Beyonce Rocks the French

With her album exactly seven days away from being released, Beyonce has hit the road overseas to promote the project with a handful of concerts that lead up to her big headlining gig at this year’s prestigious Glastonbury Festival.

First on the singer’s itinerary was last night’s show at the Palais Nikala in Nice, France. Joined by her all girl band and a slew of back-up dancers, Beyonce performed a medley of her hits, which included “Single Ladies, “Sweet Dreams,” “Halo” and many, many more.

Beyonce also included a number of tracks from her upcoming “4” album, which leaked about two weeks ago.

You can check high quality, but rather short, performances of “End of Time,” Run the World (Girls)” and “1+1” by clicking the links above.


  1. Love the hair, the stage, the lights! Can’t wait to see her live!!!!!

  2. ps. That performance you posted (End of Time)sista, IT’S FIYAH!!!

  3. You Tube has a lot of great performances from the concert. It was hard choosing which to post. Sadly many were great quality but awfully short. B did her thing. She is great in concert.

  4. Yes, she def set that stage on FIRE. I’m SO glad to see her performing again. That crazy in love intro was HOT, the Bohemian Rhapsody’and Prince rendention gave me LIFE. She’s a BEAST and she sounded AMAZING. And it’s good to see her giving new ppl shine as well, lovin the Les Twins which are said to be in another version of Run the world video……..TALENT STAND UP!!!!!!

    There are alot more videos on if you go to this link, there are lots more. It’s in a different language but if you click on the links next to the title of the songs, it will play. The link says aqui they have ALOT

    -Beautiful liar

    -Sweet Dreams


  5. Her Voice. The Production. HE HAIR…Amazing vids, so proud of this talented woman is getting her shine. All three of her concerts are sold out too.

  6. THE whole entire show was increadible! Beyonce is definitly Amazing and I will be buying the new album. Dnt let great talent go to waist!!!

  7. same ole Beyawnsay. Lights, head to toe body gyrations and people swear she kilt it. LMFAOOOOO

  8. @rockon I totally agree the same old bey every-time. Anytime she tries due different it does not work for her. that is the reason her latest album is going to be a FLOP!!! She tried to pull a Rhianna and that is a no no for her. I keep telling her fans she is very 1 dimensional. NO VERSATILTY. I have been bored and sick of her a long time ago. OH OH HER COME HER STANS 54321 BLAST OFF!!!!

  9. I loved the performances especially THE END OF TIME one. I just hope when she goes on her official tour that she cuts out the DC3 medley, and perform more of her songs that we never seen or haven’t seen her perform in a long time. Save the DC3 songs for the Reunion tour.

  10. End of times is my song, I’ll buy the album only because i like beyonce’s voice, i won’t see her oput in concert, I’ve been to all three tour when they came to my city and i felt like i was watching the same thing over and over again , Her stans love it so she will be just fine, but i think i’m keeping my money for the Loud tour this time around
    Good luck Beyonce

  11. To each their own, I have been to two Beyonce concerts and she DELIVERS everytime VOCALLY and DANCING wise she is not a studio singer so I’d rather spend money on an entertainer rather than spend my money on someone walk back and forth, so so voice, cant really dance etc I dont care how “catchy” their music is, I need to feel I’m getting my money’s worth and you will def get that with Beyonce EVERYTIME…:)

  12. Is pulling a Rihanna equivalent to Singing off-key and putting the Microphone by your Privates???

    Well Bey surely didn’t pull a Rihanna, sorry you mistook Talent for Tasteless!

  13. @TASHA32….

    SELEYNA is only Joking, she isn’t going to waste her money on a Model, Private touching, lackluster Model Show…. She is obviously joking!

  14. @YYes please: Your blant insecurity toward rihanna is sad

    why are both of you mad that i don’t wanna spend my money on beyonce? she doesn’t need it does she? You people really need help i’m sure you’re both as beautiful and successful as beyonce, no need to act ugly.

  15. We just don’t understand how a Mature woman would want that for herself…

    U r right Beyonce doesn’t need you. We all Need Christ, not another sinful human being like ourselves.

  16. This little promo tour that Beyoncé is doing is better than ANYTHING Rihanna has done live! I’ve seen both live and… *how to put this nicely*… Beyoncé mops the floor with Rihanna’s show performance. Rihanna CAN’T sing that great live nor dance so I will not be going to her concerts ever again!!!

  17. @Seleyna: My sister went to see her in Chicago and she said The concert ROCKED OUT.
    she called me yelling and screaming, enjoy yourself, I’m going as soon as she comes to California! then i’m going to see perry ,Gaga, adele, jill scott, and britney.

    Sista: you should make an article about summer concerts ^^

  18. Man Rihanna Rihanna you’re making them nervous , they are shaking with paranoia lol

  19. Stay bitching about Rihanna, she ain’t going now where, Bey stans stay being insecure about other female artists and you wonder why people hate on her

  20. Nobody is worried about rihanna who cant touch bey on bey worst day. It was a delusional rihanna stan who brought her name up. Rockon=keeping it 100. Its sad that this jealous rihanna stan has 2 hate on bey in every post. U really need a life smh. Anyway King B killed it as usual. This chick got a millenium award & 16 grammys. She not worried about these chicks who not even on her level. She stay making history & doing her thing.

  21. AMEN NYC….U said it BEST!!!!!!!! Men, LIE, Women, LIE NUMBER DON’T….did you say 16 grammy’s……. Rihanna who?????????? BEY SEASON HAS BEGUN!

  22. If all of these people love her then why aren’t you all buying these singles. I am just curious.

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