Beyonce Set To Work With “Him”

Beyonce Rumor has it Beyonce is set to do a duet with Justin You-know-who (I refuse to write his entire name on blog). Apparently WGCI in Chicago started playing Justin’s single Until The End Of Time, prompting his record label to start promoting the single at urban radio stations across the country. Someone then came up with the bright idea to remix the single, adding Beyonce, and even shooting a video. Raphael George who manages the Hip Hop/R n’ B chart for Billboard Magazine said the new version of the single should hit airwaves in about two weeks.

Now I am sure this may please Beyonce’s fans and maybe Justin’s fans, but I continue to be sickened at how hard Jive attempts to push this culture bandit on us by hooking him up with every popular Black artist out there. If I was Bey I would watch my back. The last time Justin went near a Black woman he became a bigger star and that Black woman became an industry outcast.

UPDATE: Go HERE to listen to the remake/remix.


  1. Haven’t you heard? Justin is the new king of soul music and Black artists now have to work with him to get credibilty, recognition and record sales.

  2. I agreed whole heartly. I don’t support BLUE EYE SOUL.. We have the power to keep our artist in front and we don’t. BEYONCE will do the duet and he will get the GLORIFY.

  3. An unnecessary collabo if ever there was one. And radio will kill it too.

  4. I don’t know how I feel about this..can’t recall the song off hand, but…truth be told, I’m surprised they haven’t dueted (a word?) before now. LOL. Seriously, they’re two of the biggest names in pop music…so why not. If he can go back to his country roots and perform with Reba McEntire, then I’m sure he can reach deep into his soulful drawers and pull out a great performance with Beyonce. To the OP, I agree, she should most definitely watch her back (re: post-Nipplegate); but at the same time, so should Justin…at least Beyonce has her shark of a father to attack if JT tries to gain too much glory from this union. LOL.

    @ Boogie,

    Now that I”ve YOUtubed the song and remember…Radio will DESTROY this song, I agree. Unnecessary, I agree.

    For the record, that song sounds like, JUST LIKE one of Ginuwine’s older slow jams. Truth be told, Justin STRAIGHT BIT Ginuwine with that recording. I think it’s like the last cut on his album. Awww man, now I’m really remembering the song. Radio will wear this record out and how can they duet on this? It will be even MORE boring! It’s a good jam, a nice slow jam, but it becomes redundant after awhile, “Ohhhhh, ohh, oh, ohhh, ohhhh yeah….” (Justin wailing in the background). What could Beyonce do for this song, I wonder? Awww man! LOLOL Overkill! I can see it now! It’s not that great of a song and Justin bites Ginuwine so damn hard!

  5. OT: Justin should’ve done a duet with someone for his “Summer Love” song. LOL I LOVE that song! Just imagine how crazy the video would’ve been!?!?!

  6. i agree with madame zenobia on the ginuwine comment. justin has taken a lot of his style from him. where the hell is timbaland with all those old artists?

  7. i like this song and i do hear a hint of ginuwine in there, but does this song really need to be a duet ? blahhh!!

  8. Bey should’ve held out and did a song with Usher or somebody. When’s the last time she did a duet? With MISSY?

  9. Beyonce will work with anyone who is hot that year!!!!!!!!!…she will never do a duet with any black artist like..Alisha Keys, Jennifer Hudson,Christele Michelle, Mary J. Blige or Mariah Carey, because she know she will not be the front leader when it comes to singing, and these ladies don’t dance very well, so everyone will look at who had the strongest voice..not the best dance moves. Sharika was perfect because she doesn’t have a strong voice like Beyonce, but she can dance well, so Beyonce was good at singing and Sharika did the dancing. Beyonce should take her time with her next album and bring out so slow song to show her storng voice (NOT THAT SCREAMING MESS)..

  10. idk guys..!! i think that idea is good..!! i love beyonce and well justin is a good singer i think they can do a great duet..!! but well they re in everywhere… i think they need have a break..!! LOL

  11. Wow. A duet? They should’ve already. Why the heck now? Both of these artists need to fall back for a bit and come out with new material. Haven’t they done their tours? Their stan-fans will LOVE this collaboration. But a music video as well? WHY? He should work with Mary J. Blige or Keyshia or hell, even Mariah, if he wants the ‘soul-vote’.

