More Beyonce Leaks + Interview

Beyonce Knowles More Beyonce, aka Sasha Fierce, goodies have been leaked. “Posion”, a track the singer reportedly recorded sometime ago, leaked last week and now a new track, “Slow Love”, has done the same. Why these tracks are seeing the light of day now is anyone’s guess. However, my theory is the singer is leaking the songs herself to get fans all excited about the next leg of her world tour and the reported re-release of her multi-platinum “I Am… Sasha Fierce” CD/DVD. Whatever the case, the new singles are pretty decent and definitely worth a listen. To check out “Posion” you can click here and to listen to “Slow Love”, you need only click the flash player below.

And the next bit of Beyonce goodness comes courtesy of more! magazine. The singer recently covered the magazine and gave a pretty good interview as well- one of her best in my opinion.

Check out a few excerpts below…

Hi Beyoncé.

You and Jay-Z never speak about your relationship…

B – I don’t talk about my relationship with anyone. I feel like it’s important to keep certain things private.

Will it be ruined if you talk about it?

B – No, I just choose not to talk about anything too personal. I won’t talk about the kind of cars I drive or how much money I make. You wouldn’t tell a person that you don’t know those kind of things and I’m not going to tell the world.

Do you think its hard to find true love?

B – Yeah, I think so. But for some people its not so hard, and when it happens its something that you don’t try to force. It just seems to happen and you don’t really expect it.

Did you worry people wouldn’t want to date you because your famous?
B – Maybe some people, but I wasn’t scared of that because I feel that I have way more to offer than just being famous. I think that once people meet me and get to know me, you forget that I’m famous.

Is it easier being with someone who’s also famous

B – Sometimes its easier and sometimes its harder – it depends on the person. When your dating someone who’s not famous, people aren’t that interested in your relationship, which is a good thing.

Do you thinks its important for a man to please a woman, as well as the other way around?

B – Yeah, definitely. I think its natural for women to sacrifice themselves in a relationship, but when you do that too much, you lose yourself. Before you know it, you don’t even know what you like anymore. You have to remember that you can depend on yourself, and go with your instincts. You don’t have to lose everything just to please the other person because its just as important that your happy. But sometimes we get so into pleasing the guy we don’t think, ‘are we really happy?’


  1. ” No, I just choose not to talk about anything too personal. I won’t talk about the kind of cars I drive or how much money I make. You wouldn’t tell a person that you don’t know those kind of things and I’m not going to tell the world.”

    YES!!!!!!! Beyonce. Tell Em, gosh I was like, “Beyonce is such a Robot, Why dont u talk about Jay and You” And when she said that statement, i thought to myself. When People ask about Me and My Boo, i say we happy and thats about it and we been togather for a year.

    Beyonce has said she was Happy and been with him for Seven Years. Now i think of it, Beyonce never spoke about her relationships, even since she was 15 in her stelettos, in the game and she was with Lynell. She never spoke of him.

    “– Yeah, definitely. I think its natural for women to sacrifice themselves in a relationship, but when you do that too much, you lose yourself. Before you know it, you don’t even know what you like anymore. You have to remember that you can depend on yourself, and go with your instincts. You don’t have to lose everything just to please the other person because its just as important that your happy. But sometimes we get so into pleasing the guy we don’t think, ‘are we really happy?”

    Beyonce imma Copy and Paste that, Type it up, and put it on my wall.

  2. I dont like rhis one, “Poison” is HOT, this one, sounds like Beyonce in 2003, Not Feeling it

  3. No, I just choose not to talk about anything too personal. I won’t talk about the kind of cars I drive or how much money I make. You wouldn’t tell a person that you don’t know those kind of things and I’m not going to tell the world.”

    oh beyonce shut up, dnt u remember songs like diva..oh, i forgot that was your alter ego talking..fake ass bitch!!

    what would have been intersting is to hear how she deals with the fact that her man has a side peice and she is ok with it as well as the stories that come with it??

