Beyonce Robbed Of Her Moment

58336440 When Kanye West decided to jump up on stage during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video, he did more than just disrespect Taylor Swift…. he also robbed Beyonce of her moment to shine. This year’s VMAs were all about the women- Britney, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Taylor. However, it was Gaga, Britney and Beyonce who were up for the night’s most coveted award, Video of the Year. When aksed during the pre-show which award she wanted the most, it was of course this one. Taylor, Gaga and Britney had all won previous awards and accepted them live on air. Beyonce too had won (several I believe), but it was not aired live. So finally we get to moment and wouldn’t you know it- Beyonce wins Video of the Year for Single Ladies. Unfortunately, our sista was not able to enjoy this moment, as she graciously chose to hand the mic back over to Taylor Swift, who seemed more than happy to take Beyonce’s shine. Btw, there are rumors that the Kanye outburst was planned, just as Eminem’s grandioso exit from this year’s MTV Movie Awards was. If this is true, I think Taylor and especially Beyonce are owed apologies. The nights biggest winner, Beyonce, with a kick ass performance and (at least) 2 moon men, also turned out to be it’s biggest loser- speaking for barely for 30 seconds before having to hand her moment over to another and through no fault of her own.


  1. ” So finally we get to moment and wouldn’t you know it- Beyonce wins Video of the Year for Single Ladies. Unfortunately, our sista was not able to enjoy this moment, as she graciously chose to hand the mic back over to Taylor Swift, who seemed more than happy to take Beyonce’s shine. ”

    Taylor Swift is a 16 year old girl, and I think that it was classy of Beyonce, who has won numerous awards, and has done so much to let her finish her acceptance speech.

    I would not say she ‘seemed more than happy to take Beyonce’s shine’.

    The nights biggest loser was actually Kanye West for showing how disgusting he is.

    Taylor was very classy and she is such a sweet girl, I hope she gets many more awards.

  2. Although I agree that Beyonce should’ve won… he was better off twittering his frustrations because he shouldn’t have did that to that girl… I mean DAMN KANYE..It was her FIRST moon man!!!
    Beyonce proved to be a CLASS ACT when she let Taylor Swift say her peace!!!

    All in all… I actually liked the VMA’s this year… I haven’t said that in a looooong time!!!

  3. o ok SISTA i c why now my bad. but that was very gracious of bee to do that. but i have to say it SOMEONE will find a way to say it was fake of her and thats trully sad.

  4. I am not gonna lie prior to Kanye, I was thinking that Beyonce was robbed my damn self and when he said it, I was like I agree. Contrary to what everyone believes Beyonce has very few if any big awards like Album of the year, Best Female Pop Artist, she usually fall into the Best R&B yada yada yada or best collab. I could be wrong but this was a big one for her as well. I fell bad for Taylor but more so for my sista because she was robbed twice. In the end Beyonce did what she had to do. Damage contol.




  6. No hate but her performance was just okay for me. I’ve seen it a zillion times before. The thing with that song though is you HAVE to get up and move or sit and shake and shimmy. It is such an infectious song.

    I knew she would get it for Video of the Year. Flat out, that was hers from jump.

    The award she lost to Taylor was okay. Taylor had a super-big year too. Kanye’s outburst was some of the worst behavior I’ve seen. His album sales and popularity will plummet after this mess. Beyonce looked embarrassed and poor Taylor looked like she was about to cry.

    Bey giving her spotlight to Taylor? A class act. I loved that. She has accolades upon accolades; this trophy is just another and while I know it means something for her, giving Taylor a moment to shine will make her (Beyonce) shine even brighter in the eyes of everyone; so either way, she wins.

    With that said, my final say is this:

    Now can we retire Single Ladies like forever?


    I wanted SO BAD for her to sing Sweet Dreams. And again, I didn’t think the performance was all that. Just more dancers on stage. It reminded me of her Crazy in Love stage performance years ago.

    Finally, are we going to get some love for the Michael Jackson Tribute and Janet’s performing scream at the beginning? All hail the Queen! Janet can still put on a show. I love it!

  7. I don’t know if i have ever been more ashamed to be a black woman than the moment beyonce walked her married self accross the stage with that leotard barely covering her vagina, and have her grind up in front of everybody, Very Classy and oh what an angel to hand that microphone to taylor i’m sure it was from the bottom of her heart
    Lady gaga needs to hang it up scaring up little children
    Glad rihanna wasnt there to accept live your life i’m sick of her
    JANET JACKSON Taylor Alicia and jay , muse and pink were the best performances of the night

  8. Just as I thought Kanye was growing up and changing…not quite. This one might cost him, but he’ll get through it because he sells and the industry needs the loot…Beyonce was cordial and correct to give Taylor her moment. I’m glad she distanced herself from this publicity nightmare.

    It’ll be interesting to see how Kanye spins his way out of this one.

    Madonna, Janet, Pink, Lady GaGa (her performance was musical theater) were also show highlights!

  9. Beyonce did single ladiez because of the 9 nominations for the video, but i liked it…I agree, i would have LOVED!!!!!!!! Sweet Dreams

  10. Its understandable for Beyonce to perform Single Ladies (even though i REALLY wanted to sweet dreams!)

    but CMON! Without single ladies, where wud the VMA’s be?!
    Like Single Ladies, and the impact it had on everyone is why the VMA’s can EXIST!

    If people didnt care about music videos the VMA’s wud be dead!

    Single ladies had 9 nominations, it was the biggest video EVER!! this is the VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS! So obviously Beyonce has to do that song!!

  11. I agree that both Bey and Taylor were robbed of their momments because of Kanye’s disrespectfulness. While some order was restored [No thanks to Kanye] he has to personally make up to Taylor for the international embarrassment he brough to her.

    I also agree Kanyade that Bey’s action toward Taylor will be rewarded.

    Now…Bey’s performance was boldly sexual. Her vocals, moves, confidence were on point. The performance was very strong. She made it look so easy. I love and appreciate the remix of both the song and the dance. She was dripping hot. I was worried for a second about that outfit she chose, but her tape or glue [whatever that held it in check] was working. She exceed my anticipation so much that I fogave her for not performing Sweet Dreams LMAO. Hey! she was nominated for SL 9 times after all, so congrats Bey on your awards.

  12. Whoever gave beyonce the idea to do that for Taylor is a f-ck-ng business Genius and he needs a big bonus on his next check When kanye spoke i thought to Myself He just got himself and beyonce in the dirt that was a smart move of her to call taylor on stage otherwise people would have known that she shares kanye’s opinion, or that the two of them plotted this, Smart move from her camp, As for kanye i will see him the next time he has an album out,I just love how people destroy their own career, with idiotic statements, and ghetto moves…

  13. or THINK that the two of them plotted this, Smart move from her camp, As for kanye i will see him the next time he has an album out,I just love how people destroy their own career, with idiotic statements, and ghetto moves…

    I meant Think

  14. @voice (i’m just asking no argument or anything needed) but wat makes you think that beyonce didn’t do that from her heart and she really felt bad for taylor?

  15. Come on Voice! I know she did some mean things in the past but do you really think she would plot something like this? I mean she is not at the beginning of her career anymore and the IAMSF album definitely gave her props and recognition from everyone. She is The Star now so I don’t know why she would do something like this.
    By the way, according to the twitter of one Janet’s niece who attended the show Kanye and Amber had been send out of the house after his little “statement”.

  16. Loulou i didnt say she plotted it i said people would have say that she plotted it with him if she hadnt done something to control the damage which is why i posted twice i needed to correct myself Mais Si tu vivais ici tu comprendrais un peu mieux presque tout ce que cette fille fait est calculer j’ai pas confiance en elle c’est aussi simple que ca, pareille quand britney spears a gagner tout les awards en 2008 c’etait calculer, J’ai pas confiance tetre jsui parano mais j’ai PAS confiance loool

  17. What makes you think somebody had to give Beyonce this idea???

    She just couldn’t think of this on her own huh???

    Damn some people just can’t give ‘B’ no damn credit sometimes…its a little sad!!!