  12. Or Kelly Rowland. That would help her out LOTS. Let Kelly get her shine on, too! LOL

  13. Like I stated above, I’m SURPRISED the two haven’t done a duet prior to now…but ‘this’ song? 🙁 I dunno…

  14. this is one of the best if not the best song on his album, i dont know why they would want to do a remix for it. i listen to this song almost everyday, and JT kilt the song, beacause he can pull of that soulful seems unnecessary to me that they would do a duet and then release a video.especially with her. that is because it is such a soulful record,and that is not her niche, i cant imagine her being on it. i hava a feeling that putting her on the record will ruin the song for me period. that is just my opinion. plus radio stations will outplay it
    some body stated that JT would take the glory for the song after she does it. well why should’nt he? it is not his song.

  15. If it happens, whoo-pe-dooo!…If not, I’m not gonna die over it. Thought that would have been done already.

  16. Actually, I remember reading that Beyonce finds it easier to work with non black women , because the media always compares and criticizes…
    Anyone remembers that interview ?

  17. I remember that…that was she took on the cover of Vibe. She said that because of the whole rumor of her and Jennifer Hudson on-going beef on Dreamgirls and DC.

  18. Beyonce has been in over drive every since she was overshadowed in Dreamgirls and also from what she and her camp feels was a snub by the Oscars (silly girl, you just can’t act). I guess those acting scripts aren’t coming in as fast as she thought they would and now she has gone back to what she does best and that is pop music. She needs to sit her butt down somewhere before her career suffers from over kill. Pretty is not a talent.

    Thank goodness Mary, Keyshia, Alicia and Jill are putting out new material.

  19. Like Bey but sick of her. Like JT but sick of him.

    I don’t dislike JT for the Janet fiasco. Janet had plenty of time and weight to come out and defend herself. She didn’t and that is not how Ms Jackson should have handled that. Ms Jackson has plenty of clout in the industry and she should have used it. I like music period…color has never been an issue when it comes to what I like musically.

  20. And JT song is fine like it is. No remix needed. They always gotta mess up a good song. This is the best song on his CD.

  21. Eventually Black artists won’t be able to sell records without hooking up with White artists. Justin will control R & B like Eminem controlled rap. Snoop them had to pull in Eminem to tour with back in the late 90’s because they couldn’t sell without him. That is what happens when you sell out your culture. Justin is getting bigger and bigger off the backs of Blacks and our style while many Black artists are musically suffering. Sad thing is when Ginuine made that statement many Blacks called him a hater and said he was jealous cause Timbaland was no longer working with him. What people don’t know is Timbo was commmissioned to work with these White artists and only White artists to give them our style and sound. And now that he has Timbo is bigger than he ever was when he worked with Missy, Aaliyah and Ginuine. He is the mastermind behind Justin and yet he walks around as Justin’s biatch and sidekick. Young Blacks are stupid and don’t get it and won’t get it for years to come. We are losing ourselves and our culture everyday. It is being stolen right from under us and we don’t even see it. Justin the king of R&B, Amy Winehouse the queen of Soul? Wake up people.

  22. You guys forget? She’s Beyoncita Perez Lopez Santiago Knowles…. should she even be mention on here anymore? Well, I guess, even if she’s a “Latina” now she’s brown but maybe not quite a sista? Idk… I’m confused when it comes to Beyonce nowadays…. oh excuse me, Beyoncita.

  23. I agree with your statement, Josie.

    “Beyoncita Perez Lopez Santiago Knowles” (That’s funny Sally Dae).

  24. I am sooo tired of Beyonce. She needs to sit her overexposed, overrated, big wig wearing ass down somewhere and watch Roots.

  25. I kinda like his song but I would love to hear what Usher would sound like singing it. Not a duet. Just Usher. When I first heard the song, I felt like it’s definitely more suited for Usher’s voice. About the remix with the duet, I don’t think they should do it but remixes are being done too much anyway.

