Beyonce Spotted In West Hollywood Shopping

Beyonce was spotted by photogs shopping at an American Apparel store in West Hollywood yesterday. The singer is more than likely in town preparing for her performance alongside Usher at the BET Awards which air this Tuesday, June the 24th. This year’s awards show is all about the ladies as Keyshia Cole, Rihanna and Alicia Keys will also be taking to the stage. Mariah Carey backed out at the last minute and it appears early rumors of a Janet performance were just that… rumors.


  1. It must be cold in West Hollywood? Anyway she looks cute. Her hair color is cuter than usual. And I was sure she would perform since Usher is the opening act. I love Usher and Bey is okay, but I really want to see how Lil Wayne is going to be acting…lol Him and his diamond studded paper cup! Love that boi!

  2. Bey’s hair looks really nice and she got a nice tan too! I am so tired of “rumors” about Janet Performing. I got all excited. Damn!

  3. Damn is that my boo all over her lol (bodyguard) in the second picture with the hot channel bag.

  4. She looks good. Love her hair. What song is she performing with Usher?

    I hope the rumors are true about Janet Jackson performing. She is one of my favorite entertainers. Saw Ms. Jackson in concert way back in the 90’s during the Velvet Rope Tour. Excellent performer.

  5. Stephanie, she hasn’t bee confirmed as performing. it’s all rumors and she is L.A. shooting that movie obsessed with that fine idris elba

  6. I hope she is performing with Usher because i love that song that they have together. And i think she looks beautiful without all the make-up and hair, but she’s fly with it also.

  7. Since Janet and Beyonce aren’t confirmed as performing I didn’t request the day off like I do every other year. I’m a Mariah 90’s fan so who cares if she missing.

  8. I saw video of her going in the store, walking upstairs, looking at a wall of clothes, turning around and going back outside to a bevy of spectators surrounding the doors, where none before stood. And she only had the one bodyguard. I thought she rolled with three or four? I think I would the way those people were outside that store door. She didn’t buy anything. I wonder if she was just getting out to get out? And don’t big time celebs schedule shopping trips after the stores are closed? She should’ve done that and maybe she would’ve had more time to look. πŸ™‚

  9. ^^ No, Beyonce only rolls with one body guard! The same fine brotha! Jay has one as well. Bee looks fresh face and fly!

  10. Bee looks good. I don’t know if Janet and Bee are performing. Those are just rumors. Although, LIL Wayne did say the three of them were opening, so who knows.

  11. Not a fan of the Bey Wonder. However, she is beautiful, and really shines when she is toned down from all the glitter. Less is truly much much more with her because you can really see her, without having to wade through layers of weave, jewelry and glitter. I think the Chanel bag is a good idea gone wrong with the added sequins. Somethings are best left in the showroom regardless of whose name is on it.

  12. dis biatch needs to stay home if she dont want the attention… she loves the paps other wise she would have scheduled in appointment before or after it closed give it up bey your married now and fans want their money back lolol

  13. I don’t fault people who don’t like Beyonce but comments like those above just ooze with jealousy. That type of reaction to a complete stranger is not normal and shows someone extremely angry, not so much at the person, but what that person represents.

  14. I like the way she’s downplays the makeup, hair, clothes whenever she’s not hitting the stage & big screens. You can expect a 360 when she’s in performer mode lol. The hair & skin are banging. I don’t like my shirt’s sleeves stiking out of my jacket, but it works for her. msblknasty you need to sit your a** down in a corner lol. B’s been lowkey lately, and I didn’t hear her complain about the attention. I sometimes go to a store, and I come out empty ended. No…not because I was broke lol; nothing was worth buying, so I’m not going to spend my hard earn cash for the sake of shopping. I don’t see why this would be different for someone else just because she’s a celebrity, and I guess not all celebrities shut down stores to shop [shocking!].

  15. I don’t like the bag it look nice on her
    but that is not me at all πŸ™‚
    And i can’t seem to find gisele pretty without all the make up sorry
    No I hope she can get it together before the next albumn πŸ™‚

  16. Lonnie on beyonce spotted in west hollywood shopping said,
    Gravatar IconJune 21, 2008 at12:54 am 17 hours after
    That type of reaction to a complete stranger is not normal and shows someone extremely angry, not so much at the person, but what that person represents.

    Lonnie on rihanna on 106 n park said,
    Gravatar IconJune 19, 2008 at11:36 pm 23 hours, 34 minutes after
    Rihanna s supermodel, dream on crazy person

    I say get a life stan!


  18. boring yawn call me what you want this girl is overated, go sit your married ass down and have some camel kids.