  4. Songs decent but garbage compared 2 her hits. Icy they didn’t make the cut and if she puts this on the remake(Why is she doing a remake??TAKE A BREAK).I was suprised in interview, she almost sounds cool. Thoughtful answers. She sounds her age.

  5. And Umm Jayz goes out with Rihanna, so they are automatically sleeping togather. Why should Beyonce Respond, cause mediatakeout and Ybf have suspisiona. He goes out to the club with a group of friends(including Rihanna) maybe once a month, maybe two.Well,Well,Well But Beyonce has a FINE Body Guard with her 24/7, in foreign countries. ALONE.Not to meantion all those SEXY male dancers who stay, 2 doors down from her. Or Bey could be biselxual, lots of wemon.So who could be having a side peice.

  6. she claims she wants to keep their relationship quiet and yet rumors have it that Jay Z will discuss their relationship on Oprah’s season opener…ROFLMAO! are these two ever on the same page?

    why all the leak songs now? is it because she sees some tru divas on your ass? (whitney, mimi) does she sense that her reign is over? I hope so because I’m ready for some “real” r & b, not this bubble gum hits we’ve had to deal with.

  7. I think it is a way to run the business for the Knowles family. People will keep talking even you tell it all or not. But this is something you have to respect.

    Beyonce doesn’t talk much about her private but I think she keeps doing good songs out and this is what I really loves about this woman.

  8. Damn is Kelly or Michelle putting out an album or is she trying to upstage Solanges new look?

    Beyonce only leaks this much stuff and does this much press when she has a new movie in theaters or a new album, it’s neither of them so she must be upstaging someone.

  9. its rediculous that people say beyonce needs to take a break and have kids if your at the prime n your career would you just take a break and let someone else get your shine and take your spot the music industry is a “dangerous” business u can be on top one day and the next b on the bottom, ut Beyonce dnt gotta worry about that because she’s managed to be on top for years jus tellin it like it is.

  10. Beyonce is THE hottest chick in the game hands down. For this generation beyonce has set the bar for all this other female artists. One of the best things about her is that her personal life does not define her career or even her achievements. Her Career and acheivements are define by the content of her work (the music)!

  11. @Truthteller- i have 2 agree sumthin is up. I don’t care if you are a fan or a stan, its obvious the spotlight is like a drug for her.

  12. Cute interview! Keep it private and keep them guessing! Loves it!

  13. @Truthteller it’s Whitney Houston. When Wit comes out play time will be over. You will have to step up your game. And why is anyone still asking about her and Jay they are a married couple nothing special. Maybe now that she is supposedly taking a break they will get to spend that quality time together people spend together.

  14. She is leaking songs to keep Beycrack in the veins of her addicts. She dosn’t want them to go through withdrawals because she needs her money hoes. What? Do y’all ecpect her to go broke and have to settle with wearing HOD sh*t, driving american cars and living in your sad little neighborhoods? Get real. She’s a song dealer! She has to keep these fools high!

  15. She is leaking songs to keep Beycrack in the veins of her addicts. She doesn’t want them to go through withdrawals because she needs her money hoes. What? Do y’all expect her to go broke and have to settle with wearing HOD sh*t, driving american cars and living in your sad little neighborhoods? Get real. She’s a song dealer, tricks! She has to keep these fools high on her!

  16. I feel like people pick on Beyonce WAY too much. The fact that Beyonce keeps her private life so personal causes curiosity and try to apply EVERY song she ever made to her in real life. I don’t think it strikes people that the music is purely entertainment and that even though some songs might relate to her everyday life, not all of them have too. LEAVE BEYONCE ALONE!