  26. everyone that says they are sick of beyonce is so full of shit, because they be the same people who always run to her post every time she gets mentioned. If i was really sick of someone or if i didn’t like them i would just ignore anything that is posted by them. Alot of people love to hate bee for no reason

  27. I think one of the reasons why some people are sick of her because they favorite artist isn’t making moves like she is

  28. I love Bey as an artist but honestly…. I’d like to see her go away for awhile, also. Maybe like 3-5 months (if not more). Get some rest, leave us wondering, get a new look- totally revamp herself. Give ppl time to make up some rumors about her like, she died (I know that’s not funny), she’s married, she’s divorced, she’s pregnant, she’s hiding from the black ppl, Miss Jones beat her up- anything. I know she may be thinking…. well, not her. Papa Knowles is thinking, “Time is money and Bey gotta make it, especially if she wants to retire at 30 and live her own life one day, she gotta make that money first!” So, you can be a fan (or not) but still want her to disappear into thin air and @ the same time, want to read about her- it’s okay, it’s human .

    “Beyoncita Perez Lopez Santiago Knowles” …..LMAO!

  29. @Josie

    Exactly thats what im saying. Who the hell will actually take they time to type some irrelevant shit like that, all of these bloggers are starting to become a mess. This is all i have to say if you are sick of bee just move along, simple as that.

  30. beyonce screams too much all her songs are immature like shes in 9th grade im sick of her 4 sho

  31. jusin will never be black hes getting the black money just like they gettin the white money one hand washes the other plain and simple

  32. I’ve never been a fan of Beyonce and have speculated that she wanted to be and tried very hard to appeal to other races. But for her to blatantly make an insensitive comment like that was unbelievable. I still can’t believe that she’s THAT stupid to basically imply that being Latin is where it’s at and they appreciate her more than her own people. African-Americans MADE her what she is today. But, you should expect that type of “color-struck” thinking from a dim-witted, uneducated woman like Beyonce. Maybe if she learned about our struggles with racism within this country and how we eventually prevail and remain strong and beautiful people in school than being primed by daddy to shake her butt and look European, she would be a proud, black woman like me.

  33. JT don’t even have blue eyed soul, but manufactured soul. He is only talented b/c he got black backup singers, a black band, black people taught him to dance and his black producer is giving him beats and writing his songs. If you took that away from him JT would be garbage. That’s why he needed a group, N’Sync, to break into the music industry. He’s supposed to be on Oprah tomorrow I think. I saw a clip and he called Oprah “girl.” WTF, Oprah is a grown woman. JT is another wannabe black white boy. Beyonce is chasing that dollar so she’s teaming up with him. She did invite Robin Thicke to tour with her so I’m not surprised Senora Knowles said adios to the black singers and is collaborating with JT.

  34. Justin T. can go to hell! Besides the fact that he’s using all Aaliyah’s left over beats (just with a Pop twist). His dance moves sucks! These blue eyed devils have come into our house sat down and propped their feet up on momma’s coffee table. What happen to “outsiders” having to earn their way into “our music”? Rappers “selling out” left and right with the likes G.Steffani/Nicole S./Fergie/. The phrase “Sell Outs” dont even exist anymore. Back in the day entertainers lost careers from it (ask Hammer). Nobody cares about keeping it real (meaning keeping it in the family). R&B is dying! Pop Hip Hop and Pop R&B is allowing someone else to come in our homes and change our music! We allow too!

    Although I defend Beyonce because of her undeniable talent her music is far from soulful (even though she puts soul into the song during live preformances). Its funny because her favorite musical influences are very soulful artist such as Anita B./SWV/Jodeci. She has also stated that its hard to listen to some of her music because its annoying. I personnally think she should do a remix of J. HOLIDAY’S BED. That would be really nice! Maybe one day when Beyonce is older and not as sexy she will be the person to come back and revive R&B since she’s played such a big part in killing it.

  35. Chocolate Girl,

    Justin called Oprah “girl” WTF F F F? This is why you dont give away street cred. There are certain customs and curtesies in our world. We dont talk to Oprah that way. He prolly thought he was being “down” because sisters talk to one another that way all that time but little does his new ass know there is a time and place for that. Their are certain ppl we give a upmost respect too. Even with a billion dollars Oprah is still considered an overweight black “girl”. OOOh if I was Oprah I would’ve read his ass.

