Beyonce Shoots New Video + Covers Harper’s Bazaar

As previously reported, Beyonce’s label, Columbia, is looking to release the majority of singles on the singer’s latest album, “4.” And with singles come music videos and Beyonce has reportedly shot quite a few of them over the last few weeks.

Published reports say videos have already been shot for “1+1,” “End of Time,” “Countdown,” and now “Party.” The singer also reportedly shot an alternate video for her recent single “Best Thing I Never Had,” which will feature footage submitted by fans.

Below you can check out pics from the “Party” shoot, which features singer Kelly Rowland– as well as shots from Beyonce’s September cover of British Harper’s Bazaar.


  1. Beautiful pics!…Beyonce is a strong brand…so Columbia know to keep the promotion rolling…she will continue to be a tremendous force in the entertainment industry…branding is awesome if you can get it and Beyonce has it!!!

  2. She’s such a beautiful sista. Can’t wait to see the videos, and I like the mini DC reunion. I think she’s knocking them all out of the way so she can be focused when she films “A Star Is Born”.

  3. Oh and I think it’s really cool that’s she letting fans be in her video.

  4. I love ‘Party’! TBH it’s the only song I like on the album so far- I guess I need to have the rest of the songs ‘grow’ on me.

    I remembered when I couldn’t stand ‘halo’ now it’s a fave like years later ! lol!


  6. King B looks confident, strong, and beautiful. I would love to recreate photo 4,5,6 & 7 at home.

  7. Cosing@ Cynthinia & John

    Her pictures from this era have been AMAZING. I love the confidence and I like the idea of her making these videos it’s said they will be like an anthology like she did w/Bday so we’ll see. Hope they are good which I’m sure they will be. Also, I hope she makes one for “dance for you” and schoolin life” THOSE are my jams next to “countdown” cant wait to see them. She is definitely keeping herself busy!

  8. Since when did Kelly row start being in b videos or hanging out with bey? like way back in i would say the last 6-7 yrs. Kelly don’t b no fool you are hot now so her she goes coat tail riding just like with gaga and shakira. Am I the only one noticed how now she is clutched on to Kelly? Just a few years back when her dad was managing Kelly and had solange writing those horrible songs that keep her out of the lime light we never SAW bey hanging around. To me that is when Kelly could have really used some FIRE. IN my opinion Bey left her for Dead. But NOW she has been resurrected. She killed the charts with MOTIVATION which is still banging the charts and doors or opening everywhere for Kelly row, and her CD is great unlike 4. To me which is garbage and the critics was all over this album b4 bey dropped it. Now she wants to PLAY BFF AGAIN KELLY B AWARE BOO BOO. She was even saying how Gwen pal trow was her BFF in magazines after she hooked up with Jay. If Kelly did not have this buzz bey would not hang with her. I don’t care what anyone says. I know I’m not the only feeling this way or watching this from a far.YEAH WHO RUN THE WORLD (LOL)

  9. @keeping it 1000

    I can’t lie I had that same thought when I saw Kelly was in the video. I don’t doubt that the DC girls are truly friends but since going solo I have never seen Bey like this with Kelly when it comes to their music careers. I wish Kelly the best. I also wonder if now that Bey is experiencing problems with her father she is understanding what the other girls were feeling. I thought that when she thanked all the original members of DC at the Billboard awards, that was unlike Bey.

  10. I agree with the above posters. Beyonce is not the nice person her fans try to make her out to be. I don’t care how much humanitarian work she does, I will never forgot all those taped interviews she gave back in the day where she truly showed her ass and what type of person she truly is. She is nasty and has an ego a mile wide. Even after all these years in the business she opens her mouth and all she talks about is delving into more things for the sole purpose of winning awards and being worshipped. Even with 4 she says she wanted the critics the gush all over her.

    Now that her music isn’t setting the world on fire she all of a sudden wants to be seen with Kelly and have Kelly playing her sidekick in her video. I truly believe that Beyonce does not want anyone, not even her so called sisters, to have any success at all. Despite being a huge star Beyonce wants more, more, more and that will be her downfall. When you are that addicted to fame you tend not to function well when you don’t have it.

    Kelly needs to stay focused on Kelly and get herself a good team in place because she has broken through a barrier in black music that has been in place a long time.

    Beyonce has hers Kel. Now get yours.

  11. I just love how people say Beyonce is soooo mean. But doesnt really know her. If she was sooo mean like the people who dont know her at all claim then why would Kelly and Michelle still talk to her and call her their sister. Why does majority of the industry when ever asked about Beyonce they always say shes so humble and nice. Like Forreal you cant say someone is evil or mean when you dont know them from a can of paint……Oh and I like the pics. I love how that no matter how bad the media and certain people try to put Kelly, Bey and Michelle against each other. They still continue to support one another through it all.

  12. 4 was okay, nostly messy, but there is some strong tracks on there “1+1, “party “End of time”love on top” , I am over beyonce the kitty kat sex symbols,i haven’t watched any of the videos of this era , or performance and i don’t intend to, but my favorite songs have been burned into a cd and played the hell out, Those pics are okay.

  13. As for the kelly situation: She is a GROWN woman, i’m not going to make excuses for her any longer, i used to think she was playing beyonce #2 because she had no choice being under matthew and all, but now i realize it’s because she likes it, not everyone is confident enough to be a leader, some people crave other’s attention, so don’t take your frustration out on beyonce because kelly enjoys being a loser.