  18. @ Voice: Ok je comprends mieux maintenant (des fois j’ai un peu de mal aussi avec mon anglais donc je comprends de travers :)). Calculer ou pas en tout cas ça a l’air de marcher parce qu’elle est adulée de tout le monde j’ai l’impression (je dis ça par rapport aux différents blogs que je visite mainstream ou non). En plus on dirait qu’avec cet album elle a gagné en popularité en tout cas sur les blogs mainstream. Pour Britney, je pense qu’ils lui ont donné l’an dernier pour qu’elle reprenne confiance en elle et pour lui montrer que le public la soutient.

  19. @ Snijanfleur,

    Tape? I think Beyonce was wearing support hose under that leotard. She spread eagle a couple times and yeah…she was wearing hose/tights. Otherwise it would’ve been B’Day era, The Beyonce Experience concert, performance with the granny shorts and the stripper pole type exposed LOLOL

  20. Some people are such bad actors,laugh then try to act classy and invite taylor to the stage, and as expected black folks can’t smell the smoke even when we are the ones on fire, “she was mortified”lmao , poor taylor… i am happy she got her time tho
    Pink was my favorite performance, Janet was second she wasnt that good tonight but i still Heart her from the bottom of my…well.. Heart,Alicia keys and jay-z were third But only because alicia won me over, i am not with the whole ghetto i represent such and such anthem It’s so stupid…
    Lady gaga needs to reevaluate herself, i can close my eyes of the sluttiness and her unecessary grinding but the satanism has got to stop, It’s a shape because her vocals are better than i tought but if she wants to be another sex symbol go right ahead
    I missed more power from the performances this year but what’s a lady to do ? Oh and lol at jay-z ignoring lil mama, doesnt she rep for brooklyn? and doesnt brooklyn “Go hard”?Lool they are so pathetic, Thankfully my girl alicia brought class to the stage because the mess needed to be cleaned
    Sorry stefany (if i got your name right) there are many of us here waiting to give our two cents lol

  21. How was Beyonce robbed? She did what ALicia Keys would have done, no doubt!

    Beyawnsay is washed up anyway. She carried herself during her performance like a tramp cockin her legs open and gyrating her snatch.

    That was so 2003. Shes fresh out of performance stamina


  22. Beyonce’s performance was great and she killed it! Kanye acts up and every award show and no doubt he will act up at the next one.

  23. I will commend B what she did was very nice, but she would have looked crazy if she wud have just accepted her speech. BUt B was very gracious & sympathetic.
    Her performace-of course we know we know energy level great-nakedness didn’t care for. Seen this performance b4 but her voice as usual great.


  25. some of you are so damn sad. the same ones complaining about her generosity would be the same ones complaining if she hadn’t done what she did. you people say you don’t like her b/c she’s too robotic and fake by being nice all the time, now you want to credit her for kanye going up on stage and ruining taylor’s moment? pr or no pr, she DID NOT have to do this. kanye decided to do that by himself, beyonce had NOTHING to do with it. the fact that some of you would have/and are blaming her for kanye’s behavior shows that in your eyes, she’ll never do anything good. she wanted that video of the year award badly, it was the only one she expressed she wanted b/c she had never won it. she finally wins it and has to give up her moment for kanye west. some of you are seriously wrong for coming at her on this one b/c if she was a fake b!tch like some of you claim, she could’ve left everything as it was b/c the audience clearly cheered her on during her performance and was not hostile towards her in any shape or form. i guess they understand the concept that what comes out of kanye’s mouth is not beyonce’s fault, especially since this was not the first time he did something like this

  26. beyonce looked nothing short of a prostitute!! and a married one at that. she is so disgusting!! how the hell does her husband feel? foreal? and her mother.? and wasn’t her father in the crowd.? Jesus.i cannot imagine that anyone looks at her as a role model for the president daughters.people should stop considering her classy cuz that is not!!! and of course she was SUPPOSED to give Taylor her shine. if she didn’t i would have been shocked. there is nothing specially impressive about that.

  27. I think Beyonce did a very classy thing at the end. She has won plenty so there was no sweat off her back!

    Good look for her.

    And her performance was the bomb!

  28. I personally don’t think Taylor Swift had any knowledge of what Kanye West was doing. Kanye West is a jerk and an attention whore. What he did was so uncalled for. I have lost all respect for him.

    I am not a big Beyonce fan, but I did enjoy her performance. I thought what she did by bringing Taylor back out on stage was a class act.

  29. Beyonce’s graciousness proved she’s definitely a class act. She has won numerous awards over the last 10 yrs and I was so proud that she allowed Taylor Swift her moment. Her performance of Single ladies was exceptional and she continues to show why she’s Queen Bee.

    Janet – PHENOMENAL. I love Janet’s performance and the entire dance tribute. If you want to pay tribute to MJ, ensure you have superb dancing!!

    ALICIA KEYS – FANTASTIC. Her voice was flawless and she was truly captivating. I’m a Jay Z fan but Alicia KILLED it!!

    Green Day – AWESOME. I love the Rock bands that perform and sound EXACTLY the same in their live performances without all of that lip synching!!
    Pink’s perfomance was AMAZING and I was glad to see the ladies representing.

    I LOVE LADY GA GA!!! You can call her satanic or whatever you please but her performance was PERFECT. It was like a psychotic movie and at the end hanging from one arm with the blood (even in the eyes), BRAVO!! That’s taking a performance to the next level.

    The VMA performances were very good and with the exception of Kanye’s b*tchy outburst, I enjoyed every performance.

  30. Kanye Very disrespectful but no different than Joe Wilson

    Taylor Swift – Shocked and Saddened

    Beyonce Damage Control

    Best Performances Janet,Pink, Jay Z and Alicia

  31. That was so messed up of kanye to do that. Taylor Swift is actually 19 and it was her first moomman. I didnt think she was gonna win either but that was uncalled for and just down right disrespectful. Beyonce is phenomenol overall and even more for letting Taylor get her moment. I thought Beyonce should have won too but when kanye Said that to Taylor I almost cried, the look on her face was too remarkable. I hope she doesn’t let that get her down.

    Kanye is talented also but dude thats not right especially when your throwing Beyonce’s name into it, putting her out there.

  32. I have to agree with voice..just didn’t seem genuine..I think bey’s camp had damage control on their minds rather than giving Taylor the shine she deserved. But it worked out for both in the long run..Bey is hailed a classy lady & Taylor is bigger today than she was last night..

    Now as for the performances: bey’s was nothing special but I was shocked that she decided to do the rauchy intro, showing her goodies.

    Love me some Janet! Wish it was longer but I enjoyed it..

    Alicia Keys nailed her performance with Jay Z.

  33. Stage or not, I still see Beyonce and Kanye the same, You need much more to get me to drink the kool aid However i don’t care if it was beyonce’s idea, her father, solange or juelz
    For once in her whole career in my opinion she did the right thing by pushing her behind over and letting Taylor finish her speech , If it was staged to make kanye look like he keeps it real and beyonce look like the diva with a golden heart,
    They need to try harder because i didn’t even care for them but my concern throughout the entire show was whther Taylor was Okay or not
    and i am the calmest sister in the entire world, but this right there, had he done this to one of my daughters? I can’t find the words but it involves a moon man being used to beat the rudeness and fakeness out of someone

    Best performances of the night were, Janet Jackson and the michael tribute , Pink who is a great singer,Taylor swift Alicia keys and Jay-z and lil mama ? Beyonce i really liked the remix and the dance but i’m not sure how much respect she has for herself and or her relationship ,But it’s not my problem what she wears , if jay-z is okay with his wife strutting with half of her privates hanging than i say no more! I guess those are the new “open” relationships… Lady gaga is so over the top some might love it , but i didn’t need all of that when i turn back on to mtv she was bleeding…I don’t know and i am getting so sick of her never wearing anything but some swimsuit her body is banging but i hope people won’t get tired of it Quick and her whole outfit, I get it you’re different , You don’t think like people you see the world like a big spider web I get it, Now calm down? The muse were okay i expected them to rip the house but i guess they were nervous,Best look of the night was Keri Hilson imo Unless i didn’t see all of the pictures

    Have a nice day

  34. Never mind, Keri Raunchy also was it a full moon?

    Alicia keys and Solange (Love the hair) Looked fabulous My pick for the night

  35. @SEpiastar:wow u don’t care if its satanic lady gaga performance. I hope u do b4 judgment day cuz He cares. Im not gonna front i just knew her from poker face joint-which was kinda cool but i didn’t know she was like THAT- MTV should have warned parents. I saw demonic activity all over that stage. i pray 4 that girl=people thinks she’s cool, eccentric-no-she lost. “I thank God & the Gays” Blasphemy after a performance like that??? Those who think its cute, no sarcasm, im praying as we speak.

