Beyonce Set to Close Out U.K. Festival

Beyonce is heading to the U.K. According to published reports, the singer will be the closing act at this year’s Glastonbury Music Festival. Previously known for featuring mostly Rock acts, promoters started looking outside the genre as tickets sales started to wane.

Beyonce’s husband, Jay-Z, performed at the festival back in 2008 and took heat from several British rock acts, including Oasis’ Noel Gallagher, who didn’t take kindly to a rapper being added to the line-up.

Speaking of her own inclusion in this year’s show, Beyonce released the following statement Friday afternoon:

“This really is the biggest festival in the world and I cannot wait to perform there. Everyone who attends is really appreciative of music and is in such a good mood.”

The Glastonbury Festival will run from June 22nd until June 26th. However, if you plan on buying tickets to the event you are out of luck. They actually sold out back in October 2010. Yes, before any performers were even announced, tickets were sold out in about 4 hours. The event is just that popular.


  1. First woman to ever headline Glastonbury festival! and it’s a sista love it!!!! This will be a hard task, and I hope Bey is up for it. Glastonbury’s crowd don’t settle. I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  2. @ROCKON

    Welp, you haters told her to take a brake and she did…Wait until she comes back..She is going to be in our faces like white on rice.


  3. Go B, why do some haters say that she needs to retire? She is half the age of Madonna, Cher & Celine Dion but I never hear those comments about them. Is this really a black & white thing?

  4. @FAN truth of the matter is that mostly black women hate on Beyoncé (hate to make it a race thing but let’s face it) #deal with it#

  5. Do most black women comprise the demographic of sites like Perez and Dlisted; sites whose ‘commenters’ don’t necessarily ‘like’ BKC? It’s a race thing because you continue to think it’s a race thing.

    Why are you twitter -tagging “#” on a blog site?

    Why do you insist on using the word ‘hater’?

    And it’s “break” not “brake”.

    Education is free for all.

  6. @Rockon lol your sure do know how to get people worked up over Beyonce. Keep in mind your first amendment becomes obsolete when it comes to Beyonce lol!

  7. Bey stay making History.
    I freaking love it!!!

    Keep doing the damn thing Bey, with your pretty high yellla self 🙂

  8. Keep doing the damn thing Bey, with your pretty high yella self


    And this is why we can’t rise as a people. You took two steps forward congratulating her making history (not yet made, by the way…wait until the festival actually happens), then you backtracked by calling her ‘high yella’ knowing good and darn well all the implications and inferences that yet abide where concerns Black people and ‘skin-shades’. SMH.

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