Beyonce Speaks To Her Fans+Performance

“I have worked on this album for close to one year. I have taken the time so I can create my sound. Something that says who I am at this stage in my life. I have poured my heart and soul into it. It is my baby. It is the most time I have spent on any project since my first records as a member of Destiny’s Child when I was 15 years old. I have recorded over 70 songs and have created a sound that reveals all of me. I am in a different place right now and I wanted people to see the many sides of me. The music is upbeat for the dance, fun side and it is reflective, passionate and serious for the personal side. I have taken risks here. I am not afraid and my music will explain it all. There is no label or tag on my sound. It’s me and I am so excited to share it with the world on November 18.”



Beyonce’s message to her fans via the news section of her official website.


I have updated this post to include images of Beyonce performing at the Bermuda Music Festival.


  1. Yeah!!!
    I’m patiently waiting Bee :smile:. Judging by my reaction to your past works, I doubt I’ll be disappointed, so keep up the good work Lady B.

  2. Loves it! Definitely looking forward to this new album! We hear you Mrs. Carter! Lay all those rumors to rest! :brownsista:

  3. she can respond to the BS concerning the CD but she can’t respond to whether or not she’s married. Puhleeze!!!

  4. BEYONCE! :bowdown:

    Luv that girl! Excited ’bout hearing this new sound she’s about to deliver…


  5. I’m exited for her album to come out I believe it will, calm down her stans’ s nerves settle the difference between her haters and stans and it will answer the million dollar question: can america take anymore of beyonce? So more power to her, and congratulation and good luck!

    I just wanna say that its seems to me that she or a comment she makes is always the base of the rumors and speculations about her and her private life, whn she say that this album is her baby [she said that for dangerously in love but okay] and also when she says “I have poured my heart and soul into it”, whenever her songs start to leak and get release people are going to over analyze each words of it, because she is so secretive about her union with shawn carter i heard beautiful nightmare is a bonus track does that mean that her marriage is a joke a nightmare??
    I mean just my two cents please don’ t star an internet showdown over my comment

    Your people can’ t wait bey get em!

  6. She looks HOT in the 1st pic…all thick & gorgeous 🙂
    I’m not feeling the necklace with the dress :thumbsdown: However, the dress works nicely against her skin.

  7. that dress may hide her figure but her legs are killing it
    go team Bey :bowdown:

  8. @Essaney
    Bueatiful nightmare is a bonus track because it does not fit with rest of the cd. It was a demo she made when she was finding the direction of the album, and she changed it.
    just my thoughts

  9. She looks great. I can’t wait to hear her new album.

  10. Congratulations on your new baby ms knowles :thumbsup:

  11. Dark SiSTA thinks that some people are just comfortable with being under achievers followers and praise celebrities

    Oh I love Her shirt it will look good on a pair of skinny jeans and high heels why is a married woman dressed like that? i’ m just a :hater: anyway all respectable married women dress like that
    I ADORE tHE SHOES its fierce! her legs look very good and long did she lose some weight? It looks like it! It looks good! Bey you have the look department on lock sista!!!!!!!!! The hair look good too You will not catch me wearing it but its a good look on her, she looks so young and fresh i’ ll mistake her for a 18 years old 🙂 Go ahead Bey , I heard her cd is expected to sell around 900k The first week, With her bad self! Go bey

  12. umm yea she looks cute…Looks like she was tearin’ dat stage apart too! But why she look super thick again, i mean dont get me wrong cuz I prefer her this way. She def. looks like the beautiful Nubian Queen that she is. I just wish she would stay this way. Anyway, Go head Bey! :bowdown: You glowin’ girl

  13. Wow, I can’t believe there are people still wondering if Beyonce is married. The answer is, yes.

  14. Well November 18 it is right? what’ s the big deal?


  16. DANG!! SHE LOOKIN LIKE A F*CKIN GODDESS!! gorgeous B!! Oh and that first pic….one word, ORGASMIC!! lol

  17. :bowdown: Yes honey! Yes…Fierce!! She STAY sh*ttin on these hoes! 😆 Its so ridiculous, its actually funny lol..