  36. @darksista-Girl, i almost teared up. like i said i don’t really ,listen 2radio or watch tv but the clip i got of her video and her personality she seemed so sweet. Kanye- i have no words but suicidal. The audacity & is him & B doin sumthin on the side?? He always got her name in his mouth, Jay-z need 2 watch him. Weirdo. By the way, yes, Jay=z is a fabuloso rapper but he still got the uglyboy now im rich complex that’s y he don’t mind his wife showin the world HIS goods. He feels like a man that erry1 including prob his friends, wanna have sex with her. of course, that’s all u think bout, as a man, when ur on stage. i wud feel disgusting wearin that in front of my dad or any male relatives or strangers. But this is the world we live in it, so…

  37. @Voice-c’mon ma u don’t really think B planned that rite??? The hate is gettin a lil bit crazy. She was stunned like erry1 else. She handled it well, whether it was her idea or sum1 else’s.

  38. Pink’s performance was outstanding- the abililty to do all of those stunts & still keep a perfectly beautiful voice! She tied 4 the best with Ms. Janet Jackson. I wanted Janet to keep going.

    Beyonce- Damage control only; but it turned out great for her as usual. She’s beautiful and can really sing. Yet she has some insane need to continue to not only be half naked but to gap her legs open for the whole world to see. – Not Classy AT ALL.

  39. oh Yeah, Janet let it be knownn 2 all the R&B singer/dancer-ya’ll got ya’ll swag from Me- Tell em Janet.

  40. I don’t understand why MTV still has an award show. Do they even still play videos.

  41. Janet was the best of the night.

    Alicia was the next best and Jay is cool but Alicia is that song.

    Lil Mama must have had whatever Kanye was on or she was just so proud to be a NewYorker. Either way it was funny how Jay kinda patted her like be cool now.

    I agree that all of Beyonce’s performances are starting to run together at least for me. I do feel like if you’ve seen one you’ve pretty much seen them all. I just hate that the open leg, gyrate to the ground thing has become her signature move. It’s not a good look and I just think that a person of her performance caliber can come up with something a little more creative and with much more wow factor. Like MJ has the moon walk and leg kick, James Brown has the foot work. Those moves have been copied by every generation men and women and will continue to be. Ciara even has the whole matrix back bend thing. The crotch shots are killing me though. I will give her props for the Taylor Swift thing that was nice, I don’t think she was robbed the crowd loved it and of course MTV did so a win win for her.

    Lady Gaga is talented but it seems like she is trying too hard to be weird.

  42. Beyonce is amazing!! I love this girl and I am proud to be a Beyonce fan.

  43. I don’t know this looked staged to me. Even though Kanye is such a egotistical arrogant jackass. She did the right thing as far as Taylor swift getting her moment. Everybody deserves to shine

  44. The girl Jay Z uses at the garden to sing the hook on empire state (Bridget Kelly) Is a new artist on Roc Nation she sings the hook bettet than Alicia

  45. I had to stop reading after a few comments. SMH @ some of you, well, maybe not. It’s the same ones that always come at Beyonce for the same reasons. Please, I beg of you, find some other negative argument b/c these are getting tired.

    Beyonce is a role model. What she wears on stage, she keeps it on the stage. You don’t see her walking the streets in leotards or what have nots, do you? And do any of you know for a fact that Matthews is as vendictive as you say he is? Have you seen it first hand? With your own eyes? The DC4 situation, nobody knows what really went on. Everyone is gonna make themselves look like the victim, that’s how it is. SO unless you were there, behind the scenes, 24/7, let it go! Apparently, they have!
    The performance, I loved the beginning, the slow down, the Swwet Dreams/Single Ladies little mash-up. Beyonce was not nominated for Sweet Dreams, was she? No, ALL her nominations came from SL, and as much as I dislike the video, it was a big success. Her outfit, she had on stocking and she was wearing supports under the stockings. Mama Tina always tye dyed their bottoms to make them look flesh colored, it’s in her book from 2001 or something like that.

    And her letting Taylor finish her speech, why is it so hard for some of you to believe…nvmd I answered my own question at the beginning.

  46. Thank you shanice nicely put

    People these days ,its like thier living in Malaysia you can’t wear anything unless its covering your kneecaps.But some of them probably have kids and aren’t married since they wanna judge so much. Beyonce is a classy woman period. she’s never been in the news for not wearing underwear, sex tape drama, stealing boyfriends etc and thats hard being in hollywood. She expressed how much she wanted video of the year on the red carpet and she didn’t have to give ANYONE shine but herself, but she did let taylor get her time which was a class act. But if it was alicia keys no doubt in everyone’s mind that it would’ve came strictly from the bottom of her heart.

  47. rotfl beyonce stans are out of this world please don’t mature stay this way you guys have a future in comedy since apparently thinking is not your forte

  48. when is the official vma post coming up so i can be in there praisin alicia keys for being the best black female performer of our generation?

  49. This is why I love Beyonce. Ppl take, speculate but that girl is the best of the best class act! Love her

  50. @felisha, apparently grammar is not YOURforte. Commas & periods aren’t the enemy.

    Anyone who believed the incident was staged has proved themselves to be insanely foolish…why in ANYONE’S right mind would believe that Kanye, Bey & MTV decided that it would be funny or beneficial to their image, to RUIN a young girl’s first night winning the VMA’S? How was it staged if no one even knew Taylor would win in the first place? Is it just that difficult for you to comprehend the sincerity in some ppl? It’s so juvenile to even voice some of your “opinions”; this shows that not all of them need to heard…better yet, keep them to yourself.

    & in regards to Bey’s onstage performance (you know, when she sang Single Ladies, not the “other performance she supposedly gave”) she was boldly sexual (like someone eloquently put it) & still managed to look classy. Nothing is wrong with sensuality, especially when it isn’t masking a horrible voice…she managed to stay sexy & confident w/o looking like a tramp.

    Some of you are undeniably prude-ish…please don’t support it with proclamations of “holier than thou”

  51. Kanye west is one of those people who still think that beyonce is a God, He honestly thought that getting on top of that stage and dissing taylor was going to get people to Applaud and co-sign him, Another Stan who learned the hard way that beyonce is not the end all and be all…And beyonce i don’t know what you were laughing at mama, Maybe you’re the type of people that laugh when they are embarrassed, But i don’t know what you were laughing about, you should have been worried that Kanye was booed off the stage for giving you props, and Beyonce are you for real with that dance and that costume? Thanks for both of you,for making us look Cheap , Ghetto, and flat out fake Congratulations

  52. oh here we go again wit the beyonce hate gosh its getting kinda tired really if u dnt like her dnt read anything related to her or look at pictures of her simple as she aint goin no were as the rhi rhi comparison rhianna is great on the fashion game buh she aint a model so it dnt mean shit also wen was the last tyme she drooped a album

  53. Was beyonce having sex on stage or am i the only one who DIDN’T see that? So what she wore a sexy outfit and gave a GREAT performance its her job and she’s dam good at it.

  54. @17150…

    If you didn’t notice how raunchy and classless Beyawnsay gyrated it’s because you have been brainwashed to think her

    stale performances are the best in the world. LOL!

    She was throwing her Pus&y hard, and too much. LOL, she’s tired anyway.

  55. @12345 -u ugotta be in ur teens. Ur a prude if u think ur crotch out and 80& of ur body is 2 exposed??? Yes, Lord come now.

