Beyonce Sighting In Paris, France

Beyonce and her husband of almost two years, Jay-Z, were spotted in Paris earlier this week leaving the L’AVENUE restaurant. The couple, who had intended to spend some quality vacation time in the city of lights, will put their plans on hold long enough to participate in tonight’s “Hope for Haiti” telethon. According to a newly issued press release, Beyonce will perform from London and even be manning the phones as pledges come in. Make sure you guys tune in to this historic event which will air on multiple channels at 8pm.


  1. OH where do I begin

    The wig – boring!

    The lipstick – not a flattering color and dry as hell!

    Heels – cute..but I thought she hated wearing heels.this is the time to let your feet rest with some comfortable flats.

    outfit – umm is it not winter time?
    and the gloves are overkill..

    Sorry Bey, your attempt at edginess is a fail!

  2. She is trying to hard to look edgy. This is a fashion fail for her.

    Why do these two always act like they are not a couple. They never hold hands and she is always walking in front of him or vice versa. I am starting to believe that their so called marriage is nothing more than a business arrangement.

  3. @TGIF – Well damn! LOL. But I do agree at the attempt for edginess is a fail. I miss the old Beyonce. =D

  4. The outfit is ok but the umm makeup and lipstick don’t look right but can’t wait for the telethon tonight and all the great performances and, also anxious to see how much money they raise.

  5. Beyonce makes me laugh, she is so cute and weird. I actually like the jacket.

    LMAO @ TGIF comment, you got all of your steam out I see. I guess she made you really mad???

  6. Not mad just disappointed. Lately her fashion sense is nonsense.

    @ LMAO – yes the wig is boring! It looks like she slapped a flat ironed mop on her dam head. She needs to moisturize that wig before she starts a brush fire.

  7. I hope she wasn’t trying to be edgy with that ensemble. She looks like she always do to me.


    lol, its coz of the paparazzi, they always do it. They rarely show affection in front of paparazzi like that, Coz theyre relationship isn’t a show, or to get more publicity. Its real. So you not gonna see them making out for the camera’s lol.

  9. This is headline news? A Beyonce sighting is as common as lighting in Vegas. SMDH!

  10. B i always think u look beatiful in every style u keep the style poppin thats wat us virgos do in dnt pay the haters any mind do ur thing gurl…. #1 fan 4-life love u beyonce

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