  18. Work it Beyonce! She looks beautiful! The show got a phenomenal review! I am so excited about this era!

  19. to the dumb person who still want to know if she’s married, marriages are public record if you’re that interested go to scarsdale and search the public records.

  20. @ Please go out & vote….Obama ’08

    i think she had to gain some extra pounds to play her role as etta in the new movie she is working on, also ive met beyonce a few times…shes not nearly as thick as she looks on stage i mean she still have her curves that looks greats but her frame isnt as thick as it looks

  21. come on now ya’ll know bey and jay are married, solange busted her out in that interview!!!

    but i am so excited and ready to hear the new music mrs. carter will bring to the table. she is my idol and so gorgeous!!

  22. :booty: that, some of you handkerchief negroes are acting like she`s going to revolutionize music…damn i swear stans are like terrorists…typical fanatics

  23. I like Beyonce’. She puts her heart and soul into everything she touches. She’s earned her success. YOU Go Girl!

  24. :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :brownsista: :brownsista: :brownsista: :brownsista: :brownsista:

  25. She looks pretty is those pictures.

    Umkay about the music being your baby, blah blah – just drop the CD and stop with the statements. Very Matthew Knowle-ish! :stop:

  26. I am not afraid and my music will explain it all.


    I hear you Beyonce. Continue to be fierce and I hope to goodness this album is better than B’Day; exponentially better because I’ve got the feeling it might be and if so I will definitely support her this time around. Look at those legs! FIERCE! :brownsista:

  27. As I’ve always said, Beyonce deserves her success because she works hard to earn it; she works hard in the recording studio perfecting her singing and sound, she works hard rehearsing for her perfomances, works hard rehearsing her dancers and her band, and then works extra hard giving her fans her best possible performance during her concerts. I give Beyonce 2 thumbs way up :thumbsup: :thumbsup: . She is an exquistely beautiful lady. A few topics ago, I commented on how sexy Toni Braxton’s legs are. Hey, Beyonce has some hot, gorgeous, sexy legs too. I give them 3 thumbs way, way up :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: !



    When I read this article about how she explains her “new profound” self, all I can think of is the jingles from that old commercial for Chex cereal. There are more I’s in her speech than ever before. I’m so convinced that this chic is full of herself.


  30. Please go out and vote ONCE for McCain/Palin 08. Do not vote early and often.

  31. @ nesh nesh its her album her success is about her so why wouldnt she be talking about herself? what you said makes no sense :hater:

  32. Mario,

    Direct that d@mn “hater” icon somewhere else. Ew. That’s for the young and dumb. I’m very grown and bold.

    You (or anybody else on this forum) don’t have to comprehend with the comments that I make about Beyonce because it wasn’t for you anyway. Common Sense 101.

    And If I said I think she speaks of herself too much, then that’s what the hell I meant.

    Now am I making any sense to you? :booty:

  33. BEYONCE CONFESSION! :iagree:

    I have worked on this album for close to one year. I have taken the time so I can create JANET JACKSON sound. Something that says I am JANET JACKSON at this stage in my life. I have poured my heart and soul into BECOMING JANET JACKSON.. It is MY JANET JACKSON BABY!

    I have recorded over 70 songs (I stole FROM DC songs) and have created a sound that reveals all of KELLY Williams Voice, ThANKS’s to the singles from Nelly revealing The Truth). I am in a different place right now (Janet Jackson interview for “All For You). The music is upbeat for the dance, fun side and it is reflective, passionate and serious for the personal side (The Velvet Rope). I have taken risks here (Janet Jaakson RiskS. I am not afraid and my music will explain it all (I WANT TO BE JANET JACKSON). There is no label or tag on my sound (JANET JACKSON FREE FROM SO SO DEF). It’s me and I am so excited (JANET JACKSON 20 Y.0) to share it with the world on (A DAY TO BECOME JANET JACKSON).

