Beyonce Is On To The Next One

According to online reports Beyonce is already hard at work on her next aromatic masterpiece. The singer’s “Heat” fragrance has been such a monster success that Coty already has plans to release another signature scent from the pop diva. According to WWD, Macy’s sold over 3 million dollars worth of Beyonce’s first fragrance between February and early March- making it the #1 selling perfume in the country. No word of when the singer’s next scent may hit the market- but more than likely it will coincide with the release of a new album which is expected in early 2011.


  1. Although I think she should slow down and just ENJOY her success for once… I’d like to see the haters stay away from this entry and leave the girl alone for once!

  2. I don’t see why people are so upset. Beyonce portrays herself like a stripper when she is on stage and in her videos. The only time she wants to act like a lady is when she is all up in President Obamas face or walking the red carpet at the Oscars.

  3. @LeLe

    Who doesnt shake the arse these days, sit down, even erika badu was but naked in her new video video….SMH!!!!!

    :bowdown: Congrats to Beyonce…SHADINESS!!!!! AT ITS BEST

  4. ELLA UMBRELLA- HOW DARE YOU!…They’re not haters, just people who like absolutely nothing she does.

  5. @17150918
    TRUE…people who like absolutely nothing she does AND STILL TALK SMACK= HATERS!!!

    @CHEY, it’s called marketing

  6. @LE-Le I get what ur sayin’ but B Is rollin’ In madd doe and I aint Madd she doin’ somethin’ right

  7. if something is working for you go for it. you never know what can happen so ride the ride for as long as you can. i am happy to see a black woman on top like she is because we have a lot of negative stereotypes that still plague our society so let do her thing and give God the praise in the process for the gifts that he has given her.

  8. this bih is going to have a breakdown if she does not take a break………

  9. Why are her legs always open?

    :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  10. bee always workin, is she ever goin to slow down? neway im still excted at anything shedes…im just sayin…

  11. @ Angel – She IS currently on a break. There’s no beyonce video, appearances, movies… etc. at the moment.

  12. Why are her legs always open?


    That’s funny. 😆 😆

  13. wow this story is about the success of her fragrance and some idiot asked why her legs are always open. that’s nothing but hating right there.

    there’s a huge difference between opinion and hating. it’s sad when people have to find something to negative to say even when this story is very positive.smh

    congrats to bey keep laughing at the haters to the bank.

  14. if we discussed unconstitutional taxes, health bill & the war like we do Beyonce, I wonder where we would be as a nation.

  15. I smelled Heat in a magazine sample and it smells pretty good, Congrats!…I can see why it sold alot…it’s a light and sweet fragrance…this is easy money for stars…most of them have a few fragrances…it’s lucrative…regardless of size, many people can wear a fragrance!

    A long-time ago, i used to be that girl in department stores promoting fragrances…I wouldn’t mind having to smell this one all day!

  16. Yes!!! Go Bey! Love to see black women doing great things. I have yet to smell “Heat” though.

  17. CYNTHINIA- I commend you on something. I know you don’t really care for Beyonce, but you don’t let your disliking block something that you like of hers if that makes since. 🙂

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