Beyonce Shoots New Video In Mojave Desert

So here is what you have all been waiting for- official confirmation that Beyonce Giselle Knowles is indeed shooting a new video for her upcoming single this week. The somewhat blurry photo above shows the singer, accompanied by her longtime bodyguard Julius, on set in the Mojave Desert shooting a video for “Girl,” the rumored first single from the pop diva’s fourth studio album. Dressed in a white Givenchy Couture Spring 2011 gown, Beyonce will reportedly be joined by 200 African dancers, in what is being called the singer’s most explosive video ever.


  1. I love that nobody knows too much. Can’t wait, and I feel like she’s going to go so outside of the box of everything we’re hearing. Heard the sampled beat and it’s fire.

  2. I love how Bey always comes out the gate like POW everytime – A la “Single Ladies” and usually the lead single is her most agressive and her best work.

  3. I sometimes feel like Beyonce works three times as hard but doesn’t get the attention that Lady Gaga and Britney receive.

  4. The anticipation is killing me. This girl knows how to work for her coins… my money is on Beyoncé!

  5. Weird but ok.

    Random melodramatic stan moment here.
    I just love how Beyoncé is such a unique name. Well actually her entire name is pretty freaking awesome. I mean like Giselle *sigh*
    Like who else is named Beyoncé, and its not a weird stage name but her actual name. I just love it.

    Givenchy Haute Couture. I see you Bey can’t wait for “Girl”. Some of you girls will not beable to handle this one.

    @ Skye, lets not.
    Like MiMi says you are literally bathing in Windex at the moment. Its truly unbecoming…

  6. @Skye I agree with you 100% Beyonce won 6 Grammys in one night and do you know who had the headlines the next day? It was Taylor Swift for winning Album of the yr. THe Black Community may give Bey her recognition, But sometimes i dont feel like she gets it from the other communities like Britney, Gaga, and Taylor.

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