Beyonce Returns?

Is Beyonce planning some sort of big announcement or campaign to coincide with possible new music? A cryptic new message on the singer’s website have fans hoping so.

A simple banner reading “Leave Your Footprint on 19 August 2012,” has the Beyhive speculating news of a new single or possible PSA for the Obama campaign’s re-election could be imminent.

The possibility of a new video is also possible, seeing as how visuals for the “4” album’s best single, “End of Time” were shot but never released.

Whatever the case, Beyonce’s mommy time is definitely about to come to an end. With “A Star is Born” set to start shooting this fall and Tom Cruise all but signed on to play the male lead, expect the singer to spend the next year or two squarely in the spotlight.


  1. She’s also filming another movie Sista. Check her IMDB page. I think it’s called Epic.

    Also, excited, but not as excited as I should because I don’t want to have my hopes up for something not album related.

  2. A visual for “End of Time” would be awesome.

    Whatever she has planned I think will be in line with what she’s been doing for years:music, videos, perfume commercials, Dereon ads, political promos, etc. It’s her job. She’s doing it.

  3. She Neva left a spotlight she could ram full speed! Lol so what’s new again! Get girl! Ugh!

  4. It’s not new music. Dianne Warren said it has something to do with I Was Here. I believe it has something to do with world Humanitarian Day because they also used the song last year!

  5. I think its humanitarian related as well. Doesn’t seem musically related at all.

  6. Footwear would me my guess. Celebrities always wear other people’s shoes, but don;t design their own. Shoes are BIG BUSINESS

  7. Hmm it better not be footwear, I have yet to see her ass walk the red carpet with house of nono on, so next.

  8. Maybe she will be releasing a new DVD for her concert at REVEL. Maybe she’s re-releasing her album “4” with maybe 3-5 new songs. Maybe she releasing her video for “EOT”. Now we all know she’s working on 2 albums so that won’t be what’s going to be release on the 19th, maybe a new song yes but not the album itself. Could be producing a new movie or better yet maybe her daughter has a line of some sourth coming out.

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