    Beyoncé” PLEASE , I WANT TO BE JANET JACKSON! :brownsista:

  34. Hope her new music is full of depth and matured. Hope for the best, that is all.

  35. Love it! I am so proud of her and I’m sure she’s gonna shut it down on the haters. Can’t wait to see them with egg on their faces. Keep doing you, Bey, and brush these haters off. Definitely coppin’ the album.

  36. Hey nesh nesh How you doing bold twin :brownsista: sister
    I don’ t see what kind of new music beyonce can bring to the table to m she always sounded the same but this message was for her fans i doubt we as in you , i and million others that don’ t like her music Have much to say here without been called a :hater: you know that’s her people anthem so if they like all these comments she made before [i’ m already a star i have 9 grammys everyone knows i can sing,i’ m over being a pop star,i,i,i] Then i personally love it
    So how about we take our behind to jennifer hudson post? I’ m listening to this isn’t love right now

    hi stephanie
    Hi Smooth thug!!
    hi liyah
    Hi NNe
    Hi Majesa

  37. Here we go again with the beyonce junky lol have a great weekend.

  38. Guys, please don’t use an abundance of smilies. You wouldn’t think so, but those little things pull a lot of juice and can easily slow down my server, which is why I keep removing them. Two or 3 a post are fine but anymore and it become problematic.

    Thanks 🙂

  39. Hello Dark Sista. How are you doing?

    It’s not that I don’t like Beyonce’s music, I just don’t agree with everything that comes out of her mouth and all that she stands for/represents. But you’re not going to label me as a “hater” **vomitting** just because I said something opposing to these robotic comments up in here.

    I guess if I would have said, “get em bey…shake them haters off…you are so beautiful…she is truly an icon….she’s the hardest working person (women) in the industry…etc”, then Mario (and whoever else that despised my comment) would have ignored me.

    I find it quite interesting how the only time that folks want to battle/rumble with you about your opinions on Beyonce is when they don’t align with theirs. I never called her a B*tch, wh*re, or anything degrading (like we all can do if we want to), I just said I think she’s full of herself and that’s what I meant. How does that constitute me being a “hater”?

    And ain’t nothing wrong with being a groupie, but if you’re going to charge someone, be smart and intelligent about it – not childish.

    That’s all I’m saying…

  40. Hi Nesh,

    I have only one question and I’m not being funny or rude at all….but my question is why do our comments have to be Robotic because we like her and what she said?

    Just like you don’t want to be judged on your opinion why are we robotic because we think she looks amazing in that pic and love her music?

    I have Madd friends that don’t like Beyonce and what they do say is right at times but that don’t stop me from liking her.

    Just a question.,,,, LOL!!! 🙂

  41. Beyonce is the problem. It is her over zealous idol worshipping psychotic fans that have problems. Not everybody is going to have the same opinion and some of you need to stop with these ridiculous and immature posts about people being haters because they don’t share your views about Beyonce. Everybody is not into her music and everybody doesn’t agree that she is the so-called “hottest chick in the game” which is such a ghetto statement. It is obvious what the age group is of some of you. Grow up and get a life.

  42. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Sorry, I meant to say that Beyonce is not the problem, it is her fans.

  43. Girl i’ m cool just chilling not going to work taking care of my girls, i agree with your post 100% but at the same time how old are the stans? How old are we? conflict of generation ,intellect, experience and self esteem!

    You know girl Some people are leaders and some are followers, I think it can be one of the reason why i can never “stan ” for Beyonce or anybody for that matter, I feel like either you praise her or you’ re a hater and I’ ll will die ,burst hell open, and come back before i make anyone ANYONE the queen of me especially a pop star !!! why not Britney spears while we’ re at it? i’ m a grown woman i have no insecurities what so ever , i’ m comfortable to say yes or h-ll no when i want to and know that i’ m still beautiful and successful anyway but its not the case for anyone.