  56. there might b incest-what father doesn’t mind seeing their daughter always naked??? sumthing wrong

  57. look shanice and 17150918. whether or not she wears what ever on stage and leaves it there is not the point! she is presenting an image to the world. no woman who has anything worthwhile to offer the world would feel the need to give that much (that part) of herself. the whole issue is about SELF RESPECT. and it seems she has no idea of what that means, and sadly her mother has not shown her, if her mother doesn’t who will. it is a damn shame that her family especially her mother is promoting this image. that is what she is known for being half dressed on stage.ask any man. people are talking about how she leaves it on the stage and she’s classy and all that nonsense.i don’t care what she does when she gets home what i see is the slutty beyonce who can sing it is non substatial. it is pretentious and it is not right it is not classy or sexy, she is degrading her self and she doent even know it. how can you expose yourself like that and think it is OK because the panty hose is dyed wtf? do any of you ladies ever remember when you were young and you would absentmindedly leave your legs open? what did your mamas say? did they say it is OK because your legs were under the table? where do you think crossing your legs came from? she has been taught that it is OK because she is an entertainer, but is it such a stupid excuse because that is her image. I’m sorry but while i was watching the show last night i was so disgusted i had to walk away, and I’ve never ever felt that way about her before. I’m gonna stop here because i could go on. and i am not talking about her outfit, you did not see that in my post. i said the way she carried herself.

  58. I totally agree with the comments above. I could not believe Beyonce’s married @$$ was moving around on staged like that. This has no shame. True it was tasteful of her to hand over her moment to Taylor and I commend her for that. But truth be told she is somebody’s wife now and there are somethings that HE should only see. I am married also and I am not suggesting that you have to wear sweatsuits every day but she should NOT be doing that AND her father was in the audience. I don’t care what you guys say, she seems to be getting trashier by the minute! If Jay doesn’t mind,he should be ashamed of himself too!

  59. tutu : Yes, well said

    Ruserious: Girl we must come from the same type of family, Seems like we both being raised by people who had class and values, My mother would Never in a million of years let me grind up my genital organ in front of strangers, My father never saw me in a bikini and my mother literally beat down in my head that the most precious thing a woman have beside her mind is what lies at her center, Maybe we are prudes, I know that my husband is satisfied in the bedroom, so i don’t really care to be raunchy and sexually explicit to the world but to each his or her own… Let that be a lesson between You, Myself Voice(Shante),Ivory and all the others who agree with us, Never ever ever stop thinking for ourselves , Never see what happens?Ignorance at it’s best…

  60. Liyah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN i missed your behind girl!!!!

  61. Hey Darksista!!! What up? How are the twins. I’ve been going through some changes, good ones! Working changing jobs and taking some classes. I’m in a good place right now, glad to be back. How are YOU???

  62. This is not a female only problem tho, Chris dead to me Brown, trey songz Lil wayne, Their blunt disrespect towards women who will go support them and buy their products amaze me, Yet Lil girls swears by them, What is going on? Chris brown beating people humping the floor, Little wayne talking about fillet Mignon the p—sy what the hell? We have got to do better and support those who don’t make us look Cheap dirty and ghetto…FAST!

  63. No one expects any of you to be gyrating, popping crotches, etc, b/c you all are not performers. Beyonce is a performer…she hangs up that leotard when she leaves the stage. I’m the one who mentioned the prudery, yet some of you half-address it w/o adressing my opinion as a whole. Was Tina Turner classless for shimmying in short dresses on stage? Was Josephine Baker distateful for performing nude in Parisian nightclubs? If sensuality enhances the art, why should it be a problem?

  64. I’m fine girl, The girls are trying to drive me crazy but you know i invented crazy? How is your man ? and work?

  65. If sensuality enhances the art, why should it be a problem?

    Josephine Baker’s Civil rights activism and her overall work for society made up for the fact that she was a whore, and tina turner does not show her vagina to the world she was actually sexy you need to check your fact mama There is a difference between sensuality and vulgarity and if you don’t know it, I feel for you

    @Shanice: Three words : Low Self Esteem

  66. “Josephine Baker’s Civil rights activism and her overall work for society made up for the fact that she was a *****…”

    hahahaha! I’m really not trying to disrespect you or your argument, but that was an ignorant & lame statement. If you thought mine was ignorant as well, we’re officially even. Let’s agree to disagree.

  67. @ Darksista, the man is great! No problems here, I thank God for him. Don’t let those beautiful girls drive you batty LOL!! Good to be chating with you again.

    @ M sweetheart, I don’t know how old you are but I truly hope that someday soon you will grow to understand what we are trying to say. Our bodies are precious temples not to be treated as such. I assume you really like Beyonce, but a WOMAN should NOT act like that…performing or not

  68. Always give a man a chance to wonder. Mama says a little mystery leaves a lot to the imagination;)

  69. I am glad Taylor got to speak and Miss Beyonce did get some “shine” in the form of excellent publicity. To me that is more beneficial to her than a speech. I mean what was she going to say that we hadn’t heard before? Plus Miss B has shine because she is one of the few brown sistas that really gets play from MTV. I mean she is talented but she isn’t the Alpha and Omega of young black female talent.

  70. I wonder how old most of the women on here are that are subliminally making comments about Beyonce and her family not having values?

  71. It’s really funny I was thinking that Beyonce should have won, But I also really like Taylor…Her video was good. I really thought Kanye was an A**!! It’s never ok to disrespect people but to humiliate a young woman in front of millions of people is just plain rude!!! Kanye has really been getting on my last nerves lately, he thinks he’s entitled to everything and that he can say whatever he wants when that’s not the case. Beyonce is a class act I was so happy that she allowed Taylor to shine…

  72. @Shanice- ino mama no subtlety here. im 29 yrs old & i would neva eva eva wear that in front of my pops. he would beat me till the point im wearing minks in the winter & then gyrating in front of my pops??? yes, i’ll say it.sumthing went wrong with the upbringing or she was raised right but $ made her family lose their mind & morals. Listen no1 saying u can’t show skin but dag.

  73. Pink’s performance was the best. I feel like i’m the only one seeing that Beyonce’ bringing out Taylor was “smart” because people probably would’ve been talking about how she should’ve addressed it someone since Kanye pulled her into it. It was a good performance Beyonce’ had but I don’t think she was robbed of much.

    AND THE ONLY slim reason I don’t think it was staged because it just seems and feels Taylor was genuinely mortified and just plan SCARED out of her mind and she looked so defenseless. Kanye should be ashamed of himself…. his mom would be.

  74. BTW Beyonce’ got her one good Brazilian wax…. I need to call a local spa/salon…so long razors.

  75. After reading several of the comments I too agree that some performances will be of a more sexual nature and the outfit may go with that so that wasn’t my problem. I am just saying that it seems that the bottom design of her leotards are getting skimpier. The crotch part has gotten thinner and more revealing so when she does that open leg move it is like bam in your face. While you can be known as being confident and empowered sexually do you really want that signature move?? To me it overshadows her true talent and focuses in on her body as a sex symbol. Sometimes is one thing but I think she has got better moves than that. It is not like it is a ground breaking dance move, I would just like to see her come up with something more challenging that will have people trying to copy it for generations like they do MJ, Janet and James Brown etc…

  76. I also think Kanye may still be dealing with some emotional issues from his mom’s death because I don’t remember him acting like this when she was alive he seemed to come off as a very intelligent and caring person who has a dream. Its always been said that Hollywood can destroy you if you don’t have the right people in your life and maybe with his mom passing he doesn’t anymore. I don’t know Amber but she definetely wants the shine. He needs people in his life that he respects and listens to who are not afraid to say hey man that is too far.