  36. I could care less who she sings with she just needs to go away for a while. Its not Robin Thicke or Justin’s fault that there is not real R&B singers out right now. Its ashame that white people have more soul then the youngin’s out now. It’s a damn shame! I agree with blacksista R&B is dead its now Pop and catering to white folks.

  37. The same way we like seeing “us” on the TV and on CD covers, white people like seeing themselves too. JT and Eminem not only enable white people to listen to rap and r’n’b while seeing someone who looks like them, but allow white women to openly drool over them in ways they aren’t “supposed” to with black men (other than the “accepted” black men like Will Smith, Denzel Washington and Blair Underwood)–even Usher isn’t marketed overtly sexual when he’s being pushed to mainstream audiences. Remember back in the day when he would drop his pants on stage? He wouldn’t dare do that now that white people love his music.

    I’m just disgusted with Justin and refuse to spend money on anything he does because he is deceitful. He got all hugged up on some black chick in his first solo video and ran around professing his love for Halle and Janet, and black folks gobbled it up and still do even though he hasn’t featured a black love interest in his videos since “Like I Love U” and has dated the whitest of the white women. Plus, he’s a hater, throwing hissy fits because Robin Thicke got the “ghetto pass” he wants. Newsflash Justin, even though I’d accept Robin if he was married to a non-black woman, the fact that he is married to Paula and doesn’t use a black love interest in ONE video or try to hug up on black starlets for street cred makes me respect him as an r’n’b artist. Even Jon B, Teena Marie and Amy Winehouse have either dated/married a black person IRL or had a black love interest in their videos.

    Even though music is music, on further inspection, it is insulting how Gwen Stefani, Fergie, and even Nelly Furtado receive all this accolade for mixing hip-hop with pop and pop-rock, win Grammys, sell a ton of records and get endorsements due to BLACK producers like, Swizz Beats or Timbaland, yet black artists both new and veteran like Mya, Kelis, Keri Hilson, Fefe Dobson, and so on get chucked.

    And word on how Timbaland looks like Justin’s sidekick these days.

  38. If any of you really consider Justin Timberlakes music RnB or soul you really don’t know what RnB and Soul music sound like go listen to some of the legends Donny, Marvin, Arthea hell even some of the newbies Raheem Devaughn, Amy Winehouse, Leela James or at least some Jill Scott or some nineties R. Kelly. I mean ya’ll really consider Justin RnB, with the exception of this song he’s completely POP to me. Beyonce’s music including her recent album is much more RnB and soulful than any of Justins, again with the exception of this song. He is NOT blue eye-soul Robin Thick maybe but not Justin Timberlake he’s a straight up pop artist. I doubt very much him making a big splash in RnB/Soul music he’s to POP we will continue to run these genres of music. The one and two white artist that come out doing this type of music isn’t enough for them to run the whole genre it won’t happen. Eminem was popular in rap for a minute but what white act is any kind of an influence on rap now, none. The same will happen with RnB/Soul. And by the way Iove that Justin song and interested to here what him and Beyonce will do together Beyonce has a beautiful voice that could fit into any genre of music she’s just that versitle so I’m sure it’ll work out fine. As for what happened with Janet you can’t hold things against people forever and I don’t put as much blame on him as I do the networks that shun Janet and not Justin that was unfair on there part not Justins.

  39. I just don’t see Justin Timberlake as the new blue eyed soul. His music is more pop with a little R&B twist. Robin Thicke is definitley what I call blue eyed soul.

    Beyonce will perform with anyone who is hot or at the top of their game right now. That chick is so desperate to stay in the spot light that it is getting down right ridiculous.

  40. “Maybe one day when Beyonce is older and not as sexy she will be the person to come back and revive R&B since she’s played such a big part in killing it.”