  17. Beyonce’s music is cool but it’s not classic. i won’t be talkin bout “Crazy in Love” or “Single Ladies” in 20 years. She needs to slow it down and do some ballads

  18. Beyonce dont need to do no tired ass love ballads to appease to you. Who the hell is you??? How many times I got to listen to some sappy ass love song about some chick cooing over her man. Dont get me wrong, I love me a slow ballad but I wanna freakin’ dance. I wanna bust a mutha effing sweat. Beyonce only needs to stay true to her fans that love and support her. She dont need to go out of her way to please chicks or whom ever who werent feeling her in the beginning.

    And Im sick of people talking about her fans. Her fans love what she does. They have that right. People always talking about why Beyonce dont be more like India. Arie or other neo-soul artists. BECAUSE SHE DONT HAVE TOO. She built her fanbase off her style of music and she should keep it that way.

  19. I think its funny how every time LeToya is about to come out with something something of Beyonce always happen to leak out her people know just what they are doing

  20. HMMMMMM, Jay-Z is not going to be on the Oprah show. He’s gonna be in the magazine. As far as him talking about their relationship, Beyonce said on Extra that his book isn’t an autobiography and that he’d never get that intimate with his fans.

  21. @Drea The fact that you are talking about “Crazy in love” now and it came out 6 years ago tells me that beyonce has at least some kind of substance because artists that dont make “Classic” music, you dont talk about it 6 years later…I’m just saying…

  22. Yall Really need to stop with the conspiracy theory’s. Because If Beyonce wanted to hurt, Latoya,Michelle,Kelly’s album saless, would’nt u think she would do better songs. I mean some on, yall hat her so much, that u cant see, alot of singers music leaks….MAH

  23. omg @ DREA


    Do some ballads!! but still give the fans the rnb that we’re used to!!

    then call one ‘i am…’ and the other ‘sasha fierce’!


    ok got that off my chest!

    ok omg! @ the people saying, beyonce is trying to get some spotlight, coz whitney has come out to play.

    PUH-LEASE!! Beyonce sets the bar, for the female artists in this day!

    if u cant sing, dance and entertain all at the same time when ur on stage! u are considered B.O.R.I.N.G (we all saw mariah’s obsessed performance)

    lol whitney’s new song isn’t really that great.

    im sure beyonce doesn’t leak this stuff herself ! oh my gosh!
    Shes on her succesful world tour! making more money than everybody else, about to do a re-release!

    gah, this is beyonce we’re talking about.

  24. And if people would actually do research, these leaked tracks are for mixtapes which means, they are not for her album, therefore the production of the mixtapes are probably the ones that are leaking them to build hype around their mixtapes.

    ALSO, Letoya Luckett had leaked songs before and during Beyonce’s release of I am… Sasha Fierce and noone said she was trying to steal beyonces “spot light”. Even more, Ne-yo has a a leak track like every week, i dont hear anyone saying that he is trying to steal her spot. Usher as well, and plenty more, but the case change when it comes to beyonce music, it has to have a motive to why it is being leaked




    I agree, I love Mrs. Carter, I’m a huge fan, but I knew she was up to no good. BEE you are right about that, I forgot about her, and also Letoya Luckett’s album.

  26. @ Mario

    Letoya Luckett isn’t half the star that Beyonce is, her leaked tracks don’t matter so much. God forbid, but if Letoya Luckett died at this point she wouldn’t get more press than Beyonce, unless Jay Z or her dad did it. I’m just being honest.

    When Kelly Rowland relaunched her second CD Beyonce leaked like 2 songs. I know people do things like this to build press, but a huge star like Beyonce doesn’t need to do this. She can have official releases and be successful.

  27. the point is people try to make beyonce to be some bad person because her songs leaked, if she wanted them to leak then how come sony and music world take the videos down as soon as they hit youtube, also it doesnt matter if letoay isnt half the star she is, the point is that noone is throwing it in her face when her music leaks but its different for beyonce when hers leak, unfair! also my other point is even when other artist dont have a album coming out, bey music still leaks, it has so in the past when letoya kelly michelle whitney or anyone else is about to put out an album. if beyonce is such a bad person because her tracks leaks then everyone else in the industry should be treated the same!

