Beyonce Rocks F1 Concert

Beyonce “Sasha Fierce” Knowles brought a hint of glamour- and cleavage- when she made an appearance at the qualifying for the Singapore Grand Prix. Dressed in a F1 Rocks open-necked team shirt and hot pants, the singer quickly stole the limelight from the drivers (including Lewis Hamilton) and that poor Pussycat Doll (Nicole Whatshername) who made the mistake of showing up on the same day as “Queen B”.

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Beyonce is in town to perform at the 2nd Annual F1 Rocks concert, which mixes racing and music. The singer performed earlier this evening, and though not many clips of her performance have been posted online so far- I did manage to find one here.


  1. Is it just me or does Nicole look extremely uncomfortable & insecure standing next to BEE?? Yikes. Guess she’s dating a typical 24 yr old, whose eyes are only bound to wonder! Sorry Mr Hamilton Bee is taken! Nicole is beautiful too though. Peace XXX

  2. No its not about a man, she looks at bey and its screams “TALENT” something she dont have.

  3. Im sorry, Beyonce u are to bueatiful for ur hair looking like that, im giving u a pass for the feice outfit, but girl!!!!! GREASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE

  4. beyonce does nothing but sell sex her album is pure crap have you heard yes both of them crappy cds this brad is overrated and she is fake as hell i can see right through her she aint nothing but a fraud she been working since dreamgirls got the hell away already i am waiting for her to retire im sick of this ho

  5. “beyonce does nothing but sell sex her album is pure crap have you heard yes both of them crappy cds this brad is overrated and she is fake as hell i can see right through her she aint nothing but a fraud she been working since dreamgirls got the hell away already i am waiting for her to retire im sick of this ho”

    This is just pure ignorence on it’s highest level…Just pure hate, so hateful u cant use PERIODS and cohesive and correct statments……

    But in all seriousness that hate u have is turning into a obsession, which leads to something dangerous…GET HELP!!!!!!!!

  6. @ysugarcoat.. ur right.. she does seem a lil insecure standing next to bey although she looks grat.. nicole has nothin to worry about cuz she is beautifull.. but it was her mistake showin up there knowin bey was gonna be there lmoa.. i loves bey’s looks…but she really needs to go back to her regular lace front and not this tired ass curly hair.

  7. @lmao..lmaoo..ur retarted. beyonce is great..wat do u mean she is a fraud… that makes no sense.. she is not a pastor or sumthin…. u stupid.. anyways beyonce looks great

  8. I like the fashion choice but the hair was not on point and she still looks fierce!!

  9. Beyonce looks like a idiot playing dress up. somebody give her a book to read.

  10. I don’t think Beyonce even cares about her hair anymore her career Is at a all time high she focuse more on her music and career!

  11. I forgot Bee has to wear something that covers her kneecaps because she’s a marries WOMAN disrespecting herself. Anyways Bee has swagg and she doesn’t have to be like everybody else.

  12. im sorry she looks like a streetwalker. She could walk around make up free, and sweats on and still turn heads, so why the need to… (shrug)

  13. @ snijanafleur,singature barbie,M

    Yall should go on youtube and look up beyonce singing irreplaceable, radio, and halo acoustic to cancer patients in a singapore hospital her voice was out of this world.

  14. I don’t no why Pussy cat girl looks insecure, she actually looks like a lady in that pic.

  15. You ppl make me laugh with this married crap. yes she is married that shouldnt change the way she dresses if she or jay doesn’t have a problem with it. gosh…smh I LOVE YA BEY!!!,

  16. I loved radio the best :-).
    I just had the biggest smile on my face at them harmonizing the oh’s together then clapping silly for a job well done.

  17. @ snijanafleur

    I liked halo the best her voice was so pure and those notes were vicious. and irreplaceable when she hit the high note and everyone started screaming.

  18. Yeah, Beyonce singing to the cancer patients was really emotional too! Beautiful girl, with a big heart no matter how much shade people throw at her. Love me some Mrs. Beyonce Knowles-Carter!!

  19. Nicole has NOTHING to be INSECURE about. My girl is also very beautiful and has a great voice at that. Nicole and Bey are among a few in the industry that have beauty and real, vocal talent to match 🙂

  20. That was really sweet of her singing to the cancer patients. And to the ppl who say she needs echo machines and back-up tracks to sound good, HA!

    On topic: I like the outfit, I don’t have the courage to rock it, but it’s cute. I’m with everyone else who says just because she is married doesn’t mean she has to cover up. If her husband doesn’t have a problem with it, then whose to say we are. Look away!
    Hair- it’s her tour wig. She doesn’t have time to change it, even though I wish she would(lol). It’s human hair, lights+sweat=naps.

  21. lets try this again

    I know she doesn’t need that AT ALL its just added to the performances for more…ummph.

  22. oooooohhh those damn skating rink tights! And that wig is sooooo yaki.

    The outfit is FIERCE!!!!

  23. I hate how that top sticks out at the bottom. It doesnt flatter her shape. Stylist needs to work on that and NO TIGHTS!


  25. @ ERIN
    and you will NEVER get an answer, it’s like he/she is a spam site that comments.

  26. @ TEE u need some serious help.. Do u really thing that Beyonce really cares if u like her or not.. She is out there helping CANCER patients feel a litte bit better about themselves and counting her MILLIONS on the way…What are u doing with yourself besides hating and blogging on the internet….Thanks 17150918 for the post about watching her sing live on youtube her voice is one of the best in our generation…and dispite the hate of people like TEE she will become an ICON or even a legend!!!

  27. fierce? lol tryin to pose like rhirhi even her facial expression is swagga jacked…my girl wud have effortlessly killed that outfit bigtime why she wearin that outifit with stockinz? trying hard hey.

  28. beyonce looks like a damm fool, fake hair fake boobs fake fake fake, and her worshippers im not talking about her talent, yes she is talented yes she is rich, yes she has 100 grammys, yes she is in your eyes next to jesus but when all is said and done she still looks like a damm fool white girl wannabe all that money and you cant shange you lacefront.

  29. What in the hell??? I don’t care which ego she claims to be channeling in this pic she looks a hot azz mess!

    From the rat’s nest wig ( which is doing a bad job hiding her nappy growth)to the hooker lipstick right down to the tacky outfit…oh and let’s not forget those ugly support pantyhose..Bey’s game is officially dead!

  30. Lol@ksh-“THose skating ring tight” I have 2 admit, style wise Rhianna makes B look like an amateur, but Be makes her look like one when it comes to singing. But since this is about style, i guess, B does look like she’s trying 2 hard. RHianna pulls outfits off effortlessly, but i don’t think she would rock that or rock it like that anyway.

  31. i agree with TAIESA. Just cuz you get married doesn’t mean u lose ur identity. Beyonce or any other non-celebrity woman don’t have to change who she is just cuz she has a ring on her finger and a real man doesn’t want you to. He wants u 2 stay sexy 4 as long as humanly possible.

  32. She looks my age and I will be forty in December. I think this young lady needs a break and some rest. A 28 year old she not be looking like she is in her late late 30’s.

  33. Way too much war-paint.

    Beyonce is natually gorgeous to me, so she really doesn’t need it.

    I like the outfit, very apporiate for the occassion.

    And I agree with TAIESA too, you cant totally lose all of who you are just because you are married. Change can be good, but losing yourself completey is not.

  34. I know when she gets honored for the woman of the year on oct 2 she will be stunning.


  36. ^^Hypocritical much. Rihanna is the one you seem to be stuck up in, and you’ll attack anyone who speaks ill of her. And if you were not obsessed as you claim, you would not mention Beyonce’s name in every post you type.

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