They would surely have spent that money on something else. And please how the fuck is it blood money? Do you guys fucking know what blood money is? Get a fucking dictionary! Beyonce did something wrong and made amends, give her a break. Some people writing shit do worse shit everyday. And mind you I can’t care less about Beyonce. All you idiots writing shit, go fuck yourselves.

  36. Beyonce KNEW who the heck she was performing for. She realeased this statement to try to help her, because everyone is STILL wondering why would she perform for a NOTORIOUS dictator. Beyonce needs to stop acting like she is innocent all the time.

  37. Beyonce performing for Gadaffi shows she will perform for anyone just for money. Heck she would likely shake her butt for Idi Amin if he was still living.

  38. Good for Bey. Donating the money to a good cause.

    Mariah also released a statement saying she had no knowledge of who she was performing for.

    Love both women, and I command them for speaking up and acknowledging what they did was wrong.

  39. Can someone please explain to me why it’s classified as “blood money” because an artist performed for the Gaddafi family but you don’t consider it “blood money” when the United States of America government economically and politically support repressive, brutal dictators and tyrants around the world in exchange for their loyalty to U.S. interests and ideologies. We receive/borrow billions of dollars from our largest financial contributor, China, a frequent committer of human rights violations, yet, they fund EVERYTHING we do. Saudi Arabia is a political ally of the United States and King Abdullah is classified as one of the worst dictators in the 21st century. So, we find it convenient to be selective about which regimes we should overthrow and which injustices we allow to happen based upon the sentiments of the American media.

  40. A few months ago, I never heard a murmur about Gaddafi, with the exception of an industry magazine that did an article citing Libya as the new “Dubai”. The article stated Libya’s GDP was projected to grow to 8.4% in 2010 and foreign investments into the country quadrupled from $1 billion in 2005 to $4.1 billion in 2008, according to the United Nations. The country was expected to allocate $500 billion over the next decade to improve housing, hospitals, education facilities, and airports. Let’s also not forget the country is heavily dependent upon its oil industry, which accounts for 95% of the export earnings. Now, I’m not stating that the money is flowing down equally to all of its citizens and believe any nation of people being oppressed has the right to stand up and fight. But, I’m not naive’ to believe that foreign factions are not involved such as we always are when oil reserves are plentiful. So, before you start criticizing artists and bolstering a false sense of consciousness, start with your own government, then the corporations that employ you yet invest in countries under oppressive rule, and then don’t forget about yourself because I don’t hear the complaints from many of you when YOU’RE purchasing products manufactured in China and we KNOW they use slave labor.

  41. @woohoo: Aww that’s not fair of you “not to read” my post i’m hurt 🙁

    @Lol: They made a mistake, that is your argument? That they are too much of imbeciles to be held accountable?

    @Sepiastar: These are actually very valid arguments and Points, I agree with.

  42. “and then don’t forget about yourself because I don’t hear the complaints from many of you when YOU’RE purchasing products manufactured in China and we KNOW they use slave labor.”

    Didn’t I already say that??
    Yeah, I did. Thanks for reiterating.

    @Shontelle, read my post again, and slower this time. Skip the big words and maybe you’ll understand my point, because you clearly missed it on the first read.

  43. Like i said on the other post:

    “News flash, taking money from a declared enemy of the state is an act of treason and is punishable by death… so all the artists who took money from the Kaddafi’s (or the Bin Laden’s) should be glad this government doesn’t live up to the letter of its own law (in cases of the well-to-do of course.).

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