Beyonce Returns to Performing

Beyonce is heading back to the stage. Just two months after giving birth to Blue Ivy Carter, the 30-year old new mommy will reportedly perform for three nights at the newly built Revel Resorts in Atlantic City.

The singer will give an intimate performance at the resort’s Ovation Hall on May 25th, 26th and 27th. Tickets, which will surely be in demand, go on sale April 6th at 10am, and can be purchased via Ticketmaster only.

No doubt the world will be watching Beyonce’s performance closely. Having a baby can drastically alter not only a woman’s body, but her ability to do things as well, even once the weight comes off.

While some women bounce back relatively quickly, others, like Britney Spears, never regain their luster.


  1. I cannot wait for her return and set fire to that stage as only she can and by the time she does these shows Blue will be over 4mnths old and I think Bey stayed in GREAT physical shape, she should be JUST FINE!

  2. @Tasha32, I agree. Also, I think Britney Spears is a poor comparison of mothers returning to performing. Britney was a woman “on the brink” of a mental breakdown and had issues outside of becoming a parent.

  3. Britney was pregnat twice..ole girl had someone else carry her baby..big difference..and I can do without more weave and arse shaking…I am a straight woman after all not a undercover lesbian~

  4. Well, isnt this about the time most mothers return to work? Besides, Beyonce is addicted to fame and money. So, we didnt expect Blue to change that. **shrugs**

  5. The only thing new about a Beyodel concert will be a new wig~her show is stale and overrated#realtalk

  6. so many haters I cant wait until She comeback!! I know it will be something exciting to see. p.s ppl act like they knw if she was pregnant or not smh find something else to do with ur life becuase what u think doesnt matter. Cant wait until ur return Queen Bey!! 🙂

  7. I am a supporter of Beyonce but… having been pregnant myself with two c-sections I really find it hard to believe that she was really pregnant. Its insulting and as much as I want to believe she can do no wrong this baby thing is not adding up and I can help but judge and be insulted that she thinks we are stupid…

  8. Blacksista I agree with u. She just doesnt show any signs of carrying a munchkin. I felt like a jacka$$ when I found out about all her lies years ago. them butt pads did it for me. I was done supporting her. Poor baby blue used as a pawn. I hope she gives that child the attention she needs and stop being selfish. And I hope she learned that no baby is going to keep a man or change him if he doesnt want to. Grow up bey.

  9. I had 2 kids back to back naturally and my body was fine. I got fitter after my kids due to breastfeeding. So im insulted that any woman says she doesn’t believe another woman can’t get it together or even be preggo in the first place. I know a few chick that hide their pregs until they delivered. Every woman body is different and what happen to you doesn’t happen to everyone. Can’t wait to see the show.

  10. I guess unless they post a video of her giving birth from the baby POV yall still gonna say she didnt have her baby. smdh

  11. For those of u who don’t believe she was pregnant and wish for her to not come back, GET OVER IT! why are we so critical when there not alot of us being successful. Were was all this animosity when Heidi Klum and Victoria Beckam was pregnant and came back as if they weren’t even pregnant. We really need to get better, I’m happy for any Black person doing something.

  12. I think this young lady really needs some prayer. That cannot be good for her having so much negative and dark energy that surrounds everything she does. She probably cries alot because I would if I heard people who don’t know me constantly bereating me and saying the most foul things about me.

    I am not a Beyonce fan but I really have empathy for her it must be rough being her. She is just trying to be a normal person with a husband who most of time act as if he doesn’t want to be bother with her and trying to figure it all out with how to balance everything with a new baby. Whether you believe she had it or not there is new baby and that can shake most of us out of reality for a minute. Because from my understanding the 1st six months you are always tired.

  13. Black women disappoint me with the ignorant ish spurting out their mouths at times. I’m reading thr comment by GiGi, ad I’m like really? Did u see her get dressed and actually see a butt pad? 99.9% of the media info is lies….boo unless u hear it direct….it probably false. Stop making “mediatakeout” your news source…..moving on…..

  14. Ugh…I’m exiting….all the hate on a positive sista, it’s exhausting….beyond was pregnant….photo’s everyday…doctors delivered her child from her body and broads still hating….wow…..I’m out..

  15. The hate on Beyonce is really personal. Most of the comments I read about her is beyond ridiculous. I dont what she did to those people because they hate on EVERYTHING she does, you would think she is the most nastiest celebrity around.

  16. @ Rose no celebs talks bad about her. everyone and even real fans that have meet her in person says she is so nice and friendly. She got Icons loving and supporting her. its the simple folks that got issues with her. and they need to have a few seat in the nosebleed section.

  17. Beyonce is NOT a positive sister

    Beyonce is NOT black remember

    So why should ‘Black women’ support her.

    We don’t. We are turned off by her lies, credit stealing, obsession with weave, lacefronts and blonde hair

    Her failure to embrace and display traditional African American values, i.e Education, Modesty

    and we are not compelled to like her.

    And NO she was never pregnant, and the nerve of her to think she could insult everyone’s intelligence. What a pathetic woman, who obviously should have furthered her education as her behavior and mentality (as is her mother’s) is just pathetic, sad and stupid.

  18. Her music is not Positive

    It has promoted materialism and consumerism (all she does)

    And why should we like her? Why?

    F her and her ‘money’. IF she had what she CLAIMED to have, she would not be doing shows, she HAS TO to maintain the ‘lifestyle’

    Trust, Sony is waaaaayyyy smarter than Bey, Tina and Matt combined, she is NOT banking like that, she works for them, can wear the trinkets, live in the homes, but she MUST bring in that money or they will be right back in the 1 bdr apt AND THEY KNOW IT

  19. Its a shame when someone has a job they actually love people hate them for it.

  20. I just shake my head when I read certain comments on this site now. Stans and Haters alike need to grow up.

  21. @NiceTryPRTeam –

    Are you serious?
    My comments was for lieing, obsessive, deranged haters like you. Your main source is MFO and you probably fantasise about Beyonce all day – have her down to every strand of her weave.

    No you dont have to like BEyonce but get your facts and mind straight before you talk sh*t about her.
    I can generalise your comments and relate them to every black female artist/celebrity out there, but i dont have time for nonsense.
    Who dislike someone because of their hair colour or hairstyles choices?

    Lmao at Beyonce is not positive.

    Your problem isnt Beyonce, you problem is you, learn to love yourself.

  22. Again,

    Beyonce is a PRODUCT made to make Matthew, Sony and Tina MONEY

    She has no depth, no substance, is FAKE, promotes FAKENESS and has done NOTHING for HUMANITY besides confuse and mislead the youth.

    Beyonce doesn’t deserve a PENNY of my money, nor will she ever get it.

    Let her live off those ‘Gazillions’ BWAHHAHAHAHAAAA

    She is indebted the the record company and has been reduced to walking around in various Designers clothing for MONEY as will the baby.

    Her and Jayz are OWNED, don’t believe the hype~

  23. the JOKE is anyone who believes the HYPE

    Beyonce is uneducated
    has a slutty image


    Let her grind, pop, swing with her ‘live recorded vocals’ all the way to the Sony so she can pay off those CASH ADVANCES that they TOOK because she TOO believed the hype, now she is in REPAY MODE

    Beyonce nor her family are independently wealthy, not then and not now. So what she can wear the trinkets, and live in their homes, she has to PAY for the lifestyle with her azz and likely her baby’s.
    She has not sold that many records or had that many endorsements.

    She is a working girl like everybody else, the difference is ‘regular’ people are told what to look like, what to wear etc….

    Beyonce is a ROBOT and her followers need Jesus!

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