  44. Girl how is your daugther is she feeling better? did they remove the lump? And girl why didn’ t you emailed me? Lool
    oh and nesh nesh is not the typical[crazy delusional sick low self esteem] fan she is cool people ^^

  45. and since when does beyonce perform at music festival? she is too big of an artist for that!

  46. I agree….I thought everyone on here is over 21. But ok GOT YOU. If that is the case we should help them understand where were coming from and show them not to be so judgmental. I don’t agree with most of the ppl on here and I’m sure some of the ppl on here don’t agree with me but DAYAM…can we all respect view and debate MATURLY! HOLLA

    …Girl Cam is good you see her big butt in the pic. The lump was removed and still healing from it. But she’s GREAT!!!! How are the girls!!!????

    Girl you know I’m a Banker and the MARKET OMG..But our company does a lot of foreign deals so were OK but some of my personal STOCK I GOT NOTHING BACK GIRL NOTHING! Just thanking God I have a job to come too and we’ve made great decision here.

  47. LOL @ SDot…Hi.

    Okay, first of all, I was being sarcastic when I referred to the comments of Beyonce’s fans as being “robotic”. But I have to admit that sometimes the comments are a bit…ummm…repititious. LOL And there’s nothing wrong with that.

    My case was with dude (Mario) calling me a “hater” based off what I said about Beyonce and I don’t know how I fell into that category. Now that’s JUDGEMENT. Calling your comments “robotic (or repititious)” is just my impression/description of how the comments keep rolling in. But calling someone a “hater” for a difference of opinion is just wrong.

    Why don’t you pose the same question to your fellow Beyonce fans and let’s see just what type of answer you/we get?? Go on ask why do Beyonce fans (not all, but most) keep calling folks a “hater” just because they don’t praise Beyonce for everything she say/do?

    I just think that’s so unfair. Period.

    Now I’m done with this Beyonce post. It’ making my head hurt.

    Dark Sista. I’m glad to read that you are chilling in the cut while taking care of your lil ladies. That’s a very precious thing to be doing and have right now, as I’m sure you aware of and grateful for. I’m at work and will be getting off soon to go home to my 3 year old baby girl. I love/miss her so much!

    You ladies take care and may God continue to bless you.

    “Yes we can” – OBAMA 2008

  48. @ nesh nesh i wasnt trying to offend you and im sorry for “calling you out” i just dont understand how someone can say that she is full of herself from these comments when the message was from HER FANS about HER ALBUM then i would imagine she would be talking about HERSELF thats all im trying to say

  49. OK Nesh I hear you. Well said too. Your right you should not be called a Hater just because you don’t care for an artist. But some time these people on here sound and come off as HATEFUL and sometimes it is HATING!

    But I feel you with going home to the toddler. The best thing I’ve heard was GO OBAMA!!!!!!

    Have a great weekend.

    Dark Sista..Have a great one too my love


  50. the topic clearly says beyonce talks to HER FANS, if you are not a fan, why bother reading it or commenting on it? i understand that some people may not like her and that’s fine. to me, what distinguishes a unfan from a hater is that a hater continuously has to go into every topic and say how much they don’t like her or her music and then combine it with some personal insults about her character while a unfan keeps it moving and reads right over her threads. yes we all have opinions, but some people take “opinions” to a whole new level! it’s funny how some people don’t want to be called a hater but then turn around and call others stans because they are not on the lets bash beyonce bandwagon every chance we get although we clearly don’t like her!

  51. :iagree:

    WOHOO WELL SAID like i said before when i dont like an artist i dont even read posts about them because i dont want to know anything about them…i dont sit her and comment on their every move when i think negatively about them

  52. **My last post…I promise**

    I don’t care if she said she was speaking to her mama, the fact remains is that any/everytime you post something on the web to the PUBLIC whereas not just your fans can read it, it open for discussion…period.