  77. I’m 20 years old! and I completely agree with RUSERIOUS. My Mother will pack me up in my suitcase and ship my ass right back to Nigeria (she taught me better). That family has absolutely no values whatsoever, because if they did,
    1. no amount of $ should displace them from their “moral beliefs”(sorry RUSERIOUS)
    2. they claim to be God fearing and wholesome and blah blah…then turn around and do this? is it because God is not here on earth to defend himself? they need to study proverbs 31 and the book of Esther, take in what is transcribed foreal and reevaluate. if i was her i would never even mention God. ever. because she is making a fool of her self,and God. and God don’t like ugly . whatever. and I’m not trying to send any subliminal messages here. don’t be so ignorant. i mentioned her mother like 60 million times for a reason. they already continuously disrespect themselves by allowing their blood to parade like that so i hold her to no regard. 🙂

    BTW the reason I’m being so passionate about this, is because of her IMAGE. she is so much of an influence to young girls (younger than me. lol) especially AA girls, whether she wants to be or not. subconsciously or not. I’ve seen this first hand. because she is the main AA artist white media decides to uplift, black girls will be going around thinking that’s the only way to be sexy and what the masses now call “classy” and that her every act is OK, especially because her parents are supporting it. and then on top of that she uses the whole “female empowerment” and “embracing your sexy curves” thing to disrespect the race. i don’t need her to tell me that my thick thighs are luscious and my ass is delicious, i know that! or that my breasts and curves are deadly! we’ve all always known that. right? right. i keep all that covered, ////because i know there is a way to dress respectfully, act classy, be sexy, and still retain my dignity, at all times w/o making stupid excuses, and naming it.////. like LIYAH said “Mama says a little mystery leaves a lot to the imagination;)”. enough said.
    BTW Shanice is that all you had to say after all those posts, really?

  78. @ Liyah so just because josphine’s done great things to help the society that takes away from what she’s done. I’m not saying it was a bad thing because I’m not going to judge her but that’s kinda sad just because she’s a icon she gets slack. The same with Tina she’s wore some raunchy outfits back in the day but that obviously didn’t take away from her remarkable talent.

    Alot of the people who says beyonce is too raunchy stories aren’t adding up because the same people saying that loves them some kelly and michelle but wat about the lap dance at the bet awards, and the countless lose my breath performances but they get praise because they simply aren’t in the spotlight as much a bee. I’m not saying this is true or not but when those rumors about alicia keys being a homewrecker came out half of yall were like ” that’s still my girl and imma buy her cd’s regardless” IF that is true is that something you would want your little angels to look up to?

  79. because personally i think thats worst than wearing a sexy a** outfit.

  80. tutu you a naija girl? MAKE MORE SENS me and my sistas are ivorians you know african mothers now>?!

  81. So, tell me ladies…
    Is it the outfits Beyonce sports you have problems with or is it the dancing because track & field stars wear much less and no one complains?

    Would you consider NFL, NBA cheerleaders or HBCU majorettes unclassy for their outfits and performances?

    Enlighten me, will ya?

    *I’m not being sarcastic*

  82. Bey’s performance was enjoyable simply for the fact that she was so bold and confident w/ hers.

    I kept waiting for her to bust out into Diva & Sweet Dreams… thought I was going to get a supermix. LOL!

  83. I know it seem like a nice thing for Bey to do, but I find it quite strange that Bey & T.S had the same color dress on. I have to agree with VOice on this one. I think it was plained.

    Bey performance was good. I li

  84. I thought it was big of her. She has many awards & has made many speeches. She was prolly glad to take a break & let Taylor have her say. Don’t worry by her doing that she is winning. That sympathy/empathy only made the Beyonce brand/empire a lil bigger.

  85. Don’t worry for Beyoncé and her image. Just go to mainstream blogs and Twitter and you’ll see there is nothing to worry about, Beyoncé is the new hero now. Everybody (even celebrities) loves her for what she did to Taylor Swift. Nobody talks about her performance or the way she was dressed. Every comment says the same thing : Beyoncé is classy. Whether you like or not, this is the way she is seen and the Kanye incident only reinforced that image.

  86. I loved her performance…great entertainer….it was really nice what she did for taylor….that shows she’s not selfish….

  87. The whole event was STAGED.

    MTV has become NOTORIOUS (note: the Eminem/Bruno, fiasco, Britney/Madonna kiss, even going as back as the Rage Against the Machine wrecking the set and the streaker with Soy Bomb written on his chest) for these types of spectacles in its desperation to remain relevant in the the age of You Tube.

    This has become a win for all parties involved:

    Beyonce becomes a “human”

    Kanye’s fans will indeed like him more. Believe me, he will not suffer from this in light of all love that AA fans still shower R Kelly and Chris Brown with.

    And Taylor Swift gets the sympathy vote. (Why was she and Beyonce both waering red dresses.

    And for the record, I thought the Janet performance, as much as i love her was anemic, at best.

    I posted a live recap here, and even showed Bey some love(!):

  88. The over-exposed crotch..and pushed together breasts were a bit much…but it was nice of her to let Taylor speak.

  89. Beyonce did deserve it, but it was not his place to do it and the way he did it was not cool. He should’ve waited like everyone else and blogged about it. MTV is known for stuff like this. Lady B, and that’s what she is did a wonderful job all around…

  90. Beyonce’s performance was over the top and in poor taste and I have never said that about her before. I think she came wanting to steal the spotlight from Gaga and Janet and tried to do it in a way that was very distasteful. I was shocked to see her spreading her legs the way she did. I was actually embarssed for her.

    On the flip side? Why would she have to do damage control? She didn’t tell Kanye to do what he did. He’s the arse and he did steal her glory just as he stole Taylor’s.

  91. yeah VOICE i am Nigerian, and yes oh i know them very well. they don’t send. it is engraved in your soul right from childhood that your body is a temple and you don’t mess with it. and you grow up to have a lot of self respect, especially because sexiness is not the most important thing in life.they take body image issues very seriously. maybe the African-ness in me is too much?, but I’m real grateful for what my mother taught me, if she saw me doing “that” OMG, do you know what the call koboko? i will have about 200 lash marks of that on my body and my family all around the world will hear about it.

    all the Beyonce defenders let me tell you something. no real man has respect for Beyonce. she is sexy, but she is not an honorable woman.(i cease to use the word classy ever again, as i have now discovered the American definition of the word. mine is different). the ones who love her cannot look at her without jacking off,* trust me i have brothers* i know. she has a phenomenal voice no doubt, but that is now not enough, if you ask some males, the first thing they speak about her is that she is fine as hell (true), and they wanna sex her, and that’s where it stops. but as far as i know, and as far as my mama has taught me the most admirable thing any woman can possess is virtuousness. men LOOOOOVE that.

  92. @TUtu- i have said this comment b4. if u ask men who would you rather bed-Alicia or Beyonce. Of course, it would Beyonce cuz they have already mentally. They have already seen her body anyway.
    Now ask them who would you rather have a conversation with-CLOTHES ON- we all know it wud be Alicia.

  93. @BAnjiboi-u stupid.
    “Beyonce becomes a human” lol Good one. i can’t lie, when she smiles she looks so innocent, its hard 2 picture her grimy.

  94. If it was planned-Taylor betta get an Oscar as well as a moonmen. Cuz that girl looked mortified, worse than death itself. Naw, Taylor wasn’t in on it if it was set up.

  95. @Tutu-ok u quoting scriptures. I can rock witcha. i got a good one.

    PRoverbs11:22 AS a jewel of gold in a swine’s snout, so is a fair(beautiful) woman which is without discretion.

    I see why He is God. Awesome! Let it marinate.

  96. Loulou-when has the majority always been right. The majority of people going to hell. Just read the Word. So don’t follow the crowd. That just shows you the sad state of society and further confirm the point of the negative influence entertainers can have.

  97. @TuTu yes, that’s all I had to say because I pretty much said my piece earlier saying how too many of ya’ll are giving Matthew too much power, holding onto drama that happened years ago that we’ll never know the true story about, and how Beyonce’s crotch was never in any danger of being exposed because of the flesh colored shorts she was wearing underneath her leotard.

    My parents raised me with a tight leash, but they, well my mother, doesn’t have a problem with me being a Beyonce fan or looking up to her. She thinks it’s been good for my self-esteem, and it has. Im still too myself but I’m a lot more confident and I take a lot less bull than I used to growing up.