    LMAO! Well, R&B isn’t where the money is anymore (was it ever?) It’s POP now. Crossing over, getting total exposure, appealing to ALL is how to get the riches. That’s why you see the Timbalands and the Will.I.Am’s doing work with established YT artists. Not only does it allow them to branch out musically, but think of how much more money they make as a result of collabing with “them”. (Example: Coldplay, Adam Levin/Maroon 5)

    “If any of you really consider Justin Timberlakes music RnB or soul you really don’t know what RnB and Soul music sounds like.”


    I don’t. He’s POP with R&B flavor in his music. That’s it. I think “Until the End of Time” is probably the most R&B flavored song on his album…puts me in the mind of Ginuwine everytime I hear it. And the song in and of itself in line with the other songs on the LP is such a CONTRAST to everything else there.

    Robin is definitely blue-eyed soul. He’s just plain soulful. I have his first album, which is chocked full of LOTS of influences (soul, jazz, latino beats/sounds, Prince)…it’s truly an honest work that didn’t sell as well. He hooked up with the Neptunes and his second album, sleepily-crawled to the top. I’m glad Beyonce gave him a chance to perform with her to get him more exposed; although, I’m sure there are some other artists who could’ve faired in that position…maybe some former counterpart, *cough*, Kelly Rowland? LOL

  41. Justin Timberlake is not blue eyed soul at all. I think he is very overratted.

    As far as Beyonce, I am just sick of her. They are trying to label her as the Princess of R&B. I am sorry, but I don’t see much soul in Beyonce either. She is the black Britney Spears without all of the media drama.

  42. I understand where some of you are coming from with JT but let’s be honest he has a dam good producer and people who are writing songs for him or just plain picking good material for himself .

    Again the R&b male singers we do have songs are basically the same thing it’s where they are not picking good material or just don’t have good producer like Justin have.

    Have anybody notice maybe it’s just me Timberland really don’t work with a lot of black artist .

    As far Bonyncetia maria Devroux Knowles aka ms Black Latina ,bka Ms Creole when it’ suits me.WHATEVER!

  43. This site is soooo racist. I’ve been reading it for a few months and just posted for the first time in the last 30 days here and there. There is nothing worng with being pro black, pro African American, whatever but this is crazy.

    I am ashamed to have been a part of this board even for a little while. It just goes to show that white people ARE NOT the only group of people who can be racists. I am proud to say that I have best friends from all racial backgrounds-I’m talking 20+ years and I would be ashamed for them to read all of the racist comments. We are always crying discrimination but listen to the comments on this board. Racism is alive and well in black folks.

    Go ahead respond to my LAST POST cuz I am outta here and I will say it first–GOOD BYE and I won’t let the proverbial door hit me in the a$$!

  44. This is going to sound weird, but I kinda see these two as a couple. XD On with the duet, I’m really excited to listen to it. The song sounds good but I would’ve preferred another one of his songs, like Summer Love. And if he was featured on one of her songs, maybe Upgrade U. Anyway, hopefully the video for the song would make up for the song being slow, maybe a sexy scene between the two. Screw Jay-Z, go for it B. =)

  45. Nik,

    You’re delusional! Black people can be prejudice and ignorant, NOT racist. We don’t control ANY one or ANY thing but our own d*mn actions. So get a CLUE!

    Oh, and I’m sure you’ll be back…

  46. I hope that duet would be a smash. I think a Justin-Beyonce duet would have been a better than the subpar performance from Britney a week ago.

  47. To many of these negro entertainers are nothing but sellouts. After what that nasty white homosexual pulled on janet I’m suprised by how many bootlicking, asskissing, house negros choose to work with this cat.

  48. I just remembered how Beyonce ducked out of a duet with Janet when that blue eyed devil pulled her bra off. Now she’s going to sing with the devil and not a sister. Then she tells those hispanics…most of them were probably illegal , that she wishes she was hispanic. I like this woman, but she should be called to the carpet by the Black community.

  49. [quote comment=”13278″]This is going to sound weird, but I kinda see these two as a couple. XD On with the duet, I’m really excited to listen to it. The song sounds good but I would’ve preferred another one of his songs, like Summer Love. And if he was featured on one of her songs, maybe Upgrade U. Anyway, hopefully the video for the song would make up for the song being slow, maybe a sexy scene between the two. Screw Jay-Z, go for it B. =)[/quote]

    I like this! LOL I thought “Summer Love” would’ve been a better song too. And yes, the video will save it and damn near ‘make’ the song 😉

  50. Zenobia you can forget it! Beycita is not giong to do love scene with JT.Jay is giong to be standing right thier just llike he did for Dream Girls
    he ain’t havin none of that.

