Beyonce Slays ‘Grown Woman’


Despite no official word, there is a good chance Beyonce’s ‘Grown Woman’ will be the lead-off single from the singer’s upcoming fifth solo album.

A video for ‘Grown Woman’ has been shot and to date I believe it’s the only new music the singer has performed on her ‘Mrs. Carter World Tour.’

Whatever the case, the song is hot and Beyonce’s best girl power anthem since 2008’s ‘Single Ladies.’

Watch her totally own her performance of the single below at last weekend’s Essence Music Festival.


  1. The song is DEFINITELY hot! My girls and I went to see her in Dallas on Saturday and when she performed this song..I was like wow! I think she needs to release this to radio ASAP, ESPECIALLY if she is going to continue performing it on tour. But it’s an instant jam. Those African beats are SICK!

  2. i need to look up the lyrics for this song. i do like her tour costume up above. it’s very colorful and fun.

  3. its sad that this woman shakes her arse like a everman had her and yet she is the ideal of what we should aspire to be like?? That’s why they let men like Zimmerman walk because we don’t even show any self respect to our own race….why should they?

  4. Your comment made so sense at all. There is an actual Trayvon Martin article on this site, yet you scrolled right past it to comment on Beyonce shaking her ass and then somehow tied that end with Zimmerman’s not guilty verdict.

    It is a sad day indeed- for idiotic comments like yours.

  5. wow…ur so glad you can lash out at me over a true statement..regardless of which post it is dosent make it any less true! sad day for folks like u

  6. and my statement made a lot of sense..ur just stuck too far up her arse to see the truth!

  7. These crazies calling this woman their “Mother “. Some fans actually believe that her success is their success. That must be a sad way to live. Like get a life and get some help.

  8. I LOVED this performance!!!! Bey is the Bizness, and I love how she really puts in a lot of effort and makes sure that all of her live performances are pretty much legendary. Her background dancers were ON POINT! ANd the stroyline and concept were beautifully woven together. ANd who doesn’t LOVE the tribal cheetah cat vibe? Oh my goodness, I needed this song and vid today! Cause I’m a GROOOOOWNNN WOman!….down like, that…down like that. Hahahah….sorry, but Beyonce did what music is supposed to do…..uplift. Transform. Be a declaration of independence. Haters gonna hate, playa’s gonna play….queen’s gonna rule. I know I’m a princess….are you? 🙂


    Sorry honey but that’s the industry. All of them are half naked and shaking it!

  10. @Wrndy – So true, rihanna rubs and pats her v-a-g-i-n-a when performing so they can stop criticizing Bey!

  11. @Wendy – So true, rihanna rubs and pats her v-a-g-i-n-a when performing so they can stop criticizing Bey!

  12. @Oh Yeah – I know right…I don’t know of a female artist now days that don’t get half naked?? Well maybe A. Keys 🙂 and here’s a thought…everybody’s always comparing Bey & Kel well Kel is more raunchy w/her dancing but hey they both look classy regardless of the dancing.

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