  98. beyonce did what she always does and that is being a decent human. she is such a sweet person and it is sad that people hate on her sooo much…. her fan base is crazy she is #1 right now and has been for a minute .. get over it the queen is here for all you haten@SS B1TC43S…I love you beyonce

  99. OK cool Shanice.
    RUSERIOUS i should have actually put Ruth there too. umm.. thinking of one now… k 1 Timothy 2:9 “Likewise, I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly garments… “

  100. If you smoke or drink are you not respectin your body? because your definently damaging it? Beyonce is a grown woman who can show what she wants but won’t because it stops to an extent.

    Now think about this. When you have a child and show him/her off to everyone I bet you didn’t think that the baby is being disrespected by thier parents because he/she didn’t ask for all the exposure and being put into everyone’s hands. ( most black people do love to show their children off)

  101. Ruseriuous: What I find sad actually is the fact that some people need celebrities to build their own personalities. It’s certainly because I live in France and over here we don’t care about celebrities as much as in America. You will never see a mother says “I’m happy my daughter looks up to that celebrity” or “she’s a good role model” or someone says “he did that so I won’t buy his record or see his movie”. To us they’re just entertainers point blank and we don’t care about their private lives or personalities whereas in America these topics seems so deep. It’s a concept I don’t understand so I won’t go further in the discussion. All I wanted to say is some people seemed to worried about Beyonce’s image and they don’t have to because it’s better than ever. One last thing: sometimes I too think she’s fake but now I understand why.

  102. wow, 17150918, i know you didn’t just compare the celebrating of a new born baby to the over the top raunchiness Beyonce displays on stage?

  103. I’m sorry maybe i didn’t read it right, but a baby is a precious gift to be shared, and they are a joy to everyone. Seeing Beyonce’s cooch is not!

  104. I was using that as an example but everybody doesn’t like sharing something that personal like their child with everybody. And how do you know the baby wants to be passed around and seen, getting handed over to people it doesn’t even know (after all he/she is a human being and defenseless). Thats just like if someone got shot dead tomorrow and their body was laying in the middle of the street all night they are DENFENSELESS and being disrespected right??? Not someone who is grown and controls their own body, she has full control of that. And dam you lucky you got to see her “cooch”, or are you talking about the vmas?

  105. lol OK. you shouldn’t compare the two, (at lest i don’t think so) they are too completely different situations. and i feel that if she knows what she is doing that is worse, cuz she can control/stop disrespecting herself and yet she wont.hers is a moral issue. knowing what is wrong and still doing it? now a baby whether or not they want to be passed around, we will never know up till a certain extent, because like you said they cant protect/speak up for themselves, but they know that no matter what their parent would never harm them. it is not moral, maybe what should bother the parents, is their child’s safety- like hygiene.

  106. I get what your saying. What pleases some might not please others right? One thing that I like to do is compare two totally different crazy things just to get people to understand. You do understand right?

  107. alot of crazy people these days harm their own kids but thats a whole nother convo. (and i deja vu’d this moment.)

  108. yea i completely do. and it is true but sad.
    i enjoyed that short debate 🙂

    deja vu’d what moment?

  109. i scrolled through the page and seen things (comments) ive seen once before its wierd

  110. My Lord, people come on, you keep on saying beyonce stans have no life, atleast its better than harbouring hate for someone you don’t even know!!!
    It’s 2009, when will the hate stop?
    And for the people who love to quote bible scriptures only when it makes them feel better about themselves…PLEASE!!!! get a life. U are not God, and U do not know what He thinks, the bible is a personal guide for each person and not something that should be used to judge and ridicule other people. The fact that you go o blogs and ridicule celebrities or other people by quoting the bible will not guarantee your place in heaven, that is only between you annd God, just like whatever beyonce does in public does not guarantee anything, her relationship with God does, and you cannot for one second say she doesn’t have one, unless you are with her every single day and you have heard her say that!!!
    Now, stop judging people, and go on about your life, if you’re not happy, pray about it!!!

  111. Morning Star, i can see you are a slow one. did you read my comments, i mean from the very first one? i never mentioned anything about her personal life so, i cant hate her. my whole post was about self respect that night especially. now the bible quotes were made ‘after’ i made my points, and they were not for you. so you have no say, it would have been better if you didn’t comment.
    no I’m not God, but i know what he thinks, because what he thinks is in the bible. despite what people think your relationship with Him is not “personal”. now smart one take a look at your post, don’t you think you are judging me by suggesting that i am not happy with my life? BTW that is the lamest and most flimsy comment anyone has made on this post. is that all you B defenders think?

  112. I’m talking about the first award not the moment because kanye took both of their moments but pink i love dat white chick she wanted to beat sum a**

  113. @ 17150918 I was not the one who made the comments about Josephine Baker. I too was a die-hard fan of Alicia Keys and I cannot look at her the same any more. Especially since I am a married woman. I don’t know how much of it is true, but that really took a bite out of my interest in her!

  114. I’m currently watching the MJ-Oprah interview, & lo & behold: something caught my attention that I thought could be injected into this debate (if it’s still going on that is)

    When asked why he grabs his crotch during all of his performances, he responded by saying that when he hears the music, he becomes it. A driving bass will fill him withenergy, & he just subliminally grabs his crotch. When he embodies the strings within music, he is softer. (something to that effect)

    That’s what I thought when I saw Beyonce dancing in a sexual way. The music was very seductive, esp. the begining remix…it almost had a jungle quality about it. I felt that Beyonce embodied that wild sexuality that was present in the remix…it added to the performance. Obviously, she wouldn’t do that to Halo…maybe Speechless, but not a ballad or a song that didn’t fit. I feel like everything she does onstage has a purpose, & it enhances the music & the overall vibe of whatever she sings. What do you all think? Does gender excuse onstage sensuality?

  115. @ M i swear i was gonna ask people the same exact question like when he grabs his crotch does that get excused (no problem because its a iconic dance move) but with beyonce its different because she’s a woman? I totally agree with you, and the interview was very interesting.

  116. @rockon f your self, you are on every blog talking down of beyonce. Who r U to her? NOBODY!!!! if she was washed up she wouldnt be saling ANY CD’s. And did you see the video? thats why she probably had on what she did. You act like she didnt have on anything. HUH you are so lame!!!!!!!!!!1

  117. @M, I feel it does. I feel ppl pick on her because she is a sexy female. The other day My 3yr old lil girl was holder her pants, said she is doing what she saw MJ do on TV. Was there any bad comments about him doing that? NOOOO!!!! I agree that the outfit went with the song…..FINALLY SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS:)

  118. @17150918 & Love, thank you guys for understanding my point! I think this issue is VERY interesting…some of the comments for and against this beyonce issue has been very well argued…I just get bugged by the more immature comments (ON BOTH SIDES) but I applaud ppl like Liyah & many more for bringing up vaqlid arguments against my own as well as the ones who see my side…

    I think gender does play a huge role when it comes to sexuality…James Brown & Marvin Gay would gyrate onstage (the latter even caused commotion back in the day) but now it’s seen as grit & passion, vs. Beyonce & other female artists who are seen as lewd. I do understand what everyone’s saying though, considering virtue, holy matrimony & the like. It all makes for great debates =]

  119. @ M but the people that say they don’t like her thats like their main reason (underdressed, gyrate) but it has nothing to do with how intelligent she is, wat her personality is, wat she has on her head, how her breath smells etc. you know wat i mean?

  120. @17150918, it’s more like what they THINK her personality is…she’s either evil, vain, illiterate, fat or aging poorly. I have not ONE celebrity friend, so I can’t vouch for her goodness or humility, but it’s been 10 years & I haven’t rly seen the cruel nature ppl perceive her to have. When she exhibits that kinda behavior, I’ll gladly eat my words…but as long as she continues to be a genuinly nice person while perfecting her craft, all’s well. That’s all I expect from her. No one’s perfect, so I don’t condemn the mistakes ppl may or may not make. If I did, I’d just be hating on myself constantly. We all live & learn, just like Beyonce, Alicia, Whitney, Kanye, etc etc etc…some may fall HARDER than others, but as long as we pick ourselves up, I have no complaints.