  28. I find it a bit scary when fans think Beyonce IS THE BEST and feel they can down the likes of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson (LEGENDS) because Beyonce is the “hottest chick in the game” (Jay’s words which many of you believe). I think she is a fantastic performer but in comparison to Mariah or Janet or Whitney the content of her consolidated works (not album sales, chart toppings but ‘content’) just does not measure up for me. And in this, she will be of those women, on their level, but aside, separate. My point is that we often times tear others down, even our most great artists, in order to indemnify one singular artist in Mrs. Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter. Also, it’s just a bit frightening that our lenses are sometimes too focused on this one entertainer; so much so, I fear, that we are less likely to give another artist a chance.

    In regards to the article, I like her answers. I like what she’s done in terms of privacy as far as their relationship goes. But I think it’s due more to her personality than anything. She’s said she’s shy, reserved. I don’t think she’d spout off at the mouth about what she drives or how much money she makes (except when she sings about it in songs, i.e. “Diva”, “Ego”, etc.). She just doesn’t seem like that kind of person. Really, people should lay off their relationship. I honestly don’t care to know intimate details about her and JayZ. That’s their business; it’s just that simple.

  29. Good answer on whether she thought it was hard to find true love. Boring other then that but kinda meh.

    Agreed @ Kanyade.

    Btw Slow Love is hot.

  30. Whitney MIGHT still have it, we shall see, Mariah on the other hand does not have it anymore, period!

  31. only Thing Mariah got, is a whimpy husband and Good Songs, Pre 2008, Now she sounds a hot mess

  32. First and foremost all the young female artists including Beyonce would not be where they are without a Whitney and a Mariah and a Janet. They broke records and paved the way so people like Beyonce could exist and the people that came before Whitney, Mariah and Janet paved the way for them etc, etc…. So Beyonce nor her fans CAN NEVER down Whitney, Janet, or Mariah because Beyonce is trying to get where they have already been. She has not, as a solo artist sold more that 100-200 million records which is the category all three are in. She does not have 19 #1’s, and we can go on. Beyonce is an artist that is trying like everyone else to get to those levels and right now she happens to be ahead of many in that regard because she has accomplished alot. Beyonce has a style of music that has been successful for her just like Whitney, Janet and Mariah are known for a certain style of music. Music has such a wide spectrum that all can enjoy without all the comparisons trying to make one better than the other. You can always find something that one artist does better than the other but it doesn’t mean that artist is bad. We can agree that Beyonce may dance better than Whitney or Mariah but they were so good that they command the stage without all the extra stuff. I just think that as fans if you like an artist then support them and you don’t have to tear down another to do that, it won’t help their sales.

  33. @ Kanyade and Koko: both of you are right but the thing is if you didn’t grow up in the 90s when Whitney, Mariah and Janet were at their best, of course you’ll think Beyoncé is the s***. I like Beyoncé even if for me she is not the best but I don’t blame young people for thinking so.
    On topic: don’t like the song, don’t like the whole IASF era anyway. Don’t care about her interviews. I thought the re-release was already out. I saw it on the Billboard 200 a few weeks ago.

  34. @LouLou I was not born when Sarah Vaughn and Ella Fitzgerald were making records at were hot and at the top of their game it’s call knowledge and finding out there’s more to life than what you already know.

    @Mario Whitney still has it. Her album is #2 on Amazon pre-orders. These new artisit most of them can’t take a break and disappear because that will be exactly what will happen they will disappear. Only time will tell if after a two year break if she takes that if she will be able to come out and still be that popular.

