Beyonce Rocks the Wynn in Las Vegas

Beyonce’s New Year’s Eve performance at the Wynn Resort & Hotel was an invite only affair, but that doesn’t mean the average Bey fan was going to be left in the lurch.

Using her ‘I Am Beyonce’ Tumblr page, the Queen Bey uploaded a few shots of herself performing at the intimate concert, as well as her personal wishes for 2013.

Video from the concert has been a little bit harder to come by, no doubt because Beyonce has plans to release it herself via DVD in future.

Whatever the case, I’m sure someone will eventualy upload a cool 30 second clip for us all to check out.

Update: Ooops… my bad. Did I say 30 seconds? I meant 16.

Check it out below.


  1. Aw, Mama Bey. I love the yellow color on her. And I love the lion’s mane hair LOL! And those pink pumps look familiar 🙂 I notice that she’s wearing shorter-heeled performance shoes. Anyhoo, thanks for the brief clip and the images. I can’t wait to see what her look (and the stage) will be for the Super Bowl!

  2. She looks beautiful. I love that silver costume that she has on. I can’t wait to hear new music and see how everything plays out

  3. She looked FAB, that 4th picture her facial expression is priceless straight FIERCE! lOVE THE 5TH pic too, so beautiful loving the big curls

  4. I really love the yellow on her and she seems genuinely happy to be performing which is great.

    I seriously am fed up of her sparkly onesies though haha, but I guess it works for her body type.

    I am not excited for the new album to be honest 🙁 But whatevs, she is doing her do. She has a college fund to think about now 🙂

  5. @ TASHA32, someone on my Twitter timeline said she looked angry on the 4th pic that people were taking pics and recording. Supposedly no cameras were allowed? but someone snuck theirs in anyway.

  6. @Kanyade wow, but she GOTTA know somebody will have their phones and camera out, it all comes w/the territory I doubt though the face was due to that but that’s funny if it was LOL

  7. Beautiful pics…the hair looks good coming forward…no denying Beyonce is one beautiful woman! Her fans only have a little ways to go before she descends on one of the year’s biggest stages!

  8. She looks so good but the same as she did pre-pregnancy. The costumes, the hair – everything is so similar. Her talent speaks for itself but she needs a makeover at this point. Love the big hair tho!

  9. @KSH I agree with you, she is a incredible performer no doubt she shuts it down, but she should try to change up her look a bit.

  10. Love the pinstripe outfit. Everything else looks duplicated. Hate the hair. I think she looks best with a shoulder length bob.

  11. I’m not going to lie. I was a bit disappointed when I viewed the pics and some of the videos. I was hoping she would bring in the New Year with BANG!!! Such as a brand new image, clothing/costumes, songs, hair, etc. Not the same thing she’s been doing for many yrs now.

    Well… with her Superbowl performance and her new album coming soon, maybe I shouldn’t hold my breath, while waiting to see something different from her.

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