  121. M, i think that is an interesting question. however i did not grow up in the MJ era, but i feel like yes, somehow it is overlooked because he is a man. which is quite hypocritical. but if we really got down to it spiritually and everything it is inappropriate. but i have to say though that i was just having a conversation with one of my brothers just when MJ passed, and i was telling him how i liked that Mj was never really seen as a sex symbol. (correct me if I’m wrong) he is ledgendary, because of his moves, because foreal he was not even “cute” much less sexy, so he was amazing because he was doing things nobody had done before(with PURE TALENT. and the others like Marvin Gay, you now music is not what it was back then. music now is based solely on image. i.e Cassie.

  122. sorry i for the errors in the last post, it somehow posted b4 i could edit it.
    i meant you know.

  123. @Tutu, you made really excellent points. I didn’t grow up during the height of MJ’s reign either, & honestly, just RECENTLY realized the depth of his genius. Do you think the suggestive dancing is overlooked moreso b/c he’s a man? or b/c he wasn’t a sex symbol, therefore it didn’t rattle any nerves? Like an Amber Rose type character would be called deragatory names b/c she’s wearing an item of clothng with a very deep neckline, versus someone petite like Cassie who could get away with it w/o looking overtly sexual. Maybe b/c beyonce’s image includes looks (specifically her body), her dancing & articles of clothing look a lot more suggestive?

  124. @ M and TUTU

    I believe MJ wasn’t a sex symbol because i don’t wanna sound harsh but to many he wasn’t attractive, that plays a huge part, for instance if estelle starting “gyrating” and showing skin NO ONE would care because…well she aint the best sight, so its really something that’s outta Bee’s hands and i don’t think she should be bashed for it. To be honest i think if Bee never showed skin like say Whitney and didn’t dance she’s still be considered a sex symbol because she’s a beautiful woman who has great features, I’ve heard countless people even me say they would like to do some “things” with alicia keys almost everyone is considered a sex symbol nowadays.

  125. @Tutu, I think that for some reason, it would be a big deal if someone like Estelle would put herself out there more…despite her looks, it has to do with gender again. It would cause more of an uproar b/c she’s a woman. So maybe it’s GENDER & IMAGE. B/c a male artist could get away with a lot on & off the stage whether he’s goodlooking or not (IE Michael Jackson) versus a female artist. All of the “Estelles” & “Beyonces” of the industry would prob. be labeled as women of loose morals if they did what an (un)attractive male artist could do…maybe?

  126. M and 17150918. i completely agree actually. i never really thought about it like that. i feel that it could turn out both ways,i think both are beautiful. but i don’t think it is always about the actual ‘look’ of the person. look at Madonna. can you honestly say that she is as beautiful as Beyonce, or Estelle? nope. but yet she has been considered a sex symbol for years. cuz she is (always willing to display outright sexuality) on stage. i think that Micheal’s suggestiveness is overlooked for the same reasons that i stated the first time, he never took his clothes off. i was watching his concert last week and he always remained covered. at the same time i cant really compare the two. I’m a woman, so i feel the whole thing is about discretion. in the summer, when it gets hot, males can remain completely bare backed and nobody would think twice of it. the same cannot be said for females, no matter how flat chested you know? so yes it is a gender thing. women have obvious assets, so when you go out of your way to emphasize it, it ends up looking trashy. I’m big chested, and even if I’m wearing a t-shirt, sometimes i feel uncomfortable when I’m tryna have a convo, and that’s where all the attention goes. you know what i mean ?
    if beyonce was covered, she would not be where/what she is today period. because her music is “OK”. what tops it off is the stimulating videos. she completely rely’s upon her assets to promote her self. and that is evident, look at the very first video she did. as for Alicia, i think part of her appeal it that she dresses with a lot of discretion, but it is obvious she has a beautiful body, so she is mysterious. Beyonce is not the only one i think is trashy, i think Mariah is shameless, Britney is nasty, Christina sometimes. i think there are quite a lot of them, but this post is about Beyonce.

  127. 99% of the music industry is based on sex. The enemy runs that arena. Beyonce just happen 2b the most successful black female in the game so eyes are on her. But i don’t like almost no one 2b honest, except for a select few.
    @Tutu-Mariah, Brit, Rhianna, i cud go on 4 days. As for Mike he wasn’t naked but i will admit, that crotch grabbin thing was his signature & he didn’t get that much slack so i do c the gender issue. But we all have common sense , we shud know what is goin 2 far. I think Aaliyah captured it -she showed a lil but NEVA went 2 far. Ciara 2 in her early days. Alicia like listen if ya’ll wanna see me naked ya’ll better have a great imagination cuz i ain’t showinn nuthin. She wears form fitting clothes, but that’s it.

  128. beyonce was not robbed she is not a real singer shes a sellout she will do anything for the dolla even kiss white men this brad is so overrated im pissed that her fans call her the next mj he was not like her he was original her single ladies video was copied from the 70’s some white chics came up with the steps she remixed it now people call her a queen she needs to give diana ross her wigs back she copies everyone just goggle it u will see shes a fake gettin rich off somebody elses ideas she has no personality she cannot act her lyrics are for kids she had one good album and then she fell off but she has always be fake she wants to be the only one in the spotlight if u listen to her song diva and ego u will see she is concieted and money hungry

  129. I completely agree Tutu. I guess…although I didn’t find her performance a problem, I do think that discretion is VERY important; both men & women need to value good taste, b/c it’s sorely lacking in pop culture…it’s a very underrated quality. For beyonce’s sake, I hope she shows more discretion ONLY b/c I feel like she deserves to be taken seriously, & it is in good taste. I can see why ppl dofn’t take her seriously as they do artists like India, Jill Scott, Alicia, etc. Bey has it in her to be deep, so if she reevaluates her image more often than not, it could do wonders for the respect she garners from ppl who believe in dignity & decency.

  130. I dunno I think everyone knew Kanye would do that BUT TAYLOR. And again I dunno she don’t read to me as that nice but then again Taylor coming out with a red dress on was a SMART extra stab at more sympathy. Maybe i’m a cynic….so miss me with the other stuff I think bring Taylor out was still good for business and image.

  131. “Kanye’s fans will indeed like him more. Believe me, he will not suffer from this in light of all love that AA fans still shower R Kelly and Chris Brown with.”

    Doesn’t say a lot about them …. (yep….sure did say that).

  132. @mo’star so why waist your time and comment then? this is a blog, why are you in here then. Thats what we suppose to do

  133. @ M and TUTU

    TEE is a great example about what I’m takin about now is that hate? or is that…hate??? Anyone else in the music industry can be INSPIRED from someone else even from younger people but when its you know who she’s a copy catter.[6 years old’s voice]

  134. @ EBZ202

    Yeah, but it does say a lot about AA fans’ blind faith in artists who engage in domestic violence and crimes against minors.

    There is level of ignorance in those cases that baffles me.

  135. But she has won many awards, I think it mattered to her, but I don’t think it was THAT important to her. Now if it were a Grammy or Oscar, she would’ve banned Kanye. But it’s just a little moonman.

  136. could u honestly picture beyonce just accepting her award like nothing happened. She knows the backlash would somehow trickle to her, even though it wasn’t her actions. Beyonce may not be Einstein but she ain’t stupid. common sense told her she had 2 do that. now the motive could have been also i feel sorry 4 the lil girl, or damage control, or both.