    And @ wohoo
    I have read your comments before, and I must admit that you are a very intelligent and articulate. However, I don’t know what world you live in when you ponder how can one avoid commenting, yet alone, reading a Beyonce (or any artist, I assume) post when they don’t care for her? Beyonce has her name branded in every media that we can possibly think of for her fans and the WORLD to see. So why even ask, Ms? Please. However, I will give you credit for differentiating between a hater and nonfan, or unfan; that was pretty clear and correct. And personally, I don’t like the idea of one calling folks a stan, too. But just like you have your haters who can wear the shoe, so can your stans. And you and I both know they exist.

    Apology accepted! I’m a fair and impartial chic with no “bad blood” in my soul.

    Peace be unto you all!

  53. Ok, so Beyonce stans think the world revolves around Beyonce, that Beyonce is the queen of the universe (and most beautiful of us mere mortals, might I add) and, well….perfect. And the people who are not stans think the Beyonce stans are lunatics (which they sound it, I must say).

    The above sums up every single comment section regarding Beyonce. Really, I can’t believe grown (butt cheeck) women who have real jobs continue to engage in such back and forth. I hope at least the Stans are on payroll for all their cheerleading. Why give away so much passion and energy for free? Maybe I’m too much of a capitalist at heart. It makes perfect sense….I guess. :lol2:

  54. More power to her…but those so adamant about ‘copping that album’ as it you are doing some HUGE service to MANKING (when in fact you are merely funding millioinaires)..make sure you ‘cop’ a ballot and vote.

  55. Darn.

    As if you are doing some HUGE service to MANKIND! typos typos typos

  56. Never Bought Many Records…:

    We’re a little anal after the fact aren’t we? lol. Jk (kinda) 😆

  57. :stop: :stop: the insanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Her music is :booty: :booty: :booty:

  58. Almost every artist say the same ol story when they are about to release an album. I put my heart into it, it’s personal, blah blah……I really hope this cd is a HUGE step up from B’day. I’m not excited about her release because I don’t want to set myself up 2 B disappointed. Plus J-Hud and Sullivan is killing it right now. Don’t know why she is rushing to put another album together again. SMH…..give us another great album like DIL. Then MAYBE i will purchase it legally.

  59. Mrs. Carter got folks mad already! Get a life folks! Don’t like her music- just listen to something else. MMMMMMKay!

  60. I dont care what anyone says, All these mofos think she’s hyped because she’s pretty and thats soo not the case! To me, she’s The Best Performer we have right now. People, the Majority I sould say, dont really sweat Artist who sing ballads all day. That want a Star that can Perform. I dont have nothing against J-Hud, Jazmine, Keyshia, or whoever, I may listen to a song or two, but i cant take that shit all day, I wouldnt pay money to see them perform either because they are boring, they are not versitile and they dont really intice the audience! All I keep hearing when folks talk about artist like them is, Oh They are soo deep, blah blah blah! Prince was Deep, Mike’s Man In The Mirror was Deep, BOB MARLEY WAS DEEP BUT THEY WERE ALSO ENTERTAINING!!!

    Now I’m not going to sit here and say Beyonce is a musical genius which none of them are BUT IMO, she’s as close to perfect as possible when it comes to being the perfect Star Artist! BUT she has to STEP IT UP FROM B’DAY!!!!

