Beyonce to Slow Down… Not !

If you thought Beyonce was going to let a little thing like pregnancy slow down her plans to dominate every facet of the entertainment industry, you thought wrong. According to the 30-year old mommy-to-be’s longtime collaborator The Dream, the bootylicious singer is as focused as ever; and hasn’t let the impending birth of her first child impede her ambition.

“She’s ready to work,” Dream tells AOL’s The Boom Box. “She’s crazy! She never stops doing anything. I don’t know if pregnancy is going to slow her down. She’s just incredible with doing things. I don’t know how she’s going to do it, she’s just a maniac… in a good way.”

Besides giving birth in 2012, Beyonce also plans to start principle shooting on her next film “A Star is Born,” record the movie’s soundtrack, release a maternity line and reportedly, put the final touch on her fifth solo album.

A lot of people wonder how Beyonce will be able to keep up with such a hectic schedule with a newborn. I think the answer is obvious- rather than Bey taking time off from her career, Jay-Z will take time off from his.

This is the 21st century and as a wealthy and progressive couple, I don’t think it is out of the realm of reasoning that the man would be the one to stay at home and care for the children.


  1. Don’t forget nannys and grandma and aunty. She got it covered.

    I’m interested in who they’ll cast opposite her. She’s a work-horse (no insult intended). Even when I do sit at home and twiddle my thumbs doing nothing, I’m really “not” sitting at home twiddling my thumbs doing nothing.

    Work. Create. Cultivate. Keep it moving. ‘Tis life! 🙂 Oh and Happy New Year and Happy Holidays y’all. Getting my salutations and greetings in early. 😉

  2. I really hope her child doesnt suffer. I guess its better to do it while the child is young then when she is old enough to really miss her mother. I wish Beyonce and her baby the best of luck.

  3. Beyonce is a beast..and I mean that as she goes hard in everything she does. Go head B make that money. It’s good to see a woman doing well. She can take a little break though because if she comes back with anything like that I am sasha firece album..I’m going on strike as a Beyonce fan…I don’t want to hear anything that sounds like video phone or satilites. I love the new album though, its my favorite next to B’Day.

  4. I adore this woman so much..she is so determined n she love performing.. I can say that she really use the beautiful gift god gave her.. N I can’t wait for the next album…, I hope its a up-tempo one…I wish her good luck on everything.. I’m glad to see our brown sistas taking over including rhianna..

  5. I think that she is scared that the spot light will be off of her and that is not a bad thing for a while. If she is as bad as they say she is then shouldn’t be afraid to just take time out to enjoy the fruits of her labor. This girl can’t even sit down while she’s pregnant. Maybe the reason her last album wasn’t a commercial success is because people are just use to her being around. She needs to learn how to let people miss her. There is ambition and then there is obsession.

  6. @Bria

    Maybe her album isn’t a commercial success because it’s not commercial. Beyonce is not the only pregnant woman who works during her pregnancy. She hasn’t performed in months. She realized a planned DVD. That’s all. And Beyonce is ALWAYS in the studio. Does not mean she’s coming out with a new album.

  7. Beyonce is clearly addicted to fame and being in the spotlight. I agree with Bria, she is scared that she will fade to black if she takes too much time off.
    It is obvious that motherhood is not her number one priority.

  8. Lol i love how bria aka mytheory hate beyonce but always be one of the first to comment on her posts. Fyi bey is the most successful black female artist of this generation. She will NEVER fade to black. Hate to burst your bubble. It’s obvious that singing is her passion & she will never give it up. And u sound crazy saying motherhood isnt her #1 priority. Do u know her? Or are u just mad that bey has it all? Lol

  9. @LMAO I am a grown aszz woman so I am not on blogs masquerading as someone else it is just me bria. What amazes me is how you and others like you always feel the need to jump and protect or stand up for a person that does not know you. People can have there opinions about this woman and don’t have to be in line with what you think should be said. And while you are asking people do they know her do you know her. NO one has it all. You all can keep believing that this woman has it all but people who truly have it all knows how to sit back and enjoy what they have.

    I am starting to believe the rumors that her and her team pays people to be on these blogs and speak for her if it is not them. Because she is the only person on all this blogs that people just go on and on about how great she is and she has it all and other foolishness that comes along with her. What you read is my opinion of what I think I see no I don’t know her and don’t care to meet her. So you have a merry Christmas and try to find a life in 2012 for yourself and stop being so quick to try to jump all over people for a person you supposedly don’t know unless you are working for her. Your behavior is abnormal according to all standards.

  10. I’m a fan, but I agree she needs a break — like a legit break where we’re not hearing about how much of a hustler she is. The truth is, all of those pop singers want to stay relevant and will do it at any cost. Unfortunately she is one of those pop singers who fears to the uphill climb to relevancy.

  11. It’s hilarious. Because can go away for a year and every week there would be news about her. So in the end, she can’t win.

  12. OMG – you better not talk against the almighty Beyonce on these black blogs or her stans will attack you.
    Go to the white blogs, they dog her all day. My favorite is Dlisted. They show her no love. LOL

  13. I love how lmao aka lol aka the other lol aka bored try to call people out laughing my arse off, anyway why gave children if you can’t fully commit to raising them, my mother did that with me and even as a grown woman now, I solely confide in my father, she has an attitude but who cares? You should have been there!

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