  137. @TEE she is confident, and she didnt hand write that song, after that song was song by her, do u know how many ppl was saying that, so i guess the whole world is concieted. however i respect how you feel, every one is entitled, no one is perfect, however money hungry? How? Why stop at singing? Why not invest your money is other ways? WHy settle? Singing is not always guaranteed. Why do you feel she isnt a real singer? How many artist today was inspired to create a song from music back in the 70’s. So Jhud for re making the song she did, makes her a non true singer too right? Single ladies video? was she the person who made those dance moves up? NOOOOOO But there is one thing i do agree with you about, and that is the next MJ thing, smh, i dont think that at all

  138. beyonces fans are blinded she is so fake songs like getme bodied,ego.diva just shows what type of female she is a old digger and a copycat she cannot act she wants to be in the public eye constanty because her fans are acting like shes a god im not fooled sasha fierce is a whore and a lame excuse for her popping her pussy on stage everything she does has been stolen her songs have no meaning only kids enjoy this bull give me some real r&B MAYBE I JUST MISS REAL SOUL AND HER LYRICS AND SONGS ARE NOT MY STYLE IM LOVIN LETOYA LUCKETT AND KERI HILSON NEW CDS EVEN JAZMINE SULLIVAN SHE REALLY CAN SING IM JUST TIRED OF BEYONCE SHES FORCING HERSELF ON THE WORLD AND SHE AINT DONE SHE JUST CAUGHT ANOTHER LAWSUIT FOR HER FRAGRANCE SASHA FIERCE SHE STOLED THE NAME ANYWAY SHES FAKE LIKE I SAID PLUS SHE GOT TWO MORE MOVIES PLUS A NEW SINGLE SHE IS REALLY PUSHING IT I HATE HER MUSIC AND SHE CANT ACT SHE CAN SING BUT IF I WAS HER I WOULD LEAVE POP ALONE BECAUSE SHE CANT REPLACE JANET OR MJ

  139. I’m not saying she is a God, however I feel like the ore ppl who like her, the more ppl dont. She is always in the light because ppl put her in the light. How ever I do agree she isnot the best actor. I just cant feel you with the “copy cat” EVERYBODY (i’m not just taking up for her because I am a fan of many), but EVERYBODY may take ideals from others. I’m quit sure alot of ppl that dance now, got certain ideals from MJ. Thats how you grow. I just feel most ppl point the finger at B for things other artist are out her doing too. SO you mean to tell me, you have never saw NOTHING cute on someone else rather it was a hair thing, clothes, shoes, etc, anything and you didnt go get it. Its not being a copy cat, but you liked it and you might of thought you would rock it harder, or what ever. Clothes wouldn’t sale if everyone wore something different then everyone, come on now,Copy Cat?

  140. typo: ore (the more)
    And she got 2 more movies out and a new single? how is that pushing it, that is fighting for you dream. If she stopped and took abreak becasue you wanted her to, she would be settling. Thats like you graduated from college with a 4 yr degree, and someone tell you, youdoing to much and pushing it and being gready since you want to next go for you Doctor degree. ppl come on.


  142. @TEE, OMG…PLEASE shut up.

    I saw your sorry username on Concreteloop spewing the EXACT same hatred. Get a life!

  143. If you don’t have anything CONSTRUCTIVE to say, just don’t say it. Nothing in your argument is even remotely intelligent, so how can anyone take you seriously?

    Whether opinions are FOR or AGAINST someone, it’s always nicer to hear them when they’re well thought out & intelligent. When they’re laced with bitterness, there’s really no point in even posting.

  144. @ M

    don’t mind that…ignorant fool he/she knows more about beyonce than she knows about herself I never knew she had 2 new movies coming out.
    She’s not the best actress but I think she did good in Dreamgirls, and she played that part in Cadillac Records, people only wanna remember her worst acting movies like obsessed, austin powers, pink panther etc, just like the songs that are fun and upbeat not ones that have meaning and substance behins them like listen, survivor, stand up for love etc. And who is 100% original these days literally almost everything has been done in music videos even being COMPLETELY naked (d angelo, marcus houston) so wat else is there to do???

  145. i’m not saying she is innocent, she is human, No human is an angel, i just feel ppl dont give her the credit she deserve. I love her as a artist, however I also admiting I didnt like the whole acting thing, ut most ppl act like she just cant do nothing. ok she being sewed! so, how many others have. when fans like my self say we like her, that doesnt mean we are saying she is a angel, just that ppl knock her, and she can really sing. Thats just how i feel. if she couldnt sing, or if she did bad on a performance, I’ll admit to it

  146. @ M and 17150918 you took the words right out my mouth. I mean come on, give her the props she deserve, she can really sing. and I agree she was better in the movie cadilac record and dream girls, but obsessed was not good.

  147. @Love, 17150918 I agree with you both. I don’t like playing myself for a fool, so I’m not gonna support someone I don’t believe in. I think Beyonce is amazing, & I’ve enjoyed everything she has done music wise since her begining…movies? not so much. I haven’t seen pink panther or austin powers, LOVED her in dreamgirls (I truly believe she played the role of Deena w/the appropriate amount of star-quality & measured vulnerabilty) LOVED her in Cadillac Records…& cringed while watching her in Obsessed. So I have a non-biased opinion on one of my favorite artists. It does get a bit much when everyone is suddenly a follower of this “beyonce cult”, where we are mindless drones without a voice or an opinion. I actually ENJOY her! It can’t be that surprising? I enjoy her just as much as I enjoy Alicia Keys, Maxwell, Led Zeppelin, The Kills, Rachelle Ferrell, Kings of Leon, India Arie, etc etc etc. I have varied taste, & I love all of these musicians (& so many more) for completely different reasons. I am NEVER team beyonce if it means I’m anti-alicia, or vice versa.

    Another thing that annoys me is when ppl root for the underdog just so that they can knock off an artist they don’t like…To me, it’s like this: If you care about the quality of good music & the direction it’s headed, don’t root for a Ciara or Letoya just so they can knock a Rihanna or a Beyonce off the map…root for them b/c you HONESTLY think they’re music fits your high standards. I hear that so often & it’s very tiring. Don’t bash someone’s character b/c their life’s choices don’t exactly mesh well with your own…it isn’t harming you, so it shouldn’t bother you so much.

  148. M btw i didn’t reply to your last post. i agree with this statement “…I hope she shows more discretion ONLY b/c I feel like she deserves to be taken seriously…” and i too feel she has an ability to be deep, because I’ve listened to the I..AM side of her album and i “felt her”.

  149. @ M

    EXACTLY! (here’s one of my crazy examples) I HATE mushrooms so anything i taste with mushrooms it could be VERY good, but since it has mushrooms in it; it’s like my mind tells me NO you can’t like that. So the people that don’t care for Beyonce, anything she does they tell themselves “what are you thinking you cant like that chick.” It’s a mind thing.

    I know i make up the craziest things lol. and the underdog statement so true. yea i root for the underdog in sports when my team’s knocked out of something but in entertainment i’m all about PURE talent and Bee has just that. (not saying that many other artist don’t but this is about her)

  150. PSHT! MJ DID get flack for grabbing his crotch! LOL I can tell how old MOST of you are! Look, I like Beyonce, but ya’ll really need to stop making excuses for people. And all this, “Everybody’s picking on beyonce…” LOL Her stans and her need to grow some balls! People have to deal with haters EVERYDAY in EVERY field of study! You don’t see people running out in the streets killing themselves because “someone is a hater.” You all are too simple for words if these comments (about someone you feel is the shit) are making you that mad! If Beyonce is the greatest entertainer this decade, so be it. If she is only known as BOOTY MEAT, so be it….just don’t get mad! LOL Ya’ll keep saying that she is an idol…yep. A SEX IDOL! That’s all she’s used (pretty much) to make it to where she is and that’s probably all she’ll be in our memories…Booty meat. come on now! She’s just the best booty meat shaker this decade! I’ll definitely give her that! Just stop hating EACH OTHER! PEOPLE CAN LIVE TOGETHER WITH DIFFERING OPINIONS!

  151. …AND i LIKED OBSESSED. She definitely got her money’s worth on that movie, good or not! wasn’t it like 26 mil?

  152. @Love. I didn’t make my comment looking for conversation from you but since you want to address me then…..I am on this site because I have been coming on here for 2 years now and no one can stop me accept the owner, and she hasn’t requested that I not return. the comments on here are ridiculous, and I will call it like I read and see it EVERY TIME.See you next time I come on lmao @ you psychos.

  153. To be honest everything said on this blog is all opinions!! Haters are haters fans are fans!!!

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