  61. @Nesh Nesh,

    i am not suggesting that anyone should avoid every thread about the woman. to me, it’s one thing to post when you really have something insightful to say or have general “criticism,” but it’s another thing to go from thread to thread typing about the same woman and saying how sick and tired you are of her (not directed at you, just speaking in general). the way i see it, if you are sick and tired of watching a tv show, you stop watching it; if you are sick and tired of eating the same food, you stop eating it; if you are sick and tired of not having control over your life, you decide to take control over it. to me, the same principles apply here. yes, she is all over the blogs and magazines but you can decide to walk past the magazine on the stand, you can decide to scroll right past a post about her on a bolg. if you are sick and tired of her or any other celeb for that matter, take the initiative and stop reading up on them constantly and always finding the time to say mean and hateful things. there are several artists i don’t like and i don’t post in their threads or even read about them because i find it more productive to read about someone that i like. once again, just because i am using you doesn’t mean i’m referring to you Nesh Nesh, i am just typing in general terms. I respect the fact that you addressed me in a respectful manner and didn’t have to curse and type in all caps to make your point :hifive:

  62. btw, it is nonfan, i don’t know where unfan came from, brain is off 😆

  63. …but those so adamant about ‘copping that album’ as it you are doing some HUGE service to MANKING (when in fact you are merely funding millioinaires)..make sure you ‘cop’ a ballot and vote.

    I’ m with you, tho i doubt her fans are over 18 please please please vote!!!!

  64. :iagree: :iagree: i dont like that word stan either u know i thought that was another word for fans that was the name of that rap song :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: OMG thats not cute at all i remember seein that video an everytime i seen it i just set an said nothing… yall remember how that man was actin in the end he killed him self an his girlfriend AN THATS WHAT YALL SAY WHO YALL ARE ????…anyway people need to remember this is a blog these star are not yall fam…they can care less about u all they care about is your money…if yall dont like what people say about bey start your own blog an band people that talk about your favorite star…..REAL TALK AT THE END OF THE DAY THESE POEPLE WOULD NOT GIVE US 10 CENT IF WE NEEDED IT THEY WOULD WALK PASS US AN SAY THINKS FOR SPENDIN 9.99-15.99 ON MY CD THATS WHY I DONT GET MAD IF ANYBODY SAY ANYTHING ABOUT A STAR I LIKE 🙄

  65. I saw Beyonce perform at The Bermuda Music Festival! She performed with breaks for about an hour and fifteen minutes. She is a wonderful performer! Wasn’t feeling the hair though. However I enjoyed the experience.

  66. Oh please beyonce is no one’ s souffre douleur, no one hates her, we hate child molestors, racists, rapists, and terrorists entre autre .You guys are too sensitive about someone you don’ t know and that proves my point about bey’ s fans being really young and followers You need to grow up.

    Everywhere i been ,whenever i clicked on a beyonce post, i only see two people out of ten cursing her out calling her b-tches and what not,the rest are just giving their opinions about her music, the most cursing i seen was with the “latina comment” other than that the cursing come from bey’ s fans to others it is either “i’ m tired of beyonce i wish she could take a break” or “she needs a new sound i hated b’day” what is so mean and hateful about it ? its opinions if you can’ t deal with it then don’t bother to answer or pick fight with people that are 90% of the time more intelligent than you, in any way its hurting her more than you,it seems to me that it is easier to play the victim and label people as “haters” than to accept criticism and take a look into ourselves. If we as the people don’ t tell beyonce what we honestly think do you think whitey will? oh please they will let her over expose, over wok, and over done herself, than they’ ll find something to put on her and destroy her! its our dutty to be honest about how we feel instead of “get them bee it don’ t matter what you sing i’ ll buy it

    “Dangerously in love sold 230k the first week right? i was one of those 230k , and i’ m not a fan how many of non fans did buy her album? and how many non fans get called every names by fans? how many will not buy bey’ s album even if its good because they are frustrated by her internet nation of little thugs? i didn’ t buy b’ day but since i own at least one beyonce cd, i catch a glance at her when her commercials come on, i have to hear get me bodied or any other foolishness ringtones from my patients so i think it is my right to say what i wanna say when i wanna say

