Trend 101: Gold Heels

gold heels - beyonce header by you.

Though it may be snowing and freezing in some states, Sasha Fierce wouldn’t be caught dead without her gold heels! But, its not just Sasha. A slew of other brown sista celebs have been spotted following this same trend at red carpet events, performances, and even while on video sets. They’re just as fierce as black heels, but these gold pairs are perfect for any upcoming holiday event.

gold heels - golden girls-b by you.

  1. – $16.80
  2. – $174.04
  3. – $22.99
  4. Jimmy Choo – – $695
  5. Nordstrom – $128.95
  6. Baby Phat – – $76.99
  7. – $16.99
  8. – $24.99
  9. – $32.99
  10. Giuseppe Zanotti – – $520
  11. Steve Madden – – $96.90
  12. Steve Madden – – $83
  13. – $130
  14. – $81.90



  1. lol i think i may have seen beyonce…one time without a heel on…haha girl is always in a heel

  2. I’ll take #11 :brownsista: Can’t go wrong with Steve Madden. :hifive:

  3. Does anyone think that peep toe shoes are to cold to wear in the fall and winter seasons?

  4. You might catch me in #4, 10 or 11 but for the most part I’m not feeling none of them. And as far as the “fashionistas” 🙄 that are wearing them, Rihanna is the only one representing…when you have beautiful legs you can just about pull off anything on the feet. Go Rihanna!

  5. it seems like the more expensive shoes are the uglier…9 and 14 are my favs

  6. Even though I have no sense of fashion, I love 1, 9, and 14. The gold color is great.

  7. I think stars and celebs can wear those platform easily. I just don’t see a regular girl like me wearing those heels Sasha Fierce wears lol. I can imagine all the looks I’ll get lol.

  8. I actually have a pair of the style pictured in #1, but mine are black. I gotta tell ya they make my outfits look tuff :thumbsup: . And b/c it is a platform it makes it more comfy to wear. I LUV heels & wedges so all the heels on top are pretty hot to me 🙂

  9. Hey Fashionista…

    These shoes look great! I’m loving 4,7, and 8….but after about 1 hour a sista would be hurtin….


  10. i love all of them shoes but not sure about the gold color but they do look nice on all the celebs,pitty i dnt wear heels anymore but after seeing these babies i took a risk and went out to buy a pair in a black color but dnt have the guts to wear them,my feet are so sore bcoz i have worked,walked and went dancing with heels for 6yrs straight,its been 2yrs now that i have rested them heels…..maybe i’ll occasionaly wear them….hey ladies lets not 4get to take care of our feet we need them till old age…..dnt be like me.

  11. lol lizz if i were a girl i donno if i would be able to do it 6 years straight maybe my high school years, maybe some college but after that no no no they do look nice though but i wouldnt be able to handle it so :thumbsup: to you and all the ladies in heels

  12. Hey y’all out there… in case I don’t get the chance later, I wanna wish each and everyone a very Merry Christmas. Take care, be safe, and please be blessed.

  13. @ Smooth Thug,

    Happy Holidays to you as well. And Everyone! :hifive: :brownsista:

  14. :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: they all look like hooker shoes!!!! U took the woirds right out of my mouth!!!!

  15. There all cute, but just like Drews Gul said, the pricey ones don’t look all that good. I’m not into gold, but they do look nice.

  16. I do admit that gold looks gaudy and cheap but you cant go wrong with the jimmy choos because……..they’re JIMMY CHOOS! lol I noticed cheap shoes hurts your feet so if I had the money to wear 300 to 1000 dollar pair of shoes I would. I must admit it’s hard to wear gold without looking ghetto or cheapish but it can be done with the right outfit. Keep the outfit simple with the shoes being the assessory. You don’t want to pile up gold too much otherwise you’re gonna clash and look like one of those women who rocks the 80s hairdo with the black lipliner, long curvy nails and rings on every finger.

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