  14. While reading these comments I am truly at a lost for words. The negativity that is constantly thrown at this SISTA is revolting. It’s sad that so many people talk about others as if they actually know them personally. For some crazy reason I know it hurts people to hear this, but they are sisters get over it.

  15. @koko and Richmond rose
    Yeah we know the truth and you are so right beyonce is very fake. I remember the past videos too during dc days she made it quite obvious. and all those members leaving everyone is not saying the same thing if its not true. Her and her fam did those girls wrong. That is why now she is at odds with her own dad and mom and dad are not happy. You reap what you sow in this world. Karma applies to everyone. And yes when she thanked those dc members I thought that was different also unusual. Yeah bey is into using people and throwing them away when she don’t need them. That is one thing her and Jay has in common. I mean how many old friends and people he threw dirt on to get ahead. They both have basically sold their souls for their fame. But bey is not cool @ all. I hope Kelly see it though and focus on herself. Bey dropped Kelly and Michelle like a bad habit when her solo career took off. She just stopped hanging with them all together for a long time. And poor Kelly and Michelle was left with torn careers and she past them by. And to me a real friend would have helped them@ that time you don’t wait until someone get hot and them come for them. How are you showing true friendship like that. Its like me passing up a friend I see broken down on the freeway. Bey and Jay are a cold piece of work so the interview nice bey is a total front she been an ass from back in dc days. Open your eyes people this girl is a fake broad like she pretended that her butt was real until she was exposed for padding her clothes. Her whole persona is fake. She has made some good music in the past but I have always seen past the bull S***. And yes 4 was garbage sounded like she got high and made the album I suspect drugs. WATCH OUT KELLY!!!

  16. @Get real: You have personally talked about her, as if you knew her too, So spare us, the melodramatic rant of the poor perfect bey, It’s been old.

    @The voice: I would not call kelly a “loser” but you spoke the truth she comfortable being a sidekick.

  17. Also, i have a problem with beyonce’s followers refusing to let other people have an opinion; it’s noticeably weird that beyonce has not featured Kelly on any on her videos since 2006, nor have they been spotted that many times together, but lately it’s been the BIG love, it’s noticeable, you don’t want people to speak on what they see?

  18. @Shontelle

    First of all they were spotted alot last year and both Kelly and Michelle tweeted numerous times last year about spending time with Bey, so stop it. This BIG LOVE has been the same for years but we don’t talk about that. Right..mhmmm Just because they don’t throw themselves in front of the camera to prove to people that they are friends don’t mean anything.

    EVERY Beyonce post you come in here and post your “opinion” which is the same exact thing. Beyonce is this. Beyonce is that. You have a right to your opinion and so do others.

    This entire logic that Beyonce is NOW back friends with her because she has ONE hit on the R&B charts is RIDICULOUS. Really. Seriously get a life and stop the BS.

  19. SHONTELLE- And when have I done that? The problem with your “opinions” is that you pass them off as FACTS. They don’t have to be photographed together in order for them to be friends. For all we know they could be next door neighbors, that hang out every single night. But you go by what you hear from the media, and your own little perceptions in your hateful mind.

    SN: I thought you weren’t addressing me anymore?

  20. @Lmao: You just answered to yourself, “You have a right to your opinion and so do others.”

    @Get real: You know i think you, lmao,lol,the other lol,rotfl are the same people, i can’t distinguish you which is why i addressed you after i must have said that i wouldn’t, Uncommon of me unless I’m really annoyed; Anyway i never passed my opinions has facts, you take them as facts and trying to shoot it down by bringing up some “facts” of your own, The only reason why my, and other people’s opinions matters and hold so much importance is because you give it all the power, see i we think that beyonce is a fake fraudulent heffa, that only kicks it with whoever makes her look good at the moment, that’s what we think; But when you start defending it with limited vocabulary such as “pathetic, ridiculous, sad,hater, envy, hatred” then all of the sudden it seems that we are on to something, the way your claws are out,In your case i specifically called you out, so you’re justify but look at “lmao” or “sean” get it? ut anyway i’m sorry i addressed you i gotta remember that apparently you all are different people, with the same vocabulary and the same sing-song 🙂

  21. I am a Bey fan, and think “Party” “End of time” and “Countdown” are kind of nice as singles but still don’t understand why “Run the world” and “Best thing I never had” ,which I think both of them are strong singles,didn’t top the charts. Didn’t the radio stations play them? I really don’t understand what’s up with the music biz today.

  22. Shontelle- You can think what you want to think but I’ll just let you know your dead wrong. I don’t have any time being someone else.
    “Beyonce IS a insecure woman”. “Beyonce IS fake”, Beyonce IS… looks like you pass off your “opinions” as facts to me.

    Now have a blessed night sista.

  23. If beyonce and her fans do not wish for her to be seeing as a user, then she should stop acting like it.

  24. Im trying to figure out how is Beyonce a User. Again like i said before if someone was suppose to be your friend and their doing you sooooo wrong. Then why keep going back? Obviously you guys perception of Beyonce is wrong because Kelly and Michelle still talk to be. Kelly still says that Bey is her Sister and that they always hangout just not in front of cameras. Friendships arent about the best paparazzi shots just so yall know.

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