  19. Mrs. Carter looks fly! Beautiful skin! Love the laid back look!

  20. ^^^^ How about you sit your ass down and stop spewing your obvious jealousy.

    Some people are so immature.

  21. I knew that all the Beyonce haters would show up in force on this subject. Beyonce got to where she’s at because of her talent and hard work. And as for her marriage, she married who she married because that’s who she wanted to marry, so get over yourself. At this time, all you Beyonce haters please excuse me, I have to go to the market… I’m gonna get some cheese and crackers for you to go along with your WHINE.

  22. Bee looks good! Babygirl has very flawless skin and is like Halle Berry, skinwise. The two sistas can go without makeup and look very good. Get ’em Beyonce! Let the haters talk. It only fuels her to keep doing better and achieve new heights in her career when folks (mainly women) hate on her beauty and talent. Get em girl. Your already a major success.

  23. Is it me because I just don’t see oh she is so beautiful. I am not saying that she is ugly or anything like that, but, I don’t see this flawless beauty in these pictures. Why is everyone so afraid to say that this girl is just a plain jane without the frills and thrills. It’s okay the sky will not open up nor will they fall down. She is just a regular girl. Her skin is okay and she is okay. Why is this young lady so overrated. Please tell me that. I know everybody will say I am hating or I am jealous, but, I am not I just don’t get it.

  24. Beauty is after all in the eye of the beholder and this beholder says beyonce is simply divine.

  25. @ Bria…

    Honey, you do realize that you are only one person and just because you feel that way about Beyonce doesnt mean everyone else will nor does it mean that we are somehow “afraid” as you say LOL. If most people feel she is beautiful, then dammit it is what it is. You might not be able to see it but millions of others do. And as everyone knows, majority rules! lol

  26. She looks like any other girl from around the way. Nothing special and I am a man. She is cute, but yes, a little overrated. But I do prefer this look rather than the twenty pounds of make-up and forty pounds of weaved hair.

  27. @Cece said I didn’t say she was ugly I just said that she was okay. And it’s okay if you or no one else agrees with me it is what it is. I personal think that she is just average. I think that the talent that is out now is so terrible that she is percieved to be more than what she is. But if they actually promoted real talent like Chrisette Michelle, Ledisi, India Arie, Estelle, Lala Hathaway, and a host of others. That if they actually got the attention even on this blog that she gets that she would seem average like she is. It’s not taking anything away from her if I say she is average, because she don’t know me and I she don’t know you either. If you think she is beautiful that is your right. I just don’t think that. I think that she sounds like she has a nasal or sinus infection when she sings. But, again, that is just my opioion. And we know what they say about those they are like ah’s everyone has one. In the end she will still be rich and you and I will be on this blog conversing with one another about her while we are on someone else’s clock. So what we should be doing is finding out what we can do to be financially independent like her.

  28. Wow! Some of the above comments are scary. Its amazing the effect Beyonce has on women she doesn’t even know exists. For some reason she brings out the worst in them.

  29. she’s wearing her OWN hair!!! THANK GOD!! she looks cute that way!!! no lion’s mane!!

  30. @Smooth Thug: I’m not trying to start nothing but you’re a man right?
    i ask because nonobsting your verses of mj’s song on almost every post of yours
    you are as much into the catfights about beyonce that anyone else I mean wassup with the “haters anthem?” YOu think what you think and others think what they think I’ve read a lot of your posts and you are way too intelligent to “take your earrings off” about an entertainer you are so catty sometimes if i ignore your screename i could swear you are a “snap snap” female

    Internet rules stipulate that every entertainer will be bashed i love Erika badu whitney houston, patti labelle, tina turner jennifer hudson, janet jackson even little “big 4head talent less” rihanna and more but i’m not attacking anyone that calls them out of their names because on this big world that is internet people have their own way of thinking and if everyone will just accept people’s opinions without fighting one another things will be a lot better

    Get a grip You’re a man πŸ™‚ a man doesn’t talk more than he needs too unless you’re swinging THAT way πŸ™‚
    ps: the “whine joke?” not funny

    @Bria: who is scared?
    its just that after days of arguing back and forth people realize that them making a comments about beyonce give her fans their daily doses of adrenaline that’s all so people refrain to do so , I personally always thought that the prettiest of the group was letoya and i never change my mind beyonce look like a lot of women i come accross on my way to work nothing special nothing random neither…

    Love to all my people and we are in a rush hour lets use our intelligence for something else than fighting each other about people that can’t make us step forward
    I mean read a book or something

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