  51. wat…?? look beyonce has a beatuful voice she can sing with whoever she wanna…!! everything she touch is gold..!! come on admit it..!! and the song is a remix… so it has other rthym…
    and that song is perfect for a duet…!!
    justin is a great artist…!! and beyonce is perfect is he wants the soul votes..!! cos mariah is gone..!! come on and MARY j blige… idk he needs a ypung girl for that duet..!! is something romantic..!! come on

    and justin is a great singer too i have to admit it..!!

  52. re u crazy …!! beyonce is the black britney… did u hea her voice come on..!! where re u guys..?? thats suck..!! beyonce is a black girl i know but thats y she can sing like she does..!! she has a unbelieve voice… come on



  55. PISSED OFF MOTHA said,
    September 21, 2007 at1:38 pm

    LOL here not everybody a “STAN” i mean a strident fan as you. and it’s needs to be commended to show love to the almighty “Spicy creole /Black Latin bomb herself . at the the same time insult people
    intelligence i hate to say it that’s not to smart .
    Keep in mind she’s is not what that is for some people you just have to accept it . But if she is “What That Is ” for you great .Far as being brainless and ignorance you said it right because we all know Boycnita is not the brightest knife in the draw

  56. Well, this topic seems to be a very hot one. I will give props when they are due. Justin and Robin T can sing. But I totally agree with anyone who said that if they think that Justin is singing RnB needs to go back to the past and listen to some of my favorites like: Donnie Hathaway, Al Green Mr. Marvin Gaye, Mr Luther Vandross, Frankie Beverly & Maze, Slave (Steve Arrington) and I could go on and on!!!!!!
    We have some men that now that I love and they sing good Rnb like Jaheim, Avant, Tank and some more. But JT is trying to sing RnB music, these men are actually singing R&B music. People don’t get it twisted. JT is only as good as the sounds Timberland puts with his vocals. I will give it to Robin and Pharell, they did a good job. Robin sounds better to me, he should have won some awards on the VMA’s but I did not think he was going to win up against JT.
    Just to Keep It Reel though, I love to here my soulful African American Brothas sing. So fellas give us more music on a quicker basis.

  57. K First of all sum people are comparin Beyonce to Britney Spears???????
    C’mon people let’s not get ahead of ourselves……..
    Beyonce can SANG…if she couldn’t sing, she wouldn’t win grammys, she wouldn’t b performin @ the Emmy’s singing like three different languages….

    Britney NEVER won a grammy, hell she never even won a MTV award either and they LOVE sum Britney…
    Beyonce is da baddest girl n da game and if you can’t giv the girl her props than u hav 2 b blind….

  58. im with u tarra..!! beyonce is the best in this fuc/(&% world her voice is AWESOMEEE AND SHE HAS 10 GRAMMYS FOR THAT…

  59. COME ON beyonce can do watever she want with her voice she sang the national anthem like 824612846 times…!! and with destinys child she do a lot of things too..!! she has an ASCAP..!! OMG beyonce is unbelieve she did it in spanish and here in VENEZUELA U CAN HEAR ALL THE TIME HER SONGS..!!

    if justin wanna rich the rnb votes beyonce is perfect fo that..!!

    shes a real singer

  60. -I’m curious as to how this remix will sound because I think the song should be left alone. Really, I would like to hear Jon B. sing this song because it puts me in the mind of some of his songs off of his album “Pleasures You Like.” (I miss you Jon!!!) I think that this song is the most r&b off of his album. This album is waay more pop than his first. I’m not going to lie though-I do like Justin. I think Tim needs to start doing more for his own people. I thought his production on Brandy’s album “Afrodisiac” was HOTT!! That’s a really good album.
    -I say nothing wrong with Jawn Murray’s letter to Bey. She needs a break and a couple of months is not gonna do it!!

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