Beyonce Settles Lawsuit


Beyonce’s $100 million dollar legal battle with video game creator Gate Five is officially over.

Gate Five sued Beyonce back in 2011, claiming their company went bankrupt after the bootylicious singer reneged on an agreement to create a motion sensing dance project.

Beyonce’s camp fired back in their own court docs, saying the diva had every right to pull out of the project because the company failed to attain proper funding.

All the legal wrangling however came to end when the singer decided to settle.

Two previous rulings against Beyonce reportedly brought about a settlement from the singer, though details have been kept quiet.

Gate Five’s attorney Peter Gallagher issued a statement saying “We’ve settled amicably. I can’t discuss the terms of the settlement, but it was resolved to our satisfaction.”


  1. hmph, we all know what settlement means….especially after 2 years in court.

  2. Of course she paid. We’ll just never know ho much. Personally, I doubt it was over five million. The owners probably got enough for themselves and split. To hell with the employees they were so upset about having to fire.

  3. bey should have her own courtroom as much as shes in there. get it together bey.

  4. Beyonce these people are sick! They sued you cause u realise the game was crap?

  5. @Siren LOL! If Bey doesn’t get it together with these lawsuits for various issues it’s going to be the demise of her! Even though she is making money these lawsuits for not respecting others or not following rules adds up in a long run! It damages her image and bank account!

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