    I think you people make a big deal out of nothing she is a celebrity she is going to be talked about good or bad depending of what she says or does ,it’ s not about uniting its not about uplifting, its society already non celebrity get talked about so imagined someone that we see at least once a week , or day depending on the time you have on your hands! why do you take things so personal? if the new album happens to flop [god forbid] will you cry yourself to sleep? Come on now this is internet a lot of you folks in here trash talk rihanna, janet, ciara,ashanti and they are as black as beyonce is and each have their own talent so what it is? your opinion right? So accept others take on beyonce

    Look at me and[hey boo!!!!!] she is a beyonce fan but never takes stuff personally and we have had wonderful conversation before and i respect her just as much as i respect stephanie who have been called a hater because she dared speak her mind and it didn’ t sound like praises !
    look at nesh nesh [what’ s your daughter’ s name girl] she dares say one thing and the word “hater” is brought up, look at how quick mario called her that than apologize? That let you know that you over react for no reason at all!!!

    i like music real music if beyonce new cd is good i’ ll buy it listen to it as much as i want , but if its not i’ ll be back here to criticize it whether you like it or not so get use to that, or text beyonce and tell her to stop doing whatever she is doing!

    I think we all have [hopefully] busy lives and when we get this few minutes to unwind, relax and chill between sisters, so lets not let someone we don’ t know and that doesn’t care about us unless we are buying divide us okay? And please lets develop some leadership skills and stop living in other’ s life! If you’ re looking for inspiration look at your parents, or whoever reached a hand to you when you needed it the most, not and entertainer as good as you may think they are.

    Peace and sorry for the novel

  67. dark sista

    u must be really ugly, or jus depressed, or insecure..or something cuz, say what u want..ur a hater for sho
    *******coming from a man*********
    and, u say ur busy with ur life but u had time 2 write a novel about beyonce……………………….
    goondnite ladies
    get some couseling dark sista…u sad girl


  68. @ Dark Sista Is a Pisces, then society should change…how can we be about change when we arent willing to do so ourselves? we as a whole need to stop putting people down if you dont have anything positive to say dont say it at all…i NEVER TALK BAD ABOUT ANYONE even anyone walking down the street. i may think a certain way but i do not say it outload because then im like a norm. instead i want america to change

  69. To everybody : Exhibit One dsom Know what i mean now?

    mario: Okay fair enough, but its going to take you i and everyone in here, to not say anything that can come accross as negative , always ALWAYS ALWAYS say nice stuff even when the situation call for some real talk,never talk about a bad hair day, never NEVER EVER talk about a weird outfit, never call anyone a bad performer because if they are famous they must be good, never talk about a brother hooking up with a sister yet looking like he swing THAT, if you are ready to do it [because i’ m sure if i dig you must have said something negatif] than i’ m ready to take the challenge with you.

  70. Dark sista is a pisces….i guess i cant say i NEVER say negative things about someone but i really do try not to and most of the time i dont, i just wish everyone would try maybe true “change” can happen in this world… obama! :stop: everyong go and vote people and for everyone that aint registered im already angry with you! :loser:

  71. Smooth thug!!!!! My cyber crush How are you sexy?

  72. No one but these nuts on these blogs are dying to hear Beyonce new family. This performance was just like every other performance she has had. Unless she comes with something new she is going to get blown out of the water. The music industry is changing and starting to bring back soulful artist and she just does not fit in their.

  73. I meant Beyonce new music not new family. She is just a basic looking woman with nice legs with a basic voice.

  74. Bria LOL
    I’m not a ‘nut’ woman, yet I enjoy B’s performances very much. I can’t wait to see the new ones coming up.

  75. Yeah she is perfect !! perfect dancer,perfect person, just hella perfect

    Now don’ t forget to vote
    Obama 08

  76. @dsom that what not nice to say about someone. Dark sista tell it like it is.

  77. Lady: Oh don’ t worry that doesn’t even touch me I am so much better than all that, so much better, i can’ t even put it into words, Let kids be kids, but if bey’s opus flop she’ ll know who to blame , for i have extra change to buy one or 100 copies of her album, But we are in a recession Aren’ t we?

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