  35. beyonce is played out she over did herself in the music industry keri hison and rihanna jazmine sullivan monica and lotocha scott are better people beyonce is fake and money hungry

  36. Both songs sound like she reverted back to Destiny’s Child – who wrote these?

  37. I don’t know, Beyonce songs just all sound alike. Nothing is uplifting or mature about her music. It is like she only wants to cater to the tweens, teens and 20 year olds. She is doing any and everything to stay in the spotlight. I really think that she is afraid to step away from the spotlight and is addicted to be the one that everybody is talking about. After awhile, she will wear out her welcome.


  39. okay, true love is never private,yes you have to keep some bits private like your hanky panky life….this private thing is a lie unless you have something realy sinister to hide ….any human being who has ever been in love knows that you cnt hide true love,you want to tell everyone who cares to know how much you love your better half ….we women like to share romantic details unless we are ashamed or are in a nasty situation….sorry i dnt buy that private thing,her real boyfriend is spotlight thats where she spends most of her time and lastly i dnt believe she is married at all.

  40. @ Lizz

    I agree. Even President and First Lady Michelle Obama share details of their private lives. I really believe that Beyonce and Jay Z’s marriage is a business arrangement.

  41. but people have been sayin that 4years that beyonce will soon wear out her welcome i haven’t really seen it yet, let jus put it like this whether they are negative or positive beyonce is always blowing up blog sites with comments and its amazing to me but tell the truth have you ever seen a more HATED celebrity jus ask urself that? im jus tellin it like it is

  42. o yea and beyonce has RAW talent people say she dances and shakes her butt but she can actually SING and DANCE at the same time thats a lethal combination the world’s ultimate performer who jus passed also had that lethal combination but people never said anything about it with him i appreciate both of them for what they bring/brought to the table.

  43. Idk how old you other chicks are but I use to listen to TLC when I was younger and Beyonce has copied a lot of TLC stuff. “To the left” –umm sorry girls, she got that from Left Eye. Check the last TLC album on the skit before scrubs. She’s wack, tired, and a copy cat and like my girl LMAO, she’s a friggin robot. She doesn’t say anything exciting, all she does is say the same ish and stuff we’ve already heard before. And who the hell is Sasha Fierce? I’m tired of people talking like it’s a real person. Get a life. She’s fake.

  44. I have worked with so many abused women and I am telling you she has alot of the symptoms. Don’t tear my head off I am just a trained professional who seems some similiarity in other women that I have worked with. The cutting off of friends and the being with only that person out in public, the walking behind them with your head down and never being allowed to discuss them nor talk about their situation. There are alot of things that she does that I see other women do as well. And I could be completly wrong I am going by what I see and comparing it. I have not set down and had a counseling session with her and observed her so these are only assumptions. But this man when he is out with other people he is constantly smiling embrassing them and having the time of his life. When he is with his wife nothing from him. What abusive men usually do is get them young and train them the way they want them to act. And we all can admit she is not the same person from years ago.

    Don’t shoot the messenger. I just find it strange that this is a married couple and they can hardly every hold hands and be affectionate to one another. I am not talking about grouping each other I mean actuall affection even in the way they respond to each other. Let’s get real here that is abnormal behavior by anyone’s standards.

  45. Wow! There are people who really care about their relationship?! I mean is it that important to you to know what’s happening in Beyoncé/Jay-Z marriage? You need to realize it’s Hollywood and in Hollywood the couples that last are the most secretive ones. Has everybody forgotten about Bennifer?

  46. Oh, what the heck.

    From today’s Gawker:

    1. “You would think that in the Internet age it would be very difficult for a well-known person to fabricate their history. However, that is exactly what this youngish multi-hyphenate has done. She is approximately five years older than she claims to be, and she did not grow up in an upper middle class neighborhood, nor go to private school. She has been known to dabble in some unsavory substances that are in direct contradiction to her public persona. Perhaps as long as she maintains A-list status she has the power to convince people that her alternate identity is the truth.”


  47. its amazing how people can say ANYTHING and IGNORANT bloggers believe it. ok so let me try something here: God, martin luther king,biggie,aaliyah,and myself all ate dinner last night at my place.

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